tagBDSMNight with Edmond

Night with Edmond


It was raining the night that Edmond showed up at my door. His dark hair was drenched, and I shivered as I ran my hand through it.

"How are you?" I asked, not really sure what else to say.

We had been talking for several weeks about what I wanted, and tonight was all about me. It wasn't that I didn't want him to feel pleasure, more than I wanted his pleasure to come from mine. Perhaps that was a little selfish of me.

"I'm fine," he said, his voice running over me like hot spice, leaving me with a delectably warm tingle. He moved into the room and looked around.

I had moved into my new house only a few months before, but already it felt like me. The living room was rich with color, soft leather furniture, softer blankets. I had laid out the tools for our evening and I saw as his eyes moved over them.

"Just like we talked about?" he asked, his expressive steel eyes burning into my own.

I swallowed, not believing this was finally happening. "Yes."

He moved behind me at the sound of my meek voice and I felt his body press up against my own. He lifted the hair from the nape of my neck and gently kissed. Then again. His hand moved around and began caressing the hollow of my throat, his thumb stroking almost as a promise for what was to come.

"Are you sure about this?" He said in that seductively warm voice.

I had no words left in me, I nodded. I felt his hips press further into me as he reached around my front and began to remove my shirt. His knuckles grated against my taunt stomach and his palms lightly struck my already enticed nipples as he pulled the garment over my head. In spite of the fireplace burning in the corner, I shivered. I felt his hands move down my arms, and back up again; then just the tips of his fingers. Up and down, up and down, and the kisses on my neck had resumed. I felt him kiss lightly down my spine to the place where my bra sat and then felt as his tongue left a trail moving back up.

He reached around and began massaging my breasts through the fabric of my flimsy, black lace bra. His thumbs flicked against my nipples, and his palms ran circles, pushing my soft white breasts together; then pulling them back apart. Palm pressed against my nipples, back and forth. I became mesmerized by the movements his dark hands were making against my milky skin. Almost without my realizing, he reached around and unclasped my bra. His hands, large and softer than they appeared cupped my twin orbs and resumed their mesmerizing motions. I felt his breath on my neck; then his hips grind against my backside. I began to grind with him. In circles. Almost in the same melody as the movement of his hands. I moaned lightly and felt the wetness already forming between my thighs.

I watched as his fingertips began to run lazy circles around my bursting nipples. I arched my back, trying to move into his movements.

"Be patient, little one," he replied as I felt a softly sharp tap on my backside. I replied with another moan.

Once again he resumed his soft assault on my waiting nipples, this time clasping his fingers around the reddening base and pulling forward until my breasts dropped against my body. The liquid between my thighs was thickening, and I was already aching in anticipation. I ground my backside against his hips, my silent plea for him to play fair, and he returned in kind. As his lips once again returned to my neck, his fingers gently squeezed the tips of my nipples. He began to twist his fingertips back and forth and then roll them in circles. Shocks of electricity shot between his fingertips and the warmth of my waiting pussy.

His clasp on my sensitive buds tightened. Again he began to twist his fingertips back and forth and then again in circles. My moans were becoming more insistent as he bit my earlobe and tightened his fingertips one last time. This time pain mixed with the pleasure of his movements. The pain of the tightness, the softness of his teeth grating over my earlobe, it was all more than I could handle. I began to cry out as an orgasm sat at the edge of my pleasure and pain.

He stopped immediately, leaving me panting and gasping for more.

"There will be plenty of time for that," he said, reading my mind as I silently willed his ministration to continue.

"Would you like me to continue?" He asked, knowing full well what my response would be. I leaned toward him, pulling him into a passionate kiss. My breasts rubbed against the fabric of his shirt and only increased my own agony. I bit lightly on his bottom lip, pulling at it with my whispered reply.

"I want nothing more than for you to continue."

He walked me toward the couch and had me lean forward over the back. My aching nipples pressed against the cool material and I watched him walk toward the coffee table; the place where I had laid all of my fantasies for this evening. I shuddered with my knowledge of what was to come...

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