tagLoving WivesNightmare of a Wicked Wedding

Nightmare of a Wicked Wedding


As Sam, my beautiful love walked down the isle, only minutes away from becoming my wife, I knew she was everything I had ever wanted. She was intelligent, wonderful, kind, sexy and so full of life. In many ways I still couldn't believe that this amazing, petite, half Spanish model had fallen so deeply for me. It was a dream come true and as she walked towards me in her white classically styled wedding dress I have to admit I was finding it hard to breath.

The service went by so quickly, I was in a daze, caught up in what I can only call the magic of the day and soon we were running to the Bentley that Sam's father, a big time businessman in London, had lent us for the day. We waved frantically to our guests before settling back and relaxing into the luxury seats as Boggs, the age old family chauffer, drove us towards the reception. The reception itself was being held at our mutual friends and my ex girlfriends, Erica's hotel. She didn't own it, but was the day to day manager of it and had offered us a fantastically reduced price for the honeymoon 'lovers' room. And tomorrow we were jetting off to Florida for a week, it was just all unbelievable.

I slid across the seat next to Sam and ran a hand up one of her smooth legs, brushing my fingers against the crotch of her panties.

'I thought we were going to wait until tonight.' She said, looking out of the window.

I pulled hard on the fabric of the little white thong she was wearing under her wedding dress, hearing a satisfying snap as it broke, and plunged two fingers into her. Although she was playing it cool, her pussy soon began to dribble onto my hand and she began squirming slowly in her seat. The suddenly a huge bang came from the engine and the car drew to a halt.

'What's wrong?' Sam shouted, pushing my fingers out of her.

'I think the engine has blown my Lady.' Came Bogg's voice over the intercom.

'Go and fix it.' Sam demanded.

'I don't really know how.' I protested.

'Well then, you aren't getting any more of this,' she flashed her pussy at me as she hoisted up her dress to remove the broken thong, 'until this car is up and running.' She threw the thong on the floor and sat back looking out of the window. Shaking my head I got out and went to check out the engine. Fifteen minutes went past where I didn't do much more than look under the hood, when a friendly voice came over my shoulder.

'Hey mate, you won't fix that, that'll need a couple of days in service.'

I turned to see the voice had come from a bus driver who had pulled up a way down the road and clearly walked up to see if he could help. I could see a couple of other guys climbing off the bus behind him.

'What's up?' One of them called.

Hearing the noise my wife climbed out of the car and walked over to me.

'What's going on?' she asked.

'I'm just taking this football team for a post match drink into town.' Said the bus driver.

By this time two of what must have been footballers had joined us, and where giving my wife very appreciative looks.

Without hesitation she turned to one, 'Could you give me a lift into town, it's just I'll miss my wedding reception, and I'm sure my friend will let you have your party in the hotel too.'

'Sure thing.' Said the guy, 'Anything for a sexy bride.'

'I'm so glad you want to take me.' Said my wife and allowed the two guys who were beaming from ear to ear by this point lead her to the bus.

Before getting on the bus she turned to me and shouted, 'Hunny fix the car and get your ass to the hotel.' Then she turned and allowed one of the guys to pull her into the coach.

I fiddled with the car for a few minutes after the bus had left before giving up. I wasn't sure what made me decide to run the few miles to the reception, but what triggered it was seeing my wife's panties lying on the floor in the back of the Bentley and thinking to myself, I've let my semi-aroused, pissed off at me wife, get onto a coach full of footballers while she isn't wearing any panties. Fuck.

By the time I managed to half run, half walk the distance to the reception centre, the party was in full swing, the food had been eaten the speeches made, my wedding cake cut and Sam had clearly not waited to have the first dance with me, being as it was that she was dancing away with half of the football team that had picked her up. When she saw me she ran across the dance floor and smacked a sloppy wet kiss on my lips. I slid me tongue inside her mouth, happy she wasn't still pissed at me, but she broke away, running to hug one of the footballers and plant a big kiss on him. His big hands reached around her and grabbed her tight little ass and her head tilted to one side as she clearly let me and everyone else who was watching see that she had accepted his tongue into her mouth. But before I could really draw anything from it she broke away and ran to dance with some of the other team mates.

I went to the bar and got a drink feeling quite sorry for myself. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see Erica beaming at me. She gave me a big hug and sat down. 'Sam looks happy.' She said pointing at my wife who was drunkenly getting off with one of the football players in the middle of the room.

'She's drunk and she's embarrassing me.' I said.

'Oh come on,' said Erica, 'She's just having some silly fun, you'll be the one to nail her later, and like you said she's drunk, it doesn't mean anything.'

'It just brings back some bad memories is all.' I said.

'It's ok,' she said, 'you've grown out of that, we both have. Sam's a wonderful girl, she's going to make you so happy.'

I smiled, 'Thanks hun,' I said, 'I'm glad we can still be friends.'

Erica smiled back, standing up, 'Well, this hotel doesn't manage itself, I might see you later, and just don't forget who set you folks up ok?'

I nodded and smiled turning back to my drink.

Somehow what Erica said had calmed me down, I was over reacting at a bit of light petting and some drunken fun. But when Erica and me had been going out, she'd kept me dominated and cuckolded so long that I really had forgotten how to live any other way. After we had split up it had taken me ages to want women in any sort of healthy way, but eventually after a couple of years I'd beaten it and then Erica had introduced me to Sam, I broke off smiling, well things were different now.

Sam came over and put her arms round me, I'm ready to go to be you stud, want to take me upstairs. I didn't need any bidding, and accompanied by some of the footballers who had decided to rent rooms for the night we headed for the lift.

When we arrived at the lift, Sam and six of the guys climbed in. They surrounded her, and she stood there looking so pretty and innocent, her dark skin contrasting against the whiteness of the beautiful dress. The guys were a different story, two of them at the front had visible bulges in their crotches and the ones at the back were eyeing her with obvious arousal. These large hotel lifts were designed for at least ten people, but as I tried to get on board the guys made it obvious that they weren't going to make any room for me. I looked at my wife, hoping she wasn't too drunk to see the obvious danger of the situation. She looked back at me and smiled, 'I don't think there's any room for you hunny, you better get the next one.' She said smiling sweetly.

'What?' I protested, 'There's loads of room!'

'I can't see any.' She said reaching forward and pressing the up arrow, as the doors closed she turned her back on me.

Frantically I ran to the other lift shaft and began pushing the call button repeatedly. As the lift slowly descended, Erica joined me by the other lift.

'What's the matter with you?' she asked.

'I think those guys are going to rape Sam.' I said terrified.

'Holy shit.' Said Erica pulling out a staff key, 'Come on we'll take the staff elevator.'

We raced to the elevator and jumped in. In comparison to the main elevator it was tiny, only about the size of a shower cubical, we squashed in, but even within seconds I felt claustrophobic a scared. 'This one's twice as quick.' Erica informed me, 'We'll get to the floor before them and defuse the situation.'

Erica had climbed in after me and I was trapped between her and the wall. She was facing the other door, he back to me.

'It's quite a squeeze.' She said.

'Uh-huh.' I managed.

Then the lift stopped.

'Fuck.' Screamed Erica, fiddling with the controls.

'What's wrong?' I asked more than a little concerned.

'It's broken, the weight must be two much, this lifts only for one person. I'll try to get it moving.' She leaned further forward fiddling with a panel I couldn't quite see. As she did her still very tight ass rubbed stuck right into my crotch. As she fiddled with whatever wires she was fixing, her movements caused her ass to rub slowly against the light weight material of my trousers. My cock started to stir and tried to ignore it.

'For fuck's sake Erica, my wife's in danger, hurry the fuck up.'

Erica began to laugh and turned round to face me, 'She's not in trouble.' Erica's hand grabbed my hard on through my slacks. 'Right now, I'd imagine she's having the time of her life.'

'What are you doing Erica? This isn't funny.'

She held a hand up to shush me and I feel quiet. 'You trying to tell me seeing her with those guys didn't turn you on, didn't make you feel right.'

'No, she embarrassed me.'

'We both know a part of you loved it, needed it, you've just forgotten where women come in the hierarchy of things haven't you?' Erica said, gently toying with the head of my cock.

'No Erica, she was kissing other guys in front of everyone.'

Erica laughed again, 'Oh, she was doing more than that, at one point two of them had her dress bunched to her waist and were fingering away at your little bride right in the middle of the dance floor. Your whole family saw.'

'No Erica, I beat that, I'm not your little cuckold any more.' She squeezed my shaft harder and I nearly fell to the floor.

'Once a cuckold, always one.' She said. 'It gave you a hard on seeing her with those guys didn't it?'

I meant to say no, but one squeeze of her hand and seeing that dominant look in her eyes once more, broke two years of work and led me to nod my head in shame.

'Say it.' She said, 'Tell me what a little cuckold you are, and do it on your knees.'

She gave my cock a final squeeze and all last resistance faded. Falling to my knees in front of her, I looked at floor in shame. 'I'm just a little cuckold mistress.'

'I know you are,' she said, 'and don't worry about her, those aren't a squad of footballers, they're 18 escorts and I've paid them to fuck her good for you.' She put one foot between my legs and played with my balls. 'Well thank me then.'

'Thank you so much mistress.'

'Now can you remember what I told you about men and women?' she asked and I nodded. 'Why don't you tell me.' She promted.

I gulped, 'A man is there to serve his woman, to do anything and everything she asks. He is not her equal nor is he as important as she is. He is a lower life form, she is his goddess, he is not worthy or her.'

Erica laughed. 'Strange that you remember that after you became a 'man' again.'

'I'm sorry mistress.' I said.

'I know you are, that's why I've done all this for you.'

'Thank you mistress.'

Erica bunched her skirt round her waste, revealing her naked pussy. 'Crawl between my legs and eat my pussy little cuckold.'

I did as she said, sliding my tongue inside her and finding her wet and warm. I hesitated realising that my face was become wet and warm too as Erica began to urinate.

'Keep licking me bitch.' She said.

I kept eating her out, while she peed all over me. Some went into my mouth some ran down my face and soaked my shirt. Eventually she told me to stop.

'You are still so shit at oral sex.' She said, 'that didn't do anything for me. There's pee on my legs now, lick it off, but if your tongue so much as touches my cunt I swear I'll bitch slap you so hard.'

I did as she said, licking up and down her smooth legs fighting the temptation to taste her pussy again. When I had finished I looked up at her, feeling slightly sick after drinking that much pee.

She looked at the decent sized puddle of piss that had formed in the corner of the small lift. 'Clean up the lift, then maybe we'll go and see your wife ok?'

I looked at the floor, it was dirty and sticky.

'What the fuck are you waiting for?' Erica shouted putting her foot on the back of my neck and pushing my face into the piss. 'Drink it.'

I didn't know what to do, so I just began slurping it off the floor. It took me nearly fifteen minutes to clean the area up to Erica's satisfaction, and then she turned the elevator back on and took me, still on my knees up the honeymoon floor.

As we got to the room six drunken guys in different states of undress past us, not paying us any attention. Erica led my into the bed room. My wife was on her back, her legs over some guys neck while this guy just jack hammered into her. Her beautiful wedding dress was torn and ripped exposing one of her tits, but what stuck in my mind the most was how much cum she was covered in. It was all over her, in her hair over her face, on both her hands. The dress was stained all over. By the sloppy sounds her pussy was making it was clear she'd taken a few loads up there too.

'How many?' Asked Erica.

'I'm the last.' Said the guy not breaking his rhythm.

'Pull out of her.' Erica said.

They guy did as he was told and a long strand of semen, obviously not his, stretched between his hard on and my wife's stretched pussy.

'I'm going to fuck this stud's brains out.' Said Erica, turning to me. 'You clean your wife up.'

I headed to the bath room and grabbed a toiled role, and came back to the room. Erica hit me hard in the face. 'Don't try to be clever, you haven't been out of the game for that long. Get out of your clothes and lick your beautiful wife clean. I expect to see her perfectly clean all apart from her right hand when I get back.' And with that she left the room.

I took m clothes off and climbed onto the bed. I began licking the cum off her feet, working my tongue in between her toes to lick up every strand. My wife just lay there, looking totally satisfied and as if her brains had literally been fucked out. She said nothing. I worked my way up her legs eating my way slowly towards her crotch, trying to tell myself I wasn't enjoying this as much as my hard on testified. As I reached her inner thigh I could taste some of her juices mixed with the semen. Deciding to save her pussy for later I began to eat dollops off what remained of her dress, then cleaned up her exposed breast, and drank cum out of the lea of her neck. I worked my way across her arms, sucking the fingers of her left hand one by one into my mouth. Lifting her head I combed long strands of cum out of her hair and eat them off my fingers, before licking her cum covered face clean. Next I pried open her mouth and was rewarded when what seemed like a gallon of cum spilled out over her lips. Then I went down on her licking her cum filled pussy as best I could, before spooning out what the cum I couldn't reach with my tongue with my fingers. I turned her over and movement forced out dollops from her ass hole which I greedily swallowed.

It was about this time that Erica returned alone.

'Not a bad job.' She said. 'Now for the real wedding, no vows just actions. Just lick all the cum off your wife's wedding ring and thank her for treating you so well.'

I did what I was asked without hesitation, in many ways I was disappointed that there was no more cum.

'As it's your wedding night, I'll let you fuck her.' Said Erica.

At this my wife sat up, 'No, I'm too sore even for him.' She said.

'Ok,' said Erica, 'Fuck off and sleep on the sofa cuckold.' I nodded leaving the room, overhearing Erica as I closed the door, 'Now bitch,' she said to my wife, 'I've got a pussy full of cum, know anyone who likes to eat cum?'

'Please mistress,' Sam almost cried, 'Can I eat it out of you?'

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