tagBDSMNightly Ritual

Nightly Ritual


Master and I have a nightly ritual, a way we get to sleep that has become a necessity.

It starts with a shower. We'll both get in and I'll start with his back. I lather him thoroughly, scrubbing his muscled back, his hard shoulders. Down to his cute ass. The soap slides into his crack, down his thick thighs. Then, he'll turn and I'll wash his chest and his arms. He uses my breasts as a rest, playing with my breasts, pinching my nipples, twisting them while I wash him. Then it's down to his washboard abs, lathering, watching the suds and his cock grow.

Next, I kneel in front of him. Slowly but surely, I take him into my mouth and down my throat as my hands roam. I wash his hips, his ass, his balls. Then, I hug his legs, pressing my breasts against them as I wash the strong muscles. I'll stay there, sucking, licking his cock, savoring the feel of the water sluicing over us both. Finally, he'll pull me up and begin washing me.

He starts with my hair, shampooing it, then rinsing and conditioning it. My hair gets pinned up by a clip while he washes my body. He starts with my front, my shoulders. My shoulders are rubbed, caressed, down my arms. He then cuffs my hands over my head to a hook he has attached in the shower. It's so high it makes me stand on my tiptoes. He washes my front, playing with my breasts, suckling the nipples. Master likes to bite them while he washes my belly. His hands will trail from my arm pits down my hips. I always get a slap on my pussy when I squirm from the tickling.

He skips my cunt and goes down to my legs, washing them, lifting each foot to wash it. Then, he'll unhook my arms and turn me around. My back is washed next, down to my ass. I'll feel Master's hard cock pressing tight into my bottom. He'll reach around and clean my pussy, the washcloth harsh against the lips. My lips will be spread and he'll scrub at my clit and inner folds. He likes to hear me moan, so he scrubs hard, exciting me, getting me ready.

Again he'll unhook me and turn me around. Shaving lotion will be spread on my legs and he'll shave them , making them smooth and soft. One at a time, I'll raise a leg and expose myself to him. He'll play with me, pushing finger into me with one hand while shaving me with the other.

Next, Master will shave my cunt. He'll pinch my lips, pulling them out to denude them. Spread my legs and careful, oh so careful, shave his mound. Every so often, when I'm not expecting it, he'll lean forward and bite my nipple, the continue. The sprayer comes on next and he rinses me, making sure to hit my clit at least once. Master likes his property clean.

By this time, I'm dripping with my own juices. Master has teased me this entire time. We get out of the shower and I dry him off. Of course there is some heavy petting here. He dries me off. Master will choose a scent for me, most of the time lilac. He adds it to the lotion and rubs my entire body down, massaging, relaxing me.

We both brush our teeth and then go into the bedroom. I'll sit on the floor between his legs and Master will unpin my hair. He always gets his hands caught in it as it tumbles to the floor. He'll spend hours brushing it, getting all the tangles out. This is our time, when I tell him about my day and he tells me about his. As he brushes my hair, he'll caress my shoulders, my neck. Sometimes his hand will slide in front and tweak a nipple. He always keeps me primed for him.

"Time for bed my love."

This is when I stand up and go to the closet. We have matching harnesses. Both look like rock climbing harnesses. They tighten around our thighs and waist. Master will help me into mine and I will help him into his. Mine gets locked so I can't open it to get out.

I kneel in front of Master. I start at his feet, kissing up his legs to his balls. Gently, carefully, I'll suck one, then the other into my mouth. I'll roll them with my tongue, gently nipping the skin with my teeth. My tongue will lick a trail up the length of his cock, catching the drop of pre-cum. I'll open wide and he'll thrust into me, filling me. His hands will grab my hair and I'll grab his ass and he'll fuck face for a few minutes.

Now, I grab the ring from the nightstand. It was specially made for him. It looks like a figure eight, except bent in the center. One ring will lock into place cupping his balls, preventing them from releasing. The other, will lock onto his cock, keeping it tight and hard. He'll groan, half pleasure, half pain. It looks so painful, his swollen cock and tight balls so tense. His cock head will turn purple, but he'll stay hard. Oh so hard.

Master will pull me to stand in front of him. He'll lift me up and start suckling my nipples. He bites and licks them, making me cry out. One hand will be teasing one while his mouth assaults the other. Pinching, twisting, flicking. My entire body will tremble and squirm as I beg for release. He'll take the nipple in the side of the mouth and crush it with his teeth, sending shock waves of pleasure/pain.

Master will apply the clamps to them next, tightening. Letting the teeth of them bite into the tender flesh. By now my nipples are bright red and they look bruised. My entire body is flushed with passion and I want nothing more than to be taken, filled.

I move to the center of the bed and lay on my back or stomach, depending on Master's preference. If I lay on my stomach, then he'll lube me and slide into my ass. If I'm on my back, then he'll thrust into my cunt quickly, filling me. The harnesses lock together. He'll tighten the straps, pulling himself as deep into me as he can.

"You are mine. Your body is mine, a house for my cock to keep warm in. You heart is mine. You'll love only me. I own you."

With him buried deep within me, his weight crushing me, I try to fall asleep. We'll stay like this all night. Unable to move, I only stay horny until morning when he makes me explode with such intensity I can't even think for what seems like forever.

Until then, I lie here, my Master possessing me, his hard cock filling me, so hard and tight in me. The feel of him between my legs all night driving me insane. The ring on his cock pressing insistently at my clit. His weight crushing me. My breasts on fire from his weight and the clamps. My hands run over his back, his ass, caressing, massaging. Claiming him as my own even as he claims me.

And so I sleep.

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