Night Visit


I slowly walk into the dark room, my eyes adjusting to the limited light, i take in the sight of you. Your naked body tangled in the blankets. I move quietly to the bed setting my bag next to the bed, i gently caress your cheek, the cool room causes you to react and nuzzle into the warmth of my hand. It continue to glide down over your neck and chest eliciting a moan as I circle your nipple, back slightly arching as I gently pinch and pull on them. My hand slides down the rest of your body, moving the blanket aside as I do exposing your pale flesh as I go. My eyes drink in the sight of your naked form in the moonlight causing my breath to catch for a moment.

Coming back down I slowly reach into my bag, hand closing on a bundle of nylon rope, I pull it out and sperate out the sections. I take ahold of your hand gently lifting your arm above your head setting it down next to the bed post, I tie the rope around your wrist, not so tight as to be uncomfortable, but tight enough that you can't get out. I then secure it to the wooden bed post doing the same for your other arm and each of your legs. You softly moan in your sleep as you gently tug on your bonds, I tense slightly before realizing you are still deep asleep. I wait a moment just to be sure then dig in my bag again this time pulling out a blindfold and a ball gag.

I slip my hand underneath your silky soft, red hair and slide the blindfold on over your eyes. My thumb sliding over your lips gently pulling them apart. I lean forward and whisper in your ear "open wide" you moan and whimper slightly as you allow me to pull your mouth open wider my finger slides on your tongue as you lick and suck it like a cock. I pull my finger out and replace it with the gag and secure it comfortably in your mouth. With you now securely restrained I reach into the bag one final time pulling out a small vibrator and a pair of nipples clamps. I turn the vibrator onto its lowest setting and rub it along your outer pussy lips to get your juices flowing. As you begin to open I slide the vibrator in slowly getting it nice and wet and then rub it along your clit. At this point you begin to moan in your sleep and gently pull on your restraints as I work you closer to orgasm. Just as you are about to cum I back off with the vibrator and take the nipple clamps and attach them to your rock hard nipples causing you to gasp in shock behind the ball gag and shocks you awake.

You pull at the ropes in confusion not sure what's going on making unintelligible noises, the gag muffling your protests, I turn the vibrator back to full and push you over the edge your screams of protest turn to screams of ecstasy as your orgasm crashes through your body. Every nerve is alight making you feel as, though you've been doused in a bucket of ice water. Your back arches as every muscle in your body goes tight as a bow string then falls back to the bed. Grabbing the chain I pull the nipple clamps off sending you into another wave of bliss. I let you come down for a moment, panting and gasping for breath.

My hands run over your body, now covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Over your chest, heaving with each breath, down your stomach, across your thighs, down and back up your legs. Positioning myself between your spread legs, one hand on either side of your hips, I kiss up your legs and then run my tongue up your smooth cunt. Licking you like an ice cream cone starting from the bottom and licking all the way up to your clit. My hands gently rubbing and kneading your hips and thighs as my tongue flicks over your clit building you up slowly to another orgasm.

One of my hands grabs the vibrator again and slides it deep into your pussy coating it in your juices getting it nice and wet and lubricated, then slowly sliding it into your ass and turning it onto medium. With the vibrator in your ass and me licking, sucking, and fingering your pussy it doesn't take long before you start to cum again this one building even more intense than the last. Bringing you right to the edge I stop you from cuming then bring you right back to the edge several times, denying you the orgasm you so desperately want. You're begging for me to let you cum by this point. Begging for me to ram my cock into your pussy, your ass, your mouth, anywhere. The fact that your words are still muffled by the gag not deterring you from making your wishes known. When I've felt you've been teased enough I finally let you cum. You scream as the bliss of the orgasm tears through your body. Sending wave after wave of pleasure crashing through your body. Before you can come all the way down I slam my cock hard into your cunt, causing your climax to pulse through you anew. I hold, buried deep inside you till your breathing slows down almost to normal and just focus on the sensations of your pussy squeezing my cock as it contracts with your orgasm.

I start to slowly pump in and out, painstakingly show. Feeling each ridge and bump inside of you. Taking each of your nipples into my mouth gently sticking on them and biting. When even I can't take the show pace anymore I start to pick up speed and slide in and out faster and harder till I'm slamming into your pussy as it arches up to meet me with each stroke. You begin to tighten as another orgasm begins to build and burn through you, clamping tight around me. As my own orgasm starts I thrust faster and harder. I pull out just as I'm about to cum and shoot my load all over your stomach and tits moaning as I do. I get up slowly from the bed grab my bag and make my way out the door, leaving you passed out covered in cum still restrained to the bed.

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