tagInterracial LoveNight Out with My Man

Night Out with My Man


Hope you enjoy the story. It is a work of fiction and all participants are adults. I love to get reader feedback and hear what turns you on.


The lotion felt good against my warm damp skin as I applied a generous amount to my arms and chest. I could see my image begin to appear in the steamy bathroom mirror. At 29 I felt like I was in my physical prime. My sexual energy had reached a peak of horniness that was almost uncontainable. Even my own touch aroused me as I gazed at the reflection and worked the thick white cream into my breasts.

I am a 5'10" tall big-beautiful-woman, my copper color hair is thick and curly down to the middle of my back. A few months ago my lover inspired me to cut my bangs so now I have a kind of Betty Page do. I think it makes me look both sexy and a little dangerous all at once. As I squeezed more lotion onto my hands, I take an inventory of my 200+ pound naked body. I have a small waist, which amplifies my padded curves. I work more lotion into my Double-Ds and revel at the fact that it takes two hands to give my girls a good coating. I spread the gooey moisturizer like a load of cum all over my big tits making my pussy purr with excitement. My puffing pink nipples are at least 4" in diameter and swell with my arousal.

More lotion, and I continue down to my belly. I work out often, and my midsection is plump yet still shows definition....mmmmmm the sensation of my own hands caressing my flesh is making me more excited. Still slick, I work my hands down to my kitty. I am clean-shaven except for a little red triangle above my labia. I work down to my pussy and back up to my firm belly. Even more lotion, and I continue to my thighs-- one of my body's best features. I was always involved with one girl's sport team or another and my legs are muscular and powerful yet still very feminine. My sculpted calves narrow to slender ankles, petite feet and erotic tootsies painted with deep red nail polish.

I turn to check out my firm full ass. Make no mistake I don't have a little butt. My ass is big and it sticks out proud and sexy accentuating my hourglass shape. I spread more of the moisturizer onto ass until my two solid orbs of ass-flesh glisten. My new "slut-patch" tattoo looks great on my back. It's a simple Victorian design that draws attention to the extreme curve of my small waist and big butt and bulging thighs.

A little perfume in all the right places and I walk into my closet to pick my attire. It has to be sexy, with a bit of "hooker" thrown in for good measure. Let's see? Ah yes, let's start with this crotch-less fishnet body stocking. A black vinyl waist-cincher forms a nice shelf for my big boobs as they strain against the netting of the body stocking. Over this I need something that will provide easy access to the goodies, here we go, a red leather mini and matching short red leather jacket. I girl can't go out in public with her breasts showing. The finishing touch, matching red leather FMP platform sandals with ankle straps and a matching red leather choker. Yes I think we are hitting the right notes.

After a little makeup and lipstick I put on some big hoop earrings and check myself out just one more time. I look hot. The high heels push my big ass out and make my thighs and calves bulge. My big breasts are nicely squeezed into the jacket showing plenty of cleavage. My full red lips and deep green eyes are just perfect. Time to meet my man.

As I step out of my NYC apartment onto the busy street heads turn. My thighs rub together as I place one foot in front of the other like I am walking a tight rope. My hips sway, my breasts bounce, and my ass moves to my own sexy beat. I love the looks I get, especially from the guys with their girls and wives... I am such a tease. To the corner where I hale a cab. The cabby takes a long look at me in the rear view mirror as I get out at one of my favorite little bistros on the Upper West Side. I walk in straight past the hostess and right into the arms of my man who is waiting for me at the bar.

After a hot kiss I whisper in his ear, "Tonight this hot bitch is going to give you a night to remember."

My man Sean is a 6'2" tall, muscular, black man. He is a couple of years older than me and he looks dashing in his Italian suit. He has a shaved head and he has taken off his tie giving him a relaxed look. I can tell he likes what he sees as he stands and taking a step back admires the total package I have put together.

Our table is ready and we are seated in a cozy circular booth. I know Sean has arranged this so he can have me close to him during dinner. It makes me smile and I feel even more hot and sexy knowing my man craves my touch and touching me. We order a bottle of wine and as we wait for our dinner to arrive I rub his thigh occasionally straying a "little to high." The conversation is funny and wonderful the best kind of foreplay in a public place.

Dinner ends with the two of us sharing a delicious slice of flowerless chocolate cake and champagne. I know the evening is just beginning and its time to really start Sean's engine. When our waitress returns to the table with the check I discreetly take Sean's massive package in my hand and give it a good squeeze. I then excuse myself to go powder my nose. As I walk away from the table I drop my clutch and in front of Sean and two other couples, I bend over at the waist to pick it up. I'm sure they all got a good up-skirt view as I walk away my big butt swaying...I am such a tease.

In the cab back to my apartment there is plenty of necking and touching. I keep my man in check as I have a long evening planned and right now I want him at a simmer not a boil. We dash out of the cab and into my building and up the elevator. The elevator is surprisingly full of older couples apparently going to a party. We pack in with Sean in the back corner and me in front of him. As the other couples chatter away, I push up against Sean subtly grinding my ass into his growing hard-on. As we reach our floor the stylish older woman that was standing next to us, showing a bit of cleavage I may add, smiles and winks at me as we step out. This makes me light up with the thought that you can be a little slut no matter what your age.

We race into my apartment and I am doing my best to keep Sean in my control. He is kissing my neck, unbuttoning my jacket, feeling my ass and breasts through my clothes, my man wants it. I give him a long deep kiss then I push him away at arm's length and tell him,

"Lover tonight I'm your total slut, I just ask that we take it slow so that I can give you the best fuck of your life."

Sean takes another step back and smiling like the cat that ate the canary simply says, "Alright then show me."

Grinning I lower my chin and give him a sexy look while I lick my lips seductively. I spread my legs shoulder width apart and standing on the balls of my feet I unbutton my jacket like a runway model. Sean can now see the waist cincher and my big tits pushing out on the fishnet body stocking. I moan and flip back my mane of red hair as I push up and squeeze my breasts. I continue my little strip show by stepping out of my skirt and flipping my coat onto a chair. I am now only wearing the body stocking, the waist cincher, the chocker and my heels. I turn around and arch my back and push out my ass I look over my shoulder at Sean and ask,

"Do you want to be my fuck daddy tonight?"

Sean smiles and says "yes baby." I move over to him and I take off his shirt revealing his strong arms, muscular chest, and flat abs. As I stare directly into his eyes I unbuckle his pants, which by the way are bulging from his hard-on. As they fall to the floor I squat in front of him and remove his loafers so he can step out of his trousers. I stand again and rub his cock through his boxers as I continue to gaze into his eyes. Sean reaches out to my breasts and first caresses, then hefts my big tits, sucking on the nipples through the fishnet. I let out a little gasp.

I let Sean enjoy my tits for a bit until I can't stand the desire any longer and I squat on my heels in front of his cock. Pulling down his boxers his amazing cock springs out. It is at least 9", fat and uncircumcised. Sean's skin is not light in color, rather a rich dark chocolate color--he is a beautiful man. His cock and balls are clean-shaven and I rub his member over my face and full lips, loving the feeling of its hardness under the velvety skin. I pull his foreskin back to reveal the slightly pinker round head. As I move my fist back and forth on his shaft the foreskin moves back and forth over his swollen cock head. I lovely clear drop appears at the tip and I extend my tongue and look up at Sean. I lick off the drop of pre-cum with a grateful "mmmm" as I take his tool into my mouth.

I allow his member to glide over my tongue, sucking and producing saliva as it moves in an out of my mouth. When he is hard enough I push my throat down on his cock so it travels into my throat. I suppress the gag reflex and push until I have him all the way in me. I pull off and let a long string of spit hang from his cock to my tongue. My eyes never leave his as I go down on his delicious cock again and again. Like a good slut I'm noisy, making slurping and sucking sounds. After repeating my talent several dozen times I grip his cock firmly and jack it hard spitting on it to lubricate my hand.

Holding it by the base I slap Sean's cock, he loves this, and say, "Is this big black cock going to fuck this big girl's pussy...hmmm baby has your cock been bad... (slap) does it need a good wet fucking?" This talk is my cue to my lover that I need it bad, and I want it a little rough. He grabs a big handful of my silky hair and lifts me to my feet. He pulls me against him with his other arm and holds my head back. He attacks my neck, kissing, nibbling and licking as he grabs a large handful of my ass and squeezes. I whimper and push up against him, he releases me and slaps my behind. He then grabs the colar of my body stocking and rips it open.

"MMMMmmmm hmmmm... so that's the way you want it. Girl I am going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before! Now get into the bedroom you little slut." He commands.

I do my best to shake my ass and make my tits sway as he follows me down the hall to the bedroom. When we enter he pushes me facedown on the bed (its not a hard push its more playful but this is our little game). Sean spreads my ass cheeks and I can feel his breath on my perfect pink little asshole. He licks it and then rims it making me shudder. At one point his face is buried between my cheeks and I can feel his tongue pushing into me.

"That is one sweet piece of ass... I think I'm going to have to fuck that before this night is done," says Sean.

After another smack on my now red butt and he rolls me over and tells me to spread my legs. He goes down on my shaven pussy. First working on my labia then concentrating on my clit. Sean is great at oral sex and he inserts two fingers in me as he expertly works my pussy over with his mouth and tongue. Several times he brings me to the edge of orgasm but never finishes me off. During all this he often stops to tease me by telling me how good his cock is going to feel and how he will use it on me... I love it and I am wild with lust.

I slide back on the bed and he crawls between my legs. His monster of a cock is hard and very erect. He takes it in his hand and slowly strokes it as he asks me if I want it. I shake my head and bite my lip and moan "yesssss." He positions himself between my legs and rubs his cock head up through my labia to my clit. Then he pushes and it enters me, ecstasy.

Sean tucks his knees under my ass as he works his big cock into my pussy. He kneads my big tits and taunts me by telling me what he is going to do to me next. Like a wild animal I crave his big cock inside me and I fuck him back with every stroke. Soon he has his hands on my hips and is fucking me hard. He tells me to rub my clit while he plows my pussy and I obey. I am on the edge of orgasm and Sean knows it. He pulls out of me and the taking my legs from behind the knees he push back so my pussy and asshole are accessible to him.

As if using a brush he dips his cock head into my now soaking pussy and then rubs it against my asshole. He does this several times then backs up and says,

"Ride my cock with your tight asshole baby."

Sean lays down on his back his cock standing straight up and pulsing with each heartbeat. I slip off my shoes (a good slut keeps her FMPs on as long as possible), and straddle my man. He pulls me down and we kiss. I can feel his wet cock pressing against my stomach and I want it in me, and I want to cum on his magnificent dick. He whispers in my ear,

"Now baby take my big cock and work it into that tight asshole."

I do as I am told, and squatting over his cock I begin to push down. I know Sean loves this view, my big tits hanging at his disposal, my thick thighs tense and holding my weight, my pussy wet and in full view. I gasp and let out a deep "FUCK" as his mushroom head pushes into my asshole. It is painful but it makes me crazy with lust. I work his cock into my ass slowly, using my own pussy juice to lubricate the thick shaft. I am relaxed and now I am getting into a rhythm. Sean is fondling my breasts and I am mercilessly rubbing my clit as Sean's cock fucks my ass. I drop onto my knees and now his entire cock is inside me. I sit up and move my hips in a circular motion that drives Sean wild.

In this position my pussy and tits can rub up against Sean as he ass-fucks me. Sean has two big handfuls of my butt as my breasts push into his face, and my belly rubs up against him with every upward motion I make on his cock. I would love to see some skinny bitch do this. Each thrust is accompanied by a moan (yes folks I am a moaner, sorry neighbors). I need to cum but I try and hold on...its no use, when Sean slaps my ass my orgasm erupts in wave after wave. My entire body spasms, I see white light, my eyes shut tight, and my mouth open as I scream in delight.

I collapse on my stud and kiss him savagely forcing my tongue in his mouth. I know what is coming and I can't wait. I get off him and assume the doggie position. Sean says,

"That's it-- you know just what your man likes."

He moves behind me and enters my pussy. At first he takes long even strokes into my pussy with his cock but before long he is moaning and banging into me so that his big balls slap my pussy with each thrust. Every thrust is punctuated by the slap of our bodies meeting and the bed is banging against the wall. Fuck it feels so good and I push back with every thrust. We are both sweating and I can feel Sean start to lose his hold. He barks,

"Its coming baby!"

He pulls out and I spin around taking his cock in my mouth and stroking it with both hands. When he orgasms I pull the skin down and squeeze hard until he shoots his first thick rope of cum. Then I pull off his cock and jack it fast sending multiple spurts all over my face neck and tits. After Sean has emptied is load all over his "little slut" I show him my prize, a big mouthful of cum. I swallow it for him after I play with it. I then collect the rest off my body and clean that up with wet licks and slurps. I always feed a little to my lover on my tit or the tip of my tongue.

I have a big tub and we will take a bath together and drink champagne. Sean's usually ready for more of this hot BBW after that but that's a story for another time.

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