Nightmare Squad: Devilwoman


But, although in some ways each might have been content to continue doing what they were for very much longer, in time their bodies themselves simply grew too demanding.

Each sensed the change at the same time - 'My turn for the hard surface Josie.' Ross said, moving his stool aside and lying down on the floor of the van.

'A lady should never refuse a kind man's offer.' she answered, stepping astride him.

As they had when simply caressing each other, they knew they both wanted it slowly; Josie pushing down just far enough to jam the head of his cock in between her wetly pouting outer pussy-lips, then holding herself still. 'You realise this van is going to smell like a brothel when we're done, don't you?' she said, desperately trying to find some way of stopping herself from simply ramming hard down on it.

'We could say we had some extra vile smelling entity break in on us.' he suggested through gritted teeth.

'That's a good idea.' she replied, allowing herself to push just a little lower, then gasping with pleasure as she felt the rim of his cock-head grazing her inner lips.

'Is this some part of the group's indoctrination - I mean this ultra-slow torture?' Ross gasped.

'No, my own. Just be patient, I promise it'll be worth it.' Josie replied, then began slowly bobbing up and down - just tiny little movements, but each one generating just enough friction to make her pussy-lips feel as though they had turned into pure, molten fire.

But of course that finely localised stimulation affected Ross equally powerfully; having Josie's tightly clinging pussy moving up and down over the rim of his already sensitised cock-head soon became almost unbearably powerful - and, almost unconsciously, he thrust upwards.

'No Ross, no!' Josie cried, dropping her hands down to his stomach and shifting her weight on to them. 'Be patient a little longer - then let me do it for you.'

He surrendered; he knew what she wanted to do, guessed it would eventually be well worth the waiting for - if only he could hold on.

Somehow he did - and in time, Josie gradually took him deeper inside herself; little by little, inch by inch, all the time maintaining her slow but rhythmic up and down movements. And only when she had taken all of him, felt the rigidly hard, extra long length of him probing deep in her cunt, felt her own body tensing as the slow build-up to her orgasm began, did she relent - on both of them.

'Try to stay still, but get ready to rock!' she gasped as she began moving just a little faster, clenching her innermost muscles around the steel-hard shaft she felt spearing inside her.

All too soon her previously determinedly controlled movements grew quicker and quicker, and soon she felt herself pounding up and down as though her very life depended on her getting them off. Ross' gasping, guttural groans grew louder and harsher - and she could tell from the tense writhing of his straining muscles just how much strength it took for him to resist heaving himself upwards. Then she felt the first unambiguous signal of her soon to hit climax, and yielded to the inevitable - 'Fuck me now Ross! Fuck me! Oh, for God's sake fuck me!' - she screeched as it began.

Ross felt the strength of her pussy's grip tightening, but it was no match for the untapped power in his body. With a cry verging on triumphant he thrust hard and high, lifting himself, and Josie upwards with him. But, once released from its previous limitations his body itself took over; thickening and bloating the throbbingly pistoning shaft, dragging his balls up into itself and draining semen from the over-spilling reservoir - then finally, using him to blast gout after gout of its densely rich fluids deep into the very heart of her all too receptive cunt.

That second, much more powerful bout sated them for most of the rest of their shift, but then Josie, anticipating the long, lonely hours of the day ahead of her, used her wiles to re-fire Ross and get him in the mood to give her one last memory of their night together. That time merely bending herself forward over one of the stools while Ross pounded her from behind.

By then the accumulation of their sweat and assorted secretions had made the inside of the van stink to high heaven and it was only by breaking several rules and propping the back door open as they drove with all windows down that they returned it in something close to its normal condition.

* * * * *

The second night was an almost carbon-copy of the first - Carl, Mack, John and Kelly spent the evening in their finery, slowly sipping long, very expensive cocktails, while outside, in the van, Josie and Ross indulged themselves in rather more primitive activities. By the end of which Josie had decided that long, especially big and long, was indeed very much more desirable than just short but thick.

But then even while preparing to go out for the third night Josie's senses alerted her. 'Call it intuition, call it feminine foolishness if you like, but I feel sure it'll be prowling tonight.' she confided to her captain.

He had worked with Josie long enough to have learned to respect her occasional insightful warnings, so replied. 'OK, I'll have one of Brewster's boys doing street patrol at each location, see if we can pick up some kind of early warning from them. I'll allocate Brewster to 'Sammy's.'

Brewster was a Labrador, by then an ageing, black Labrador - his 'boy's' were actually offspring, a pick of his numerous puppies. Those few had been selected for further and more intensive training after demonstrating that they too had his finely tuned senses for seeking out non-humans.

So, with the human team inside and Brewster and his handler patrolling the street outside 'Sammy's', Josie and Ross, in the comms. van, kept their minds firmly centred on the job in hand that night.

It was some time after eleven when a car pulled up outside the club and a woman - a woman on her own, an undoubtedly beautiful, and beautifully attired woman, a woman who could very well fit the somewhat garbled description given by Troy Hudson's friend - stepped out. A pre-determined signal flashed around the team and Brewster was brought out from the doorway where he and his handler had been stationed.

As the dog approached the entrance his handler watched as the hair at the scruff of his neck began spiking, then Brewster gave a low, almost sub-sonic growl, and made to go straight inside the doorway.

Holding him back his handler sent the message advising the team of the dog's reaction, and Josie and Ross immediately flashed the information to their command centre, where the pre-planned action was begun.

In spite of the woman showing some initial interest in either Carl or Mack, for some reason she took no actual action and, less than half an hour later, she left, alone. But, the team's suspicions having been aroused, she was followed, extremely discretely - and the address of the apartment she returned to, noted.

During the remainder of the night the squad's array of computers mined a wide range of data bases; seeking somewhere, in just one of them, to find some record of this woman's existence. By dawn they finally agreed, she didn't!

Early that morning a large, obviously unusually heavy vehicle trundled slowly into the space that had been cleared for it outside an innocuously normal apartment block. A casual by-passer probably wouldn't have noticed that even when it became stationery its obviously over-large motor actually continued running. A short time later another truck arrived, from which a large commercial safe was unloaded on to a removal dolly, then rolled into the building's entry. Then a man, if his stick and black Labrador guide-dog were anything to go by, a blind man, arrived - accompanied by several of his friends. The group waited patiently while the men moving the safe manoeuvred it into the lift and took it up to the fourteenth floor, then, when the lift returned, they followed.

All during that time Brewster's handler had to use every one of his skills to restrain the dog's naturally aggressive response to the inhuman scents his extraordinarily keen nose was detecting, but once all was securely in position outside apartment 1401 he removed those restraints. As the door was smashed in, the dog leapt forward, his deep-throated growl rising to an ear-piercing howl as his up-curling lips bared the fangs that would be buried in the monster.

Even given that the horror's powers were vastly reduced during daylight hours and even with the team and equipment they had brought with them, they still might not have succeeded in overpowering it so quickly if it hadn't been for Brewster. The sheer animalistic savagery of his attack seemed to confuse and distract the succubus, and although she slashed out at him with her razor-sharp nails that gave the rest of them the opportunity to somehow bundle and secure her in the safe. Then while one remained to tend and roughly bind Brewster's wounds, the others manhandled the safe back to the lift, then outside and into the waiting, industrial sized blast-freezer equipped vehicle.

* * * * *

Later that same afternoon the team met again, for their usual de-briefing. 'First off, as I know you'll all be anxious to hear, Brewster will be fine.' the captain announced. 'He'll need a week or two's sick-leave, but should be back, good as new, soon after that. Oh, and I've arranged for him to be given some extra large, extra juicy bones during his recovery period.' he added, above the spontaneously noisily cheering and clapping the good news generated.

'And, post mortem - if we can use that term for these creatures - tests confirm that what we caught was indeed a non-human. So people, another resounding success for the squad - well done everyone, enjoy your day's off!' he concluded.

Once the Nightmare Squad members had finished congratulating each other they broke apart and went their various ways. Only Carl, watching enviously as he saw Josie and Ross leaving together, seemed less than enthusiastic at the prospect of time off. He knew that all he had to look forward to were a few days and nights trawling the bars in search of big-titted women - 'But -' he then thought to himself - 'that really wasn't all that bad!'


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