tagRomanceNight Wolf Ch. 06

Night Wolf Ch. 06


Disclaimer: I have tried to make sure my historical information is correct and I'd like to think I haven't offended any Native Americans peoples with the telling of this tale. I am 1/8th Cherokee and am proud of that heritage. I'm not trying to show any Native Americans in a bad light... that is not my intention.

Author's Note: The English-Cheyenne word translations come from the Cheyenne Language Web Site, one that I've found extremely helpful for the telling of this tale.


Nénáasêstse: Come here

He'kotoo'êstse: Be quiet

Hámêstoo'e: Sit down (plural; spoke to more than one person)

Méseestse: Eat

Tâhéovešêstse: Go to sleep (or Get some sleep)

Né'áahtovêste: Listen to me!

Mahpetana'ôtse: Falling Water

Néá'eše: Thank you

Taa'evâho'nehe: Night Wolf

Va'ôhtama, néséne: Welcome, my friend

Tósa'e nétao'sêtsêhe'ôhtséme: Where are you going?

Héehe'e: yes

Nóxa'e: Wait here

Né'éstséhnêstse: Come in!

Épéva'e: Good (It's good)

Ma'heo'o: The Great Spirit or God

Náhko'e: Mother

Ného'e: Father

Pêhéveéšeëva, naaxaa'éhéme: Good day, my sister

Nómôheto: Go

Hénová'etse: What is it?

Hová'âháne: No

Néméhotatséme- I love you.

Chapter Six

Night Wolf made his way around the village, giving dried meat and semi-cured hides to the families he knew needed them the most, to the elderly and the infirm, to mothers and wives who'd lost sons and husbands in battle with the Crow and Pawnee. He handed a stack of deer hides and nearly all the meat from a large buck to a young wife who's husband had been gored and rendered lame from the waist down by a wounded bull buffalo. She exclaimed her thanks and carried the meat inside. He continued on towards the lodge of his grandparents, to which he gave a bearskin to his near ancient grandfather and another large buck to his grandmother. Sitting down near his grandfather at an outside fire, he listened as the old man told a tale of his first bear kill and the fine hide the sacred animal had given him.

After spending quality time with a man Night Wolf revered beyond all others, he moved on, making his rounds through the camp until he had a small portion to take back to his own lodge. Returning there, he looked around and nodded. It was time for a woman to make the large conical dwelling more of a home. A woman's gentle touch would be nice. He glanced around at his surroundings... from the thick fur pallet at the left side, to the willow backrests and his rack of weapons. The wood box was full of kindling, sage and sweetgrass while the 'kitchen' items where stored away in hide parfleches when not in use. Those items where on the right side. Definitely a woman's touch was needed here, despite the fact that his mother and sisters kept his lodge neat and clean.

Tomorrow would begin her training. He would enlist the help of Sun Bear's wife, Amanda 'Sky Eyes' Rourke, to teach her the Cheyenne language and womanly duties. He knew he'd have to visit his friend soon. He would need Sun Bear's permission. With that decided, he returned to his parent's lodge. Sitting outside was his youngest sister, Little Sage, diligently restringing her bow.

"Pêhéveéšeëva, naaxaa'éhéme(Good day, my sister)." Night Wolf greeted as he bent down near her. "If you get that bow finished, I'll take you on a hunt."

"Would you, brother?" The girl's face lit up brightly.

"Héehe'e(yes), since you think you are a boy instead of a girl. But what you should be doing is helping mother sew and scrape hides," he admonished teasingly.

"That is boring. Mother has Hummingbird to help her with that. I wish to make war and hunt like a brave."

Night Wolf laughed and ruffled her hair. "There is more to being a warrior than making war and hunting, my feisty little sister. Within a few years many young braves will be looking for wives and you will not have the proper skills. Mother and Father have been very lenient with you by letting you act like a boy. The time will be soon upon you to act like the girl you are and learn to become a good, dutiful wife."

"Don't lecture me, brother. You are sounding like mother, always harping at me to act like a girl. Girls have less fun than boys. Besides that, you are well past the age where you should have taken a wife to your lodge. Father gave you a lodge so you'd find a wife. Prairie Flower as well as Singing Wind look upon you with much favor. They are beautiful, are they not?"

He chuckled. "There are things you are not old enough to understand yet, little sister. I have chosen a wife."

"That white woman with mother?" Little Sage exclaimed loudly.

"Yes, my sister, she is Falling Water. Would you begrudge your favorite brother his destiny?"

"She is white, though, and Father says he fears that our warrior's will no longer welcome you in their circles or follow you on the war path. He said that Big Pine may consider passing the war chief bonnet to another."

Night Wolf clucked his tongue, thinking carefully before he spoke his next words. "I am a great warrior whether I have a white or Cheyenne wife. My choice does not affect my ability on the field of battle nor will it sway the outcome of Big Pine's decision. My chest still bears the scars of the sacred Sun Dance. I fight with much strength, honor and courage. My enemy will always feel the sting of my war lance and the bite of my arrows. I have fought the Crow, Ute, Pawnee, and Kiowa; I have also battled the bluecoats. My lodge pole bears the weight of the scalps of those who have fallen to my greatness. I have counted coup on hundreds of other warriors. My body bears the scars of those battles. So you see, dear sister, you would be wise to hold your tongue behind your teeth, for you know not of what you foolishly speak. A mere woman-child should not dare to discredit that I am the best warrior this village has ever produced."

"Forgive me, my brother, for I am but a foolish female that speaks without thought. I shall offend you no more." Little Sage trembled and ran away toward the river, leaving her bow behind.

Night Wolf shook his head at her impertinence and watched her go before he re-entered the lodge of his parent's. Making his way to Ione's side, he crouched beside her, and spoke to her in an even firm tone. "Mahpetana'ôtse, nénáasêstse (come here)."

She looked over at him as she recognized his voice. She smiled and went back to watching his mother bead a buckskin shirt with a thunderbird design. She recognized the symbol that she'd painted upon a few of the lodges in the village. Night Wolf repeated his command and motioned for her to follow him. She frowned, her brow furrowing. What did he want now? It was come here and go there. She liked sitting and quietly watching his mother work.

"Falling Water, come here," Night Wolf repeated firmly and extended his hand to her.

"Nómôheto (Go)," Night Wolf's mother barked at Ione, motioning to the door.

A dark scowl crossed her face. She knew when she was being dismissed, but what did her handsome warrior want of her? If only she could understand him. He led her to the door, avoiding walking between the fire and the occupant's of the lodge then said his goodbyes to his family before leading Ione back to his own lodge. Ushering her inside, he began to teach her proper etiquette.

His first lesson for her consisted of walking to the right of the lodge while he walked to the left. When he felt she understood him, he motioned her to take a seat at the fire then sat down beside her. Reaching for a parfleche of food, he placed a haunch of meat he'd saved for himself and cut strips from it to make a stew. He reached into another parfleche and pulled out a few wild vegetables they'd gathered while on their way back to the camp, instructing her to chop them. Slowly he pronounced the name of each item, having her repeat it back to him.

Ione soon began pointing at items for him to tell her the words. He happily obliged her, knowing it would help her in the long run to learn their language. Once the stew was simmering he produced a few bowls from a pouch as well as spoons made out of bone. Then he pulled out a few corn cakes as well. Ione's thoughts took hold her while she waited for the food to cook. She recalled how Tessa had told her of some of their customs. Men ate first, served by the women. When he had eaten his fill, the women and children could eat. While the man was eating, the woman was expected to either work on something or sit quietly. The custom seemed unfair to her, but she held her tongue. Even if she objected, how could she make him understand her words of discontent or even begin to understand his response to them?

Once the stew had finished cooking, Ione spooned out some for Night Wolf and handed it to him. He inclined his head and smiled at her before eating the offering. As he finished, he sat his bowl aside and motioned for her to eat hers while he picked up his quiver of arrows and began to work on new ones. He watched as she picked at the deer meat and vegetables with her bone spoon.

Ione's brow furrowed as she sat her bowl aside. Though hungry, she felt the urge to speak to him and remembering the pronunciation of Night Wolf's Cheyenne name that Tessa had told her earlier that day, she looked up at him, struggling to wrap her tongue around the strange words. "Taa'evâho'nehe (Night Wolf)," she spoke clearly, stumbling over the word.

Night Wolf's head jerked up, looking upon her strangely. She knew his name, but how? Then he grunted softly. Black Horse's woman must have told him after she spent much time speaking to him. Though he didn't agree with Black Horse's methods, it produced the results that Night Wolf had hoped for with his Falling Water. Star's assistance in the matter of reassuring his woman had been the catalyst to him fully claiming Falling Water.

"Hénová'etse?" (What is it?)

"I don't understand you," she replied, her lips twitching before she chewed on the bottom one a tad bit nervously.

"Taa'evâho'nehe," he repeated, gesturing to himself before pointing back to her.

"I am Ione Gillen. Iiiii-oooooo-neeeee," she pronounced, drawing out the syllables.

"Iiiii-oooooo-neeeee," he repeated and shook his head. "Hová'âháne (no), Mahpetana'ôtse."


"Hová'âháne, Mahpetana'ôtse," Night Wolf repeated.

She shook her head emphatically, "No, I am Ione. My name is Ione Gillen," she retorted, insistently.

"Hová'âháne," he repeated again, this time more firmly as he shook his head at her. "You are my Falling Water. Mahpetana'ôtse. Hová'âháne, Ione. Mahpetana'ôtse."

"Mahpe..." Ione struggled to repeat, wondering what it meant. "Mahpe-tana'ôtse."


"Mahpetana'ôtse," she said again and smiled triumphantly. The look of joy on Night Wolf's face warmed her to the core. It prompted her to learn more. She wanted to be able to communicate with him and most of all, she wanted to know him. "Taa'evâho'nehe," she said and pointed to the cook fire.

"Váótséva (deer)," he said slowly annunciating the word as he picked up a chuck of deer meat.

She repeated it slowly trying to wrap her tongue around the words. From there, the lesson progressed. He taught her the words for the parts of her body, various foods, animals and commands as well as the appropriate names for each member of his family.

"Falling Water," he spoke up, as he grabbed a trade blanket and a pouch of soap plant then motioned for her to follow him. She did so eagerly, walking beside him while he taught her new words on their way to the river. Her curiosity sparked as she pointed to things he hadn't mentioned to her and she tired her hardest to remember each of the new words.

Once they reached the river, he led her to a secluded place. Ione flashed him an inquisitive look, wishing she knew how to ask why he'd brought her there. Was he expecting to bathe with her? She chewed on her lip, and took a deep breath. If that was to be the case, she may turn and run. Being this close to him had an affect on her she was sure she could get used to, but worried over the implications of it. She knew if she ever returned to her own people, she'd be branded a loose woman or worse.

While her mind raced, Night Wolf tugged at the bottom of the shirt he'd given her to wear. It hung loosely on her, nearly reaching her knees. Ione let a nervous sigh slip from her lips as she glanced up into his dark eyes with apprehension. He motioned for her to come to him. When she did, he grasped the hem of the shirt she wore and he quickly removed it. Then he worked on the leggings and loincloth, quickly freeing them from her body. She squawked as the cool air hit her skin and instinctively snuggled into his warm body. Night Wolf chuckled, wrapping his arms around her before taking them away to remove his own clothes.

Ione gasped as she caught sight of his engorged manhood jutting proudly from the thatch of black curls. She blushed and looked away, finding it hard to believe THAT had been inside her. Night Wolf tenderly pulled her head back to look at his and caressed her cheek. He murmured something she didn't understand, but instinctively decided he was urging her to look her fill of his masculine form. She surreptitiously drank in the beauty of his male body. He was an exquisite specimen of hardened muscles and splendid grace, all sleek and bronzed. The rippled sinew flowed over his form like molten gold.

She never knew a man could possibly be this perfectly sculpted. He was a delight, a delicious sight to behold. The thought sent shivers racing through each and every one of her nerve endings. Best thing of all, he was hers.

Night Wolf smiled and gently lifted her into his arms, carrying her out into the water. She let out a startled cry as the cold water touched her bare skin when he lowered her to her feet. She shivered in the waist deep water. A chuckle slipped from his lips and he ducked beneath the water, coming up dripping wet. He didn't force her beneath the water as she thought he might. It surprised her when he began to wet her burnished red hair with handfuls of water. He reached for the soap plant to scrub her body and hair clean. She let out a gasp as he gently worked his soapy hands over her, bathing even her most intimate spots. Once he was finished, she rinsed herself while he bathed.

He watched her intently while she swam around and splashed playfully. She brushed against him fleetingly, eliciting a low moan from him as he felt his manhood jerk violently. Not even the cold water had cooled his ardor for her. He wanted her badly, yet he had to continue to be patient, despite the fact that she'd given herself to him upon his blankets. He joined her, swimming and playfully splashing. Often their fit of giggles turned into full out belly shaking laughter. Ione was enjoying their playtime. It gave her a chance to get to know him in a whole different light.

The sun was setting, though, calling an end to their play. He called her name and motioned to her shore. Taking her hand, he led her back to dry land where he wrapped a blanket around her slender body. He caressed a breast while he tucked in one end under the other. She smiled as he pulled her to him, gently holding her in his arms for a long moment. Night Wolf savored the feel of her being there, thanking the Great Spirit for bringing her to him.

Knowing it was time to return to his lodge, he quickly donned his breechcloth and moccasins, layering over his chest the bone breastplate and his decorative vest. He gathered her clothing, reminding himself to borrow one for her until she learned to make one her own. Then he led her back to the tipi, aware of how everyone they passed gaped at Falling Water openly.


Once inside, he nudged her to their fur pallet, and removed the blanket that covered her. She flinched a moment and tried to cover herself. He enwrapped her in his arms, crooning soft words to her to calm her. It puzzled him why she was once again hesitant to allow him to see her body. She'd exhibited nothing of the sort while they frolicked in the water. He had enjoyed their play and looked forward to more of it, but for now he would soothe her fears as he ushered them into a deliciously good night.


His soft words served as a gentle balm for her soul. Ione allowed him to draw her close to him and remove the blanket that covered her. She gazed deeply into his jet back eyes, fervently wishing she knew what he had said. Her meager knowledge of his language now failed to help her understand him, but soon, she vowed, soon she would be able to understand his every word and give the appropriate response.

Smiling, Night Wolf gave her a gentle pat on the bottom, pulling her flush to him. "My beautiful Falling Water, you have much fire and spirit. Teaching you may not come easy. You may strain and fight against my will, but know that this is best for you. I will master you with a firm, but gentle, loving hand. You will come to me without hesitation or regret. I will have all of you. The sooner you accept that, the better it will be for both of us," he murmured while his hands trailed a path up and down her spine, sending shivers of delight through her.

Ione responded in kind, despite the fact that she couldn't understand his words. "I can't describe what you do to me and why you have this affect on me. I don't know what makes me want you so. It's so wrong, but I've never known another man so gentle, one who makes it seem so right. I know you don't understand my words anymore than I understand yours, but I don't know what to do. My family is dead and the Crow took my sister. I'm terrified for her. I need to find her. I need to know that she's unharmed. Won't you help me?"

Night Wolf took in all she had to say, but didn't let her know he understood her or that he spoke her language. He pressed a finger to her lips, silencing any further words. "Tâhéovešêstse (Go to sleep)," he spoke firmly.


"Tâhéovešêstse," he motioned to the fur pallet, gently nudging her to it.

"Okay, I'll sleep." Ione grumbled and obeyed him, climbing between the soft furs that made up the pallet.

Night Wolf grinned at her and whipped off his breechcloth, following right behind her. He snuggled against her, pulling her into his embrace. Ione trembled, pondering what he would do next. Would this night be a repeat of the last? Sensing her apprehension, he proceeded slowly. His hand cupped one milky breast and caressed it tenderly, his thumb tracing circles around one taut nipple. Ione sucked in a breath of air and moaned softly, feeling a familiar ache surge within her feminine core. He pressed her flat to the pallet, and rose above her, parting her legs with his knee as he positioned himself within the cradle of her hips. Grunting, he let her feel the full arousal of his manhood poking into the soft curve of her belly. She whimpered as a carnal ache swept through her, causing all reason to abandon her.

Night Wolf began to rub his cheek against hers, touched her hair softly before returning his hands to her breasts. He nestled his head in the valley of her lush mounds, plucking her rosy peaks. He heard her soft moans and gazed up into her passion glazed eyes and slightly parted lips. Her small pink tongue flicked out to lick her lips and Night Wolf moaned at the sight. How sensual that looked.

Closing his mouth over one of her nipples, he suckled gently until she moaned loudly, squirming beneath him. With a soft chuckle of delight, he switched to the other nipple and ground his hips into her, making her cry out with need. She plunged her hands into the damp thickness of his raven black hair.

Lower he traveled, combing his fingers through her nether curls and dipped into the secret center of her womanhood. She gasped and arched as he found the taut little nub hidden inside and rubbed it with the calloused pad of his thumb. Expertly, he fondled her, sending her flying to new heights. Ione whimpered and writhed wildly before unleashing a loud moan as she blossomed with a heart-stopping climax. Her voice pierced the silence of the night as her breath came out in hot sensual pants.

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