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Night with Star


A Night With Star –

The following takes place between 18:25 and 21:24, it has been modified to fix spelling and grammar errors, and a identifiers removed but the content has not been embellished. I hope you enjoy.

Star: Hello Miss.

Pet: Hello Star, did mistress like your stars? (referring to star tattoos)

Star: She did, but I am being punished.

Pet: Already?

Star: Yes ma'am. You can find me on the map if you like, ma'am.

Pet: No. You need to enable that. Do you know how?

Star: Mistress walked me through it.

Star: I think I got it right ma'am. I am going to give you a message from Mistress. "You are not to have silks on when you are in control."

Star: Those are Mistresses' words, ma'am.

Pet: Me?

Star: I am just telling you what she told me ma'am.

Pet: Well, this is news to me. Tell me what you did to be punished?

Star: Well, I have this copy of the conversation, ma'am.


"Mistress: You are not to speak to anyone! You can talk with your sisters but you can not answer anyone else. Also, do not speak unless are spoken to. Understand?

Star: Yes Mistress. I understand.

Mistress: Good. Pass this to Pet. She will know what to do.

Mistress: Now quiet!

Star: (nods to Mistress)"

Star: I think I talked too much. She was not in a good mood today.

Pet: Yes. She had a bad day last I saw her. I am not sure if things improved after that. Is this were mistress left you?

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: How long ago?

Star: About 2 hours Miss.

Pet: Hmm. You must have really made her mad.

Star: Yes Miss.

Star: (looks down)

Pet: Is this what you thought you signed up for? Tell the truth.

Star: Yes Miss.... I have learned my place today Miss.

Pet: What is your place?

Star: To serve Mistress anyway she pleases or you, when she is not online, Miss.

Star: I had to buy items in RL Miss.

Pet: Buy items? Did you?

Star: Yes Miss. Have you not had to do the same Miss?

Passerby: I must say you do look lovely Alice .

Pet: Say thank you Alice . Be polite.

Star: I cannot answer her Miss.

Pet: You may answer when I say you can, or your mistress.

Star: Thank you, ma'am. I will not do it wrong again Miss. I promise

Pet: Good.

Passerby: You're welcome sweetie.

Passerby: Hhhmmmm, dancing, or sitting by the fire.... I can't decide!

Pet: You may go home, unless Mistress had other messages for me for you to pass on.

Star: I have my butt toy in place in RL Miss. I just thought you should know Miss.

Star: Yes Miss.

(Teleport completed)

Pet: Okay, now that we are alone and not disturbing anyone, talk to me.

Star: Miss, may I ask a question?

Pet: Yes.

Star: Why am I floating in the air when I use the collar Miss? It didn't do that before miss.

Pet: Good question, I have no idea. SL is strange sometimes.

Star: Thank you Miss.

Pet: Stand. Are you room mate free?

(Star stands)

Star: Free Miss?

Pet: Are they likely to bug you? Walk in on you?

Star: I hope not Miss. I have a butt plug in Miss, but there is no guarantee Miss.

Pet: Is that the only thing Mistress told you to buy?

Star: No Miss.

Pet: What else?

Star: She told me to buy a two-sided vibe, butt plug, butterfly, Jelly dildo, clothes pins, lube, and a smooth, glass dildo that has a twist in it Miss.

Pet: Holy crap!

Star: It was quite costly, Miss.

Pet: I can imagine.

Star: It is only fair, miss. Mistress bought me a new AO.

Star: She also bought me shoes miss.

Pet: The cost won't hurt you in RL will it?

Star: Yes and no Miss. I am not allowed to party for two weeks.

Pet: Explain.

Star: Mistress figured that out Miss. Mistress told me I drink too much, Miss, and this would be better for me. May I pee Miss?

Pet: In RL?

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: This time, yes. Be quick. I don't have much time online to figure out what Mistress is up to.

Star: Yes, Miss.

(Star is gone for a few moments)

Star: I am back, Miss. It felt funny peeing with a butt plug in. I felt like I was going to shoot it out Miss. ((laughs))

Pet: How long has the butt plug been in?

Star: About two hours Miss.

Pet: Actually. Give me a report on the last few minutes with Mistress and a summary on what you've been doing for the last 2 hours.

(There is a pause lasting several seconds)

You: I'm waiting.....

Star: Well, nothing, Miss. We talked and went shopping. She sat me down in the House of V and told me my role. I showed you the rest Miss. I made her mad.

Pet: How? What did you say?

Star: I am unsure Miss. I think it was because I was asking too many questions about what I was to do Miss.

Pet: Oh. I see.

Star: I think she did not like to have to repeat herself Miss. I pay attention now Miss.

Pet: Come. Follow me.

(Star follows Pet into the bedroom where Pet sets the bed to the chat animation)

Pet: Sit at the foot of the bed, on the bed, so I can see you. Assume the nadu position.

Star: Yes Miss. I will behave Miss.

Pet: Good. Mistress and I expect nothing less

(Star stands, then climbs on the foot of the bed to face Pet and assumes the nadu position)

Pet: Okay. Well, Mistress has thrown you at me before I was ready, so you need to tell me what you fantasize about.

Star: I would like to be controlled Miss. Mistress helped me to see it, Miss, and she was right, Miss.

Pet: Given. You should have told me that the first night but I figured it out.

Star: I am sorry Miss.

Pet: Continue.

Star: I was unsure at the time Miss. I like it ruff, but not with a man, miss. I dream of being with a woman that is like Mistress, controlling, hard, and soft, Miss. She did tell me that I will be her experiment Miss. I do not know what of Miss.

Pet: It is not for you to know then. Mistress will tell you what you need to know.

Star: Am I speaking too much Miss?

Pet: No, I asked for a report, but you are going off on tangents.

Star: Sorry Miss.

Pet: Are you wet now?

Star: No Miss.

Pet: No? Were you wet when Mistress first told you to put the butt plug in?

Star: Yes Miss. It has been some time now Miss.

Pet: Is it a vibe butt plug?

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: Turn it on low.

Star: Yes Miss

(Star turns the vibe on Low)

Star: Done Miss

Pet: What have you been doing in RL for the last 2 hours?

Star: Sitting at my desk Miss.

Pet: Doing what if not talking to anyone in SL

Star: Nothing Miss.

Star: Just as I was told Miss.

Pet: Hmmm

Pet: Bored?

Star: No Miss. Not yet Miss.

Pet: You have been sitting for 2 hours, not doing anything, and you were not bored?

Star: No Miss. I am doing what I was told Miss. That is something Miss.

People were gathered around me talking about me Miss.

Pet: In RL also?

Pet: Do you like to be humiliated?

Star: Yes Miss. I found that I like it Miss.

Star: I think I will Miss. If one room mate walks in, I will know for sure Miss.

Pet: Did your room mates ask what you were doing?

Star: Not yet Miss.

Pet: What are you wearing right now?

Star: Sports bra and flip flops, Miss. Oh, and a butt plug Miss.

Pet: No bottoms?

Star: No Miss.

Pet: Is this what Mistress told you to wear?

Star: Damn!

Pet: What?

Star: Naked now Miss.

Pet: Why?

Star: I am to mimic SL Miss, without anyone telling me to Miss.

Pet: Mistress' order?

Star: Yes Miss.

Star: She was mad when she told me this Miss.

Pet: Mistress really is going all out with you.

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: Are you wet?

Star: Yes Miss.

Star: Can I move a little in my seat Miss?

Pet: Good. I have one last question. How long were you supposed to stay where I found you if I didn't come online?

Star: It will help Miss.

Pet: Why? Help with what?

Star: Excitement Miss.

Pet: In a minute. Answer my last question.

Star: I wasn't told that I could go Miss. I had permission to go off line but I was not told that I could move, Miss.

Pet: Interesting.

Pet: Are you using a lap top or desk top?

Star: Desk top Miss.

Pet: Can you position your keyboard and monitor so that you can use them while kneeling?

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: Do so.

Star: Yes Miss. I have a pillow too Miss.

Pet: Did I ask?

Star: No Miss.

Pet: Then why are you telling me?

Star: Sorry Miss.

Pet: Carpet or hardwood?

Star: None of those Miss.

Pet: Hard floor though, right?

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: Get a blanket or towel. No pillow.

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: Kneel like you are in SL. Hands on your thighs when not in use. Palms up.

Star: Yes Miss. Done Miss.

Pet: Good.

Star: Can I get my end table Miss?

Pet: Why?

Star: To see better Miss.

Pet: Didn't I tell you to adjust the monitor so you can see?

Star: But I could see it better Miss.

Pet: Get your end table

Star: I can see it Miss

Pet: In the future when Mistress or I tell you to do something like this, do it in such a way that there are no obstructions.

Star: Okay Miss.

You: Rest the butt plug on your heel. Make sure the tops of your feet are flat on the floor/folded blanket. Pinch and rub your nipples until they are hard, then attach the clothes pins.

Star: Yes Miss.

(There is a slight pause)

Star: Clothes pins are on Miss.

Pet: Good.

Pet: I assume there is no lock on your door.

Star: There is no door Miss. There is a door way, but no door, Miss.

Pet: So anyone walking by your door can see you?

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: Where are your room mates then?

Star: One is watching TV. The other is out Miss.

Pet: You are Okay with this? I don't want to mess up your RL. SL is supposed to be fun not RL destructive.

Star: I am a little afraid Miss, but I am ok, Miss.

Pet: Ok, but you will tell me if we go too far, if something will cause serious RL problems.

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: Turn up the vibe to medium.

Star: Done Miss.

Pet: Still kneeling so that your heel is pushing the butt plug in? Tops of your feet are flat on the floor?

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: How are your nipples?

Star: Rocks Miss.

Pet: Clothes pins on?

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: Pussy?

Star: Pussy Miss?

Pet: What is that status of your pussy?

Star: Dripping Miss.

Pet: Your hands are now mine. You will use your hands as I tell you I am using mine.

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: Imagine me kneeling behind you. Reaching around to your front, my hands cup your tits moving them up and together.

Star: You knocked a clip off Miss.

Pet: Put it back on, further on your nipple.

Star: Done Miss.

Pet: Thumbs flicking the pins but not hard enough to knock them off.

Star: Miss? My room mate is staring at me Miss. What do I do Miss?

Pet: Do you need to go? Is she freaking out? If she is, go. Take care of RL.

Star: She is smiling at me Miss, not saying a word Miss.

Pet: Is she bi or lez?

Star: I am unsure Miss. I never asked Miss.

Pet: Ask if she wants to watch or participate.

Star: She didn't answer me Miss. She raised her eyebrows and walked away Miss.

Pet: RL OK?

Star: I guess so Miss. She has seen me naked before, but not with toys Miss.

Pet: But not with clothes pins on your tits?

Star: No Miss.

Pet: So. Do you like to be humiliated?

Star: It was exciting Miss. I was hoping she would join, Miss.

Pet: I kind of was too. It could take this to a new level. Oh well, maybe we will have you find someone later

Star: Anything you ask Miss.

Pet: Okay. Back to work. My hands slowly caress your body sliding lower on your torso.

Star: Miss? She is peeking Miss. I can see her in her room in the dark Miss.

(Pet smiles)

Pet: Good. Let's give her a show.

Pet: You don't have to type unless something happens in RL, I ask you for something you don't want to do, or if you want to cum. You are not to cum without permission and I definitely won't give my permission if you don't ask. Understood?

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: Good.

Pet: My nails run from your inner thighs all the way up your sides, caressing your tits, cupping them. Then my hand moves up between them to your neck, and around to the back of your head, running my fingers through your hair. The other hand moves down to grab the glass dildo, placing the tip of it on your stomach and tracing circles, going lower to the side......

Star: Miss?

Pet: What?

Star: My roommate said that this is "fucking hot" Miss. She is still in her room Miss.

Pet: Does she want to join? Does she know that you are mine to control?

Star: No Miss.

Star: She is just looking Miss. She is still in her room Miss. I think she turned something on Miss.

Pet: What?

Star: It is hard to hear over the butt plug.

Pet: What do you think it was her vibe?

Star: I can't tell miss.

Pet: Does it bother you?

Star: No Miss. I like her miss.

Pet: Did you tell her what I told you to say?

Star: Before? Yes Miss.

Pet: Again now.

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: Tell her you are having cyber sex and, if she will lend me her hands, she is free to join. If not, go back to tracing circles with the glass dildo.

Star: I think she is shocked Miss. I have never seen this look from her before Miss.

Pet: Trouble?

Star: I don't think so Miss.

Pet: If you have RL trouble, you are free to go do what you need to do.

Star: It is okay Miss.

Pet: Continue then.

Star: Do you want me to tell you what she does Miss?

Pet: Only if she talks to you, joins, or causes trouble, otherwise, let her watch.

Star: Yes Miss.

Pet: The glass dildo now traces circles as my other hand runs fingers through your hair. The dildo goes down and divides your lips but does not enter. When it reaches the bottom, it lies flat on your pussy. I pull it back up through your lips. I trace it back down between your lips; bring it back up, slowly, sensuously, and teasingly. The hand in your hair comes down to caress your cheek with fingertips only. I follow the line of your jaw as you arch your head back. My fingertips trace down your neck, between your tits, flicking first one pin, then the other.

Star: Miss.

Pet: All the while, the dildo is still following its pattern.

Pet: Sigh..... What? What now?

Star: She is reading what is said. I am still doing it but I thought you should know Miss.

Pet: What's her name?

Star: Jen, Miss.

Pet: Hello Jen.

Pet: Give her the keyboard.

(Jen takes the keyboard from Star)

Jen: Hello. What is all of this? Oh!

Pet: What do you think of our little star?

Jen: She is a good friend. I have roomed with her all year.

Pet: This? This is Second life. It's kind of like the Sims, but with a lot more options.

Jen: I like The Sims. I use to play it all the time.

Pet: Have you tried Second Life?

Jen: I see. So, who are you?

Pet: Another player, East coast, near Boston . Star is seeing if she likes to be a submissive.

Jen: Katie told me.

Pet: Katie? Star's Real life name?

Jen: I see. Yes it is. She is mad at me now.

Pet: Star is the name our Mistress gave to her.

Pet: Katie is?

Jen: Yes

Pet: Okay. Is she still caressing her tits and running the dildo?

Jen: Yes, but she is not smiling anymore. Not like she was before. So, how do you play this game?

Pet: You download it, set up an account, and do what ever you want. Sex, make and sell stuff, buy stuff.

(Pet explains Star is supposed to be using her own hands and imagine they are Pet's hands)

Jen: I am in trouble again.

Pet: Star! Chill!

Pet: The dildo now goes deep inside of you.

Jen: I need to stop talking I think.

Pet: Turn up the vibe to high.

Jen: OMG

Pet: She will keep.

Jen: That is crazy. Did you tell her to get that? It is so cool. It lights up!

Pet: This is what she wanted to try. I am not forcing her. She is experimenting with being a sub. This is her first time.

Jen: She is doing what you said.

Pet: This is definitely not going according to script. However, RL has to come first. I want to make sure you are cool with this and it won't cause her any real life problems.

Jen: Psssssss! Do you mind if I hang out?

Pet: Nope. I had told her to tell you that you can watch, and, if you wanted to lend me your hands, you could join.

Jen: This girl is crazy!

Jen: She did. I thought that she was fucking with me.

Pet: Nope. You already saw what was going on so I had to find out your position.

Jen: I had no Idea.

Pet: SL (second life) is supposed to be fun but not wreck your RL (real life).

Jen: This is fun. Tell Star to chill the fuck out.

Pet: Chill Star. I haven't forgotten you.

Jen: Okay. So can I watch?

Pet: You wanted to know if you liked being humiliated, Star, so this is about as bad is it can get. Sure you can watch, Jen.

Jen: Thanks. I will give the keyboard back.

Pet: If you want you can type for her. I'll keep her hands busy

Jen: Too cool.

Pet: was the dildo just sitting in her or was she fucking herself with it?

Jen: She stopped. Okay, she is doing it again.

Pet: No, Star. Fuck yourself with it, in and out. I just wanted to make sure you were doing what I wanted you to do.

Jen: Boy, this is like telling on her, and you are like, mom.

(Pet smiles)

Pet: More like an older sister. We have another mistress.

Jen: I think I am going to enjoy this. I thought you where the Mistress.

Pet: I just happen to be the older one. Mistress gave Star to me to play with. I am both submissive and dominant.

Jen: I get it now.

Pet: We have two other sisters, all of us are older then Katie. She is the baby. This is her first time being controlled.

Jen: Holly shit! This is right out of a movie!

Pet: Star, Tell Jen what you were doing for the two hours before I came online.


Pet: Good girl. Is Star still upset?

(Star drops off line for four minutes.)

Pet: Is everything ok? I thought I might have gone too far.

Jen: Lightening took out the power. She is fine, still playing with her toys.

Pet: Good. I was wondering how I would explain losing Star on the first night. Is she still upset?

Jen: She said "No".

Pet: Good. I was a little worried.

Jen: We might lose power again.

Pet: Okay, Star, on the outward stroke, laid the dildo flat against your pussy, between your lips. On the inward stroke, tilt the dildo so that it is pushing outward. Jen, does she look like she is ready to cum?

Jen: Nope. I don't think so. She said "No".

Pet: She is to ask first.

Jen: She said, "I remember Miss".

Pet: Take the pins off your nipples.

Jen: She did.

Pet: Are her boobs big enough to push up into her mouth?

Jen: I think she can do it.

Pet: You are fucking yourself, Star, faster.

Jen: Yep! She can.

Pet: Pushing one tit up to her mouth, she flicks her nipple with her tongue and sucks it into her mouth. She alternates between flicking her nipple with her tongue and sucking it into her mouth. Pull the dildo out for good and place your hand palm down on your pussy.

Jen: OMG this is sexy!

Pet: Slide one finger between your pussy lips.

Jen: She is so cute!

Pet: (I know, why do you think I do it?) Is she ok with taking pics?

Jen: No.

Pet: Continue fucking your pussy with one finger. (That's fine. I have found her first limit.) Your palm is rubbing in circles while one finger goes in and out. As the finger goes in, it curls up inside of you. On the outward stroke, it only straightens as it needs too.

Jen: Okay. I turned the monitor so only I can see. I will tell her what you say.

Pet: Okay. Are you having fun, Jen?

Jen: OMG! Yes!

Pet: This is definitely different for me.

Jen: I knew that she was wild, but I had no idea!

Pet: I've never had a RL observer before. It's kind of fun.

Jen: This is a first for me too. It is fun.

Pet: Star's breathing turns shallow and slow.

Jen: Beats the hell out of the Simpsons!

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