tagMind ControlNight Shifts Ch. 03

Night Shifts Ch. 03


The tableau held for many seconds. The smaller girl stood motionless with her singlet raised high exposing her naked body gazing upwards with trembling lips at the nude with the huge tits who in turn was staring fixedly at her friend's hairless pussy.

A voice called out, "For God's sake, you two. Do your courting inside."

Rosemary looked up and blushed bright red. The corridor was full of girls leaving for their classes. She grabbed Charlotte's hand and dragged her back into her room.

Charlotte roused herself. "Like wow, Rosie you look wonderful. You've got such a lovely cunt."

Rosemary stared hard at her friend. "Yeah and lot balder than it was. Charlie, its got to be the bangle that's changing us. Its the only thing in common. We've got to take them off."

"Oh but they're so cute."

Perhaps but I don't like the changes. I like me! Look at yourself Charlie. You're turning into Barbie."

Charlie examined herself in the mirror. Her hair was a thick and wavy mane, exploding in shining strands of spun gold. Her eyes were a bright ultramarine, framed by thick dark eyelashes giving her a permanently startled look. Her crimson lips were full and plump, her skin a rich honey colour, her buns full and firm and her labia firm and plump and just as pretty as Rosie's. But two things stood out on this magnificent body. Two massive firm and jutting boobs with dark red tits like the cherries on the largest cupcake in the world.

Charlotte wrinkled her nose in puzzlement. Thinking seemed so much harder than before. Her head seemed full of warm froth. What was wrong with the way she looked?

"Barbie's cute. I'm cute. That's just your flat chested jealousy talking."

"That's as maybe, but I won't be flat chested much longer if you don't help me get this thing off. God knows where these changes will lead to. I think it might be making us dumber."

Charlotte's brow crinkled in thought. She was a philosophy student here at Fuckinham University, she couldn't be stupid, could she? Not when she was so cute? But her friend was worried and so she should do what she said. After all wasn't that what friends were for?

Rosemary's bangle had changed. I seemed to have flowed and grown richer. It was now just like Charlotte's, thinner and wider and much tighter on her ankle. No matter how hard they tried, however, neither girl could get their bangles over their foot.

"We'll have to find a jewellers to see if they can cut it off." Rosemary moved towards the door, followed by Charlotte. "Oh for God's sake Charlie, pull yourself together, you can't go out like that. Put some clothes on!"

Yesterday's baggy sweatshirt was now a very tight fit, accentuating her cleavage and her jutting tits. It stretched tight, too on her hips, tending to ride up as she walked, showing off the firm upward swell of her buns. Rosemary sighed and pulled it down as best she could, but her friend was fighting a losing battle. Not that she seemed worried, she thought bitterly.


Humphrey Dalton's neatly manicured hands smoothed back his hair and readied his professional smile as the doorbell jingled. He turned to face his customers, and frowned his disappointment as a couple of tarts in extremely revealing clothes entered. The smaller one explained that they needed some bangles cut off.

His natural politeness took over. "Would you be so kind as to show me?"

The larger girl thrust up her straightened leg onto the counter. A bangle circled the ankle of a long long leg which stretched ever upwards towards an exposed and completely hairless vagina.

"Gracious me, that's absolutely exquisite! Barry come and see what I'm looking at."

His partner emerged from the workshop. "Oh my, that's absolutely splendid!." He thrilled as both men drank in the sight in front of them. "It would be such a shame to cut into so beautiful a bangle."

Nonetheless he brought out a delicate chain which he threaded through the bracelet and started carefully sawing, applying greater pressure as he proceeded. Suddenly he staggered backwards. He stared with surprise at the chain. "This shouldn't break, it's got diamond saw teeth." He was even more astonished when he looked at the anklet. There wasn't even the slightest scratch on what seemed to be soft gold. He returned with another saw but after several minutes with no more success he had to admit defeat. The anklet glinted with still no sign of harm at all.

"What on earth can we do?" Asked Rosemary.

"Well, there's a Wreckers Yard round the corner. I guess he might have something. Although just what I'm sure I wouldn't know. Other than that I guess you could try the Hospital. They might be able to manipulate the joint"

Both men stared at the girls as they left. "What an absolutely splendid pair!" Said Barry.

Humphrey looked at his partner in surprise. "Really? I thought they were a couple of slappers."

"I wasn't talking about the girls." Said Barry archly as he went back to his workshop.


Gazza Thornton could hardly be more of a contrast to the two dapper jewellers. He stood in his yard in a greasy pair of overalls open to the waist, his eyes fixed firmly on Charlotte's straining breasts as Rosemary explained what they would like. They were fixed far lower once she raised her leg to show him the bracelet. After several minutes unnecessary examination which consisted mainly of stroking ever further up her leg he turned to his toolbox and took out a large bolt cutter which he managed to fix round the bangle.

"Keep your eyes on the job please." Said Rosemary in exasperation.

"Oh I am luv." He said licking his lips as he looked upwards.

His eyes widened in surprise as he finally pressed down on the handles and found much firmer resistance than he had expected. His eyes bulged, his muscles strained and sweat stood out on his brow until suddenly the pressure went. Blowing hard, he turned to remove the broken bracelet and gasped. There it was on Charlotte's pretty ankle, whole and unmarked. He stared at the cutter in disbelief - its hinge had sheared right through!

Charlotte thought he looked so sad that he needed cheering up. "Never mind Mr Thornton. You tried your best." She stood on tiptoe to kiss his cheek and ran her fingers through his chest hair down to the remaining buttons of his overalls which she undid one by one all the time staring deep into his startled eyes.

Cupping his tight balls with one hand she kneeled, began licking his erect cock and then slowly, far too slowly, started to swallow it inch by inch until her lips brushed his bush. It was not in Gazza's nature to indulge in foreplay. He had been staring at that beautiful cunt and those massive tits for so long that he just could not control himself. Grabbing her golden hair with his greasy fingers, he pressed her hard to his groin and started a mad fucking of her throat with as little restraint as a teenager on his first time. With a bellow of lust he came hard whilst Charlotte started an equally frenzied swallowing of his sweet salty cum until finally the outpouring subsided. As Gazza bent down catching his breath she silently did up his buttons and then with a last smile, took Rosemary's hand and walked out to the street.

The girls walked on in silence. Charlotte with flushed cheeks and a wide smile, Rosemary with pinched lips. Finally she couldn't stand it any longer.

"I can't believe what you just did, Charlie. You behaved like a slut back there."

Charlotte turned in surprise. "Oh that was just a kindness. The poor man's cock was straining so hard that I thought he'd have a stroke if I didn't help him out. Besides, you were enjoying it. I saw you fingering yourself all the while!"

"Oh no I wasn't. That was a disgusting display."

Charlotte snapped. She whirled round, pulled up Rosemary's T shirt and thrust her hand deep in her friend's pussy. "Don't give me that guff, you're soaking wet down there. You enjoyed every minute!"

Rosemary started struggling. "Charlie, Charlie, stop for goodness sake. We're in the middle of the High Street!"

"Yes, well just admit that it turned you on."

"Yes, yes, and this is too. Please stop or I'll come right now!"

Charlotte stared hard into her friend's eyes and then slowly lowered her vest and with both girls thinking deeply they made their way to the Campus Clinic.

This was their last chance. Perhaps the staff there could manipulate their ankles and so remove the bracelets. But again their hopes were quashed. As the nurse on duty told them, the bangles were now so tight that the only way they could be removed would be to cut off the foot.

The two girls wandered disconsolately out of the clinic. Rosemary was near panic. There seemed to be nothing they could now do to stop the changes to their bodies. She looked so tearful that Charlotte had to comfort her. "Don't worry, dear, we'll just have to sort this out ourselves. We'll go back to my place and google the bangles. We'll find and answer."

She put her arms round her friend and kissed her lightly on the lips. Or rather meant to. She was stunned when Rosemary responded passionately . She clamped her mouth hard on Charlotte's and thrust her tongue almost as deep as had Gazza's cock, seeking reassurance in intimacy. After a moment's surprise Charlotte responded with the same intensity and the two were locked in a passionate embrace seeking comfort in each other. Rosemary gripped her friend hard, running her hands over her back and then down to her exposed buns which she fondled with the desperation borne of despair.

"Not you two again! Have you no modesty?"

It was the same girl from the morning. The two looked up, blushed to their roots and ran off hand in hand giggling.

Gasping, they burst into the room, pulled off their singlets and then fell silent, staring deeply into their eyes. They had never been physically attracted to each other before. They both knew what they wanted but neither had the confidence to start. Rosemary reached out tentatively and touched Charlotte's left tit. It was like pushing the start button. They fell into each others arms and mashed their lips together, their tongues probing deeply into their mouths whilst their arms roamed over their backs, their buns, their boobs, their pussies, their clits, pushing their bodies hard together wanting to merge into one being.

Pausing to gulp air they locked eyes again and then Rosemary sank to her knees and gently placed her mouth over her friend's pussy. Charlotte gasped as the tongue darted round her clit, in out, in out in a crescendo of lust. Then she fell to the floor, twisted round and dived between Rosemary's legs as her friend twisted round between hers. Once more there was a brief pause and then both hips started rotating as they began a frenzied licking, grinding fucking of each others sex. Both felt their orgasms approaching and then with screams of pleasure their hips bucked high as both came and then collapsed in a tangle of sweaty limbs.

Their bodies might be changing, but there was certainly much pleasure to be found in those changes.

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