tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNight With Chantz Fortune Ch. 10

Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 10


Things have changed sense last time we talked. My new name was Candy. Mistress Fortune made me legally change it. I also moved in her home. She had me leash by her bed. One day she took me out in my dress and make up. I could easily pass as a woman. She said she had a gift for me. So far that day I only went shopping on her until Chantz decided to take the Subway at the dark of night.

I could hear the sounds of the tracks as the subway train went into the night. The shadows from the outside made Chantz seem even more beautiful. There subway was dimly lit the train car we were in was empty but there I could see people on the other parts of the train. She looked at me with those wicked eyes of her.

He hand rubbed down my legs and put her hands up my dress. A cigarette lightly hung from her mouth. She touches my pants stroking my cock between the silk panties. Her lips were real close to my ear.

“You ever seen risky business” She said

“We can’t there…”

She grabbed my neck and squeeze tightly

“Don’t you ever fucking tell me what I can’t do?”

“I am sorry Miss Fortune.”

“Fucking slut. I know how much you want it. I can feel that little clit dripping pre cum. Your mouth watering for it”

She was right I was soaking wet in my panties and ready to burst like a little girl. She smiled and unzipped her pants pulling out a giant 16 inch dildo. It was nice and fat. It seemed to glisten as she stroked it in front of me. Shadows leaped off our bodies as she rode down the long train tracks and across cities. The lights were swing back and fourth. I got on my knees. She pointed down.

I took the fat thing in my mouth gagging on it. I breathily tightly wrap my lips tightly around it as Chantz slammed it in. The whole thing went down my throat. I felt like I was going to cum before. I did just from doing this often. Chantz had complete control over me. She would slam it on the wall of my cheeks because she liked seeing the dildo moved my cheeks. She also pulled it out slapping my face with it before putting back in

“Yea that’s a good whore…suck it good. Hope someone walks in so they can see what a whore you are”

I looked up at her as I blew it. She slapped me.

“Did I say LOOK at me you stupid cunt. Did I say you can look at me while you’re giving me head?”

“No mistress” I said weakly

“Does it look like where making love? Where I want to see a sparkle in your slutty eyes”

She slapped me again

“No mistress”

“Then what are we doing”

“I am getting fucked.. Like a whore”

“Good now keeps your eyes down and suck bitch” She said

She spit right in my face forcing me to blow her. She took a puff of her cigarette.

“Hope someone walks in so they could see what a slut you are. Lift that skirt up. What to see that tatoo..and the dick in those panties. Show them what a fag you are”

She open the skirt revealing my “Property of Chantz fortune” tattoo on my ass.

“All look him going to cry now. Ahhh poor baby. Keep sucking whore” She said

My eyes started rolling in the back of my head. I felt like I was about to burst

“You better not cum let bitch” Chantz said enjoying the sensation of the toy rubbing her clit. She came putting her head back. An older coupler arrived on the train and gasp.

“What you looking at. You want some of this to you stupid fucks” Chantz said

The couple ran off the train. She pulled it out of my mouth. She grabbed me by the hair and stood me up. She places my hand on the pole in the subway train. Chantz slapped me hard on the ass.

“Love that glisten ass” She smirked

She slammed the dildo hard up my ass. I started to scream and she twisted my hair

“Scream bitch want everyone to hear you.” Chantz laughed

Tears ran down my ass as her crotch slapped my ass. Her tits squeeze against me. She grabbed my cock.

“You like that candy you fucking bitch.” She said.

“People starting to watch.”

“Think Me fucking care. Wrapped your arms and legs around that pole like a little stripper. Do it?”

I did as told. I wrapped my legs around it. This made her able to slam me easy.

“Ahhh you’re crying. You getting you make up messed up. My poor candy girl” She laughed

She kept slamming me till I couldn’t take it. I came like an explosion.

“Did I say you could cum” She said


“That’s it lick it up.” She said.

“Yes mistress.”

I did as told. She took of her belt and whipped my ass on the subway train with it. It causes me to scream and cry.

She picked me up by my hair.

“You did good candy bitch. Said I brought you a gift. Look in my bag. Little brown bag there with your name on it.” She said

I crawled over wiping my tears. I open the bag. When I saw it I was filled with joy. It was a ring

“Is this really what I think it is?” I said.

“That’s right bitch. You’re going to be Misses Candy Fortune. Of course we may have to get some work done but you all ready a pretty little slut.” Chantz said

“Thank you. Thank you.” I said kneeling down.

“Shut up slut. Don’t forget your place is still less then shit. Our stop is up. Crawl your naked ass out of the train.”

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