Night Visitor


Buffy Summers lay asleep in bed, it was about one in the morning and Buffy was fast asleep, dreaming of who knows what.

Crouched on the roof of the Summers' house was a dark figure, who had pale skin. After a few seconds the figure, a man, stood up and silently jumped down onto the porch roof outside Buffy's room. The man slid Buffy's window up and climbed into her room, he stood in her room and leant against the window.

The man stood watching Buffy for a few minutes, until she stirred from her sleep. Buffy sat up in bed and clicked on the bedside light when she saw the man in her room.

Before Buffy could make a sound the man put his finger to his lips, "Shh," then he quietly sung, "Hush little baby please don't cry…" the last word sounded a little like a laugh.

Buffy took proper notice of the man now. He was wearing black, PVC pants with lots of buckles down the outside of the legs; he also wore a black, long-sleeve top. Buffy looked at the man's face, he had long, black, straight and silky hair, and his lips were coloured black. Buffy also noticed the black eyeliner and nail polish the guy wore.

"What do you want?" Buffy asked in a whisper.

"Just to talk to you."

"You break into my room at one o'clock in the morning just to talk to me, who the Hell are you?"

"My name is Ferulic, I come from the other world."

Buffy took another good look at Ferulic and noticed one thing about him that was a dead giveaway he wasn't human; his irises were purple. Something else Buffy noticed about Ferulic, he was very effeminate; he could have very easily been a woman.

"What did you want to talk to me about?"

"I want to help you find true love!"

"To help find true love? To find the one person whom I will want to spend the rest of my life with, whom I will love and cherish for the rest of my life? Let me guess, it's you?"

"Ha ha ha ha. No, far from it."

"Oh." Was all Buffy said, she had been sure Ferulic was going to say himself.

"This person is already in your life."

"The only person in my life who I loved was Angel and he's in Hell."

"They are here on Earth, Buffy."

"What, Xander?"

"No, not Xander. This person has only come into your life recently…" Ferulic trailed off.

Buffy looked at him wide eyed, he couldn't mean who she though he meant.

"You mean…" Buffy began and Ferulic nodded, "Faith?"


"You're kidding! This is just some twisted fantasy."

"No, it really isn't, I promise you. Haven't you ever noticed the chemistry between you?"


"Oh come on, don't tell me you've never felt anything between you, she has…"

Buffy just stared at Ferulic.

"Well, I'll let you think about it."

Ferulic climbed back out the window.

"Where are you going now?" Buffy asked.

Ferulic turned back to Buffy and looked in through the window.

"To talk to Faith of course."

With that Ferulic dropped off the front porch roof and started to walk across town to where Faith was staying in a B&B.

Back in her room Buffy still sat up in bed thinking about what Ferulic had said. Could Faith really be the one person she'd want to spend the rest of her life with? Truth was, Ferulic was right; Buffy did feel something for Faith. Whenever she was near Faith she felt that good, low down tingling feeling, the feeling that was as low down as her crotch.

Buffy couldn't stop thinking about Faith, which is why ten minutes later she found herself walking the dark streets of Sunnydale heading for the B&B where Faith was staying.

Just as Buffy reached Faith's room the front door opened and Ferulic stepped out.

"So, you couldn't ignore your feelings after all?" Ferulic asked.

"I just want to talk to Faith." Buffy told him.


Ferulic left the door open and walked out into the night. Buffy went and knocked on the door.

"Come in, this seems to be the night when just anyone can walk into my room." Faith said.

Buffy walked into Faith's room and closed the door behind her.

"Make yourself comfortable." Faith said.

Faith was sitting at the top of the bed, leaning against the wall and was looking as beautiful as ever.

Buffy took off her coat and dropped in on the chair beside the door.

"So…" Buffy said.

"So, do you wanna sit down or are you just gonna stand there looking awkward?" Faith asked and patted the bed next to her.

Buffy took her shoes off and went and sat on the bed next to Faith, she put her feet up on the bed. Being this close to Faith, Buffy felt the pleasant tingling again.

"Did Ferulic tell you about us?" Buffy asked.


"Do you believe him?"

"No reason why it can't be true." Faith said.

At that moment they both turned to look at each other, their faces only inches apart, Faith could see Buffy's lips glistening in the low light and could feel her warm breath on her face.

"D'you ever kiss a girl?" Buffy asked.

"Have you ever?" Faith asked without answering Buffy's question.

"No, have you?"

"No, but… I do get curious."

"You wanna try it?"

"Me and you… I'm game if you are!"

"You won't tell anybody?"

"Of course not." Faith said and Buffy laughed.

Faith put one hand on Buffy's cheek and slowly moved towards her until their lips met. For several minute they kissed with their mouths closed.

When they broke the kiss Faith said, "Look, if we're gonna do this, we should do it for real otherwise what's the point?"

"OK… turn down the light lets make it dark." Buffy said.

So Faith turned and turned the dimmer switch until there was only a candle light glow coming from the bare bulb on the ceiling.

Faith turned back to Buffy and they kissed again, this time with their mouth's open, their tongues searching each other's out.

They stopped kissing and the two of them quickly got undressed.

Faith held Buffy's face gently in her hands and guided her lips to hers. They were soft, moist and warm and her tongue forced her mouth open to delve deep into the cavern of Buffy's throat. Buffy felt herself melting and relaxing her nakedness against Faith, slumping low on the bed with her legs widely straddled. They broke apart, gasping for breath, their lips moist with mingled saliva, smiling at each other. Buffy could feel her pussy twitching and aching; tingling and oozing its juices as Faith put one arm around her shoulders and let her other hand drift over her glowing body. Faith's fingers caressed Buffy's pubic mound, making her pussy twitch more than ever. By that time deep-throated groans were coming from Buffy's throat and she was tensing her thighs as she pushed them wider apart.

Faith snaked her middle finger up and down Buffy's burning slit.

"Shall I fuck you with my tongue? Words can't express how much I want to eat your pussy, suck your juices and lick you until you cum."

Buffy gasped and snatched for breath, trying to relax, throwing her arms high behind her head, she thrust her pussy forward as Faith began to snake her tongue down over Buffy's hairless cunt. Faith's fingers gently opened Buffy up, spreading the lips and exposing the cherry red flesh underneath. Buffy could feel her massaging the whole slimy area with the heel of one palm as she teased the inner folds with her tongue. When it was fully lubricated she sucked Buffy's erect clitoris gently between her lips, and sucked it in and out of her mouth while she drove her forefinger deep into her hole.

"You're so beautifully tight, sweetie," Faith murmured, her voice muffled by Buffy's pussy flesh, "but try to relax so that I can get two fingers in and you'll enjoy it all the more."

Buffy made a conscious effort to relax and felt the tip of another finger at her entrance. Faith licked harder on Buffy's clitoris, really lashing it with her tongue, catching its sensitive tip with every lash. Buffy could feel lovely sensations washing over her and wanted Faith to make her come. Buffy began to push hard on Faith's fingers as she became more excited, ramming against Faith's tongue and lips. The climax finally burst over Buffy and Faith knew exactly the right moment to slide another finger deep into Buffy's clutching, flooding cunt. Faith was still licking at the copious, creamy juices, which oozed from Buffy's hole long after the wonderful orgasm had died away.

Faith put Buffy's hand on her breasts. It thrilled Buffy to take her breasts, naked and full and firm, in the palms of her hands. Buffy lowered her head to take each pert, erect, inflamed nipple into her mouth in turn. They felt very hot and tight as she squeezed them with her lips and sucked them deep, taking some of the soft milk flesh as well.

Once more Faith pulled Buffy's mouth onto hers and she could taste her own juices as they kissed, long and deep.

Buffy let her hand slide down over Faith's belly until it could stroke and dabble, in her juicy slit. Faith stretched her legs out to their fullest extent. Buffy had never dreamt that she would fine one so attractive. It was all wet and gaping, even her flesh cunt lips, were shinning with droplets of her sweet cream. Lowering her head over Faith's body Buffy used her thumbs to open her cunt further, to gaze at its oiliness with the tight little red bud jutting out of the pink bed of flesh. The heady scent of clean femaleness wafted up to her nostrils as she bent lower and lower.

"Do it!" Faith groaned, pressing slightly on Buffy's head. "Please do it!"

Buffy flashed out her tongue, tasting her.

It made her feel sexier. Running her tongue round her lips to moisten them Buffy softly clamped her mouth on the most sensitive part of her pussy. Faith groaned and thrust her sopping wet cunt flesh into Buffy's mouth so that it felt full and her juices slopped from the corners of her lips.

Buffy felt her squirming around under her so that she was lying with her head directly under her own pussy and her tongue was stretched out to pierce Buffy's cunt!

Sucking harder on her clit, Buffy pushed her own down hard on Faith mouth and they began to eat each other, ravenously, with complete abandon, like two rutting bitches in fuckin' heat!

Faith stretched Buffy wide open and licked back and forth along her slit, tickling her thighs with her soft dark hair. Buffy's legs ached with the tension and she bobbed harder, lashing at her firm clitoris. God was it gooooood! Buffy felt her stomach trembling as lights flashed before her eyes; sounds roared through her head and a whirlpool of gusty, beautiful spasms swept her along the peak of climax. Buffy hoped Faith was cumming too, so that they could experience the togetherness at the same time.

Buffy pushed two and then three fingers into Faith's slippery hole and felt it clutching on them tightly, Buffy knew then that she was cumming too. She went wild as she reached her peak, writhing, clawing and mumbling.

At last they calmed down and they knelt together, holding each other close, and kissing, tasting each other's juices, tenderly holding each other's bodies as though they were each a piece of fragile china.

Buffy flopped back on the bed, spreading her thighs again, opening up her lovely cunt.

"I want you to bring me off with your lovely tits," she said quietly. "I'll hold my pussy open and you nestle your nipples in the slit. Rub your nipple hard against my clit. I know it will be beautiful for us both."

Snaking a hand under Faith's body, she pressed one of her tits and she felt a quiver of excitement inside the heavy globe of flesh as Buffy pushed Faith's nipple hard against her clit! She rocked back and forth under her, and Faith took up the rhythm, pressing her tit into her wet valley. It felt smooth with excitement. Faith could see dribbles of Buffy's juices gathering on the slopes of her tits as they both became more and more excited.

Buffy began to breathe very heavily and writhed madly under Faith so that she had to grasp her thighs viciously to keep in contact with Buffy's cunt. She was lost in the wild throes of orgasm and Faith could feel Buffy's cunt flesh clutching at her tits. The steady pulsing was like a vast mouth sucking at Faith's tits, bringing her off as never before through her tits!

Ferulic was crouching on the roof Faith's room and could clearly hear the girls as they cried out with orgasm after orgasm.

"Aah listen to them, the children of the night, what sweet music they make…"

Buffy looked at her watch and saw it was late.

"I'd better get back home." Buffy said to Faith.

"I don't want you to go." Faith said and kissed Buffy again.

"I know but I have to… Come on, you can come and stay at my house tonight."

Faith kissed Buffy and gently squeezed her right breasts as a thanks.

The two girls got dressed and Faith followed Buffy home, and never left.

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