tagMind ControlNight Shifts Ch. 04

Night Shifts Ch. 04


Rosemary lay on her back, one hand idly fingering her clit, her head cushioned by one of Charlotte's immense boobs. It felt so delightful, squishy and firm like a warm waterbed. She was beginning to admit that the changes which they were undergoing were not necessarily bad. Charlie as a human Barbie looked absolutely ravishing and the thought that she too might be becoming a living doll was making her feel so horny.

No it was not so much the physical changes that worried her now as the thought that their personalities might also be affected. Rosemary had always been the more repressed of the two. They had always been close but there had never been any sexual attraction previously.. Had the bangles changed their inclinations or had they just served as a means of revealing desires they had been too uptight to admit before? After all, she hadn't turned into a lesbian had she? She didn't think she was that turned on by any of her other girlfriends, whilst memories of past boyfriends, and one in particular, could still make her wet.

What was far more worrying was the fear that the anklets might be making them dumber. Charlotte had a razor sharp brain, but today she seemed so ditzy. Was it a permanent change or was it the stress of trying to understand what was happening to them?

Charlotte's brow was furrowed and her pert little nose was screwed up in deep thought. "You know Rosie, we're not doing this right. We're not smart enough to work out these bangles. It could take forever to read these squiggles. We should ask Professor Dessad."

"That lech?" Said Rosemary, her heart sinking, but then bursting with joy. There was a brain still inside her friend's beautiful head. The professor was a world famous authority on ancient eastern religions and could read Sanskrit and other associated languages. And he was right here on the Fuckinham University campus. She kissed Charlotte full and hard on her lips. "Oh Charlie, you're an absolute genius!"

"Yeah, and cute too." Said Charlotte returning the kiss.

Neither could help it. Time was of the essence if they were to stop the changes but their lust controlled all. Their tongues entwined, one hand fondled the other's breasts whilst the other massaged their clits into yet another intense orgasm.

Once they had got their breath back they sheepishly got dressed and left the room hand in hand.

The professor seemed to Rosemary to be somehow subtly different. Taller, broader, his hair thicker and less greasy, more... well more manly. What they had to say now seemed so ridiculous that it took some time to tell, but finally she managed to reveal all the events and her fears.

"So you reckon theses bangles are capable of changing your bodies. This seems rather unlikely. Perhaps you should show me how you've changed."

"No Charlie!" Rosemary put out a restraining hand as her friend stood up and was about to remove her singlet. She was furious. "Professor you've already seen quite enough to bear us out."

He looked quite sheepish. "Well perhaps. Could you show me the bangle then?"

Charlotte placed her leg on his desk, once again revealing far more than a bracelet. "Professor, do you know what this is for?"

Rosemary cringed, waiting for the smartarse reply as the professor's gaze travelled up the straightened leg but manfully Dessad resisted the temptation.

"Well one of them is a charm bracelet."

Rosemary felt quite let down. So was this only a cheap trinket? "But is it possible for something like this to have these effects?"

"Undoubtedly it once could. I have seen others like this although none so old. I think it is probably ancient Sumerian and you have to realise that in such a society magic was an essential part of their culture. The universal belief in the possibility of its effects could make those events a probability. Nowadays of course we are all too rational to admit that some things are unexplainable, but who knows what might happen in the presence of something such as this which has been so deeply infused in the old sorcery?"

"But how does it work?"

"Well, the bracelet is the manifestation of a wish or strong desire to change something or someone. Whoever wanted to control someone would wear a bracelet on their left wrist. The person being controlled would wear it on the left leg. Vestiges of these customs remain today. Charm bracelets are worn on the wrist, slave bangles on the ankle."

The two girls looked nervously at each other and at their anklets. Slavery had an ominous ring.

"So how can we remove them?"

"You can't, unless of course you were to cut off your foot. But even that would only stop further changes. It would not reverse what has already happened. To do that you would have to reverse the spell."


"Yes. The bracelet is only the channel between the humans and whatever god is going to affect the changes. The spell is like a contract that lists the desires of the controller. It has to be read out in the presence of the controlled. Ideally the more times the better."

Rosemary continued to look puzzled. "Professor, I think I would have noticed if some ancient Sumerian warlock kept on coming up to me in the street spouting mumbo jumbo."

"Of course, but you have to remember that in those days face to face was the only option. Nowadays it would be possible for a spell to be transmitted remotely. On a DVD perhaps, or as a voicemail, or even online via email or a website. Most spells would contain a clause whereby the controlled would forget that they had heard it once it had been read."

The girls gripped each other tightly in fear. They were close to tears. "So we have to find someone we are unaware of and get them to remove a spell of which we have no knowledge?"

"Don't worry my dears. There is always a loophole. I guess the gods thought it unsporting if there wasn't a get out clause. If we can translate the wording on the bracelets then we will be a long way towards solving and perhaps negating the spell. It will not be easy though as our knowledge of this old a language is skimpy. Let me consult a few of my colleagues and then I can come back to you."

Rosemary was still concerned. "We don't have much time left. We are changed whenever we fall asleep. Professor I'm really really worried. Can this spell affect our intelligence?"

Dessad chuckled and lightly tweaked her left tit. "Oh I wouldn't worry your pretty little head about that. Why don't you two run off to your rooms and let us eggheads work it out for you?"

Rosemary felt a flood of gratitude that the professor was prepared to help two bimbos like themselves. "Oh thank you so much sir." She stood and kissed him chastely on the cheek, quite unaware that she was also massaging his cock.

The professor laughed and the girls squealed when he patted each glorious bum as they turned to leave. They left giggling, so relieved that at last they had someone to look after them.

Both girls sighed their relief once they'd removed their clothes in Charlotte's room. It was so much nicer to be naked like they always were inside. Charlotte's laptop chimed. She clapped her hands together to see a notification from their favourite website and logged on.

"Oh this site is so cool" sighed Charlotte.

"Yeah, its so cool...and so pink."

"Yeah its so pink...and so cool."

They squeezed together on the one stool and stared open mouthed at the screen. It had been a long and stressful day however and they soon found their eyelids drooping. After a few minutes both were deeply asleep, their arms round each other and their heads resting together.

Some hours later Rosie was wakened by the ringing of her phone.

"Hi, its Professor Dessad. I'm sorry its so late but I've managed to get a group together and we've made some progress. Can you come round to meet us?"

Rosie wasn't really paying attention. She was more interested in watching the rise and fall of her tits as she breathed. "Sure, prof, we'll be right round." She put down the phone and turned to her friend. "Charlie, we have to go... oh your boobs are really really lovely!"

Her friend's transformations had continued during their sleep. Her hair was more golden, her lips (both head and cunt) plump and luscious, her bum asking to be fondled, but mainly it was her boobs which commanded attention. What had been melons were now beachballs, big, no BIG beachballs. Despite their impossible size, they stood out proud and firm, topped by those delicious tits that said fondle me, suck me, worship me!

"I do don't I? But you look really really pretty too."

Rosie looked in the mirror, squealed and clapped her hands in joy. Her body was changing in the same way as had Charlie's. She looked really really pretty!

The girls pulled on their shirts, but had to stop half way. They stared at each other, puzzled. Neither one fitted. They were far too small.

"This is weird, they fitted earlier." Charlie pulled hard at her vest and with a loud rip the seam gave way. She stared at her friend, tears brimming in her eyes. "What will we do Rosie. If we can't go out we'll starve to death."

"I'll phone the professor. He'll know what to do." Rosie picked up her phone. "Prof, you'll have to come round here. We haven't got a thing to wear."

His voice sounded cross. "Really Rosie. Now's not the time to worry about your wardrobe. Nobody will notice whatever it is you're wearing."

She fought down her panic. She didn't want to make him cross. "No, no. Its just that our clothes don't fit. They must have shrunk. We're stuck here."

"Oh, right. Its pretty late. I'll see what I can find to make you decent and I'll come round."

Charlie had forgotten her panic and found a tape measure. They spent the next few minutes comparing the size of each other's boobs. It was really hard. The numbers were really big and they didn't have enough fingers to work out the difference. They were still trying to count up when there was a knock on the door and Professor Dessad walked in. His transformations too had continued. He stood tall and broad shouldered, his hair slightly too long and with dark shadow covering a firm jaw. His piercing blue eyes commanded attention and it showed that he was used to getting it. The girls jumped up unconcerned at their nakedness as he produced two identical dresses. They were bright pink. The backs plunged so low that they revealed a good inch of bum cleavage, the halter necks swept into a narrow material that just about covered their areolae and then continued down to a tight waistline which flared into a pleated skirt ending scarcely two inches below their pussies. They could hardly be less dressed if they were naked.

The girls squealed their approval. Rosie felt so relieved. Surely this was proof that the professor would be able to help them. Finding such pretty dresses so fast when it was so late showed just how resourceful he was, especially when he brought out matching pink stilettos in exactly the right sizes.

With the two girls taking either arm, they walked through campus to the far end of the town.

"But this is a strip joint." said Rosie.

"Yes I'm sorry my dears. There's a private room at the back. It was all I could find at such short notice once I'd assembled my colleagues."

Rosie's doubts left as they walked in. Everyone seemed so pleased to see them, cheering and whistling. There was a quite prestigious crowd here. She could see the Dean and the Vice Chancellor and several Heads of Departments. It was so good of them all to come at such short notice.

After spending some time silencing the noisy crowd Professor Dessad turned to them both. "Now my dears, perhaps you'd like to describe what has happened to you both"

The girls turned to each other, unsure of how to begin. Perhaps it would be easier to show everyone. Charlie stepped out of her dress and began to speak.

"Look at my boobs."

She squeezed them together and held them in various positions as she walked round the room. "Its like... they're ginormous. They're really really ginormous, and they're getting ginormouser. I bet you've never seen anything so big in your life. And my tits. See what a pretty pink they are. And how long they are. And they're always so hard no matter how long I suck them for." She broke of for a long while as she licked and sucked them whist glancing up to make sure that she hadn't lost their attention. "And that's not all. My bum has got bigger. See. Its so big and round and firm and see the pretty dimple at the top of my crack. Isn't it cute? And I haven't got any hair... anywhere! Look at my cunt. Its as bald as... as bald as.... oh its as bald as anything. That's right give it a good feel. Have you ever felt anything so smooth in your life?"

The Chair of Classical History was quite a shy man. He could only nod dumbly as he did as she said.

Professor Dessad spoke up. "Thank you Charlie. That was a very good demonstration. Do you think your personalities might also have changed by any chance?"

Once more the girls looked at each other, their brows lined in thought. Had they changed? Charlie wasn't so sure, but Rosie was definite.

"Yes. I'm so horny. So horny all the time. All I can think of is cock. I look at all you helpful people and all I want to do is hold your cocks, All of them. I want to free them from your pants. I want to cup your balls and stroke your pricks gently, oh so gently, seeing them spring up and grow firmer, firmer, so hard, the veins growing and the helmet getting darker. I want to stroke them on my skin. One, two, lots of them. I want to feely them on my tits, between my boobs. Yes between my boobs. I want to be tittyfucked to distraction!

"I want to feel your cocks in my mouth. Slowly entering as I lick their quivering length, my teeth gently nipping them. I want to feel my tongue round them as they hit my throat, to suck them hard. I want to feel them enter my cunt. Slowly, so slowly as they build up my anticipation. I want to feel the length of them gripped hard by my sugar walls. Every inch of them as your bush hits my bald pussy, as you begin to move faster and faster, slapping hard against me as I talk dirty.

"I want to feel your cocks in my bum, pressing hard against my ring. Fighting the pain as I relax them in, feeling the throbbing build up. The urgency growing, growing until they explode in a warm flood.

"I want to feel your hot cum in my bum, in my cunt, in my mouth. I want to feel the pulsing release. I want to feel it spraying into my eyes, over my tits, on every inch of my skin, and I want to rub in all over my body. Feeling its stickiness entering my pores, becoming part of me..."

She tailed off, aware that the whole room had become silent, wrapt up in her passion, and then giggled in embarrassment at their attention. "Anyway, that's how I feel...and...I'm not sure I always felt that way."

Professor Dessad took a deep breath. "Yes well perhaps you'd like to give a practical demonstration, my dear."

"Why certainly, Professor. If you'd just like to remove your trousers...oh, you already have."

The professor's dick had also developed. It was huge. Its length was matched by the width, and it stood proud and firm as Rosie stroked it gently. Spreading her legs wide, she bent from the waist letting her massive boobs swing as she delicately let the cock enter her mouth whist gripping his buns hard, all the time staring deep into his eyes. Slowly she swayed her body, forwards, backwards until she had swallowed the entire length. The rhythm increased and suddenly she gasped. Another cock was stroking her ring, probing, retreating and then advancing as she relaxed her muscles in a reflex which she had never had before but now controlled like an expert as it slid its length inside her bum.

And then with another gasp she felt a tongue probing her cunt. Charlie was kneeling below her licking upwards darting deeper, ever deeper inside her moist warmth. Slowly the group's rhythms started matching, the professor thrusting, countering the stabs of the other cock, Rosie licking and swallowing, Charlie probing, building up and up until with a united scream of pleasure they all climaxed in a tangle of limbs, sweat and cum.

After a while Dessad turned to the watching crowd. "Well gentlemen, I'm sure you all want to discover for yourselves the remarkable way in which these two young ladies have been transformed. Please feel free to do what you like with their bodies. I can assure you that they will be only too pleased to be used"


Some hours later a car pulled up outside the club and the two dazed and unresisting girls were ushered into the back. Their dresses had been loosely draped over them their bodies which were covered in sweat and assorted bodily fluids. They had spent the night enthusiastically showing as many as wanted how they had been transformed, several of them more than once, and Professor Dessad in particular many more times than once.

"Thank God that our story is being taken seriously at last." Said Rosie.

Charlie agreed. "Yes, thanks to the Prof." She smiled. "His cock must be the biggest in the world. Its as big as...as big as... as big as anything!"

Both girls sat back, dreamily reliving the thrusts, the explosions of cum, the sucks and bites, the rippling muscles, the broad shoulders and the prof's muscled arms with that beautiful old bracelet on his left wrist...Both girls looked at each other. Were they missing something? Probably not, who cares?

"We're so so lucky that we have him to help us." Said Charlie.

But Rosie did not reply. She lay back fast asleep with her fingers buried deep in her cunt and a smile as big as that of the Cheshire Cat on her face.

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