tagInterracial LoveNight With Twins Ch. 02

Night With Twins Ch. 02


If you haven’t read chapter one, go do that now, or the following story might not make sense. Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on the first part (you know who you are) and I hope you like part 2. This begins where the last one left off.

This was going to be fun.

Mai and Sara slowly advanced on me as I lay naked on the bed. They were still dressed in there naughty little uniforms with equally naughty expressions on their faces, but both had their white blouses opened. Both had their amazingly perfect, round, breasts on display and each of them had glistening faces from where they had just cleaned each other after my explosion in Mai’s mouth. The look in their narrow eyes spoke of mischievous intent and I could feel my cock re-awaken at the sight of them.

I still had the thought that I should say something to them, something sexy and funny, but words escaped me. Fortunately they didn’t seem interested in words. Sara was still playing with her hair when they both took up positions on the bed either side of me. I opened my arms and they nestled in a nook each. I couldn’t believe I could feel so comfortable with these people I’d only just met, but it just felt so right. Not for the first time, they seemed linked to each other as without a word they each moved a hand over my body. Their fingertips brushed against the skin of my chest with all the pressure of a ghost’s feather. Finger nails traced a winding path over my body, a soothing caress that was oh-so slowly making its way down to my groin. I closed my eyes in anticipation and could no longer tell who’s hand was where. I felt the delicate contact reach my stomach, then lower to where my cock was waking up.

My hands were stroking each of the twin’s hair, but all my attention was on those fingers, looking forward to their eventual contact with my…. Their touch was moving away from that spot. They had each taken a route down the inside of my thigh. I didn’t even know the skin there was so sensitive, but if I shivered as they had started, then I audibly shuddered as they gave their gentle attention to a sweet spot so close to my now very much erect penis.

Kisses, almost as gentle as the fingers, fell on my neck. Something inside my head was screaming for me to tear off their clothes and take them now, I needed to see my cock disappear inside those petite Japanese bodies but I found myself unable to do anything more than stroke their soft, dark hair and let them set the pace.

They each pulled themselves up onto one elbow and looked at me with those penetrating dark eyes. “You like that, yes?” asked Mai. Their fingers still danced over my skin making me desperate for more contact. All I could manage was a nod.

“Of course he does, sis,” said Sara, with a sly look down, “can’t you tell he wants more?” Her fingernails finally made contact with my erection as if demonstrating her point and her twin followed her gaze down to my groin. Her eyes lit up and she smiled devilishly. With one quick motion she sprung herself out of my arm and drew her leg over my body as if pulling herself onto a horse. My Cock disappeared under her tiny plaid skirt but I could feel it resting against warm cotton. Seeing her sat on top of me like that made me appreciate again how petite her and her twin were. I couldn’t see it, but I swore I could feel my erection growing a little more. Her sister put on a poor act of pouting and slapped Mai across her breast playfully.

“Hey, it’s my turn with that thing!” she said, before smiling slyly, “besides, I thought you were supposed to be the shy one.”

“Sorry, sis,” Mai said in between biting her full lower lip, “guess I got carried away. Besides… I’m not ready for it just yet.” Sara’s smile became more devious but I remained out of the loop, as always.

No more words passed between them, but Sara pulled herself out of my hold too, and got onto her hands and knees. She crawled over to her sister and ran a hand up her small thigh and under that short skirt. I knew she was rubbing Mai’s pussy through her panties; I could feel the back of her hand on my cock. Silently, Mai shifted her weight back and lifted her body up, her hands behind her supporting her weight. A small part of me was impressed with her flexibility, but the rest of me was fixated on the new view her position afforded me. I could see right under her skirt now, her legs were wide open. I could see the smooth white material of her panties. I could see the wet spot forming under her sister’s fingertips and I could see my cock just an inch from where it longed to be. My ego swelled with my erection as I saw how large I looked against the tiny area described by her panties.

Sara moved her head down and I shifted my head to best see what she was doing. I could feel more than see her covering the head of my cock with saliva before circling it’s tip with her tongue. She then moved her mouth to her sister, where she licked at the wet spot on the material, making it spread much quicker. A moan escaped Mai’s lips and lingered around the room. She moved her attention back to me, covering my cock with moistness, pressing her tongue against. When she moved her head back to her sister I could see that she’d been busy there too.

Unseen to me her hand had crept back to Mai’s panties, and had pulled them to the side. For the first time I saw her pussy and my erection quivered in anticipation. She was shaven smooth, and Sara was using her fingers to hold open her slightly swollen lips. I only caught a glimpse of the wet pink before her twin moved her mouth over the small hole. I wished I could see her tongue working inside Mai, but the melody of moans told me they were both enjoying it greatly. Sara’s free hand found it’s way to my cock and slowly started stroking me up and down. Her pace and pressure wasn’t enough to get me off quickly, but that wasn’t her intent. She started alternating her oral attention between her sister and me, determined to make us both as wet as possible. Her fingers and palm made sure that no one got left out in the process. Except her, I thought.

Feeling a little braver, I dragged my attention away from what he was doing to us both, and looked at Sara’s ass, swaying slowly to my right. She was resting on her knees, but was bent over so far her skirt didn’t even begin to cover her ass. I moved my weight over to my left elbow so that my hand would be free to move. I started at the tip of her high heels, before I started stroking her legs (her white stockings seemed to hum as I brushed over them) and moved up her thighs. A murmur escaped her lips as she switched again and she licked the length of my cock. Without looking at me, she opened her legs a little, enough for me to stroke the thin material covering her own tight little pussy. I rubbed against a patch of wetness, finding the right spot and concentrating on it. I felt her move over to her sister but noticed her grip on my cock had gotten a little harder. She must also have doubled her efforts on her twin as Mai’s murmurs became groans. I increased my pressure to match and now both girls were making the most deliciously erotic sounds I’d ever heard. A cry escaped Mai’s lips and I could tell she was about to come. I tried desperately not to do the same thing, but Sara was not making it easy. With Mai’s approaching orgasm she was becoming more furious with both of us. Just when I thought I could hold out no longer, she stopped. Everyone stopped and for a second Mai froze in position, her pussy pushed right against her twin’s face. Then, with a strained cry of pure ecstasy she came while Sara lapped away at her now trembling slit. I thought I was sure to have come myself, showering the side of Sara’s face with my own mess, and I might have done, had she not been expertly squeezing my throbbing cock in just the right place to stop me.

Sara lifted her head and moved away, I drank in the picture of Mai’s pussy which was now visibly swollen and covered with moisture. I fixed my gaze on her opening as she pulled herself back to her sitting position, straddling my thighs. She was holding up her skirt and her panties were still to one side, so I could see everything. During her exertion her open blouse had fallen down her back revealing bare shoulders and opening up my view of her perfect round breasts, the only part of the twins that wasn’t petite, now covered with a thin coating of sweat. Her black, almond shaped eyes were staring at me. They seemed to burn with a lustful desire that mirrored my own feelings perfectly.

I was vaguely aware of Sara beside me, she’d pulled up her own skirt and had one hand moving busily inside her panties, her other one was moulding her breasts as she watched her twin move closer to me. Mai moved her hand down and held on to my cock. I’d lost count of the times they’d made me feel like I was bigger downstairs than I thought, but once again my ego bloomed. That look of shy innocence found it’s way onto her face and for an second I was afraid she might change her mind. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

She lifted her hips a little, she’d assumed a position somewhere between kneeling and squatting and I could feel my dick rubbing against her. While she moved, her panties had slipped back into place but she was quick to pull them aside again. I used my finger to trace a bead of sweat as it ran down her neck, and over her breast which I proceeded to fondle softly. Wet flesh touched wet flesh as she moved my cock to her pussy. Once again my mind raced at the thought of feeling such a petite form accepting my erection. Once again I had to fight the urge to thrust into her and realize such dreams. I was lucky; she seemed just as eager as I was.

Mai surprised me a little by not pulling back my foreskin. It had occurred to me that coming from America she must have been used to circumcised men, but she had seemed capable enough. I realised what she was doing as she pushed that foreskin against her soaking, but still amazingly tight hole, she was using it to get me inside easier and it was working. Her eyes became black slits on her light coloured face as she slowly eased me into her. She skilfully manipulated my cock so that the head bloomed inside her pussy, but the sensation of squeezing into her almost overwhelmed me. She let out a moan that seemed like pain mixed with pleasure as she moved up and down my erection slightly. The progress was slow, but I could feel her engulfing my cock It seemed to take forever before I was fully inside her and her moans had gotten louder the deeper I went. I couldn’t hep but release moans of my own as Mai was so tight it bordered on painful. Her pussy had a grip on my erection like I had never experienced before and I never wanted it to end.

I noticed her talking under her breath, it was mostly in Japanese but I recognised a few English swear words littered around. With our groins locked together, she leaned forwards over my body. She lowered her face to kiss me and her hair fell over her shoulder in a blanket of soft black, framing her delicate oriental face perfectly. Her lips met mine. They still tasted of strawberry. My hands fell to her ass which rose slightly as she very slowly moved her pussy up my cock. The sense of my erection being gripped all around intensified as she rose as if she was pulling me up with her. As she kissed me tenderly she forced her hips up and down slowly as I fucked her in long, hard strokes.

As we moved together the pace began to quicken slightly. Her pussy was still excruciatingly tight, but she did seem to be loosening a little. After a short while she gave up on trying to kiss me and instead buried her face in my neck, as if to muffle her cries of pleasure and pain. I could feel her movements building up to something and before I knew it she was making the now familiar noises that indicated an approaching orgasm. I felt her cunt tighten it’s grip on me even more as the same nails that had been so delicate over my skin, took hold of my back. In spite of her tightened hold on my cock, she moved faster and faster. Exclamations of pleasure came from both sides of my head, Sara mush have been close to orgasm herself under the ministration of her fingers. The twins came together in one erotic chorus of moans, cries and foreign dialect.

Mai’s grip on my cock let up slightly, and I could feel the fresh liquid swelling around it. I held on to her ass hard as she continued to fuck me with renewed vigour. I wanted to try and make her cum again, but her new efforts coupled with the sweetly accented voices in my ears pushed me forwards to my own climax. I had both of them telling me to come, telling me to fill Mai with my mess, telling me to fuck her hard… before I knew it I could feel my cock swelling. My mouth moved, but no warning came out, I simply held on to her harder, met her thrusts harder and before I knew it I came harder than I ever had before. Her hip movements became jerky, as if she was timing them to the spurts of thick cum that were shooting inside of her. The result was that I kept coming, and the sensation became more intense with each jolt of her pussy over my sensitive, erupting head. After an eternity of orgasm the final load was unleashed and she stopped moving. The room was quiet save for the sound of heavy breathing. Her body fell onto mine and I wrapped my arms around her petite form I felt her shift to one side, my shrinking cock still inside her, as Sara moved in to share the embrace. We were all hot and sweaty and the room smelled of sex. I’d need a while to catch my breath but there was only one thought that coursed through my mind, I want more.

“Did he come hard for you, sis?” Sara asked.

“Mmmmm, yeah,” replied Mai, smiling dreamily, “He filled me up I think, wanna see?” With no more word she pulled herself up onto her hands and my cock slit out of her with an audible plop. Thick cum trickled out and ran down her legs. I saw Sara’s eyes light up at the sight, and she bent down, moving her had towards her twin’s messy groin. I saw her lick up all the thick jizz that had run down her thigh, swallowing it all before making her way towards Mai’s shaved pussy. She was going down on her sister differently that before, playing less attention to her clit, made no attempt to let her fingers play. This was all about cleaning her up and drinking my cum. Mai managed to interrupt her long enough to scoop some of it up on her own finger, and raised it to her mouth where she savoured it like the finest caviar. She seemed put out that she couldn’t have the rest of it but her disappointment lasted only until she looked down at my limp cock which was nearly as messy as the hole Sara was busy licking. She immediately fell down upon it, her tongue and lips cleaning it of the sticky mix of both our juices.

All the sexual will in the universe couldn’t make my spent cock spring back to full erection. But again, that wasn’t the point. That, however, didn’t stop me from taking pleasure in her wonderful tongue exploring my foreskin and head inside and out in the search for cum. I loved the sensation of her warm, wet tongue caressing my dick with firm, hungry motions. I could feel it swelling inside her and knew that regardless of the fact that I’d come twice in such a short time, I was going to be ready soon for her sister.

At that point I turned to face her, Sara was bent over, facing away from me and still very much enjoying her sister’s pussy. My eyes were instantly drawn to her ass which was swaying inches from my face to the same rhythm as her tongue. Her white panties barely concealed her perfect round rear and I could clearly see the cleft between her legs surrounded by wet cotton. My eyes fixed on that grove, and the damp patch that seemed to grow the more I watched, fortunately Mai seemed to have cleaned my cock of any flavour and was now taking care of my burgeoning erection by sucking hard on my flesh. I could feel myself start to fill her small mouth and grow down her throat. I felt her moans vibrate down my cock and figured Sarah had also switched from cleaning to pleasing. Perfectly manicures finger nails brushed against my balls and before I knew it my fully erect cock was pulsing against Mai’s tongue. I concluded to myself that Japanese twins were better than Viagra when it came to putting a spring in your step and a lead bar in your pencil.

With one swift motion I pulled down Sara’s panties, all the way down to her knees. I saw the puffy lips of her pussy for the first time and instantly became hungry. Unlike her twin, Sara wasn’t completely shaven; a thin “landing strip” of trimmed, dark hair pointed the way and both hair and pussy were glistening with so much juice. Without thinking I shifted my head so that I could press my mouth against her.

This new position was awkward but she helped by shifting herself towards me. I was leaning on hand, but my other grabbed hold of her perfect ass as I sank my face into her groin. A million bitter-sweet flavours flooded into my mouth as my tongue worked along her soaking lips. I found myself making a mental map of the folds and grooves my tongue was feeling before I found the right spot and her body shook a little at my touch. I focused my attention there and it started a chain reaction of pleasure. As I concentrated on Sara, she redoubled her efforts with her sister’s pussy who in turn increased the pressure and motion as she sucked my cock which caused my tongue to surge into life against the pussy in front of me. I could easily have let this reaction continue until we all exploded in messy orgasms but I had other plans for this erection. As I felt my balls shrink and my cock groan I reluctantly pulled myself out of Mai’s mouth and paused to let it calm down a little. Mai’s face, still so cute and innocent, looked confused and hungry. Without a word I got to my knees and moved behind her twin, Mai smiled understandingly.

I knelt behind Sara with one thought on my mind and lifted her skirt higher to gaze at my goal. Logistics stood in the way though, her petite Japanese body was simply too low down with her legs open as they were. I quickly changed tactics and got off the bed, standing close to the edge. Sara must have known what I was about to do, but she seemed lost in her twin’s pussy. Her ass bobbed up and down in front of me, her pussy a few inched away from the head of my cock. I decided now was not the time to let them set the pace. I needed to be inside her. I placed two hands on her delicate thighs and pulled her petite frame backwards she yelped a little in surprise, but then moved back, nuzzling her backside against my erection. I moved one hand round to her front where it rested on her flat stomach and held my cock with the other. Remembering the trick Mai had used not so long ago, I pressed my foreskin against Sara’s tight but soaking pussy and pushed forward.

I saw her hands seize fistfuls of bedding and heard her cry out in pain and pleasure as I sank my erection fully into her. My arm was still wrapped tightly around her and once again I was surprised by how small this Japanese woman underneath me was. I pulled my arm away and forcefully took hold of her small waist with both hands, standing straighter to thrust myself deeper inside her. She cried again, so did I, the tight hole squeezing my cock was almost as painful as it was exquisitely pleasurable. Sara wiggled her backside around in front of me, wanting more. I quickly complied and began to fuck her in long hard stroked, finishing each one with a short thrust, feeling myself going deeper than I thought possible with each one. My fingers sought the folds of material that made up her short skirt and held onto them as if I needed any handhold I could find to maintain my motions.

I could feel sweat beginning to roll down my face and back due to the effort of moving my cock in and out of such a tight space but I maintained a steady rhythm and soon Sara was moving her ass along with me. The sensation overwhelmed me and I was soon lost in the perfect harmony of our bodies, watching my erection moving in and out of her, feeling her trying to increase the pace as if building to something. Before long I heard Sara’s cry’s become louder, felt her pussy tighten it’s grip even more, sense her juices spill with each outward motion as her body shook with orgasm. Once again I heard cries in another language and once again I made a mental note to learn Japanese. I hoped she’d be eager to keep going. She didn’t even slow her pace.

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