Finally the weekend was here and I couldn't wait until the day was over. I was looking forward to spending the evening at a local club with some of my girlfriends after such a long, tedious week. And spending the night not being worried about being "mom" was an added bonus.

I went home and changed into a short black miniskirt and sexy low cut silver blouse. Even though I am a married woman, I don't mind a little attention from the opposite sex. It makes me feel desirable and on occasion a woman needs that little added thrill.

I made it to the club before my friends, so I grabbed a drink and made my way to a table off to the side to enjoy the music and the atmosphere, and to relax while waiting for my "girls" to show up. While I was waiting, I noticed a group of men passing by from a table evidently near the back of the club heading toward the pool tables. They were all attractive men and I smiled at them as they walked by, noticing one extremely sexy man in particular. He was tall, with smooth mahogany colored skin and he wore his sensuality like a cloak.

I just could not seem to keep my eyes off of him as he and his friends set up for a friendly game of pool. After ordering my second drink, I discovered that my covert glances at the group had not gone unnoticed. I felt his eyes on me as he headed toward my table. Up close, I saw that he was every bit as sexy as I had thought, and couldn't help feeling a little thrill that this gorgeous stud was talking to me. He asked me if I would like to join him at his table for a drink. I said sure, why not. My friends hadn't made an appearance yet, and I felt kind of silly sitting there all by myself.

As I had thought, their table was at the back of the club in a secluded corner. I felt a little uneasy being there, but after a third drink and some easy-flowing conversation I began to feel a little better. We talked about our jobs, sports and other small topics when he suddenly asked if I were married or not. Sheepishly, I said that I was indeed, but that I had enjoyed our conversation. I was getting up to leave, thinking that he surely was looking for someone unattached, when he grabbed my wrist and asked me to stay. He said he wasn't the least bit bothered by the fact that I wasn't "available", in fact, he said it turned him on that he had someone else's woman notice him. Feeling somewhat turned on myself by what he had said, I sat back down beside him to resume our conversation. Immediately I felt his strong hand on my thigh under the table.

Startled, I jumped, being glad that even though the club had been getting steadily more crowded, that no one seemed to be paying us any attention. Tensing, I turned my head to ask him what he thought he was doing, and when I saw the look in his deep, brown eyes, I knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted me, here, right in the middle of this crowded night club. I couldn't believe he wanted to fuck me in such a public place, and I couldn't believe that I wanted to agree. He leaned down to me and gave me a hard kiss and at the same time ran his hand up my leg, under my skirt, to touch my swollen pussy lips through my lace panties. Whether it was the drinks, or his blatant sexuality, I had been getting extremely turned on, knowing all the while that I should definitely not be here doing this with this stranger.

He slipped his hand inside my panties and put two of his long fingers up in my soaked pussy. Sliding his fingers in and out my hot snatch, he looked me in the eye, daring me to tell him to stop. I needed to, I know, but I wanted him to keep going. I did not want to stop feeling the amazing sensations that this dark stranger was producing in me. Letting my head fall back, baring my neck in surrender, I let myself be swept along and within minutes came with a jarring climax unlike any I had experienced before. I could feel my juices running out over his entire hand. Daring not to make a sound, I glanced at him and realized suddenly we were not alone. Sometime during our public display, his friends had returned to the table.

They were staring at us, drinking in the scene. Blushing a deep red, I made to get up and leave their table. With the hand that was not buried deep in my wet cunt, my stranger grabbed my arm and let me know he was not finished with me yet. I thought of making a scene, but immediately stopped myself. I could only imagine humiliating myself, and my complacent, married life had left me with a rush of unfulfilled desires that until now I never knew I had. A glance at his friends from my dark stranger had the three of them surrounding the front of the table forming a barrier between the table and the rest of the noisy club. Then with all three watching us, I was pulled to my feet and bent forward over the table with my skirt pulled up to my waist. I felt him move behind me and glanced back while he unbuttoned his pants and saw his huge cock spring forward. Delight warred with fear, as I had never had something inside of me that looked so large. And the idea of his friends watching our actions spurred a reaction from me I never knew I possessed.

I was going to perform a very private act in front of people I did not know and my excitement was growing with each second. Slowly, he forced his throbbing member up into my drenched pussy. Feeling myself stretched to the limit with his enormous shaft, I couldn't believe the lengths I had gone to with this complete stranger. As he began sliding in and out, pushing in further each time, I could no longer be silent. Moans of pleasure escaped me and I could only be glad the music and noise of the crowd covered my illicit sounds. As he was pumping into me, he reached up with his hand and found my swollen clit yet again. I came violently within minutes, bucking my hips and pushing back on his hard, long length with all my might. My excited movements were having an effect on him, and soon he rammed his entire length into my pussy and came deep inside me.

After taking a few minutes to recover from our episode, he straightened both of our clothes and took a last sip from his drink. He told me good night, and he and his friends left the club. Feeling embarrassed and strangely bereft, I too left the club in a daze and drove home to my mild, boring life. I wondered what ever happened to my friends, and I wondered, if I return to the club next Friday, if one of my strangers friends would like a repeat performance??? Maybe next time, I'll learn their names!

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