tagMind ControlNight Shifts Ch. 01

Night Shifts Ch. 01


The rays of the sun shone brightly through the window, across the floor, over the scattered T shirt and panties, up the bed and finally onto Charlotte's sleeping face. She stirred, stretched and exhaled loudly. She felt great! That just had to be the best night's sleep of her life. She felt rested, invigorated and bursting to get on with what was going to be a glorious day. In one fluid movement she flung back the bed clothes, swung her legs over the side and stopped, transfixed.

It was not just the fact that she was naked (although she never usually slept so) that held her rigid, it was the sight of her equally naked pussy. Or rather her totally bald pussy. It was as smooth as that of a baby. More so, even, there was not a sign that there had ever been hair there. No fuzz, no stray hairs, no bumps or razor grazes. It was the most completely hairless cunt that she had ever seen, completely different from the neatly shaved bush that she had sported last night.

Wondering, she made her way to the mirror and gasped again. The rest of her was just the same! Apart from her head and her eyebrows there was no sign that her body had ever in her life grown the smallest, the shortest hair. She turned back to the bed and threw off the sheets. There was no sign of any hair. Whatever had happened it did not seem to have happened there.

She thought back. Nothing strange had occurred in the evening. She had gone to bed at round about her usual time and slept a deep, dreamless and most satisfying sleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. Had she been sleepwalking? Her door was locked, her razor and all her cosmetics were where they should be on the bathroom shelves, there was no sign anywhere in her room that the most extreme depilatory job had been performed. So what on earth had occurred...?

Mystified, she made her way to the bathroom, ran the shower and stepped in. The hot water cascading off her defenceless, hairless body felt so invigorating, no, so sexy. Her nipples sprang to attention as she rubbed the soap over them, standing as firm and as hard as bullets but...ohh...so so sensitive. Almost without being aware, her hand slid down to her slit and she screamed in delight as her finger entered. The soap dropped.

It was as though it was the first time. Her world was centred exclusively on her clit. She had absolutely no control as she as she furiously started frigging in complete and utter abandonment, building building until after only a few seconds she screamed at the top of her lungs and she came in as spasm of absolute and all encompassing joy. She lay shattered panting on the floor as the shower splashed all over her naked skin.

Some time later, she staggered out and mindlessly towelled herself dry. So overwhelming had her orgasm been that she still was in a daze and it was as though she was on auto pilot. Ignoring her bra and panties, she gasped again in pleasure as her sweatshirt brushed her delicate nipples. They were still rock hard, it seemed that they were permanently so, But she hardly seemed aware of that as she pulled on a short skirt, picked up her bag and left her room.

Her mind slowly returned as she made her way across the campus and with it, memory. That had to be the most intense experience of her life, her pussy tingled at the very thought of what had occurred, distracting her from trying to comprehend the changes to her body. She sat at her desk, oblivious to the lectures and all around her, playing and replaying the events of the morning and eventually found herself at lunchtime sitting in front of an untouched tray in the canteen.

"My God, Charlie, you look ravishing. Who's the lucky boy? Can I meet him?"

Her best friend had slid herself next to her and was about to attack the plate in front of her. "Just look at you, you're more suited for the disco than a philosophy lecture, although those tits look a bit risqué if you're going to be in front of Professor Dessad. Not to mention that skirt, or is it a belt? ...What's up Charlie, cat got your tongue?"

Charlotte roused herself. "I don't know. Something's happened, something strange, something really strange... I've got no hair."

Rosemary paused with a forkful of pasta halfway to her mouth. "What on earth are you talking about?"

It took a while but somehow Charlotte managed to explain what she had found this morning, although she was too embarrassed to mention the events in the shower. Rosemary listened with a look both of doubt and of concern.

"I can see you don't believe me. But its true, its all true. Feel this." Charlotte grabbed her friend's hand, thrust it up her skirt onto her bald pussy and then gasped loudly in arousal.

Rosemary flushed and pulled back her hand. "Charlie, stop this, everyone's looking. Are you really trying to seduce me? You know I don't lean that way." She sprang up and ran out, holding her hand to her nose. Charlotte barely noticed. Her chair scraped back as she ran out to find the loo. She had to satisfy the lust that had flared up from the feel of Rosemary's hand on her hot pussy.

Charlotte was reading philosophy and the afternoon class on eastern mysticism was her favourite despite the fact that it was run by Professor Dessad. He was regarded as a eccentric, dressing in a black frock coat with ruffled shirts with long lacy cuffs. He claimed to be a direct descendant of the Marquis de Sade, but if true his physical appearance belied that. He was well below average height, running to fat and with greasy receding hair and a thin reedy voice. His thick bottle glasses gave him a generally puzzled air. There was no denying that he thought of himself as a ladies' man, but his technique was spectacularly useless, consisting largely of leering unsuccessfully at the prettier students and at Charlotte in particular. Today the leers continued but thankfully he refrained from involving her in any of the discussions.

Which was just as well as she was becoming increasingly distracted. She guessed that it was the absence of hair that seemed to be making her skin super sensitive, but whatever the reason she was finding the pressure of her clothes unbearable. At the end of the day she ran straight back to her room and with a sob of relief tore everything off and thrust her fingers deep into her twat.

For the rest of the evening she alternated between satisfying her growing need for release and sessions on her computer. She was unable however to find anything at all that could begin to explain what might have happened to her and so, after a long session on her favourite new website she got ready for bed and fell asleep almost immediately.


Once more the sun woke Charlotte. Once more she had slept deeply and well and once more she felt terrific. Whatever had happened it had happened for the best. She looked fantastic and her orgasms were manic. What was there to worry about?

She stumbled as she leapt out of bed. Her weight distribution was all wrong. She turned to the mirror and yesterday's consternation was as nothing compared to what she felt now.

Charlotte was a brunette. She had always been a brunette with a full page bob framing her delicate face. But not any more.

Charlotte stared stupefied at her reflection in the mirror. She had always kept in shape and her toned arms, legs and torso reflected that. A pair of sparkling blue eyes were set in a heart shaped face framed by a thick mane....of honey gold hair (???) that cascaded past her shoulders with tresses resting on her breasts. And what breasts! A huge pair of boobs rose and fell with her hyper ventilated breathing as only natural breasts can. They stood out taut and perky topped with dark nipples that had to be close to an inch long. Firm and hard as bullets they seemed to be straining to escape from the perfect circles of her aureole. They were breasts to die for. They demanded to be stroked, fondled, sucked, worshipped, and...

They were at least twice the size they had been last night!

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