Nightmare Squad: Devilwoman


She allowed him to do all the things he'd been longing to do - imparting him with both a strength and potency he'd never imagined he was capable of. Let him fuck her, almost brutally - first deep in her cunt, then a short while later, just as roughly up her arse. Then, having reinvigorated him with her fingers and mouth - she took him between her breasts, letting him exultantly spray both them and her face with even more of his slimily sticky juices. Yet she sensed he still he wasn't quite ready for her final act, so once again she skilfully used her lips, mouth and tongue, then, satisfied he was truly ready for her, sat astride him and impaled herself on his once again rigidly throbbing cock.

As she rode him closer, ever closer to that final climax she bent herself forward, and clamped her mouth down over his. She felt his thrusting get progressively more urgent, his cock digging ever deeper - then, as she sensed the first load searing upwards, she flexed her powerful cunt and even as she drained every single drop of the churning mass of semen - she inhaled forcefully and, sucked out his mind.

* * * * *

The squad received the report of the fifth victim just as they were preparing to go on duty the following evening. The man, Troy Hudson, had been found curled up in a shop doorway on the fringe of the CBD; like the others there was no sign that he had either been physically assaulted or robbed - except of his mind.

Given the pattern of the previous attacks, the succubus - if that was what it was - seemed to be satisfied with searching out targets only every three to four days, so the team had little hope that the intervening nights would bring them success. However, the most recent victim's movements had been traced and, like two previous events, a bar called 'Sammy's' was one of the possible locations they should concentrate on - and that was the one that the team that Josie and Ross were in had been allocated. They had also had their first real break-through in one of the victim's friends reporting that Troy Hudson had, earlier the same evening, been in contact with someone at the bar. A woman, a reportedly beautiful woman. And that shortly after Troy had spoken to her, he'd made some excuse, and left. The friend said that such behaviour was itself unusual for Troy; he would normally prefer that whatever action the group got themselves into, be enjoyed as a group.

But although they finally seemed to have something to go on, the team weren't getting too excited about being able to close in on the creature, at least for a few days, and although not letting any of their rigorous protocols slip, there was a more relaxed atmosphere between them than there otherwise might have been.

Carl, Mack and John had suited up in their Armani look-alike outfits and Kelly had found an appropriately up-market dress and in-fashion accessories, and they had then made their way into the club. Outside, in the comms. van, were Josie and Ross.

Although she knew that his experience in the squad on the coast meant that he was probably already familiar with everything they used Josie still spent the first hour or so taking Ross through the various systems they would be monitoring or responding to. He watched and listened attentively, occasionally asking a question, but most of the time merely nodding or affirming he understood.

Josie hadn't got too far into her description of the operational detail before she sensed that rather than watching the control panel's various screens and dials, Ross was actually watching her. She'd known from previous assignments that in spite of the air-conditioning, once the electronics were fully running the comms. vans had a tendency to become over warm - so, rather than the trousers and jacket she usually wore on a job, she had chosen to wear the uniform's looser and cooler shirt and skirt combination. She also knew that moving around on the seat had a tendency to drag the just-above-knee-length skirt a bit higher - leaving quite a bit of her thighs exposed. And that when she leaned forward to operate something on the panel the vee necked shirt tended to gape - giving an observant observer an opportunity to see straight down between her breasts.

She knew those things - and she used them.

Ross was good looking young man, maybe half a dozen years younger than Carl; that was half a dozen fewer years of cynical world-weariness. Younger also meant potentially stronger and fitter. And, hovering around in the back of her mind was the other interesting thought - 'Had the genes that gave him his height, also had the same effect elsewhere? Especially with what he had between his legs?'

'I guess this is much the same as the same stuff as what you've been using on the coast?' she eventually asked.

'Virtually identical Josie.'

'So I've really been wasting my time.' she replied.

'I wouldn't say that.' he responded with a grin. 'Anyway, it's always a pleasure watching, I mean watching a professional at work.' he added cheekily. 'You went through all that very thoroughly, and kept it simple too. I was impressed.'

Josie felt herself colouring a little at the unexpected compliment. 'Well, thank you Ross, that's nice to know.'

'So, what now? How does your squad usually handle things during times like this? I mean when there's nothing to monitor, and what is operating is all on automatic record and response.'

Josie grinned. 'I guess different people find different ways of passing the time.'

'Some use it for a little group bonding - like the Bonobos?'

'Like the what?'

The Bonobos, the Bonobo Chimpanzees. Don't tell me you don't know about them?'

'No, do tell.' she replied.

'Oh everyone should know about the Bonobo - if we'd been descended from that branch of primates we might have had a very different existence. The Bonobo Chimpanzees use sex for just about everything in their day-to-day life. To de-fuse personal or social tension. To build individual relationships. To show respect. To show they want to be friends. And of course to strengthen group-family's relationships, between all of them; male to female, female to male, male to male and female to female. Their use of sex is not only remarkable, it is, so far as I know anyway, unique.'

'Sounds fascinating - so is that what you're used to doing, out on the coast?' Josie asked, feeling a bright tingle of excitement running up through herself.

'Maybe not quite like the Bonobos, no - but between some of us, sure!'

They each felt the tension that seemed to have suddenly filled the air, there was something other than just a set of sophisticated communications systems in the van with them; there was something almost tangible, perhaps even primal, certainly something that was undoubtedly mutually stirring.

'You're a very attractive woman Josie - you know that - and when you turned to look at me when I was introduced to the squad, I thought I saw a flicker of interest in your eyes. If I was wrong, just say so and I'll shut-up and back-off.' Ross said with an all too obvious sincerity.

'No, no you weren't wrong. You're a good looking guy, of course I was attracted - but what about partners? I don't go in for breaking-up relationships?'

'Mine broke up a while ago, you know, the job. That's one of the reasons I requested a transfer. But what about you? I've heard rumours about you and Carl.'

'They're true - at least as far as the sex is concerned. I guess Carl and I are a bit like those Bonobos you were talking about - we often use sex to de-fuse the tensions of the job. I've found it's better to get shot of all the stuff we get exposed to before I go home - and sex with Carl often helps me do that. But there's not what you would call a serious relationship between us.'

'And at home?'

'Nothing there Ross, nothing at all.' Josie admitted reluctantly.

'That's surprising - but very good news.' Ross responded with a lift in his voice. 'So?' he added, reaching for her hand.

'So indeed. But as I can tell you from previous experience, these vans aren't the best place for it.' Josie countered with a smile.

'Where there's a will there's always a way Josie.' Ross said, then took her in his arms.

Neither of them was a shy, still blushing virgin, and given what each had sensed about the other's almost eager willingness, there was no need for any of society's sometimes purely polite hesitation. As an arm of each reached around the other and drew them closer, their other hands slid up, or down in the tight, narrow space between them. Ross firmly cupping and squeezing one of Josie's breasts - Josie beginning her exploration of exactly what he had to offer her.

Neither was disappointed - Ross found her breast was not only full, but still almost youthfully firm - and Josie found the quickly hardening and lengthening flesh she was holding much more than promisingly exciting.

After no more than a minute or two's bruising kissing and groping, Ross pushed himself away. 'Can you push your skirt up, or is it better to take it right off?' he asked, unzipping his pants and pushing both them and his underwear straight down.

Josie felt herself flushing as she saw what he'd uncovered - flushing on her face, and even more strongly, up between her legs. He wasn't just big - by comparison with Carl, he was huge! And he obviously still wasn't even fully erect!

With something like that being presented to her there was no way she was going to muck around with a clothes-restricting fumblingly quick fuck - she wanted to make the very most of something she might not get to sample again. 'I doubt we'll see any action - at least outside - tonight, so I think we can risk a full strip-down Ross.' she answered, stripping off her clothes as fast as she could.

'That's what I call a woman!' he said admiringly as his eyes took in the curving shape of her.

'And you're definitely all man!' Josie replied somewhat breathlessly as she watched his cock growing even longer and harder.

'I'm going to lick and suck those gorgeous breasts, then I'm going to do the same to your pussy. Would you like that Josie?' he asked enticingly.

'So long as you promise to push that impressive looking thing up inside me afterwards.'

'Oh I think you can be certain of that, and if you're as hot as I'm pretty sure you are, you'll probably get it more than once.' Ross replied.

Josie thought to herself that if she had anything to do about it, and that if that cock felt only half as good as it looked, she was going to make sure that before their shift was over she'd keep him to his word - and then some!

Having kissed, licked, nibbled and sucked each of her breasts in alternating turns, he lifted her bodily up on the only available desk space, then crouched down between her widely spread legs. His lips, mouth and tongue did even more to her by then drippingly wet pussy than they had to her succulent breasts - probing deep between those clinging lips, teasing and flicking the protrudingly swollen head of her clit, enveloping her pussy with his mouth, and sucking hard.

Once she'd reached her first tension-releasing climax, he stood - slid his strainingly quivering cock where his tongue had only just been, and, with one single thrust, plunged it deep into the very heart of her.

'Shiiit!' Josie cried as she felt a cock reaching into places where no previous cock had been. 'I'm not sure you're supposed to go that deep - but for pity sake don't stop what you're doing!' she yelped, digging her fingers down into his buttocks as he began powering back and forth.

Sometime during that mind-numbing fuck Josie still managed to verbalise something she knew she needed him to do. 'I want to feel you come. I mean I want to feel you coming inside me!' she said between gasps of excited exhilaration.

'I hear you.' he grunted. 'But with a pussy as tight as yours I might not have been able to stop myself anyway. I said you'd be hot - but baby that was a real understatement, you're actually sensational!'

Just knowing she was returning just as much pleasure as she was receiving was sufficient impetus for Josie to try one more thing - and, summoning what little energy his fucking was leaving her, she swung her legs high, then locked them down around his waist, and used them to urge him to get even deeper.

'Oh Josie, Josie - you darling!' he cried as his body slammed down on to hers, their pubic bones crushing and grinding as he burrowed his entire throbbing length even further into the deliriously slick tightness.

'Yes Ross, yes! I'm ready for you, come when you like!'

With her strongly flexing cunt stimulating his cock, and her long powerful legs urging him on, it took no more than another dozen or so strokes to start the seething mass bubbling inside him. He felt the all too familiar draining surge, felt his balls drawing tightly upwards, then the heart-stopping moment before the blindingly red haze simply overwhelmed him.

'Again, again, again!' he heard Josie scream as his cock pumped load after sizzling load into the deepest parts of her suctioning cunt.

'I could die happy now!' he said when their fever was over - but, as though reluctant to risk it breaking the bond, leaving his cock plugged deep in her pussy.

'Don't say stuff like that Ross - not in this business.' Josie chided affectionately. 'Anyway, you said you'd want it twice - or was that just boasting?' she added with a grin. 'But for the moment, let a girl up please, this desk-top is really none too comfortable.'

'I'm sorry.' he said as he pulled back. But then gasped when Josie, having slid herself down off the narrow desk space, dropped to her knees and took his wilting, but still long and fat, and of course cum and pussy-juice soaked cock, in her mouth.

She licked and sucked it, avidly, ensuring she didn't miss a single drop of the fluids that had messily coated both it and his balls. 'I'm one of those women who love it, men's cum I mean, well, some men's I do. I'll include you on that list, if you'd like?' she said, licking her semen-smeared lips once she'd finished cleaning him.

'That'd be real nice Josie - but with a pussy like yours, I think most times that's where this fella' would rather be going. If you don't mind?'

'That's more than OK by me Ross. But right now, how about some coffee - and we'd better put at least a few clothes on, just in case, you know.'

The van included a small utilities cupboard; a shit-pot - as the guys called it - a tiny fridge, a sink and hot water heater, plus the basics for making coffee, so not long after they'd made themselves at least partially decent again, and having made sure none of the monitoring systems had ticked over, they were able to sit, sipping a hot, strong brew.

In spite of, or perhaps because of, the horror-centred work that they did - that wasn't something they talked about. So for a while they just chatted about generalities, then some little time later Josie asked Ross about his life on the coast, his life outside of his work. But, as he explained, for the last several years that time had centred on the girl, the woman, the woman who now had left him. So instead he got Josie to talk about the people he'd meet and work with; their strengths, their interests, their partners, and how they had managed to fit all that into their work.

'You'll find most of us are like you and I - alone; either by choice - as in my case, or because a partner has left, usually because of the demands the work makes on our time - not to mention our psyches.' she added.

'I guess there are plenty of jobs as demanding as ours - if not in quite the same way.' Ross replied. 'I have a friend who's a copper, in LA - he's been married, and divorced, three times. Each wife has blamed the job.'

'Yeah I know, it's not unusual. I guess we'll just have to do what your Bonobos do - keep fucking in the group!' Josie replied with a chuckle.

'We've got things going for us that those poor chimps couldn't even dream about.' Ross said, taking Josie's by then empty cup and putting both of them aside.

'Oh, what's that?' Josie asked, feeling her throat tightening with her suddenly rearoused expectation.

'For one thing, anticipation.' Ross answered cryptically, then reached forward and undid a few of the buttons on her shirt.

The material fell apart; exposing much of the firmly curving, milky-white flesh beneath it, and his fingers slipped inside it, to touch her. Lightly, tenderly, gently stroking her. A little time later they slipped down over the curves, exploring and following their line, their shape, before running back and forth in the creases beneath them. Then slowly, slipping slowly, slowly upwards, sending tingling nerve-shocks up to their centres, making the already lightly puckered flesh there thicken; make them taut, make them stiffen.

'They're beautiful breasts Josie - you know that. I'm starting to get another hard-on just from just touching them.' Ross whispered throatily.

'I like the idea of that.' Josie answered. 'And I really, really like what you're doing with them - I could take a lot more of that, anytime!'

'I'll remember that. But let me see them please, I mean see them properly, I was just too busy with other things to get a good look at them before - slip your shirt off for me.'

Here we go again! Josie thought to herself, excitedly - doing as he'd asked.

'Ah yes, beautiful!' Ross whispered breathily as her breasts came fully into view. Not as large as some he had known, but what they lacked in sheer volume they more than made up for in many other ways. There was their shape and tautness. Although they didn't have the perky uptilting of an early teen-ager's they were fuller and rounder, and, as he knew from what he had felt before, still had enough firmness to hold them proudly high. There was her skin; pure, creamy-white, with not a single blemish to mark it - looking for all the world as though she had been immersed in and absorbed the finest dairy's milk. Then there were the colour and set of her already excitedly stiffened nipples. Two, almost exactly precise circles of dark, rosy-red flesh, centred the tip of each flawless globe - and right then, the image was brought to absolute perfection by the sharply jutting spikes that highlighted each one.

'Truly beautiful!' he repeated, slipping his hands beneath them, then gently hefting their silkily firm weight.

'You said you'd become excited.' Josie said, reaching forward between his legs. 'So before we get too much further, let's get these off again.'

'Your skirt too now, I think.'

So, again they stripped, but that time, without the urgency of their previous time, so when Ross said - 'Sit down again Josie, please!' - she knew that this time would be different, probably excitingly different.

Then they sat there, each slowly caressing the other. Ross' eyes torn between drinking in the beauty of her breasts, and, because Josie sat with her knees spread well apart, the temptingly juicy view she also gave him of her pussy. Although much of the time Josie found it hard to tear her eyes away from the sheer size of his stiffly straining cock; the satiny smooth helmet-shaped head, and the small, clear drops of fluid that steadily seeped up out of it - the long, very long, vein-gnarled shaft - the large, swollen sack that hung down beneath it - from time to time she also found herself glancing upwards, past his thickly furred chest, to his face, his dark and pleasure-filled eyes.

Although the view that each had of the other was arousingly exciting, what their hands were doing was even more so - each not only receiving pleasure from the other's caresses, but also from the sensations they got from doing it to the other. Ross loved the firm weight of Josie's breasts just as much as she loved the feel of the pulsating hardness of his cock.

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