tagLesbian SexNight Shift Pt. 03

Night Shift Pt. 03


Night Shift Ch 3: Second Night -- Part 1: Anne and Jacqui

Just after 11:30pm, Jeff stopped the car at the staff entrance of Sally's office as Sally reached between her legs to pick up her Polaroid camera from the foot well. In raising the camera, Sally pulled back the hem of her dress more than was necessary to allow it passage, and in doing so exposed her newly shaven pussy to Jeff.

"That will be juicing for you in the morning when you come to pick me up," she whispered, "You are taking tomorrow off work, aren't you?"

"Nothing in Heaven or on Earth could drag me into work tomorrow," Jeff replied, "See you here at 8 in the morning."

Sally leaned over to kiss Jeff on his lips, and before he could respond she had opened the car door, got out and had closed it. Jeff drove off into the night, his thoughts focussed on Sally and how she would soon be naked with the other girls in the shift, running about an empty office. 'I hope she gets some good photographs,' he thought.

How wrong Jeff was to be. As Sally made her way to the Operators' Rest Room, she was amazed to see the Data Processing support area ablaze with light and several programmers at their posts. 'What the hell's going on?' she wondered.

Instead of going into the rest room, she went straight to the computer room to find out what was happening.

"Hi Sally," said the leader of the back shift as Sally breezed in, "I'm glad you came in early, there have been problems tonight and everything is running late."

"What sort of problems?"

"One of the systems was upgraded this evening and after about half an hour went belly-up. The programmers were called back in to back it out, which they completed about three quarters of an hour ago, and they are hanging on for a while to make sure that the old system is running properly. As a result, all the jobs are about two hours late, so your shift will have its work cut out tonight."

Sally groaned, "Oh shit!"

"Does that give you problems?" enquired the back shift leader.

'Of course it gives me problems, it gives every girl in my shift problems. How the hell are we supposed to run naked about the office with all these programmers milling about?' Sally thought as she responded in a cheerful tone, "Oh no, none at all, it will keep us all occupied until the Day shift arrives."

"I know what you mean, night shifts can be pretty boring, can't they?" "Certainly can." Replied Sally, and thought, 'If only you knew.' "I'd better go and see if any of my shift have arrived and brief them, then I'll come back through and let you bring me up-to-date."

"OK, see ya."

Sally went to the Operators' Rest Room and found Jacqui there.

"What the hell is going on?" Jacqui demanded.

Sally filled her in on what had happened, finishing off with, "And so we will initially need a full shift. If things go well and we are catching up, then I can probably allow two of you off for a break each hour. It may be less than each hour in order that everybody gets an equal break. Personally, I won't be taking a break 'cos I'll have to oversee the operation."

Jacqui reeled off a tirade of expletives and continued, "That's our fun for tonight buggered up. Even if we do catch up and get breaks, there's no way we can venture naked into the office with all these programmers around."

"The programmers won't be here all night, they are just hanging on to make sure that the system is working OK. I hope some of you can get out into the office for I brought in this," Sally said, producing the Polaroid camera, "I thought we could keep a photographic record of our activities to show the others in the shift when we get back from our breaks."

"Great idea," Jacqui responded, "I only hope some of us get out tonight."

"OK, Jacqui, I'm going back through to the computer now. Let the others know when they arrive, and I'll see you all about midnight in the computer room."

"OK, Sally."

Sally wandered off to the computer room to de-brief the back-shift leader before she went home. 'I wonder what she looks like, de-briefed,' Sally lewdly thought, 'Is her pussy hairy, or shaved like mine. Maybe, like me, she isn't wearing any briefs.'

'Yes she is wearing briefs,' Sally thought as she entered the computer room, observing the panty-line through the back-shift leader's overall while she was leaning over the console.

The Night Shift arrived in the computer room just before midnight, at which time the Back Shift departed. Sally assigned the tasks, and everybody set about them enthusiastically for they were all strongly motivated to get the work through as fast as possible.

At about a quarter to one, Sally went through her check-list and announced, "Good news girls, we are gaining ground fast, and I can let two of you off for a break. Check back in forty minutes. Decide amongst yourselves which two of you will take the first break. And, remember to take the camera if you wander about the office."

Emily dashed off to the computer room doors, which opened automatically for exiting, and looked into the main office. On returning, she reported that some programmers were still about. The group of girls groaned, but Anne went over to Jacqui and the two had a short, whispered, discussion.

"If it's all right with the rest of you," Anne piped up, "Jacqui and I will take the first break."

There were no dissentions, but "I wonder what on Earth they're going to do" was overheard by some.

Anne and Jacqui left the others and proceeded to the Rest area. Like the computer room, their swipe card was required to gain entry to the Rest Room, so once inside, they were quite secure.

Jacqui began, "So you want to learn how to squirt," which was a rhetorical question, "Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I have to be highly aroused first. Ideally, a decent porno video would begin to get me in the mood, followed by, or even while watching the porno, a lot of pussy play and tit play. Then, when cream flows from my vagina, I am ready to stimulate my G-spot."

"G-spot? I thought that was a myth"

"Not as far as I'm concerned. But, with me, I can't find my G-spot until I'm highly aroused. Anyway, all that takes a long time and we only have half an hour, and we don't have a porno or a video."

"By all accounts, you didn't take that long last night."

"Last night was different. I had an audience, and, I was stripping. Not only that, I was competing against Emily to see who would go all the way. I found that highly arousing. My arousal was heightened further when Emily revealed her naked body, and then squatted showing off her cunt. I was definitely out-stripped last night."

"Wow, I wish I had been there, I am getting tingles in my pussy with just you telling me about it."

"Actually, my pussy is tingling a bit too. That's not a bad start. Now, as I get turned on by exhibiting myself, I thought we would strip for each other, taking it in turns to remove an article of clothing which would be chosen by the other. That means each of us can get the other to reveal what we want to see most"

"Sounds good to me, who goes first?"

"Me, but first let's get rid of these overalls, socks, and, shoes. Unless you have a fetish for feet, in which case I'll keep my socks on."

"No, I'm not a foot fetishist." And they removed their overalls, shoes, and, socks, leaving Jacqui in denim jeans, a checked button-up shirt with the top two buttons undone, and underneath a black lace bra and black lace panties. Anne on the other hand was wearing a white T-shirt, denim skirt, and a white bra and panty set. Anne sat on the chair facing Jacqui who sat on the settee.

"Remove your panties please, Anne," Jacqui instructed.

Anne stood up, hoisted up her skirt at the back, hooked her thumbs into the waistband, and pulled her panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked them out of the way. "You're just hoping that you'll see up my skirt and catch a glimpse of my pussy," Anne said as she sat back down again, being very careful to keep her knees together.

"Of course," Jacqui replied as she got off the settee and picked up Anne's discarded panties which she had a sudden inexplicable urge to do. She felt the gusset between her thumb and forefinger, noticing that there was a damp spot, and then she held the gusset up to her nose and inhaled deeply. Jacqui easily identified the aroma of fresh pussy juice. The scent was different from her own, somehow sweeter. She had never smelled another girl's juice before, not being inclined towards girls, but somehow this seemed right for the moment, and it certainly had an effect when Jacqui felt her pussy juice up.

Anne was astounded at Jacqui's action, feeling both shock and sexual arousal. Shock that Jacqui should be so dirty as to feel and smell the crotch of used panties, and aroused for the same reason. So much so that Anne felt a rush of juice escape her pussy.

Just as Jacqui was about to sit back down, Anne stopped her, stammering, "D-Don't sit down yet, I want you to remove your bra."

"Aha, I see your game, you think I won't be able to remove my bra without taking my shirt at least half way off. Well, you are mistaken," and Jacqui reached behind her back and proceeded to successfully unclasp her bra through the material of her shirt. With a few contortions, she extracted her bra through her left sleeve and threw it at Anne.

"I can do that too, but one more thing," Anne delicately asked, "Could you undo the remaining shirt buttons?"

'This girl knows what she wants,' thought Jacqui as she undid the buttons, 'She is being the voyeur to my exhibitionist.' After Jacqui sat back down, she arranged her shirt so that each side covered her aereolae, leaving the insides of her breasts exposed. This aroused her greatly, especially when she looked over to Anne and noticed her eyes riveted on her bosom, causing a flood of juice to leave her pussy and soak into her panties.

Anne stared intently at Jacqui's chest, she knew she was staring, but didn't care. She knew that Jacqui knew she was staring, but didn't care. Jacqui's tits were amazing, '36C by the looks. Larger than my 36B.' She felt more juice flow from her pussy.

"How's that, Anne?" said Jacqui, snapping Anne out of her trance.

"Amazing," Anne sighed.

"OK then, take your bra off."

Anne performed the same operation that Jacqui had a couple of minutes earlier, and threw her bra at Jacqui. While Anne was occupied by her contortions, Jacqui heightened her own arousal by easing aside one side of her shirt to expose a very erect nipple. When Anne's attention returned to Jacqui to throw her bra, Jacqui covered her nipple again. Whether or not Anne noticed the nipple didn't matter to Jacqui. The fact that she had exposed it for Anne to see increased the secretions from her vagina. Jacqui's arousal was further heightened when she observed Anne's nipples protruding underneath the T-shirt, 'Just as I had hoped.'

'This is turning into a hot night,' Jacqui thought as she checked the clock for time, 'Plenty of time left too.'

'Was that a nipple I glimpsed?' Anne thought as she was about to throw her bra over to Jacqui. Having thrown it and had sat back down again, she was aware that her aroused nipples were sticking out. On looking back at Jacqui, Anne noticed her staring at her chest and got satisfaction from Jacqui's attention.

"Right, Jacqui, get your panties off."

"Aw, that's cheating, there's no way I can do that without taking my jeans off."

"Go into the wash room and take them off there, but bring your panties back through with you."

Jacqui hesitated for a few seconds, 'Hell, no,' she thought, 'I'm an exhibitionist, so I'll give her an exhibition.'

"No need," said Jacqui, and she got off the settee and turned her back to Anne. She undid the button and unzipped, and lowered her jeans. Stepping out of them, Jacqui then eased her panties down. The gusset remained adhered to her vulva, and as she continued to ease them down, stands of viscous pussy juice formed, stretched, and broke, as the gusset separated from her pussy lips. Jacqui was gratified to notice traces of cream in the gusset.

As she lowered her panties to her ankles, Jacqui knew that Anne must be getting a first class view of her bare bum, probably her pussy lips too. The excitement generated by that knowledge caused a dollop of cream to be excreted from her vagina and spread between her pussy lips. Jacqui's arousal was complete. She stepped out of her panties and pulled her jeans back on, but didn't zip up. Leaving the top open, Jacqui turned to face Anne, showing off her thick red bush in the 'V' of the unzipped jeans. Before sitting back down, she picked up her panties and threw them over to Anne.

When Jacqui turned her back to her and proceeded to lower her jeans, Anne's heart picked up a few beats. She wasn't expecting this at all. And when Jacqui's panties came down, Anne could not help but gasp as her exquisite bum came into view. Was that strings of pussy juice that she could see? As Jacqui bent lower to push her panties to her ankles, Anne could see her swollen pussy lips surrounded by red hairs. 'Oh my God, is that cream sandwiched between those luscious lips?'

Anne could not believe how aroused she was becoming. This was another girl and she was having thoughts towards Jacqui that would have repulsed her in any other situation. When she noticed Jacqui's cream between her pussy lips, Anne fought the urge to dive over and stick her tongue in and lick the cream out. Anne was frightened by these thoughts, but was even more seduced by them. When Jacqui turned to face her, with her red pubic bush visible in the open jeans, and her shirt hanging loose, exposing half her aereolae, Anne's flow of pussy juice turned into a virtual Niagara. Anne caught Jacqui's panties and immediately noticed they were sopping. She brought the inside gusset into view and noticed the smears of Jacqui's cream. She brought the panties up to her nose, the aroma was very powerful, intoxicating, even. Anne couldn't resist it, she gathered up some of the cream with her middle finger and licked it with her tongue. Delicious. Different from her own, but delicious. She wanted to hurry the rest of this strip so she could give her pussy some badly needed attention.

Jacqui almost orgasmed when she saw Anne lick her pussy cream. She also wished to give her pussy some urgent attention. "C'mon Anne, let's get this over with so we can get down to the real business. Get your skirt off."

Anne stood up, unbuttoned the waistband and unzipped. She pushed the skirt over her hips and let it fall to the floor, and stepped out of it. Jacqui stared at Anne's totally bare pussy, her swollen lips were hanging down, and her clit was quite prominent. 'How luscious,' she thought, and then Jacqui lowered her eyes to the skirt by Anne's feet.

"Holy shit, Anne, look at that big patch of cream on the inside of your skirt!"

Jacqui moved over to pick the skirt up, and her unsupported jeans began to drop. She hurriedly pushed them down and stepped out of them and picked up Anne's skirt. On the inside, where Anne's pussy had been resting, was a large area of white cream that had had most of the liquid content soaked up by the material, leaving this, almost jelly, deposit. Jacqui turned the skirt over, and noticed an equivalent darker blue wet patch on the outside.

Anne was amazed at her own abundance, and, as if to prove it was her, she reached down between her legs and ran her fingers along her pussy slit. On producing her hand, the well, formed by the closed fingers, was filled with cream.

"You're ready, so am I, so let's get rid of our tops and get down to some serious masturbation," Jacqui proclaimed.

The two girls divested themselves of their tops and were now totally naked. Both desperately rubbed their pussies, and, almost simultaneously, both all but ceased their manipulations.

"You are to show me how to squirt," Anne reminded Jacqui.

"Yes, I remember. I think we are both fully aroused now, so you should now try to find your G-spot."

"How do I do that?"

"As a 'first timer' the best way is for you the get down on your knees on the floor. Then draw your toes forward to support your instep, and sit on your heels. Once in that position, lean forward slightly and insert fingers into your vagina. About one to two thirds up the front wall of your vagina you should feel a particularly resistant area, I say 'resistant' because it isn't hard and it isn't soft. It is more difficult to depress than the rest of your vaginal walls. Anyway, you should know when you've hit it because you will receive a feeling akin to that received when first touching your aroused clit. That's what I felt, anyway."

Anne followed Jacqui's instructions and positioned herself in the manner suggested. Jacqui positioned herself in the same way so that Anne could look and emulate her.

"Use your middle finger like this," Jacqui continued, and inserted her right hand middle finger into her vagina. Parting her knees wide so that Anne could see, Jacqui slowly slid the finger inside until she convulsed slightly. "Yes, I've found mine, now do the same and you should find yours. I'll keep my finger in my cunt so you can see how far it's in, your G-spot should be in much the same location." That was an understatement for Jacqui was gently moving her finger tip over her G-spot exciting herself in the process.

Anne did as Jacqui had instructed. As she inserted her finger, she felt the warmth of her vagina surround it, conducted by the profusion of vaginal juice. She kept the tip of her finger in contact with the front wall of her vagina as the pushed it in further, but felt no part of that wall more resistant than any other part. Neither did she find an area that was more sensitive than any other area. When her finger could go no further, Anne had to declare that she could not find her G-spot.

Jacqui wondered what to do next. This eventuality was most unwelcome for the gentle manipulation she had been delivering to her own G-spot was producing phenomenal sensations and she didn't really want to stop. But she had an idea that might satisfy both her and Anne, although she was quite apprehensive about proposing it to Anne for it involved intimate physical contact of a sexual nature by another female. Such a situation had never occurred to Jacqui before, and she was frightened by the prospect. Mainly because she had been aroused by Anne, and had thoughts of performing sexual acts with Anne as the inspiration, and indeed was performing one at this precise moment. Jacqui had no doubt that if Anne had not been present and naked, she would not have been manipulating her G-spot and basking in all her nudity. She came to a decision, governed by her cunt rather than her brain.

"I have an idea, but you may not want to go through with it. It presented me with a dilemma, but I am prepared to go through with it if you are. What I propose is that you insert your finger into my vagina and find my G-spot. I will be able to guide you because I'll be able to feel where your finger is. Once you have found it, you will be able to feel it and learn what you are looking for in your own vagina."

Anne thought for a bit. Like Jacqui, she also had to come to terms with her feelings of the moment. What would not have been considered earlier, that is, physical sexual contact with another girl, now happened to be the gateway to new pleasures. Still in the euphoria of Jacqui's exhibitionism, Anne's cunt made the decision for her.

"Well, if it's alright with you, it's fine with me. After all, wouldn't such a procedure be regarded as scientific research?"

"Yes," Jacqui breathed with a sigh of relief, "It is purely scientific," although she felt otherwise. "Get behind me and bring your arms around me so that you can reach my cunt with your hands."

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