tagErotic HorrorNightmare Squad: Devilwoman

Nightmare Squad: Devilwoman


This story follows on from my submission in the 2006 Halloween Story Contest - 'Halloween - The Taker'.

I received some requests for a sequel and presumed that meant a story based on the exploits of the group that was only mentioned in passing - The Nightmare Squad. In essence this is a group whose task it is to track and dispose of creatures whose actions and/or unspeakable brutalities defy both all normal human logic, and the usual police procedures.

Readers will find the story more understandable and therefore, hopefully more satisfying if they read 'The Taker' first - but, as this story is mostly 'self-contained' that's not absolutely necessary. In either case, I trust you enjoy!

* * * * *

Part 2 - DevilWoman

The wildly varying sounds still managed to somehow mix together, creating what in other circumstances might have been thought a rhythmically modernistic concerto. The deeply thrumming motors providing the base-line, and the two voices - though strained and often intermittent - adding an asynchronous and sometimes totally unmelodic pair of discords.

The woman was all but hidden in the depth of the shadow of the metal that reared high behind her, only her long, slender legs were caught in the edge of the blaze of the surrounding arc lights. Her legs, and the man's palely chubby buttocks.

His deep baritone grunts blending, sometimes harmoniously, with her low soprano, but more tight-throated squealing.

His cock was short and stubby, but, as though to make up for the shortfall, extraordinarily thick. The woman loved it being like that - though sometimes she caught herself trying to remember just what a longer one had actually felt like. But, as an irregular fuck, short and thick was fine. And the feel of the motor throbbing beneath her just added that extra bit of excitement; its relentless beat spreading up through her body, then combining with his powerful thrusting to urge her ever closer to her climax.

She never failed to excite him, well at times like this night that was - maybe on other nights he liked to find a woman with rather bigger tits - but for nights like this, she was great. Well, she was there - they were there for each other. Right then he could feel her juicily slippery pussy tightening, it seeming to be urging him to thrust even deeper, do it even faster - exactly as he wanted to. So he did - and felt the first dizzying surge welling up from somewhere deep inside him.

'Go Carl! Go now, now, nowww!' she cried as she felt her own orgasm starting.

The final minute of their coupling was a totally frenzied one; her finger-nails digging deep into his flesh, drawing bright pin-points of blood - his body slamming hers hard down against the edge of the motor, marking and bruising her. Both bodies dripping with their sweat - both faces twistedly contorted - their voices just raspingly hoarse cries. His beefy cock pounding, spouting thick, sticky gobbets - her welcoming cunt noisily sucking each load.

'Shit - I needed that!' he gasped a few moments later.

'Me too! she answered.

'I wonder if it heard us.' he said, nodding to the container behind them.

'Not if the experts were right, it should be nothing but a frozen block of something by now.'

'Let's hope so.' he said, ignoring the messily squelching sounds he made as he pulled his cock back out of her. 'Got some tissues?' he added hopefully.

'Sure, you know me, once a girl scout, always a girl scout.' she replied with a grin as she reached down for her uniform trousers.

It was always like this - well on nights like this one it was, nights when their work took them to the edge, to the very brink of madness. Nights when they'd had a success, finally captured and dealt with a horror. Nights when they hadn't, when they'd had to examine and remove the remains of poor souls who had slaked some other horror's lust. As they'd had to do all too many times. On those nights they both knew when the other was in desperate need - and those feelings were usually mutual. But even when they weren't they both knew the other would be there for them, would satisfy that need. Like all the rest of their squad, once in their uniforms, they were a team - in everything.

'You were there at the start of this one, weren't you.' she said as she began mopping the sticky mess from between her thighs.

'At Wisteria Drive - yes, yes I was, though I wish I hadn't been.' he gruffly replied as he wiped his cock and pulled up his trousers. 'I still don't really understand what it was it actually did to them - even now nobody wants to talk about it. I did hear someone say they looked as though they'd been totally exanguinated - though we've never been able to find any trace of it moving equipment around. And there were seven of them! I mean just think of the size and number of containers you'd need for that amount of blood and tissue. I still have the occasional nightmare about it.' he added resentfully . 'Yes I understand, some of them do get to you, don't they. But we got it, that particular horror won't be doing any more of whatever it did.' she added encouragingly as she pointed to the container behind them.

'You're always really good for me Josie, you know that.'

'We're good for each other Carl, don't you ever forget that!' she replied as she stood to fasten and finish straightening her uniform. 'Now we just have to wait and see what else they find for us.'

* * * * *

The teams always had a three or four days break between their assignments; Carl usually spent his trawling the bars in a never-ending quest for gratefully compliant big-titted women, while Josie used hers much more mundanely - only occasionally finding herself day-dreaming about men equipped with much longer cocks.

But, inevitably, the next call came, and just a few hours later the squad reassembled in their usual command centre. The captain addressed them.

'As usual we're not entirely sure exactly what we're dealing with, but we do have a few leads and have come up with a possibility - a rather unusual form of one of our old friends, a succubus.' he said.

The things long known as succubus and incubus - the female and male counterparts of each other - had been mythologised by all but those having to actually deal with them; to those in the know, they were nothing but malevolent abominations. Both male and female roamed widely, though luckily their numbers had grown fewer as other, even stronger evils had supplanted them in more modern times.

'As you all know, these things are usually quite happy to simply claim the victim's soul - whatever each of you happens to think that might be. However, the thing that's operating in our sector seems to have gone one stage further. Take a look at this.' he said as he turned to switch on the TV unit.

The squad watched the tape; saw the exterior of the nearby mental hospital, then were taken inside, to a large brightly lit room where a group of young men were being housed. One sat slack-limbed and vacantly staring from an arm-chair, another stumbled uncoordinatedly back and forth and two others lay, foetally, doing nothing but urgently suck their thumbs.

'Two weeks ago these guys were all normal, now they're all but brain-dead. Each of them is functioning on just that part that's commonly known as the 'reptilian brain', that's the smallest and oldest section of the organ, the part that essentially handles just the life-support system. Everything else just seems to have been drained; although the structures themselves are still there, there's zero electrical activity, and essentially zero response.' The captain explained. 'You're looking at what until a couple of weeks ago were; two lawyers, an accountant and a mid-level government department officer. Two are married, one's engaged and the other has a regular girl-friend. As you can see, they're all white and in the age range of 28 to 35. The few other things we're reasonably sure of are that they all have expensive tastes, none of them is known to either be bi-sexual or to know any of the others - either socially, or through any of their business contacts. So, given that much, let's get started - we'll begin in the usual way.'

There was a period of fifteen or twenty minutes of almost total silence as each squad member carefully read the copy of the files they had been given. Their practice was to begin with a brain-storm session, each contributing anything that sprang to mind - nothing was too bizarre or outlandish to be discounted by anyone - the things they actually dealt with were always that, and much, much more than that.

Once the session began the captain began making notes on the white-board that took up virtually all of one wall - but, by the end of most projects even it was usually no where near big enough for the data they ultimately collected. Naturally those who had had previous experience with a succubus had more to offer than the others, but even the habits and techniques of other, apparently unrelated creatures sometimes provided ideas that proved of value - so those suggestions were also included.

Carl noticed that this day Josie was unusually quiet; like himself, she already had several years experience with the squad, so usually had much to contribute. But this day she simply sat there, quietly reading the files; over and over again.

But then her voice broke through the others - 'What if they're all arrogant pricks!' she suddenly burst out.

The captain looked quizzically across at her. 'What do you mean Josie?'

'What if it's targeting not just a man, but a particular kind of man? If you read these guys' files there's an underlying common theme - at least I think there is. They all strike me as being the kind of guys who brook no nonsense in getting their way; pushy, demanding, over-ambitious - you all know the types, as I said, arrogant pricks!'

'I see what you mean - does anybody else see that?' the captain asked. There were a few moments silence then several voices answered in virtual unison - 'Yeah, yeah, I agree!'

'OK, let's say that's a possible, how's it going to help us exactly?'

'Well for one thing, if we use a bait squad, we'll need them to act like that.' Josie replied.

A 'bait squad' was the most dangerous role the squad members could be asked to assume - as with regular undercover police-work, it required them to put themselves at extremely high risk. In simple terms, offering themselves as bait for whatever creature they happened to be targeting.

'And don't forget the expensive tastes - we'll need the Armanis.' Someone called. 'And good sized expenses.' Another added above the sudden burst of good-natured laughter.

'OK, OK, calm down.' The captain interjected. 'But you're right, if what Josie says is possible then yes, the guys will need the good suits, and the expenses.' he added. 'But now, let's start narrowing down the locations it seems to be using. You've all seen the maps in your folders, marked with the various places the victims have each been using; the bars, clubs, gyms, restaurants, etc. There are several strong overlaps.'

The captain paused, allowing the squad members time to digest the information on the multi-coloured maps they'd each been provided with, then continued. 'As those of you who have worked with these things before will know, although a succubus will travel widely, once they think they have found a particularly rich hunting ground, they tend to stay there a while. This one seems to have been operating here for only a few weeks now, and as it's clearly had good results, it may decide to hang on for a bit longer. I've picked three likely locations; two clubs and a gym, so I'll need three teams of volunteers to cover them.'

As he knew they would, every hand in the room shot up, he smiled. 'Thanks people, just what I'd expect of you.' he immediately acknowledged. 'But of course for this one we'll only be using the guys out in front, each one backed by a male and female pair on site, and another male and female in the back-up and communications vehicle. Now at this point I'll do what I should have done right at the beginning, sorry Ross, but stand up for a moment please.' he said as he looked across to one side of the room.

All heads turned to look at the man - tall, well-built, dark haired. 'Ross is joining us from a squad on the coast, he's only just moved here so he doesn't really know his way around yet. Josie, would you mind taking him under your wing for this assignment, I'll put the pair of you in one of the three comms. vehicles - OK?'

'Whatever you say boss.' Josie replied, taking a long, hard look at the good looking guy she'd be working with - and ignoring the glowering looks she knew she'd be getting from Carl.

'Carl, Mack, I'll put you in the squad Josie and Ross will be backing-up, I know you and Josie have good rapport.' he added with a grin as his comment brought on the bawdy ripostes he'd fully expected. 'And Kelly and John, I'd like you to provide the on-site back-up.'

'The refrigeration process worked particularly well with that last horror, so we'll try it again with the succubus.' the captain concluded, then added - 'Oh yes, and of course we'll have Brewster's boys backing us up on this one.' Then, having allocated squad members to either each of the other two teams or the rotational units that would take over from them, they spent the next hour or so programming their activities over the next few days and weeks.

* * * * *

Later that night, while the Nightmare Squad was still preparing their plans and equipment a young woman slid herself out of the back of a car, stood for a moment, then walked towards the entrance to an up-market club.

She was tall - but not so tall that the average man might feel belittled by her height. She was curvy - but not outrageously or blatantly so. She was beautiful - but not in a fashion-magazine way that might actually frighten off some men. But although she was a woman that would make most men look twice, if they did, and they happened to observe her properly, that was when - if she wanted them to - they were likely to fall completely under her spell. It wasn't just the impact of that first impression - though that was always powerful - nor the many attractive details; the sleekly glossy jet-black hair, or the silky smooth, permanently tanned-looking skin, or even the unusually bright jade-green eyes - it was the unspoken promises that might be seen in those eyes that ultimately hooked whichever man she chose.

As befitted such a woman her dress was discretely expensive; the lightly figured, dark red silk both hugging and caressing the body beneath it, the snugness of its fit subtly implying there was actually little or nothing between it and her skin - and tastefully complementing its colour were those of her shoes, tiny bag and even the red coral necklace and ear-rings she wore.

Once inside, and with barely a glance around, she headed for the bar - where, her entry having been noted, she found her usual drink waiting. A brief, smiling nod to the bar-keep was sufficient reward for him, and having done so she turned, to carefully survey what more substantial offerings that night might provide.

As usual the crowd divided themselves; there were the jadedly bored businessmen hoping to resurrect a little of their youth, the still very young men and women doing their best to seem prematurely mature, then the couples out to hopefully re-spark some of their lost excitement - and none of those could provide what she was seeking. But there, at a commandingly central table, ever-demanding of unrealistically personal service was a group of brashly, authoritatively loud men in exactly the age range she preferred - still young enough to be lusty, yet with minds that by then were fully grown.

Without even glancing in their direction she knew she had already generated interest, it was merely a question of deciding which one - or perhaps it was the night to change one of her rules, perhaps she should treat herself, enjoy them all? But she decided - 'No' - at least not tonight, and spent the next few minutes analysing which it should be.

Having decided it was then just a matter of turning, slowly, looking directly at him, and raising just a single eye-brow, before turning away again. And then, as she knew he would, a few moments later he was at her side, making some banal comment and offering her a drink. She accepted, let him chatter for a while, then, fixing him with those promise-filled eyes, she slid a finely embossed card towards him, saying - 'Say nothing to your friends, whatever happens is purely private, just between you and I' Then moved away and left him alone at the bar.

No more than half an hour later the man was hurrying to the address on the card; his head a whirling excitement of expectations - and, as though somehow certain they would be met, his thickly bloated cock already primed. If but just a little of what those eyes had seemed to pledge came true, he felt sure he could be about to experience something he might never forget. And even if she turned out to be nothing more than a high-cost hooker, he guessed she'd be worth every cent of whatever she charged.

His hand shook a little as he reached up to press the security bell and he took a deep breath before he answered her responding voice. 'Hi, it's Troy - the guy from the bar, 'Sammy's'. You gave me your card.' he added unnecessarily.

'Of course it is - come on up Troy'

When she opened the door and stood aside to let him pass he found his feet seemed to have become stuck to the floor - he simply stood there, staring, goggle-eyed. She was still in red, but not in the dress. Although the negligee all but covered her from neck to ankle it was almost virtually transparent, so he could actually see much of the detail of the body beneath it, while the light from the apartment behind her sharply silhouetted the rest.

'Come in, we'll have a drink first.' she said in an amused, huskily low voice.

Tearing his eyes away for a moment he moved inside; noting the obviously expensive, yet still comfortable elegance of the furnishings. 'Malt?' she asked, and he nodded, then asked her name.

'Karith' she replied as she poured and handed him a glass. 'Come, sit, let us talk a while. Use this time to tell me something of yourself.'

He registered little of what they said to each other as they slowly sipped their drinks; his mind was simply too preoccupied with both the exciting fullness of the flesh he could see straining and pushing the bodice of her negligee forward, and the continuing promise that shone from those piercingly extraordinary eyes.

But a little later he did manage to remember to ask what, if any payment she required. She laughed sweetly - 'In cash, nothing - in kind, everything!' was her cryptic reply. Then she took his hand and stood, pulling him upwards with her. 'Come, the bedroom is this way.' she said, loosening her hair with one hand as she led him with the other.

If he'd previously thought her beautiful, once she was naked he knew there were no words that could adequately describe her. It was not just the sheer loveliness of her face, nor the sensual perfection of the body beneath it; certainly the combination of those was overwhelmingly compelling, but there was so much more. Maybe it was the sheer physical sexuality that he felt radiating from her.

Just looking at her made his cock jerk higher and harder than he'd thought could ever be possible. Imagining what it would feel like to touch her, kiss her made his balls swell achingly painfully. And the thought that he was actually going to fuck her nearly brought on an orgasm even before they'd even begun.

Her eyes crinkled and a knowing smile curled the corners of her mouth as she watched him; and as she watched she tuned into the arrogantly aggressive mind that had brought him there. She watched the way his eyes registered his thoughts - of how he planned to plunder every single part of that beauty - watched as his manhood responded to those thoughts by starting to seep his vital juices from its already darkly ballooning head.

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