tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNight With Chantz Fortune Ch. 03

Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 03


Last night was the greatest and most scariest night of my life. It could be consider both the best and worst time of my life. You see I had met the girl of my dreams. That girl name was Chantz Fortune. She was star of the movies Boss bitches. She was know as the strap-on queen or the bitch mistress. She was the cruelest mistress out there. She had a mind of a mistress but the body of a hot and busty porn star. I had won a contest. She had used and abuse me that night. She fucked with a strap-on and dominated me. I never been so scared or turn on in my life. I worshiped her. In turn she let me have the joy of serving her. She then invited some teen girl from the other building over to use me.

It was now the next morning. I woke up in bed alone. Part of me thought it was on the dream. Part of me actually hope it was. I got out of bed and started to put on my pants. A sharp cracked across the ass made me chirp like a woman. It was Chantz Fortune. She put me over her knee and started spanking me hard. She slapped it without mercy. She left big red spots on my all ready sore ass.

"Did I say you can take off your clothes?" Chantz said.

She put me on my knees. She was naked and standing over me. He huge strap-on was sticking in my face.

"No mistress." I said.

She slapped me with it. "Then why were you trying to put on your clothes?" She said

"I'm sorry." You said

"That not an answer. Do you appreciate what I do for you. Do you know I gave you some kindness and clean you nasty shit off this cock. I clean it with my own hands. I did it just so you can have a clean cock to suck on. So you wouldn't have to eat shit like the shit eating cunt you are."

"I know I'm sorry." I said

"So why did you put your clothes on" She said

She slapped me hard

"Wipe those fucking tear off and answer my you fucking bitch." She said

"Because I thought you were done with me." I said. My body was shaking with fear.

"When I am done with you I will tell you. You will know because I will kick you ass out. It ok though. I know you're a dumb slut. You don't know any better. Say thank you Mistress Fortune for being so nice."

"Thank you Mistress Fortune for being so nice."

"Good boy."

She grabbed me by my hair

"Now listen you stupid slut. You better get this right or I am going to take my cigarette and put it out in your ass. I want to make me some breakfast and take off your pants. Listen closely. I want 3 pancake and two eggs. I want them scrambled with cheese. I want some two glasses of orange juice. I want toast with some jelly. Can't you get that you dumb bitch or is that to complicated." She said

"Yes I get it."

I crawled to the kitchen. She kicked me in the butt as I moved. She let out a laugh and started to light a cigarette.

I did as asked. I made the best breakfast I ever made. She sat on the chair with nothing but her rope and her strap-on on. She told me to kneel as she tried the food.

"This pretty good bitch." She said. "Now suck my cock"

I did as ask. I start licking it just how she like it. I made girl sound as I licked it. I talked about how big and juicy it was. She liked that. I could smell her wetness. It was something I could never have. She force it deep in my mouth causing me to gag. She took a puff of her cigarette and looked smugly down on me. She spit in my face. It was big spit and covered me. She went back to eating. I was stating to choke. It was to big for my mouth. She still force it in. She put the robe around me

"I don't want to look at you ugly face. Just suck it." She said

I started to cry half way through the meal. This just made her laugh. She finish eating and looked down on me.

"You look thirsty. Is baby thirsty?" She asked

I nodded

"Well let me give you something to drink then." She said

She push me to the ground and open my mouth. She sat open. I was shocked when I figured out what she was about to do. I closed my mouth.

"Open that mouth or I will tear you fucking balls off." She said

I open my mouth. A long stream of piss went into my mouth. It filled my lungs. I drank every last drop as she pressed it into me. She grabbed me and bent me over the table. She slammed inside me ass. I let out a scream.

"Mmmm going in a bit easier. I see your little slut ass getting use to it." She said.

She grunted as she slammed it hard. All I can do was cry and gripped the table. My cock became hard as she savagely fuck my walls. She was digging her nails into my ass and slapping it. My ass was dark red now as she worked me

"Take it you little bitch. Take it hard. Tell me how much you love it!" She screamed.

"I love it Mistress Fortune. Fuck my ass hard. I am slut." I cried

"Take it you stupid little fag." She laughed

She put her cigarette out me and laughed. She came and shoved it deeper in me. She took it in and out. She slapped the dildo on my ass and shoved it back in. She stroked my cock with her smooth hands. I never got a hand job. I came like an explosion. She sucked her finger

"Mmmm sweet like a little fag." She said

She made me lick it off and tore into me even harder. She finish after a half and hour and after cumming a few time. She push me down.

"Run me a bath slut." She said

She made me bathe her and eat her out in the tub till she came 3 times. My tongue was sore at the end. She told me that all I was good for. Deep down I knew it. She got dressed in her leather pants and blue shirt.

"I am going out to fuck a real man. He going to give me pleasure you couldn't possibly could. You stay here and clean up slut." She said

"Thank you mistress." I said

She slapped my hard breaking my lip.

"Shut up whore. Put this blue but plugged in your ass. Maybe If I'm nice I let you lick the guys cum off me. Your mind now slut. Fuck with me and I send the pictures of you getting ass fucked to all you friends" She laughed and then left me crying.

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