I woke slowly and fought my way to consciousness as if trying to swim up from deep, dark water. The pressure in my mouth was immediately foreign to me and when I went to reach for whatever it was in my mouth I found my arms wouldn't respond. Still trying to awaken myself it took me a little time to realize that my hands were restrained. A couple good shakes told me that I was shackled. My subsequent scream was thoroughly muffled by what was in my mouth.

My legs were also restrained and a cool wafting breeze from my open window told me that I was also naked. Fully awake at this point I remembered that I had closed the window on this unusually chilly summer night.

'It's just the way you wanted it, Christie.'

His voice was manly enough, confident, and somehow caring. Still, I didn't know him and the practical aspect of waking up bound, tied, and naked in ones own bed doesn't instill anything other than fear of whoever the voice belongs to.

A caress of my bare foot sends a shiver up my spine. Combining fear and the chill of the night, the goosepimples come easily.

'You like that. I knew you would.'

I can't see him in the dark but I feel the bed as he climbs on it. Gently, he spreads my knees apart and immediately nuzzles my sex. In utter futility I scream again and buck wildly.

'Right, like in your story you have to fight to make it clear that this isn't your choice. I loved that story, Christie, and it was so wonderful when you invited me to help you live it out. All of our chats for the last few years and now here we are living out the fantasy. This is going to be sweet!'

Chats? What chats? I haven't chatted since I was nineteen! His mouth descends on my sex like a thirsty man on a beer. Despite any feelings to the contrary, my body responds to the attention and I feel an unwelcome arousal as his toungue knowingly seeks out my secret places. Lovingly and gently, his hands caress my body from my knees to my breasts as that familiar feeling starts to build in me. It's too soon! I never respond like this and now my body just seems to betray me.

'Just like you'd said, you smell of lavender.'

The brief interlude over, his tongue returns to my sex and I almost immediately feel the pleasure building. I whine with the lack of control over my most private and personal part of myself and he giggles and slips his tongue deep into my body and then he sucks onto me as if drawing life itself from me.

I cry out with the unwanted pleasure and he does it to me again followed by yet one more time. I come back to my senses and feel the sweat on my back cooling the sheet beneath me. The bed moves again.

'I've waited for this for four years. You have too.'

He lays himself on top of me and as comes close to me I can only see his lips and his eyes through the balaclava covering his head. He kisses my neck as I turn my face from him and he giggles again.

'You're amazing how you're playing this! This is so great!'

My body having already done what it wanted in response to his previous attentions, he finds me ready yet again for what he does next. I smell his aftershave as I feel his cock grind into my pubic hair and I hear him swoon as the head slips into me.

'Oooohhh, fuck.'

He stops for a second, a second that stretches out to an eternity for me. And then, in a few strokes, we're fully involved and the hair from his ample balls tickles the skin on my ass. For some strange reason I find the sensation to be erotic despite the fact, a fact I make myself acknowledge, that I am being raped. The sensation of his cock slowly and comfortably slipping into my depths before retreating only to do it again evokes something else. It is wrong in so many ways and I try to tell myself to stop, but then I spread my legs just that extra bit to get him into me even deeper.


He snugs himself deep into me with each thrust now. Past experience tells me that if my hands were free I'd be feeling his butt tighten and his back arch into me every time he seeks my cervix.

He stops for a moment.

'I know it's not exactly how you wanted it, but I know you'll like it.'

I have no clue what he's talking about. He slips from my body and I suddenly feel the cold air on my pussy. Hmph, I want to call it my 'sex', but I realize that right now it's a pussy.

The sound of a soft rope rubbing on rope comes to my ears and then my legs are free.

Before I can think too much about that fact he lays himself down on me again and slips into me again. His warmth eases the chill I'd felt on my moist pussy and it's a kind of a relief. He puts the weight of his chest on mine and crushes me into the soft mattress as his hands seek my knees. I know what he wants and I comply and bring my knees up around him. His hands go to the soles of my feet and he presses my knees back as he rises over me. He lets go of my feet and holds himself in a pushup over me. I must look like a slut is what I'm thinking as I see him staring at the place where his body enters mine.

As he continues with his rape there are times when the only parts of the two of us that touch is where he goes into me.

I'm not sure when it happened, but I'm suddenly aware of a pillow under my ass.

He gets more intense.

'I want you to feel it when I come in you. I want you to concentrate on feeling us together. Think about my cock in you when you feel me come and put my baby in you.'

Baby?! Jesus Christ, he doesn't have a condom on!

I scream, I shake my head 'no', I go to try to kick him off of me and he just falls onto me and starts to pound at me. I can't help it, my feet are up in the air and my knees are at his side as he plows me.

'Ahh, ummmm. Unghhhhh.'

He looks me right in the eye as I feel him hold himself deep inside me. His balls twitch on my ass and I feel his cock ripple and swell as it pushes its cargo into me. He just seems to never stop coming into me and it seems like my pussy has no end to its thirst for his bastard sperm. And, oh shit, I know it, I just KNOW I'm going to be pregnant when this is done.

He lifts himself off of me.

His cock is still wildly spewing sperm, soaking the sheets and my belly in an absolute shower of semen.

'There, isn't it beautiful?'

I look down and see my belly swollen with the baby he just put into me.

I screamed.


My shoulder is being shaken.

'Sweetie, wake up. C'mon, wake up, honey.'

I open my eyes and find Steve looking at me.

'You had a bad dream, hon. You okay?'

'Yeah. It must've been that sandwich earlier.'

He chuckles and mumbles something along the lines of 'I told you so' and rolls over and goes right back to sleep.

I swing my legs out of the bed and feel the little bit of tenderness in my feet as I put my weight on them. I pad out to the bathroom and plop down on the toilet and pee. It takes forever before I can wipe myself and get up. I wash my hands and the cool water reminds me of another cool sensation.

I look in the mirror and think about how I've never looked better than to be carrying my baby.

I get back to bed and can't sleep so I get up and go down to the basement and flip on my computer. I check my messages and find that there aren't many (which is normal since I quit work) and then I remember the vivid nightmare and realize it might make a passable story. In typing it out and sipping on some water my eyes begin to grow heavy and now that I'm done I'm ready to go back to bed. The bed where my baby was lovingly made with my full cooperation.

Before I submit the story one last thought crosses my mind.

Maybe I need to get Steve a ski mask for when I want to get pregnant again.

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