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Nightmare of Silent Hill Entry 03


Sins of the Sexless

This chapter ended up taking longer than the second. Sorry, that's life for you. I intend to post pictures and maps with this on Myspace, which you can look up if interested. Another resource for junkies in the Silent Hill Wikia. I hope you all enjoy this as much as the rest of the series. Thanks to Team Silent for an amazing series and to my editor, Josh, like always. Kileka

"I had followed Sanford St. down to Nathan Ave, moving to south Silent Hill again. I had reached a large partition right before Carroll St. It was about 10 feet tall and made of reinforced plastic with a metal frame. I actually believed I was gaining a basic knowledge of the layout of this town. I also checked my maps obsessively, just to be sure of my location. I approached and opened a door in the lower right corner of the partition. There was the normal road and landscape on the other side. Further down the road I saw young Alessa on the edge of my vision. My eyes widened and I hauled ass down the road as fast as I could. With my hand outstretched, I yelled "Wait!" She giggled and ran off. After a few minutes of running down Nathan Ave, passing several monsters on the way, I realized she wasn't going to let me catch up. I ignored any monsters we passed, focusing on the girl. We turned down Carroll Street as I jogged after her.

I stopped when I realized where she was taking me. I stared at a brick wall holding an iron gate. Behind the gates was a sterile white building with boarded up windows. The building was three stories high. The landscape was growing out of control, as the grass was up to my knees and the hedges were giant bushy spheres. The paving on the driveway was cracked and wild weeds were growing out of them, rupturing the cement to broken chunks. A sign on the gate pointed toward the entrance. Above the iron gate in ominous letters was: Brookhaven Hospital. Something about the place bothered me to the core, draining at my already waning resolve. The girl I had been chasing was nowhere to be found. I felt an urge to go inside regardless of the hesitation in me. 'I have to find Alessa. She might be in danger. Here goes nothing.'

I approached the gate and pushed it open. It gave way with a ringing creak. I walked down the walkway toward the boarded up double doors. I looked around for monsters but there were none. I kept moving until I was in the door. Inside was musty and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years. The floors and walls were dirty white tile with broken industrial lights. It had the smell of grime and the air outside, which was consistent with the rest of the buildings here. It was fairly well lit in the entrance but got eerily dark further into the hospital. I spotted the counter to the reception area. After concluding that there were no monsters behind the counter, I tried the companion door to the room. It squeaked open. Inside was dark enough to make me turn on my flashlight. I held the flashlight with the hand under my gun hand. I spotted a first aid kit on the desk and took it. Looking around, papers were scattered about a desk and filling cabinet. I found a useful paper among them, a map of the hospital. I went out to the entrance again and proceeded down the right side of the hallway. I checked doors that wouldn't open and marked them off as I went. I kept my gun within close reach, tucking the gun in my pocket while putting the flashlight in my teeth.

Finally, the fifth door reading Doctor's Lounge opened. Immediately I heard an odd clicking sound and a voice filled my head ...Take...medicine...deary...I immediately pulled out my gun and leaned into the door. I quickly opened it to reveal a white figure. Without thinking I leveled my gun with its head and fired two shots. The thing went down and bled out. I analyzed it closer now that it was dead. It was all white and in white nurse garb. It was also completely faceless. I looked around the room and, finding nothing, left. I continued with the side, until it opened up to an intersection. To my right was a dark hall and elevator doors. Straight ahead was another dark hallway. I headed there first. The door that read Cafeteria opened. I heard a buzz and scuttling as I entered. There in the center of the white tile floor was the biggest cockroach I had ever seen. 'Holy shit!' It came up to my knees at least and was the size of a kitchen platter. I immediately aimed down and fired two shots into its body. It died with a shrill as I thought, 'I'm getting better with my aim. Watch out creepy monsters!' Realizing that this was an empty room with bare tables, I moved to the open door in the room.

The next room was obviously the kitchen. It had large walk in freezers, large metal sinks and wall length stoves. There were no creepies but the two other doors out of the room were blocked by random debris. Right in front of me on a stove was a health drink, 'Yum-o. Like Rachel Ray. Funny.' Something reflective on the floor caught my eye, but in front of it was a large strange symbol. It looked like two circles with a triangle in it. A deformed S filled the triangle while lines connected the two circles. I analyzed it to figure out what it was. As I stared at it, a vision swept over me.

A rusted metal grate stands before me. Behind it is numerous pipes lining a infinite spanning room. On one of the pipes, a strange thing is strangling a nurse, dangling her above the endless floor. The thing's frame is human and its head vibrates and twitches, obscuring its face. It appears to be wearing a robe, tight to its frame with gloves on it's hands. It has a strange symbol on its upper arm. It keeps choking the nurse until it looks toward me. Its head stops twitching, revealing a leathery featureless face. It has crooked stitches across the line of its mouth. I hear in a charming, heady voice ...Another vessel for the God? You shall be a sacrifice for our God. HE will want to have fun with you first...

I came back to the kitchen on my knees. 'A full sentence? What the fuck? It kind of reminds me of Voldo from Soul Caliber. That game was fun.' My mind wandered until I shook it into focus. The sparkling object was an onyx orb about the size of my palm. It was pretty so I kept it. I went back through the cafeteria until I reached the main hall again. I checked the day and exam rooms doors just to find them broken. I ignored the door to the stairs and proceeded to the double doors. More debris blocked the alcove, only leaving the hallway to traverse. It was significantly darker in this part of the hospital, giving me the jitters. I moved to the left, caught off guard by the door to C1 opening on me. A female voice rang in my ears as a faceless nurse turned toward me. ...Why so... many?... 'Slow bitch.' I thought as I shot her head, downing her in one bullet. As she bled out on the floor, I looked around the room. A dirty mattress laid about a tiled room. The room was empty other than that. 'How boring.' I spotted something on the bed, which turned out to be a box of handgun ammo with about 14 rounds. 'Not that I'm getting low or anything. I think I have about 15 plus what's left of my clip and the rounds I just picked up.'

Back out in hall, the doors to C2 and the baths were busted. C3 opened right up though, revealing two more faceless nurses. It took me four shots to down these two. I found flashlight batteries on the floor, nothing else being in the room. Continuing down the hall, I entered the double doors into what looked like a recreational area. I tried the first door to my left. No luck there. I tried the knob on a door clearly marked Pool, which also was broken. I finally went to the Garden doors, and silently wished for them to be open. Turn, click. The doors opened up to a un-roofed, run-down garden. Half of the grass was dead, the other half was overgrown. Vines climbed up the walls. It was actually kind of nice in comparison to the rest of this place.

Than I heard a strange buzz, click noise. I brought up my gun, looking toward the door for it's source. No monsters in sight. I furrowed my brow, slightly confused. I heard the crunching of feet on grass and whipped my gun around. A shotgun barrel stared me in the face. The man behind it looked middle aged and unduly weary of my presence. His blue eyes showed fear but his expression had no mercy. He was dressed in a sweater and slacks. 'How did he get in here?' His brown hair had specks of gray in it. The wire spectacles on his face were below his eyes. I froze under his gun. He was human. 'Another person. Is this Harry?'

He spoke finally, "Who are you? What do you want here?" He reached around the gun and pinched my outstretched arm. I flinched and brushed him away.

"My name is Zoe. I just found the door to this place open."

"Why are you armed?"

"I could ask you the same thing."

"Have you seen the things crawling around this place? Who wouldn't be armed?"

"I think you just answered your own question." I finished. He seemed to relax as he lowered his gun. He shifted.

"I guess I can trust you considering you're real and human."

'A little paranoid aren't we?' He turned around and walked to the center of the room. He faced me again.

"Well come on, before one of those things wanders in here."

I was still confused. When he lifted a trap door to an underground cellar, I understood. I quickly followed him under. Once inside he locked the six locks on the door before proceeding down the stairs. I followed him. The place he had built out was small but homey. It was carpeted and had separate areas. There was a kitchen, a table, a couch, radio and a separate room with a bed and toilet. The place was actually pretty clean considering he probably never left. "Want a cup of coffee?" He asked me as he set the gun down. He offered me a seat at the small round wooden table.

I sat and replied, "No thank you."

"You look like you haven't slept in a couple days. You're also malnourished... Have you been eating?"

"What are you, a fucking doctor?"

"Actually I was. Dr. Fardamane."

"Oh. Sorry. Not really but I can't stay. I'm looking for someone." I set my bag on the floor. I set the gun and flashlight on the table.

"No problem. Who?" He eyes the gun, nervously.

"A young girl. Did you happen to see her?" I got anxious as I asked. He got a strange, feral look on his face.

"You should do your best to avoid her." He leans against the makeshift kitchen counter.


"She brings them. The monsters and the Greater Wills. She brings death to all around her. Leave her be, Zoe. Unless you want to end up dead." It was like a speech how he said it all. Like something he had repeated. I was even more confused and got a little irritated.

"What the fuck are you talking about? She's just another person stuck here. Like you and me." I tensed up, assuming a more aggressive posture.

"Your wrong. She is the reason this town is like this."


"Her mother burned her alive. She made a pact with a demon. Now the town is like this. All the people became monsters. The Nightmare comes and goes at her will. She tempts people here and they become like the others. Monsters!" The fervor in his voice, the anger and terror on his voice convinced me he wasn't making it up. I tried to calm him down, waving my hands downward.

"Listen calm down. I don't know what you're talking about. What is the Nightmare? What are the Greater Wills?"

"You've never seen the Greater Wills. If you had you wouldn't be alive. As for the Nightmare, it's the rusty grated thing that takes the place of this town."

'I've survived a Nightmare. I've seen a few. Is he talking about the gauze thing on the roof?' Things were slowly falling into place. 'But why is this place reacting to me then?' I think before I speak. "Listen, I see visions. This place is interacting with me."

"It does with all who can enter here. You are touched by the taint of this place, no, of the Nightmare. You probably have been since you were born. This place wants to consume you only because of that." He was turned around and fixing himself a cup of coffee.

"I still don't understand." I fiddled with the flashlight, taking the batteries out and checking them.

"All of those who have interacted with the Nightmare become tainted. It never leaves and is even carried on in the descendants of the individual. Someone in your family must've come in contact with the Nightmare at some point." He mixed sugar into the cup with a spoon.

'I can't think of any of my ancestors who had showed any sign of contact with this place or anyone who was notedly insane. I've seen two forms of her...' "It wants to consume me by killing me? And what about Alessa?" I put the flashlight down.

"By killing you, you are able to become a monster. Alessa?" The doctor said her name with ire in his voice. "That brat deserves the fate handed to her. She is the cause of hundreds of deaths with more happening every year. More people like you drawn to this place that never escape." He took a sip out of the cup and turns back around.

"What about those who have escaped?"

"Harry? James? Cheryl? Them?"

"I only know of Harry." After checking the safety, I took the clip out of my pistol. I took the box of ammo out of my bag and started putting rounds into the clip.

"Ah. Each of them were tied to someone who had been consumed by this place. Only by finding and killing the individual consumed were they able to escape. But you never escape this place the same." He adjusted the glasses on his face.

"What about you? Are you tied to someone here?"

"Not that I know of."

"Than how can you escape?"

"I don't know."

"I'm not tied to someone here. No one I know has even ever been here." I had finished with the rounds, so I put everything back.

"Your fate must be bound here by another means."

I thought long about what I said next before it actually came out of my mouth. "I think I'm here to release Alessa."

The doctor broke out laughing. "You don't seriously think that?" I didn't respond, disheartened by his reaction. "She is the source of the Nightmare. The only way to release her is to kill her." He said it with deep anger in his voice. "No, kill the form of her that holds the demon."

"How?" I said, resolute.

He laughed even more. "You're psychotic. She has two, count it two, invincible, unkillable monsters protecting her. To make it worse, she resides in the Nightmare alone. The demonic form cannot exist in this foggy form of the town."

"How do you know all this?"

"I survived the town becoming this way. I saw it all with my own two eyes." His head dipped as a strange look crossed his face.

I felt bad for him then. He has been trapped here a very long time if that was the case. I thought about all this again in silence. He sipped on his coffee, watching me. 'There has to be a way.' I reflected on every demon reference I had ever seen or read. None of them were quite like this.

Finally the doctor sighed and said, "Why don't you lay down and rest for a while? You'll be safe here." I wanted to protest but nodded instead. I needed the time to think about all of this. He showed me to the side room. He left the room and closed the door behind him. I sat down on the bed. I dropped my weapons and backpack on the floor. I took off my red coat and laid down. My world went black immediately.


My rest was blissfully free of dreams and I was very glad of that fact. I awoke to some odd slapping noises coming from the other room. My instinct was to pull up my gun and I quietly walked over the the door. I listened closely to the other room. The slapping noises continued but it was quiet besides. 'Where is the doctor? What if something happened to him? The robed creature. No!' A grimace crossed my face. 'What if I was the one who brought it here?" With thickness in my throat, I quietly opened the door. I creaked it open an inch. I was almost expecting the white thing to be standing over his corpse.

Doctor Fardamane was sitting on the couch. A figure was looming above him. On instinct I brought up the gun. I fired a single shot at it's torso. I heard a pop and a hiss of air. The doctor flipped, jumping off the couch with his dick hanging out of his pants and a what-the-fuck look on his face. He dived for the shotgun. In a matter of seconds he had it pointed at me. I walked over and saw what I had, um, killed. I cocked my eyebrow and my jaw drops. I stifle a laugh. He lowered the gun, bereaved. Though I was laughing inside, I felt the need to console him.

"Dude, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shoot your girlfriend." I giggle as we both took a moment to look at the now dead thing. It's pink shell had crumpled. She was a brunette, with bright green eyes and a wide open mouth. She looked faded, although overused. He broke down, landing on his knees. He started sobbing loudly.

"Poor Lisa." He continued to sob. I was a little at a loss.

I didn't feel the need to explain why the gun was in my hand. 'He's probably been very lonely all this time.' I thought to myself, justifying his actions in my head. I sat down at the table and put the gun on it. It's safety was back on. I rubbed my eyes and stretched my back. I caught the doctor's eyes lingering on the revealed strip of belly as I did this. He glanced away as my eyes settled on him again, obviously finished with his outburst. The situation was funny but I honestly felt kind of bad. 'He's been alone all this time and it would benefit me to be on good terms with him.' I was justifying giving him...something. I was too much of a prude to give him much. 'Imagine being stuck in a town with no people, surrounded by monsters for years.' He had moved over to the sink to wash his hands. I noticed his pants were back in order as well. I walked over to be next to him. I put my hand on his shoulder. I felt very awkward. He looked at me. I got a whiff of him then. He smelled of aftershave and coffee. I furrowed. 'Why would he still wear it?'

I said, "I genuinely feel bad." His eyes shifted away from me.

"I want you, yaknow." He said hesitantly. He looked at me again with desperation in his eyes. I could tell by his expression he was seriously mulling it over. I put my hand on his chest. It felt unnatural due to the fact I didn't know him very well. "I won't go all the way but everything else is fine." It felt odd saying it. He put his arm around my waist. I kept biting my lip, nervously. Now that I think about it, he was actually fairly good looking considering his age.

"I don't want to make you do something you really don't want to." He finally said.

"Do you honestly think I would offer if I didn't? I'm not really that kind of person." I put my fingers to his lips. He leaned down to press his thin lips to mine. It started awkward but was drowned out by rushing want. He almost ate me with how voracious he became. His mouth crushed into mine, his tongue seeking. I was taken aback but tried to relax. His hands were gentle though his mouth was not. It was a very open, passion-filled kiss. He nibbled at my lip and kissed my cheek. Admittedly, he was a very good kisser. His one hand cupped the back of my neck while the other drew lines on my back. I kept my hands on his chest. 'He will be easy to get worked up.' His mouth left a trail of warmth and wet as it trailed down to my throat. He kissed at the curves, only nibbling enough to make it feel good. His hands engulfed my small breasts as he sucked at my collar bone. I was beginning to feel the effects of his attention. My cunt was just starting to feel the itch of want as my nipples became hard under his hands. He was already caught up in the moment. He pressed his body to mine and I felt the hard length of his member press up against me. I would probably have to make him cum with my mouth to avoid him straight out fucking me. I moved on hand down to his dick. Merely touching it made him gasp. My shirt came off and he sucked on the top of my breasts, moving his groin out of my reach. He kissed me on the mouth again as his hands moved to unclasp my bra. He took it off me. My nipples were erect and my face became red. He ran his hands down my torso giving me goosebumps. His fingers and thumbs clasped onto my nipples as he got on his knees. It put him face level with them. He twirled my nipples with his fingers. I gasped for air, my cunt pulsating in response. It got so much worse when he took a nipple in his mouth. My cunt leaked when his tongue played with that nipple. I was letting out hoarse breath and squeezing my legs together. He moved to the other.

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