tagNonHumanNight Walker's Woman Ch. 02

Night Walker's Woman Ch. 02


Jaycee brought the steaming mug to her lips. "That's right, Angel," she encouraged her daughter, who was putting one of their new ponies through its paces with Hector's assistance. The man never more than arms length from her daughter, just in case. She smiled at the seemingly simple accomplishment, but for a child with uncontrolled seizures nothing was simple. "Five more minutes, Hector," she called out to her neighbor and friend.

"She is doing well, senora," smiled his wife, Lupe. "Moving out of the city, it is good for the child."

Jaycee nodded her head, "I was thinking the same thing, Lupe. Since we left Dallas, Angel seems able to stay focused longer. She's not having nearly as many meltdowns. I was reviewing her seizure diary last night and there is a definite trend towards fewer and milder ones," Jaycee did not mention that she had been scouring the journals looking for patterns at two o'clock to keep her mind off of handsome cowboys that made her heart race.

The older woman nodded and smiled, "Sometimes the best medicine does not come in a bottle," the woman waved her arthritic hands about her, "sometimes the earth, she gives us all that we need."

Jaycee shook her head. She was a woman of reason, of science. It was likely all just coincidence, this improvement in Angel's condition. Perhaps as some of the more optimistic doctors had suggested, her daughter was even outgrowing her condition. But whether it was the quieter country life or happenstance, all that mattered to Jaycee was that she had more good days with her daughter.

"Thank you for coming over again today. I hate to impose like this, but this follow-up meeting to the case yesterday could prove crucial," she tried to change the subject.

"No problema, senora," Lupe smiled. "With our grandchildren so far away, la niña has become like one of the family. You both have."

Words of gratitude froze on her lips. The smile disappeared from Jaycee's face as she watched the large white truck drive up the bumpy dirt road towards her wood frame home. Her heart stammered in her chest. Why did this man effect her so? This stranger?

"Lupe, would you and Hector take Angel inside when she is finished?"

The woman frowned, "Si, senora." The truck drew to a halt in front of them. Both sets of eyes were glued to it as the door swung open. He unfolded his large frame and rose up to his full six foot plus height. "Madre de dios," the older woman whispered as she made the sign of the cross.

His eyes were locked with Jaycee's when the tiny ball of energy hurdled itself at her mid-section. "Did you see Mommy? Did you see me? Hector said if I keep improving one day I may be able to run the barrels just like you did."

She wrapped her arms about her daughter's shoulder and hugged her tightly as she watched the man approach. The dark expression on his face did not bode well for this meeting, but she was determined. She would convince him to allow her to board her client's horses. She had to, just had to. They had so much riding on this case, she could not afford to loose, no matter what.

But even more than she needed to win this case, the mother inside of her had to protect her little Angel. She smiled down at her daughter as she pushed her behind her back, "You go inside with Hector and Lupe, sweetie. I have some business to discuss with this gentleman."


None of it made sense to Rex. He knew from his woman's thoughts that the child that she was hiding from him was her daughter, her reason for existing. But his senses told him something else as well, the child was gifted, special. A night walker. A female night walker. It was unheard of. He froze at the foot of the steps. He shook his head uncertain what to do, how to proceed.

The child made the decision for him, stepping around her mother, she walked to stand in front of him. He bent down, staring into the most intense brown eyes he had ever seen. She frowned at him for a moment then her tiny light brown hand reached out and caressed his cheek. He felt the zing of power from the top of his head to his toes curled in his boots.

Then those eyes glazed over and rolled back into her head, she would have dropped to the ground if he had not caught her. Her body began to convulse erratically. His woman screamed out as she raced towards him, "Give her to me. Lupe, get me her meds."

He shook his head and stood up as she reached him, "No, I'll carry her. Where should I put her?"

The older woman stepped forward, "Inside, take her inside." He nodded and walked towards the small house. An elderly man opened the door as the woman led his mate inside. He placed his precious cargo on her side on the couch.

His woman dropped onto the floor next to her child as the older woman's hands rested on her shoulder. "She may come around on her own, senora. Give it a couple of minutes."

She nodded her head slowly as she lifted the little girl's hand to her lips, "I know, Lupe. She usually does," her sobs tore at his heart, ripped it from his chest and squeezed it tightly. Her thoughts only made it worse. Fear was not an accurate enough word, even desperation did not cover the dark cloud that covered his mates mind. She was petrified for her child.

He wanted to do something. Anything to comfort her. To take away her pain. His eyes focused upon the child. He studied her for a moment. She was not what he would have pictured. Her shortly cropped hair formed a cap of tight ringlets that covered her tiny head, the color was draining from her face and her lips took on a dark blue hue.

He listened as his mate drew in a deep breath, "Get me the emergency meds, Lupe." Her hand rested lightly on the child's shoulder keeping her on her side as the violent shaking continued, salvia leaking from the corners of her lips.

He knelt on the floor behind her, his body pressed against her back, he could feel the tiny tremors that shook her body as well as the child's. Heart beats, moments stretched. He was not certain how long they waited, but he knew it was too long, too long for the violence that shook the child's tiny body. One hand rested on her shoulder, drawing her instinctively into the comfort of his arms.

His other hand covered hers on the child's shoulder. He felt that zing once more and just as suddenly as it had begun, it was over. The child lay deathly still. Everyone tensed, waiting, until the little girl drew in a deep breath. His woman sighed as the older one brought her a small box, "Thanks, Lupe, but she finally came out of it."

"Bueno, senora," the woman smiled as she placed pillows under the child's head and knees.

He felt his woman tense in his arms. He heard her thoughts, knew that she was angry with him for taking the liberty of comforting her, but she was madder at herself for accepting it. He smiled as the words, 'how right it felt,' flitted through their heads. At least, she recognized that, he smiled. It was somewhere to begin. Reluctantly, he pulled back, going to stand next to the older man as the two woman fussed over the child that appeared to be sleeping naturally now.

"Hola, I'm Hector Ramirez," offered the man as he held out his weathered hand.

Rex nodded and took it, "Rex Ranger." His eyes returned to where the women were talking quietly near the little girl.

"Lupe is my esposa. She was a nurse for many years, working with niños, children. We help Senora Jaycee out as much as we can. I putter around with the animals and Lupe cares for little Angel," smiled the man.

Rex nodded, feeling an instant camaraderie with the couple, who obviously cared so much for his woman. And child. He shook his head as he studied the sleeping child. This changed everything. She changed everything. Angel changed everything.

Of course, he had known about the child from his mate's thoughts. He had even caught glimpses of her concern about her daughter's health. For that he had been prepared. There was no doubt, whatever, whoever mattered to his woman mattered to him, came under his protection. What he had not expected was her gifts. There was no doubt in his mind. This child was a night walker. And from the power he felt when they touched, a damned powerful one.

His woman stood slowly. Her eyes were glazed with moisture, her hands trembled just a bit as she turned to him with a weak smile. "I'm sorry, Mister Ranger. If you don't mind, perhaps Hector can show you around. Then we can discuss things in more detail."

He nodded, "Or I could come back at a better time?"

She shook her head and sighed, "No, Mister Ranger, this is as good a time as any."

He felt the pain and despair rolling off her like the deepest fog, hiding all beauty. He heard the litany of thoughts that raced through her intelligent mind. Embarrassment, that he had witnessed her daughter's condition. Disgust with herself that she would have such a thought. Fear that this would not work, that she would not be able to fulfill her duties to her client and her child.

He wanted, no, he needed to go to his woman. Wrap her in his arms and kiss away every last one of those fears. Reassure that she no longer had to bear those burdens alone. That she would never again face anything alone. But he knew that she would not welcome it, welcome him. And he had other duties of his own. His job to make sure that those animals were well cared for.

He nodded and turned towards the man next to him, "How about a quick tour then, Senor Ramirez."


Jaycee could hear the men talking inside the old barn, she could not make out the words though. This morning had not gone at all like she planned, but then again nothing had gone to plan since Angel's first seizure. But this ranked as a disaster. How could she convince this man that she could manage three thorough-bred race horses on a five acre ranch with a sick child. She sighed and plastered a smile into place as she pushed open the barn door. Its squeak announced her presence and the men stopped talking, turning towards her.

"Thank you, Hector," she said with a slight nod.

"De nada, senora," the old man replied as he shook their guest's hand. "It was nice meeting you, Senor Ranger. I look forward to seeing you again." He smiled as he turned and walked past Jaycee towards the house.

"I'm sorry I couldn't show you around myself," she mumbled as she looked at her boots half hidden among the straw and dirt. She tried to think of a logical argument to counter-act what he had seen this morning. But at that moment, she was doubting herself more than ever. How had she thought that she could return to practicing law when Angel could have another seizure at any moment? Even relatively small cases like this one demanded her full attention, which was something that her child owned.

Her shoulders slumped as she shook her head, "This was a bad idea. I'm sorry for bringing you all the way out here, Mister Ranger. I'll speak with my client, prepare him for the seizure of the horses." Without looking up, she turned to leave the barn, but strong arms held her in place, drew her into safety and warmth.

It was an illusion. This man was a complete stranger. They had met less than twenty-four hours ago. So why the hell did she feel so fucking protected and cherished when she was anywhere near him? And since when did Jaycee Riley, gung-ho feminist, need any man? But that was exactly what she felt, need. Not want, but need, pure and simple.

She brought her hands up to the front of his soft flannel shirt. She had meant to push him away, but instead she found her fingers curling into the soft fabric and solid muscle that lay just beneath it. "Let me go," her voice sounded throaty and weak.

His arms tightened about her waist, "I can't. Trust me, Matawan Naya, I am the needy one when it comes to you. Without you, I am damned," he whispered the words against her lips. Then his mouth covered hers, but not with the same boldness that he had yesterday. This time, he teased the corners with his tongue, licking and tasting her, as if pleading for entrance.

Her fingers started to move once more, tracing lightly across his shirt, feeling every inch of his broad chest, moving lower until her hands splayed across the small of his back, drawing him closer. She whimpered when she felt the hard ridge of his erection press against her thigh. She felt silly when it reminded her of a bad romance novel with electrical shocks skittering along her spine.

His hands covered her butt, pulling her against him, until their bodies danced against one another. Only their clothes kept them from the true dance they both wanted in that moment. She moaned into his mouth and cursed her suddenly overactive sex-drive as her hands trailed to the front of his jeans. Her fingers wrapped about his erection, moving teasingly up and down the full length.

"Fuck, Mitawa Naya, that feels so good," he rasped into her mouth. But then his large hand came between them, covering hers, holding it still.

She could feel his pulse beat within the firm column of flesh. She could hear it pounding in her head louder than music in a disco. She frowned as she realized that it beat in perfect synchronicity with her own. She shook her head and jerked her hand out of his, away from his, his erection.

Her mind rebelled at the thought. What was she doing? She whirled and crossed the barn, putting as much distance as she could between them. But it did not help. The truth stared her squarely in the eye. She had been just heart beats away from a literal roll in the hay. With her sick child laying less than fifty feet away. With this case that very well might decide their whole future up in the air. And she was throwing herself at the man, who held that fragile future in his hands.

It made no sense. Okay, so she had not had sex in a long time. And the man was drop dead gorgeous. But still she had never been a woman to through herself at any man. As for the lack of sex, well, it was nothing that her toys could not replace. She did not need a man, they did not need anyone, she reassured herself as she paced back and forth.

His deep chuckle knotted her stomach into a tight ball. "What's so funny, Mister Ranger?"

"Trust me when I do take you, my mate, the first thing that is going in the garbage are those damned toys. I will care for all of your needs from now on," she shook her head as she looked at him. In the dim light of the barn, it seemed as if his eyes glowed the faint red of a wolf.

"That day will never come, Mister Ranger. This is business, nothing more. It is about property, my client's property. Those horses," she tried to keep her mind on the case, but it was not easy the way the man stretched his shoulders, making that chest even wider than it already was. It had felt so amazingly warm and solid beneath her fingers. What would it feel like to lay her head against it? To fall asleep listening to his heart beating just beneath her ear. Was it covered in soft blond hair that would tickle her nose? Or was it bare like his native ancestors?

He shook his blond head, "If this is all business, Mitawa Naya, why does it matter that my chest is bare like my Native forefathers. And there is nothing I want more than to hold you against me as you fall asleep in my arms." He drew in a deep breath, "But you are right. We need to settle this business between us first."

Jaycee's throat worked reflexively, trying to clear the tightness that his words caused to form there. How did the man keep doing that? It was disconcerting to say the least. Having another human being know your every thought. She frowned, was he human? Of course, he was. Psychic maybe, but even that she had a hard time believing. More than likely it was just that her years of staying home with Angel had made her rusty with the poker face that her work required. She would need to practice hiding her feelings more if this man could read them so well.

"You will never get so practiced that you can completely block me, Mitawa Naya. That is not the way of mates, but given time, I have no doubt that you will be able to build some walls. Filter some of what your mind so readily broadcasts to me now. And no, I am not psychic. Not in the truest sense of the word, only with you. Because you are my light, my breath."

She shook her head, even more confused at his words. "Listen, Mister Ranger, I don't know what kind of game this is, but I'm not interested in playing. In case you couldn't tell, I have enough things on my plate right now. My daughter. Making this ranch work. Rebuilding my legal career. Men are off my list. Period."

"I am glad that men are, but I am not any man. Your are my mate, Mitawa Naya," he walked towards her, holding his hands out. "How is Angel?"

"What? Can't you just look into my mind and find out for yourself?" Jaycee felt trapped. She could not afford to offend this man, her career and their future depended upon it. But he frightened her and excited her as no man ever had. It was a dangerous combination.

He shook his head as he came to stand just a couple of feet away from her. The way he towered over her made her feel small, vulnerable and incredibly protected. "It does not work like that. I hear what you think as if you said it aloud," he smiled. "You have not thought about Angel lately."

She frowned at his words. She thought about her daughter constantly. How could she have gone this long without doing so? She shook her head, "She's sleeping peacefully. She usually does after one of the big ones."

He nodded, "Does she have them often?"

She wanted to argue, to tell him it was none of his business, but if she wanted his help with those horses she needed to assure him that she could manage them. "Generalized ones like that, not so much anymore. One or two a week. But she has focal ones, what they call absences, where she just kind of stares off. She has several of those every day. And when she sleeps she has myoclonic ones, jerking."

He frowned, "Besides Lupe and Hector, do you have any help? School? Her father?"

She sighed as she tried to formulate her answer in a positive way. "I homeschool her because she kept falling asleep in class. Schools just can't manage really sick children like Angel. As for her dad, he sees her when he can, but his law practice keeps him pretty busy. But I assure you, we do all right. Hector helps me out with some of the heavier chores when it comes to managing the animals and Lupe watches Angel when I need to meet with clients. She used to be a pediatric nurse so she is as familiar with Angel's seizures as I am."

"You're lucky to have them, but what about you? When do you get time for you?"

She shook her head and held up her hands, "Mister Ranger, that is none of your business."

"Yes, it is. You are my business. You are my total world, Mitawa Naya?"

She stared at him for a moment. She was getting nowhere with this. He seemed stuck in some fantasy land with her in the starring role. She needed to get him back on the subject that brought him here. "Mister Ranger, I assure you that I can manage those horses. I have been working with them since I was a child. I know my horses and as you can see I have the facilities to house them," she asserted as she waved her arms at the barn.

"You have my support with that," his voice was low as he spoke.

She sighed and smiled, "Thank you, Mister Ranger."

"You are welcome. I would never do anything to add to your burdens, Mitawa Naya," he smiled at her and her tummy did a funny little loop-the-loop. Why did this man intrigue her as much as he infuriated her?

"I intrigue you because the Great Spirits created us to share one soul. You are the light, the good. I am the dark and dangerous. We need one another."

Jaycee's brows arched. The quiet way that he said it made her pause. There was no doubt that he believed what he said, but how could a man who otherwise seemed reasonable believe such things?

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