tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNightclub Escapades Ch. 02

Nightclub Escapades Ch. 02


Hannah watched the sex-haired woman next to her in fascination and bewilderment; she had heard of the rumors regarding the nightclub—that essentially it was a place where one-night stands and freaky action were constantly transpiring—but, personally she had yet to sense anything remotely sexual in the atmosphere—aside, naturally, from the semi-drunk dancing.

She fixed her makeup and hair on the mirror above the sink, adjusted her tank top—her decision to go braless now had its visible effect—and walked toward the restroom exit; at that moment, however, as she stood in the small space between the men's and women's section of the shared restroom, she saw two guys at the urinal—which was parallel to the entrance.

Involuntarily, her gaze dropped down to their package; her heart raced, as she so openly stared at their hanging meats, and she flipped her long hair backwards, when one of them glimpsed at her and then purposefully lifted his soft yet long dick.

She stood breathless, as both men now took notice of her and remained by the urinal, despite having finished their business, gently stroking their cocks, letting more blood to flow through their south region; as they began slowly to grow, Hannah's heart banged hard against her chest and a faint trembling arose in her hands.

Whether it was the drinks she had insofar had, or the woman that had stood next to her on the sink she could not tell, but, she did not walk away, as she would have normally had; she simply remained in her position staring at the hardening cocks and their grinning owners.

They were rock-hard and still stroking gently, their smiles and winks openly inviting Hannah to approach, to... what? She took two hesitant steps towards them, excitement rising within her as she noticed their widened grins.

"Come here," the man nearest to her said when he grabbed her from the arm and pulled her close to him; he rubbed his erect member on her leather pants, while the other came from behind her and firmly grabbed her breasts over her tank top.

Hannah groaned, as their hands explored her body, groping and fondling indiscreetly, their hard rods on her body. Her top was lifted over her breasts and the man in front of her took her nipples in his mouth, sucking and biting; then, she was pushed, rather forcefully, down on her knees.

Both cocks were rubbed on her face and in her hair, she tasted piss and sweat on the shafts that were being slapped against her half-open lips and slightly protruding tongue; rough hands squeezed and twisted her melon-breasts, as Hannah felt more and more at a complete loss, deeply enjoying the situation, despite the growing sensation of helplessness that rose within her.

One of the men jerked her hair backwards hard and her mouth opened wide in an aghast cry of pain, which allowed the man immediately to shove his cock in her mouth; her gag reflex kicked in, as the cock was driven down her throat inconsiderably and Hannah had to struggle against a sudden urge to vomit.

Throatfucked hard, while still fondled by the other, Hannah had nowhere to go; there was no way out and she could not accept she was so thoroughly enjoying the wild sensations that had overwhelmed her body and mind. Her mouth was stretched, as both heads were now in her mouth; down on her knees on a dirty restroom floor that reeked of urine and sex, with her mouth wide open and her jaw already sore, she could not comprehend why she derived such an intense pleasure out of the whole situation, yet, her pussy was already wet and her hand had found its way under her tight pants, rubbing her clit.

"Shit," she heard someone say and caught a glimpse of a long-haired man with a glass of bourbon in his hand at the restroom's entrance, staring at them in fascination. "Don't let me bother you, I'll just..." he whipped his cock out at the urinal and let out a prolonged sigh as the sound of piss hitting the metal surface filled the room.

The men did not stop, nor hesitate; they took turns with Hannah's mouth, driving their rods down her throat, their balls slapping hard against her jaw. The third man finished his business, washed his hands, and walked out without a word uttered; yet, his momentary presence brought further thrill on Hannah's mind, by reminding her of the public nature of the situation.

"She's fucking loving it, man!" One man said to the other and pointed at Hannah's crotch; she was rubbing herself wildly, a wet spot had appeared on her pants.

"Come on, let's give the slut what she really wants," the other replied with a wide grin; they picked her up on her feet and in seconds she found herself facefirst against the wall, her exposed breasts squeezed against the dirty, cold wall.

Her pants were lowered down to her knees and the men began kissing and licking her thighs, their hands rubbing her down south; she was breathing heavily, biting down her nether lip, her whole body heating up.

"You've got condoms, man?"

"Shit, no!"

"Fuck it," the first man sighed, then drove his cock deep in Hannah's wet cunt; she gasped, as the thick meat stretched her out, reaching deep inside of her. The lack of protection suddenly crossed her mind and caused her to twist and twitch, yet, when the man intensified his thrusts, driving his shaft hard and deep in her, her mind was emptied of all worries... deep down she knew that come morning she'd be eaten up by regrets, but, at that very moment all she could do was moan heavily and hungrily accept the rough penetration.

"Give it to her hard, man," the man encouraged. "She loves it; look at her! Rolling up her eyes, moaning like a bitch in heat..."

"Cut the commentary," the other responded, panting.

"Sorry," the first man shrugged his shoulders; he inserted one finger in Hannah's tight asshole.

Her knees buckled at the sudden jolt of pain that traversed her body; yet, as he gently shove his finger deeper in her ass, the pain became pleasure and her body tightened.

"Keep doing that," the man in her pussy said agitated. "You're making the whore tighter, man."

She lowered her one hand down to her clit, rubbing herself fast, already feeling herself caught in the grip of an oncoming climax; she muffled her mouth with her forearm, biting down her skin trying hard to suppress the screams trying to escape her; two fingers in her ass and a fast-penetrating cock in her pussy, her mind overwhelmed with enthrallment.

When he pulled out of her, Hannah could not help but sigh in disappointment. However, the sudden sensation of emptiness that overcame her did not last long; the other man was quick to go deep inside of her, burying his shaft balls-deep in her.

Hannah was pounded roughly, her face and breasts tightly pressed against the wall; she cried out, when the other man pulled her by the hair away from the wall and bent her over, rubbing his wet from her juices cock all over her face. Her body rocked back and forth along the long, hard thrusts, while getting cockslapped across the cheeks and on the forehead.

Abruptly, she found herself with one cock in each end, both going fast; it was an insofar unknown sensation to her, fucked from both sides, while bent over between the two strange men. Her mind was flooded with great joy and excitement, she did not even care about the occasional semi-drunk stepping into the restroom to take a leak; some lingered on to watch for a few moments, others walked away embarrassed.

Yet, for Hannah all that mattered was the deep feeling of satisfaction that had overwhelmed her, as she was getting fucked and groped by two nameless men.

"Make her choke, man!" The man behind her urged the other. "Shove that dick down her throat; she's getting tighter, when she chokes!"

The man happily obliged and buried his shaft down Hannah's throat, holding her by the hair, forcing her to slap his thighs hard before giving her some leeway and a few moments to catch her breath, while tears streamed down her eyes.

"Let's switch, man, she's too tight a slut!"

They turned her around with ease; she gasped, as they manhandled her as if she weighted nothing, but, before she could even adjust to the new position, they were both back inside of her using her holes with the same ferocity as before.

Her pussy was stretched out and her legs began growing numb; the man in her mouth suddenly took a step back, stroking his throbbing cock right in front of her face and suddenly loads of sperm were shot on her face. She tasted salt from the drops that landed in her wide open mouth, while hot cum dripped down her chin and onto the floor.

"Fuck, man," the one that just came panted, "that was good."

The other one did not respond; he simply continued pounding her hard, driving his shaft deep in her pussy. He pulled her up, his hands firmly groping her breasts, as she leaned her head back on his shoulder.

Hannah was moaning loudly now, eyes shut tight and mouth half-open; he pulled out and she came a fountain, spraying the floor.

"Shit, man," the other man, now a mere spectator, said with a wild laughter. "The bitch came hard."

Without a response, the other man shoved his cock back inside of her, thus continuing the pounding, increasing the rhythm even more. Hannah could barely stand, her legs had gone completely numb, and her stomach still contracted; however, she did not want it to end, she only wished for the fucking to continue throughout the night... it was, nonetheless, not destined to last much longer.

The big cock inside of her throbbed and pulsated—suddenly sending more orgasmic jolts through her already enraptured body and mind—and deposited its load deep inside of her, while Hannah came for a second time.

The man pulled out and slapped Hannah's ass hard, then packed his meat back in his pants; for a few seconds, Hannah remained still, dripping cum down on the floor and on her pants still around her knees.

Quickly after realizing there was no second round, she pulled her pants up and fixed her tank top; the two men had already walked out of the restroom.

She looked and felt like a mess, but, the deep satisfaction swarming her soul more than compensated for her cum-stained pants and gaped pussy; she fixed her hair on the mirror and walked out of the restroom.

Only then did she realize that several people had gathered around the restroom's entrance and had watched her getting ravaged through the opening; some of them clapped, when she emerged, while others congratulatory grabbed her ass.

The bartender gave her a free drink—"for refreshment"—and a slim, older woman in a business suit with too short a skirt sitting next to her on the counter clinked her glass with Hannah's, offering her a wide, meaningful smile.

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