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Night To Remember


As I sat at the bar, I could feel my heart beating in time with the loud music. I looked down at my drink, subconsciously running my finger around the rim as I let my mind wander far away. "Is this seat taken?" The voice came from behind me and it sounded vaguely familiar. I was surprised that I heard the deep voice at all over the pounding of the music. As I turned to the sound of the voice, I felt my breath catch in my throat. It was AJ McLean, the one I had lusted over for so long. "I asked if this seat was taken." he said again. When I finally caught my breath I motioned towards the seat next to me and replied, "No, please sit down." AJ sat down beside of me and smiled. "Oh shit don't do that to me." I thought to myself, feeling my heart melting and my temperature rising. "What's up?" AJ asked. "Not much, just sitting here."

"Are you alone?"

"Yes I am."

"Me too." He replied, smiling again. "Whatta ya have to drink buddy?" The bartender yelled over the din. "Just a coke with no ice please." AJ called back. AJ leaned over and said, "What's your name?" I smiled and replied, "Alexander."

"NO SHIT?? That's my name too, but everyone calls me Alex.....or AJ."

"I know who you are." I smiled. "You do?"

"Yeah man I am a fan."

"Shit, that is too damn cool!" AJ smiled back. We sat quietly for a few moments, each lost in our own thoughts, when AJ spoke up once again, "It is so fucking loud in here. Do you have anything else to do tonight?"

"No why?" I asked. "Do you like to shoot pool?"

"I love to play." I replied, my hands beginning to shake at the thought of spending time with the man. "I have a pool table at my house, wanna come along?"

"Yes I would love too!" I replied, following him out of the bar. "Would you like me to follow you?" I asked, realizing my voice was trembling. "You can do that or you can ride with me and I will bring you back to your car later." He smiled. "Well I can do that then." I said, getting into his car.

"So you are down here on business?" AJ asked. "Yeah, I am a vice president for a computer consulting firm." I replied, still in awe of this man sitting beside of me. "So you travel a lot?"

"Well not really, just every now and again. When there's problems" I laughed. He laughed back, God I love his laugh. We pulled up to his house. "Follow me!" He smiled, setting the alarm on his car. We ended up in a huge room with the pool table in the center. "Something to drink Alexander?" He asked, going towards the kitchen. "Sure whatever you are having!" I called back. He came back into the room with two cokes, mine with ice. "Thanks." I said, and realized it came out in a sigh. He looked over at me puzzled, then smiled widely and winked. I felt my heart skip a beat and a tingle in my groin area. "Not now damnit." I scolded myself silently, now was not the time to get hard. "I'll break." AJ said, suddenly pulling me from my erotic thoughts.

"Damnit, not one in the hole." He laughed, motioning for me to take my best shot. I leaned over the table, trying to line up the perfect shot when I felt his cock brush against my ass from behind. My breath caught once again as I turned my head to look at him. His eyes were staring right through my soul with a look of pure passion. "I hope I didn't offend." He moaned, pressing harder against me. "Oh AJ...." I moaned, reaching behind me to pull him closer. "Damn..." He sighed, running his hands under my t-shirt to touch the bare skin of my back. I pulled away from him long enough to turn and face him. He sighed heavily as he said, "You are sexy as hell Alexander. I want you." I felt my knees go weak, hearing the lust in his voice. "Take me...." I moaned as I pulled him into a kiss.

I felt his tongue part my lips, darting in over my teeth to touch the roof of my mouth, making my knees go weak again. As our kiss grew deeper I took his face in my hands, caressing his cheeks with my thumbs. I pressed my pelvis against him, feeling myself wet with pre-cum. "DAMN!" AJ said, pulling from the kiss. "What?" I sighed.

"You are........huge." He said, reaching down to stroke my hard cock through my jeans. "It's all for you baby." I moaned, reaching down to unzip my jeans. He slid his fingers around the waist of my jeans and in one swift motion, had them down around my ankles. He pushed his hands against my chest, causing me to fall back against the pool table, "Climb up." He moaned, as he pulled down my boxers, releasing my now cum soaked cock. As I lay back I could feel the felt on the table sticking to back, which was wet with sweat. "Taste me." I moaned as he worked his way down my neck to my hard nipples, biting each one, lightly at first, then harder, causing me to cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. His hand was around my cock, teasing me by moving his hand painfully slow, then speeding up to the point where I thought I would cum, only to slow down again. "Don't tease me anymore AJ, just taste me." I whispered.

He looked up to smile at me just before slipping my cock into his warm mouth. "Let me taste you too." I moaned loudly, reaching down to pull at his body. He pulled away from me, standing up to remove his own clothes. I lay back, feeling the pressure of his body on my own as I took him into my mouth. As I felt his mouth moving on me once again my hips began to move involuntarily, fucking his sexy mouth slowly. I felt his legs tense up and I knew he was going to cum soon. I began to suck harder and faster, bringing one hand up to lightly squeeze his balls. I could feel his moans vibrating against me as he came hard, just then I felt my own cock begin to swell. "God AJ I am gonna cum." I cried out, as his own orgasm subsided. He took every last drop of me as I came harder than I had ever had before. "Damn you taste good." He smiled as he climbed up my body to kiss me deeply, I could taste myself on his sweet lips. He moaned into my mouth, "Alexander, I want you to fuck me."

"Yes...." I sighed, feeling him climb off of me to lean against the pool table. I stood behind him, grabbing my cock, rubbing it slowly up and down his ass. "I don't want to hurt you." I sighed. "Just stand there." He moaned, as I felt him pressing himself against my cock. It was warm and tight as I slipped inside more easily than I thought I would. "Fuck me...." He moaned, pushing against me until I was all the way inside of him. I again felt my knees weaken as I leaned over to kiss his back, moving slowly inside of him. "God yes, that feels so good." He said, our bodies moving as one. I reached around him to stroke his cock, wanting to make him cum as hard and as long as I knew I was going too. He reached his hand down and wrapped it around mine, moving it up and down on himself. "Fuck me.....please just fuck me..." He cried. I moaned loudly against the skin of his back as I moved faster and harder, feeling my balls tighten up, knowing I couldn't hold back any longer, "AJ I'm cumming."

"Uhhhh...." Was all he could muster up as he too felt the wave of orgasmic bliss rush over his body. "Damn..." He sighed against my chest as we lay holding one another on the floor. "Uh huh." I smiled, rubbing his hair. "I think that was the most intense orgasm I've ever had." He whispered. "I am glad I could please you." I sighed, feeling so content in his arms. "Are you sure you have to go back home?" He laughed, obviously feeling the same glow I was. "I do AJ, but I will be back, I promise." I smiled down at the younger man in my arms. "Mmm I hope so...." He sighed, as he drifted off to sleep in my embrace.

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