tagErotic HorrorNight of the Yakuza

Night of the Yakuza


Renee was winding the golden threads of her hair back into the long, single braid she often wore when he opened the door.

He closed it behind him and bowed low. "I know I am late. It was unavoidable."

Renee, naked and cross-legged on a circular, black-sheeted bed, bowed slightly in return. "I would have left in another five minutes. You know I will not stay here alone." Her fingers toyed with the half-wound braid, gleaming in the light of a single candle.

"Undo it for me." He began taking off his tie. It fell to the bamboo floor along with his shirt, exposing a muscled torso. Old scars grinned from his hard abs.

Nipples peaking against a black silk robe, Renee slowly unraveled the long twist of hair, eyes closed and smiling as she heard the whispers of his undressing.

Soon he was quietly standing before her, erection trembling, offered like a gift. He hissed his pleasure when one finger traced the ridge of the velvet tip. Renee licked her lips, made an "O" of her mouth, and breathed warm air upon the head of his quivering penis. Swallowing him all the way to the back of her throat, that slick, undiscovered pussy, she held him there as he thrust both hands deep into her freed blonde hair, pressing her head against his body, red lips tight at the veined base of his straining cock.

It was how they began each night together.


One glittering, rainy night in Tokyo, Renee, gently buzzed from too much sake and slightly lost, was caught on the street without an umbrella. She had just been at a party for new foreign students like her at Tokyo University when she decided to walk back to the campus instead of taking a cab. Her tight blouse and skirt were already soaked when a black limousine pulled up and a door opened. "Please, get in. You are getting very wet," said a well-dressed man in English sitting in the back.

"Thank you," said Renee and stepped in, but only because another woman was sitting next to him. "Could you drop me off at the university campus just a few blocks away?"

"Of course," said her rescuer, a handsome man who seemed to her to be in his mid-thirties. He lowered the darkly tinted privacy window between the passenger area and the driver and spoke quickly in Japanese. The gleaming limousine moved quietly down the dark street, rain beating hard and fast against the windows.

"American, yes?"

"Hai. This is my first year at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies." She tried to tell him in Japanese her name was Renee, but stumbled over the words and laughed. "Gomen nasai," she said. "I'm sorry, I'm really just learning."

"My name's Kano," he said, extending his hand, which she shook, and that of his companion, introduced as Nyoko. She was petite and doll-pretty with long, blue-black hair falling to her waist.

"You know your English is pretty good. Hardly an accent." Renee crossed her long legs, not minding her short skirt was giving him a good view of smooth, pale thighs.

"So my English is okay?" he said with a laugh. "I went to UCLA. Business major. Now I run my own company here." He said something in Japanese to his companion and Nyoko whispered something giggly to him. She had been unable to take her eyes off Renee's wet blouse from the moment she got in the car. The nipples beneath the nearly transparent clothing were like two pink flowers floating just under the surface in some secluded Japanese garden pond.

He leaned over to Renee, lightly putting his hand on her wet thigh. "Forgive her rudeness, but Nyoko says you have very lovely breasts. She says she will give you 13,000 yen if you show them to her."

"A thousand dollars! Just to see my boobs?" Renee blushed. She knew she had drunk enough sake to do it, plus it would help pay for that vacation to Hong Kong she had been planning. "You're kidding, right?"

Kano smiled and shook his head. "She loves the breasts of American women. A thousand dollars. Easy money on your way to the university. What do you say?"

Nyoko was smiling and nodding.

"What the hell, why not? I need to get these soaking things off anyway."

Kano spoke quickly to his companion who reached in her purse, pulling out a large clump of Japanese yen. She counted out the correct amount and handed it to Renee, who put it without comment in her purse. She started to unbutton her blouse when Kano gently stopped her hand.

"Nyoko likes to do that, if you don't mind."

Renee shrugged and watched as the woman's slim, nimble fingers quickly undid seven buttons, then slowly opened the clinging blouse as if revealing a treasure.

"Ahhh, kirei desu," she said, staring at the damp cleavage, nodding. Kano smiled and squeezed Renee's hand. "She said, 'It's beautiful.'"

Renee had a front clasp bra and her nipples were screwing hard against the cups as Nyoko gently popped it open. Nyoko hissed in appreciation as she spread the wings of the bra, displaying Renee's succulent pink-tipped bosom. The American beauty shrugged off the wet blouse and bra and leaned back into the corner of the car.

"Like what you see?"

The Japanese woman said something urgent to Kano, eyes transfixed on the gleaming, bare bosom. Kano reached inside her purse and showed Renee more money.

"She said she will give you 20,000 yen if you let her suck them."

Renee blushed and bit her lip. Her lovers had been able to do it for free. "Well, I'm already half-naked. Sure." She held out her hand and Kano gave her the exact amount, which she again stuffed into her little purse.

Renee closed her eyes as she felt Nyoko's warm breath on her skin and shivered slightly as the woman's tongue lightly flicked at the taut temple crowning the hill of her breast. She surrendered a low moan as the tongue licked faster and faster, like a kitten lapping at a sweet bowl of cream.

Kano gripped her hand and whispered in her ear. "May I join her?"

Renee, keeping her eyes closed, just nodded and squeezed his hand in return. She moaned again, much louder, when his mouth closed hungrily on a sensitive nugget and pulled hard, as her lovers often did.

The twin pleasures of two mouths working at her breasts were having their effect, and Renee reached out to squeeze Nyoko's small and bra-less breast, the pliant pebble of a brown nipple against her palm. With her other hand she gripped Kano's hard cock through his clothing, thumb pressing firmly against the head. She had already sampled a number of Japanese lovers, and was pleasantly surprised to find Kano was very well endowed.

By the time the driver announced they had arrived, Renee's skirt was up to her waist and she was doing a soft canter on Kano's cock, hands pressed flat on his chest. He was lying across the seat while a naked Nyoko, cheek pressed against the tinted passenger window, squirmed upon his face.

"Keep driving!" called out Kano from between Nyoko's slick thighs, and the limo moved into the night. Getting back to her dormitory just after dawn, Renee fell asleep in her clothes, bra and panties lost somewhere in the limo, her lover's seed rising and curling in her womb like white smoke.


Renee slowly slid her mouth off him, looking in his eyes the whole time, until all that connected them was a silver line of saliva, a fragile suspension bridge from the tip of his cock to her lower lip. She let it hang there a moment, a chain from master to slave, then licked it up with a quick pink swirl.

Kano groaned something low and harsh, gripping her hair with both hands and hissing as her knowing tongue twirled around his balls. Renee moaned down in her throat and with white teeth pulled at the sensitive, wrinkled skin. She had always found the male genitalia so fascinating, beginning from that day in the woods when her seventh-grade boyfriend let her hold his pale and trembling member. She sank to bare knees in a cool sea of autumn leaves and did what she whispered on the bus she promised to do. She found it so amusing the cock itself was so hard, strong, and comically obvious in its hunger for the vaginal embrace, yet beneath it lay the vulnerable testicles, soft and ripe as low-hanging fruit.

She sucked one testicle deep into her mouth, knowing what she held between her lips would soon be warming her womb. She pulled at one, then the other, as if ringing bells, waking his lust.

Hands that once strangled the most beautiful whore in Tokyo for her betrayal, now gently touched her face, thumbs pressing lightly over closed eyes. "Lie back," he said hoarsely in Japanese. "Lie back. I am going to fuck you now."

Renee leaned back on black sheets, hands by her head, as if surrendering. "Hai," she whispered, opening her thighs in invitation. "Fuck me."

She could always tell when he had killed. There was no foreplay, not even a kiss. Tonight he moved up between her legs, roughly put her ankles on his shoulders, positioned himself, and took her in one fluid, possessing stroke, like a ninja's quick and fatal stab.

Renee cried out with the sudden pleasure, coming immediately, shivering, and sent red nails to bite into his forearms as he began a merciless thrusting, her full breasts wobbling with his commanding strokes. She knew he never lasted long when he fucked her like this, as if in his union with her and his wrenching climax he found a way to exorcise any demons of guilt or sorrow.

Soon he put his hands on her breasts, all his weight on her tender bosom, thumbs and fingers pinching hard the nipples, pink blushing to a deeper rose. As his cock slammed fast, deep, and hard into her soaking, noisy-wet pussy, Kano began muttering in some street-dialect Japanese and she knew he was about to come. It didn't bother her he still fucked all his whores before he put them on the streets of Tokyo, or that this was the postion he used to initiate them. He told each one if they could take him like this they could handle any man. But he promised Renee she was the only woman who received his seed. All the others who sought to be his whores -- the college coeds, the low-paid secretaries, the bored housewives -- pulled off his condom as he straddled their faces. They would present it to him with both hands, like a gift, and opening their mouths swallowed all of the semen he let drip down in long, glistening, translucent strings. In this way they became his property, and made him a very rich man.

Kano cursed, thrust into her as hard and far as he could, and ejaculated spurt after spurt of his seed into Renee. She could feel its heat surging like dragon fire against the castle walls of her cervix. Arching her back, Renee used her strong and skillful vaginal muscles to squeeze and milk her lover's cock. Every drop was hers.

Wordlessly he withdrew and lay down beside her, silent but for his labored breathing. Knowing it was what he liked, what he needed, Renee kissed down his sweaty chest and belly, pausing to lick at the scattered scars, then took his limp, slick member into her mouth, tasting their mingled juices. He didn't touch her as she carefully cleaned him with a practiced tongue until she could find no taste of their union on his cock or balls. Licking her lips, she curled up beside him and watched him until he spoke.

"You did not see the bag?" he said after some time had passed.

"No," said Renee, fingers continuing to caress his cheek. "Hard to see everything in the light of one candle."

Kano laughed, taking her hand and kissing it. "Go see what I brought you, my flower."

Renee scratched a nail gently over his lips. "I know your sense of humor, Kano. Remember the time you gave me a jewelry box? That still gives me nightmares." One of his prettier whores, jealous at being removed from Kano's bed, had screamed at her in the street one night. Her severed tongue, neatly pinned to its white satin bed, had been inside.

The Yakuza chieftain rolled over on his side and took one of her proud nipples into his mouth, sucking hard, so very hard, until she moaned for him to stop, feeling the tingling deep down between her thighs. "This surprise you will like," he whispered to the swollen peak. "Go. See."

Renee gave him a wary look, then got out of bed, some of his warm essence drooling down her leg as she walked over to the shopping bag by the door. She reached down and came up with a flaming length of red silk. On the back writhed a black imperial dragon.

"Kano, this is the one I wanted!"

He smiled to see her so happy. "Ah, good, I thought so."

Renee held it out before her, admiring it. "The owner of that shop only wanted to sell me robes with cranes, peacocks, or cherry blossoms on them. He refused to let me have any dragons. I remember telling you how rude he was. For men only, he said." The mistress of one of the most powerful crime lords in Tokyo frowned as she turned to look at him. "You didn't hurt him did you?"

Kano just laughed. "Woman, that robe cost me the work of all my girls tonight. The bastard got all my yen. Just for you."

Renee slipped on the crimson robe, but did not tie the sash, keeping it open as she straddled him, sliding her slippery, juiced sex back and forth over his rousing member. She leaned down, pillowing smooth breasts upon his hard chest.

"If a night of good fucking bought it for me, then I must thank you with the same."

Kano groaned as she put him back inside her, raising his hips to sink deeper inside this passionate American woman who took classes by day and came to his penthouse at night.

As they made love, blood dripped from the counter of a small shop in Tokyo, thickly pooling. In the morning the shopkeeper's wife would fall to her knees on a red, sticky floor, staring at her husband's severed head, mouth stuffed with bills and eyes and ears plugged with coins.

He had been paid in full.

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