tagErotic HorrorNightmare of Silent Hill Entry 05

Nightmare of Silent Hill Entry 05


NoSH 5: Love's Lesson Learned

*Hey Guys and Gals, this is the fifth installment of the Silent Hill Series. Sorry for the long wait, I need an editor. There is only 2 parts after this so I'll hurry it up. Let me know what ya think.


"I awoke to Alessa's beautiful face. She was sleeping quietly, curled up and squished against me on the doctor's small bed. I was barely off the edge of the bed myself. My hair was a mess, my side was bandaged and my clothes were torn up. I sat up and straightened my hair. I snuck off the bed, arousing no sign of waking from Alessa. The pain shot up my side, bending me over. I gripped at my side, cringing and tightening my jaw. I limped over and pulled at my backpack. I pulled out my spare change of clothes, revealing a black sweater, jeans and fresh undergarments. Spying another peek at snoozing Alessa, I started peeling off my shredded clothes. This was a slow, painful process. Getting the other set back on was just as tear jerkingl.

While in panties, I hear a slight giggle. I look over to the bed to see smiling Alessa looking at my half-naked self. I probably had the deer in the headlights look as she giggled again, putting her hand to her mouth. I attempted to slip my sweater on hurriedly, and another shock of pain hit me when I jerked my shoulders. It hurt enough to earn an open mouth and eye clinching. Alessa's face went up and she leapt off the bed. She grabbed the rest of my sweater and rolled it down my body. The pain faded but my expression did not. This had obviously provoked a response in me. I felt too much want and adoration in that moment, I didn't know what to do. She stopped. She was hunched over with her arms crossed in front of her. Her face was bright red. My impulses to touch her were too strong. I was itching to put her soft pale flesh into my hands. I wanted to hold her and tell her everything was going to be okay.

Finally, she spoke "Don't you think you should have the doctor look at that again, Zoe?" My name flowed off her quaint voice like a nice gooey cheese. It made me feel warm inside.

It took me a moment to answer. "No. There's not much more he can do for it now."

She didn't look up, "Oh. But you seem to be in a lot of pain."

I felt like a fool, standing in front of her half-dressed, so I stuck my leg in the pants. She noticed my movement and scrambled to help me. She knelt before me and grabbed the waist of my jeans. I was gloating inside. Her head was about level with my crotch. It amplified the want in me, demanding her contact. I've never thought of myself as a lesbian, but it didn't matter. She pulled up my jeans, guiding them up my slender leg. I finally thought of a good comeback, "I am, but it's not because I have a hole in my midsection."

I couldn't keep the grin off my face as she looked up at me with wide eyes. Her face lightened up. She rebutted, "Where does it hurt, Zoe?" There was a not so innocent playfulness in her voice.

I took her hand and put it on my breast, "Why don't you feel around to see where it hurts?" I squeezed her hand, "Here?" I move my hand down to the crevice between my legs. "And here?" She cupped my muff, than tentatively moved her hand back toward the source of my want. When her hand reached my very hot, engorged pussy, I gasped. She looked up at me, her brows up and her lips down. I looked down at her and said, "I think you found it." I got on my knees but kept her hand between my legs. "Right there. It hurts so much. Won't you help me feel better?" I wanted her so much, I soaked right through my panties. There is no doubt she felt it.

She broke the spell momentarily, taking her hand away and frowning. She almost had tears in her eyes as she said, "Zoe, I," she paused. "I don't want to lose you. I want you and I care for you. And what you have to face," Her voice cracked. I knelt down, wrapping my arms around her, and sensing her conflict.

I tried to console her, "I want to save you from this place." I spoke slowly, deliberately putting meaning into the words. I meant it. I meant it more than anything else I had ever said.

She pulled away from me. Darkness had come across her face. "You will die. Or worse become part of this town forever. Just like me."

"The demon will not let me leave. I must go through with this." I rationalized.

"She has a plan for you," She lowered her head and played with the hem of her skirt. "The demon." She looked at the corner of the room with a glare. "She believes you can become a Guardian for me."

I followed her gaze and asked, "Like the white I-talk-in-full-sentences creature? He called himself a Guardian." I realized I said too much when her eyebrows went up.

Hurriedly, leaning into me, she revealed her surprise, "You can hear them, too? The monsters I mean. Valtiel talked to you?"

I hesitated to answer, lightly rubbing her back with my palm. I caressed her short black hair. "What does it mean if I can? What does it mean to talk to the whi- Valtiel? Does it change things?"

Her breath hitched and I felt the shudders of sobbing wrack her body. Light cries came from her. I let her cry for a minute before cupping her chin. I brought her to face me, and asked, "What does it mean?"

Wiping a tear from her ruddy cheek, she replied, "The Goddess has chosen you. You were meant to be here and face this nightmare. It is your destiny to release this place from this hell. She will try desperately to destroy you before you can."

My eyes wandered as my mind churned. "Goddess?"

She leaned up, "What you know as the demon. Fortunately the goddess's power is limited by your actions and my will. Or you would be dead already." Her expression was grim.

I abruptly stood, releasing her. "I will defeat her. I will free this place from her power." I looked down and said, "I will release you."

She still had tears in her eyes as she looked up at me. She pleaded, "Don't go yet. I still have a little time. Spend it with me."

I was confused by what the time thing meant but let it drop. I knelt down again and embraced her. "Of course I will." She curled up in my arms. Her slender leg bent up, pushing up her short skirt. This revealed pale smooth touchable thigh. I lightly cupped her knee than ran my hand up that beautiful thigh. She moved her hand onto my chest, clenching at my sweater. My fingers grazed along the back of her thigh and back up to her knee. I then slid my hand back down her calf, pushing her pristine white sock down with my hand. I unsnapped the strap on her black petite shoe and slipped it off. I repeat with the other shoe, moving slowly and waiting for a reaction. I put my hand under her sock and slid it off. This was all unnecessary to actually have sex but I wanted to take it slow for her, considering her previous sexual experiences were all bad. When I got both socks off, I caressed up her thigh again. She shuddered. I put my other hand behind her neck, coercing her to face me. Her cheeks were red. Her timidness was so endearing, I kissed her cheek as I ran my thumb along her jawline. I hesitated above her lips searching for permission. Her brown eyes revealed her want and fear to me. I leaned into her and lightly brushed her lips with mine. I lingered there before she devoured me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and crushed her lips onto mine. My lust rapidly ruined my attempts to be gentle as I pried her lips open with my tongue. I danced my tongue around hers. She received it well, kissing me back with a vigor to match mine.

I pushed her onto the floor, placing myself above her. I kissed her voraciously again. I begged myself to slow down as I pushed her head to the side. I took her earlobe in my teeth and heard her intake breath sharply. Goosebumps covered her bare skin. I had a hand on her thigh slowly pushing her skirt up. I kissed a line down the hollow of her throat. She arched her back breathing heavily. I leaned up and cupped her dainty breasts. Her lips parted slightly. I kneaded at those lovely mounds, rising more of a reaction out of her. I stopped and she opened her eyes as thought to say 'why'. I untied the red bow on her white under-shirt. I slid the tie out and tossed it to the side. I folded the collar of her shirt up and pulled the blue sweater over her head. The crisp white blouse underneath hugged her curves and I could see the pink of her flesh under it. I undid the buttons one by one until I reached the bottom. I pulled the shirt out of her skirt and bid her sit up. She did then removed the blouse. A quiant cotton bra covered her small breasts. I reached around her to unclasp it and pulled it off her. She went to hide her breasts but I stopped her, cupping them again. Her pert pink nipples were erect under my hands. They were small and dainty just as she was. I took them in my fingers and lightly pinched them. She had a rather abrupt and noisy reaction, moaning and arching. I pushed her to a laying position again. Keeping my hands on her breasts, I kissed her collarbone and made my way down.

When I licked a pert nipple, she shivered violently and moaned again. I fingered and pulled at the other nipple while wetting the one in front of me. I tickled that nipple with my tongue, flicking at it and licking circles around. I finished with that one and moved to the other giving it the same treatment. All the while, I pushed her skirt up by running my hands up her thighs. I found her cotton covered pussy. She was as wet as I, soaking through her panties. I took the pleasure of touching her there, lightly fingering her muff to her pussy lips. I stopped torturing her nipples to remove her panties. Again, she went red as I looked upon her womanhood. A light sprinkling of black hair rose up from the hood of her clit leading to her swollen, soaked lips. It arose in me a desire I could barely control. I pushed her legs wide apart. I sunk down and placed my lips on that clit hood. I ran my index finger along her crevise, pushing inside of her. She was tight as a button, sopping wet and textured as I pushed my finger deep inside. As I fingered her, I licked and sucked at her clit area. I coerced the tiny nub out of it's cover.

Amid throaty, high-pitched moans Alessa begs, "Zoe, please stop, I'm going to cum. I want you to cum too." I stopped licking at her and she scrambled up. She ripped my sweater off of me. She fumbled with the clasps of my bra, eventually getting it, tore it off me as well. She grasped my breasts like the over-anxious virgin she was, pushing me on the floor in the process.I gasped at the pain in my side but she didn't stop. She kneaded my breasts roughly as her mouth sought the curve of my neck. She bit down, hard, sucking at the tender flesh there. She straddled me and bit into me deeper. She was so anxious and the pain of her teeth overwhelmed the pain in my side. She slid down, hastily putting a nipple into her mouth. She licked at it, circling it with her tongue before sucking on it. She bit down, and I gasped in pain. She stopped with a worried look on her face.

I caressed her jaw and said, "Not so rough, love. You don't have to rush." She nodded. She was much gentler with the other nipple, only licking and sucking at it. My pussy tightened and I leaked more fluid. She scooted down again, and yanked at my jeans. I lifted my midsection and she pulled them off me. She repeated the procedure with my soaked through panties. I hadn't shaved so I felt a little self-conscious. Obviously it didn't phase the girl as she pushed herself between my legs. She was a little rough, pain flaring up in my side again. I ignored it as she pushed her index finger into me. I moaned slightly and she pushed in her middle finger in as well. She wiggled those fingers, copying what I had done to her. When she touched her tongue to my clit hood, I felt my desire flare up. She flicked at it with her tongue, each movement sending a shock of heat to my pussy. My cunt twitched in response, throbbing nicely against her fingers. When one of those fingers grazed my g-spot, I arched and moaned loudly. My fingers gripped at her hair, pulling it slightly. She felt around until I moaned again. She then curled her fingers against that spot repeatedly and increased the frequency of her licking.

I stopped her before I reached crescendo and bid her turn around. I guided her own crotch to my face. I tweaked on her nipple while my other hand busied itself pushing fingers into her pussy. My own tongue found her exposed clit and flicked at it. I sucked at it willing her to cum as quickly as I would. She continued her vigorous finger fuck and sucking of my now exposed clit. I picked up the pace, feeling her cunt convulse more quickly against my fingers as I worked her. She mimicked me, licking and fingering hurriedly. The heat traveled to my pussy, while my clit started tingling. I was close now but she came first. She threw back her head as she cried out in pleasure. Her vagina clenched tightly in rapid spurts. Knowing I was close as well, she went back to her torture of me until my own cunt clenched and I moaned loudly. She turned around and collapsed against me. We laid there for a while, holding each other as tightly as we could.

Eventually, we got up and got dressed. Alessa helped me pull on my pants so I didn't severely hurt myself. The air-raid siren blared, penetrating the bunker and room within it. Alessa and I froze, our eyes widening simultaneously. Dr. Fardamane busted into the room as I watched Alessa's expression crumple into sorrow. The doctor said, "It's her." We both looked at him.

Alessa responded, "He's right. I've spent too long here." She rushed out of the room and I followed her. Before she unlocked the doors out, I grabbed her arm.

I pleaded, "Alessa, please."

She snapped, "I have to go. I endanger you both by being here." I let her go and she hurried out of the bunker. I felt the doctor's lingering presence as I followed her into the garden.

Outside, the sky was darkening. The nightmare was quickly consuming the hospital again, turning dirty tile into rusted grates. Alessa headed for the doors to the inside of the hospital. I moved to go after her but hesitated when I realized I was unarmed. In the same moment of that thought, Valtiel emerged from the darkness of the hospital. His head twitched as he walked steadily toward Alessa and the doors to the garden. Fear froze every muscle in my body. Fear for Alessa bid me move.

The doctor grabbed me. "Zoe, we have to get inside." I shrugged him off and watched the two. Valtiel neared my Alessa who had opened the doors to the garden. She turned to face me with the most hopeless look on her face as Valtiel wrapped his arms around her.

Rage boiled in my blood. I took a step forward and I spat, "Alessa. I will come for you! And nothing, including that monster" - I pointed to Valtiel - "will stop me! I swear it."

She smiled lightly, tears in her eyes, and said, "I know and I love you for it, Zoe."

At that point, I let the doctor drag me inside the bunker. He sat me down on the couch before moving to the kitchen. I was crushed by my guilt, the weakness I had for not stopping that monster from taking her. 'I should have grabbed my shotgun and blew the fucker to pieces. I shouldn't have let her go.' I put my face in my hands.

After a moment, I looked back up. The doctor shakily poured himself a cup of coffee. He put sugar in it. He faced me and I asked, "Will he attack us?"

The doctor sipped some of his coffee, still visibly shaking. He answered, "He got what he came for."

Overcame with anger, I stomped into the room, past him and grabbed my things. I drug them out and slammed them onto the small round table. I began tearing things out of the backpack. I counted the supplies as I put them into piles. I still had my working flashlight, not-working cell phone and wallet. I made a point to turn the flashlight on to see that it worked. I unfolded all the maps I had gathered so far. Of medical supplies, I only had one first aid kit and two health drinks left.

Before I got to the weapons, the doctor interrupted me, "What are you doing?"

"Going after her." I said shortly.

"Are you crazy! Have you listened to anything I've said to you?" He raised his voice.

"It's not like I have a choice."

"You're going because of her." There was spite in his voice.

Already pissed off, I stomped over and grabbed his shirt. In his face, I spat, "I can either sit her and rot, like you have, or end this. I have survived two nightmares already. I can do this."

He got snippy. "Barely survived two nightmares. And that is completely different than two invincible monsters and the source of the nightmares incarnate. This isn't a game, Zoe."

"I know. But I won't just sit here and do nothing." I let him go. "I have a life outside of this hell and I intend to go back to it." My mind flashed to Kyle. I loved him too. It confused me, I loved Alessa too. I knew that now. I walked back to the table with my bag on it. I pulled out the frying pan and flag pole. I giggled at how silly the weapons were. Lastly, I pulled out the two guns. There was silence as I packed the two clips I had for the 9mm with loose bullets from a box. I filled one 15 round clip. I was one bullet shy of filling the second clip. I checked the chamber of the gun, which indeed contained a bullet. I slid the almost full clip into the gun. I moved on to my shotgun. There were three shells in the chamber of the gun. That wasn't much considering what I had to go up against.

I looked up. Dr. Fardamane had moved and now had another 9mm in his hand. It looked functional but didn't have a clip in it. I peered at him and raised an eyebrow.

"I'm going with you." He stated flatly. My expression went up. He continued, "I'm a coward. I've been hiding all these years." He paused, holding the gun out, aiming at the far wall. "You'll stand a better chance with my medical expertise and background knowledge around. And by some miracle we may be able to end this. I'm not a very good shot though."

I laughed, finding some hope amidst the turmoil in my brain. "Neither am I but we'll make it work." I was worried about his well-being but I would need his help to do this.

He bustled about, putting on a bullet-proof vest. It's a shame he only had one. He also put together a bag of medical supplies. At least he'd be a lot harder to injure and kill than me.

I was just glad I didn't have to do this impossible task alone. I realized I was dragging him into this and his fate was also in my hands, along with Alessa's. I swore to give my all to keep him alive, even if it cost me my own life. I swore to free Alessa, no matter the cost. 'I will do this, for the doctor, for Alessa, for Kyle, and lastly for my freedom from this nightmare.'


When the Doctor and me had gathered all of our supplies, we stood at the door leading out to the hospital. Fardamane gazes back at the bunker in longing despair. He didn't want to leave, his expression and posture displayed his hesitation. I felt the same way in a sense but mine was out of fear for us all. I left the bunker without him. I knew he followed me once I wandered to the front door of the hospital.

We had to go to back up to Old Silent Hill. The church was up by the high school and the Levin St. house. It was a long walk, at least a few miles. There was little between the two parts of town, which also meant less creatures to deal with. Me and the doctor made our way up Nathan Avenue at a decent pace. Every time we encountered a creature, I shot it with my pistol with increasing accuracy. I had little pain in my side. The doctor had given me some pain meds before we started this trek. We kept going on Nathan Ave until we turned onto Sandford St. We were about halfway there. We passed the amusement park a little while after. I saw the first of Old Silent Hill and the river after a brief time. We turned on Midwich St and passed the high school. I double checked my maps. We encountered more creatures here including dogs and some of the lying figures. We handled them promptly and made a right onto Bloch St. I saw the church from afar. Only two more blocks and we were there.

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