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Nightmare Squad: Four-Poster


This story follows on from my submission in the 2006 Halloween Story Contest - 'Halloween - The Taker'.

I received some requests for a sequel and presumed that meant a story based on the exploits of the group that was only mentioned in passing - The Nightmare Squad. In essence this is a group whose task it is to track and dispose of creatures whose actions and/or unspeakable brutalities defy both all normal human logic, and the usual police procedures.

This is the third in this series and readers will find the story more understandable and therefore, hopefully more satisfying if they read 'Halloween - The Taker' and 'Part 2 - DevilWoman' first - but, as this story is mostly 'self-contained' that's not absolutely necessary.

Unlike the first two, this story is not, strictly speaking 'Erotic Horror' but is rather a change of pace for the squad - however, as with the others, I trust you will enjoy!

* * * * *


The members of the squad had each made the most of their free time since their last assignment - with the Succubus - in their own individual ways. Carl had been successful in finding a woman who suited his particular tastes and had made the very most of her. Josie and Ross had been equally sexually energetic, in their case, together. And from the various sounds and comments coming from around the meeting room, most of the others had enjoyed equally satisfyingly exciting days off.

'Morning people!' their captain said as he entered the room. 'I trust you're all in good shape; not too many strained backs, or any other thing.' he added with a knowingly throaty chuckle. 'First off I have to tell you that things are pretty quiet right now. I don't know if it's because of our two recent successes but the horrors seem to be giving us a bit of a miss - which none of us going to complain about. But because of that, apart from what I'm going to deal with next, most of you will be spending a few days doing some refresher training.'

He ignored the half-hearted groans that greeted his announcement, nobody, including himself, relished just doing training. But there were always new gadgets and gizmos being developed, and if the squad didn't maintain its high level of preparedness, when another horror did come on to their patch, if their skills weren't honed to perfection, they could very easily get themselves into very nasty trouble.

'Now, for a few of you, I've got something really weird - and as the thing that we've been asked to investigate doesn't seem to pose any actual physical harm to anybody - something that will probably turn out to be not very exciting. But it's political, and so we can't just ignore it.'

The word 'political' sent a shudder round the room, they all knew how politics could get in the way of the day-to-day life of friends who worked in other departments. But, because the Nightmare Squad was known to so very few, even in relatively high places of government, it had always prided itself in being able to stay well out of that sort of rat-race.

'As I doubt many of you noticed at the time, our beloved mayor's nephew got married a few months ago, to our even more beloved Senator's daughter.' the captain continued. 'One of the many fine gifts the happy couple received was some property, a rambling old early nineteenth century place, up on the hill outside of town. Apparently the idea was that the newly-weds should refurbish the place; fix the plumbing, the electricals, etc., then convert it into some sort of reception-convention centre. Though why anyone would want to go way out there I'll never know.' he added disparagingly. 'All that is pretty common knowledge, the next stuff isn't, so as usual, it stays right here in this room.' he said warningly.

'It seems that when they got back from their honeymoon they still hadn't used up all their energy and enthusiasm for each other - and thought it would be a good idea, before all the renovations got started, to 'christen' - as they called it, in other words, to have sex in - each room in the house. Apparently they were doing pretty well -' he had to say more loudly in order to break-through the bawdy comments that had sprung up from here and there. - 'they'd worked their around the entire ground floor and had started on the seven or eight bedrooms the place comes with. And by the way, that number excludes the rooms that were for the staff.' he added.

'I should explain that for some reason best known to them, until then they hadn't ever actually slept in what had originally been the master bedroom. Anyway, it seems that as it had been the main bedroom they went to a bit of extra trouble; made their first night in it a bit more romantic by taking some candles and wine up with them, that sort of thing - and only some little time later actually got down to the business of starting to properly 'christen' it.'

He ignored the lascivious questions that several people promptly asked, as to precisely how, and struggled on. 'No, I didn't ask exactly what they were doing, nor how they were doing it but from what the wife said I gather her husband was, at least at that time, on top - and certainly he had his back to the room. She said they hadn't been doing whatever it was for very long before she saw it, saw them.' he added. 'Two people, a man and a woman, standing there, watching them.'

For the first time since he started the captain knew he finally had everyone's undivided attention - this sort of thing was their home ground. 'Of course her first thought was that someone had broken in - so she screamed, and as she did so, they simply vanished. Then, having interrupted her husband at an apparently critical moment, she had to try to explain why she'd done what she had; cut his climax short, and, as if that wasn't bad enough, nearly deafened him with her shriek.

At first of course he just thought she'd been seeing things - maybe even started to fall asleep on him. Anyway that was the end of their love-making for that night, but, and I'll give them credit for this, they tried again the next night. But that time, because they were in a different position, he saw them too!'

That time there were a number of sensible questions from the group; had the house any sort of history, in clothes from what period of history were the 'people' dressed, how did they seem - angry or sad?

'I can't answer any of that stuff people, the couple were scared witless by what they'd seen - and, I might add, haven't been back to that room since. So that's where we come in. In this case we're taking on what we never usually do, but with the Mayor and the Senator involved, this time we will - we're doing a private consultation. Don't worry, it's all being properly accounted and paid for!' he said before continuing. 'So I want half a dozen volunteers for this job; but there will be provisos.' he added as just about every arm in the room shot up. 'But before I tell you about the limitations I'll tell you what my basic thoughts are. In answer to a question someone asked a moment ago - no, the house has no known history of visitations. Our love-birds had been in the house for more than two weeks before they appeared - and they only appeared in just that one room, the room that had previously been the master bedroom. And, they only appeared once the couple had started having sex in that room.

So, for the moment let's assume that it was the sex-act itself that triggered the appearance - though I'm not really sure what that might tell us.' he admitted. 'If so, we obviously need people who are prepared to have sex there, plus of course some of our systems monitors and back-up. But, in case something doesn't go right - or if our primary couple simply runs out of steam - I'll need the rest of the team ready to take over from them, I mean in bed.' he added unnecessarily.

'So, these are the provisos. First; it'll be three couples, for a maximum of one week. Second; the couples must already be sexually active, as a couple.' He grinned as he looked around the room, and said. 'Knowing you people as well as I think I do that condition probably still lets nearly all of you in, at least it would have at some time or another.'

Having given time for the resulting crude wisecracks to die down, he continued. 'I'll ask each of those of you who are in some sort of relationship with another squad member to let me have both names later today, then tomorrow I'll let you know which ones I have selected. Oh, and there's a third thing; as the 'people' the couple have seen were a man and a woman, only couples whose primary sex-life is heterosexual need apply.'

* * * * *

The captain was as good as his word and by mid-morning the following day the three chosen couples, plus food, drink and a fair bit of electronic equipment, were heading in their separate vehicles for the address of the old house.

Even though he was still new to the squad Josie was thrilled to find that she and Ross had been two of those picked, along with Kelly and John, and Brad and Susie. Of the other four she had, in the previous year or so had a brief fling with three and at one time had a thought about trying her luck with the fourth. But nothing had come of that so although they had worked together, Susie remained a bit more of a personal mystery to her.

As they would be operating in only a semi-official capacity on this job they had chosen not to wear uniforms. Josie knew that one of her best features - her legs - would undoubtedly look far better in skirts than in pants, and as she wanted the day to start in much the same mood that she and Ross had experienced in their days off together, she had started out in a short, pleated and slightly flared skirt. So, as he drove off and headed for the freeway Ross was, out of the corner of his eye, being treated to the stimulating sight of a short but nonetheless tempting view of the flesh above her knees.

'I wonder if the ghosts, if that's what they are, only appear at night.' he suddenly said.

'Who knows, why?' Josie replied.

'Well if that display gets any better, once we get there I might have to take you straight up to the room.'

'You like this then?' Josie answered, sliding her fingers slowly back and forth, and in the process managing to push the skirt just an inch or two higher.

'You know I do, you witch!' he answered, reaching across to slip his hand under the hem, then moving it slowly upwards. 'And touching is even better than looking.' he added, feeling her legs slacken as he began stroking her.

'Mmm, yes it is. But I thought you have might have got a bit tired of feeling me, I mean after everything we've done in the last few days.'

'Far from it - in fact what we've done so far has only whetted my appetite Josie. I've got a lot more feeling to do, not to mention everything that follows it!'

The feel of his hand, by then reaching way up her thigh, coupled with the exciting promise of his words, sent shivers of anticipation running through her and as they did so she felt her body responding; nipples tightening and her pussy quickly moistening. Even though she was staring straight ahead, out through the windscreen, in her head she was actually seeing him, seeing him as he had been the previous night; standing beside her bed, naked, his cock - that marvellously long, strong cock - quivering and throbbing. And that vision brought back the memories of how it had felt; thrusting deep, reaching places she'd never previously felt a cock.

She wriggled herself a little closer to him, twisting her body and shifting her legs a little further apart. 'You like this, don't you.' he said as his hand slid down between her thighs, turning, then moving upwards, to finally cup her warm moistness.

'You know I do.' she whispered huskily.

'I think I'd better find out just how much.' he said, letting his fingers move slowly but deliberately up and down, feeling the silky stuff that covered it getting wetter as her pussy responded.

So they drove; Ross continuing to finger her, and Josie giving herself up to the sweet and slowly but steadily rising feelings he was giving her. 'I know I've already told you, but you do you really have a fantastic pussy.' he said a few minutes later. 'I don't think I've ever felt one that's so juicy but still so tight.'

'And I've never had such a magnificent cock in it Ross.' she throatily replied, juddering as she felt the tips of his fingers finally reach her clitoris.

By then the crotch of Josie's panties felt like nothing more than a strip of wet rag. 'Do you think you could come for me baby?' Ross asked solicitously as he began to vibrate his hand.

'Keep doing it like that and you can be sure of it!' she answered him breathlessly.

So he did - and a few minutes later, Josie did, with breathy cries of her strong, but previously unanticipated pleasure.

'Well that certainly got the week off to a good start.' she said affectionately once the waves of indulgent delight had waned a little.

'Lots more where that came from Josie.' Ross replied, squeezing her knee.

'Well I'm a girl who's always happy to take it. But although it was thrilling it sort of got in the way of what I hoped we could talk about, before we get to the house I mean.'

'Oh, and what was that?'

'The others, the rest of the team. After all I'm really the only one of the squad you've got to know, and we're going to be living in very close proximity to each other during this gig.'

'So, what sort of stuff did you want to warn me about?' he asked a little worriedly.

'Oh no, not warn - just talk. After all I know them all pretty well, and you don't, at least not yet.'

'OK, so what's to know?'

'Well, I suppose first things first - and as you're sure to pick up the signals sooner or later I may as well tell you straight out - I've been to bed with three of them. I haven't with Susie, at least not yet!' she added with a mischievous grin.

'So Kelly's bi-sexual - I mean the captain said the relationships between us had to be hetero.'

'Yeah, she is - at least she has been, occasionally. She was very sweet.' Josie added.

'Well I'm sure glad to hear that! But tell me - has everyone in the squad slept with everyone else?'

Josie laughed. 'Oh no, well at least, not yet! But we're a tight knit squad - and as you've found out yourself, this kind of work plays merry hell with a relationship with someone from outside it.'

'Yeah, as you say, I've already learned that. But the reason I asked is, I mean will I be expected to do that, you know, sleep around?'

'Not expected to, no Ross - but if you do it won't be as bad as when that happens out there, in the other world. Do you know what I mean?'

'I think so - attitudes are a bit more fluid, more understanding of what the pressures can do?'

'Exactly! Obviously sometimes people get hurt, that's only human nature - I mean someone is bound to eventually feel something more deeply than someone else will, we'd be weird if we didn't. But it's never so bad as it might be with regular people. As you said, we understand that stuff just happens sometimes. And given all the horrors we see, nothing's ever as bad as what other things could happen to us.'

'OK, I get it! But does that mean that you're going to be fooling around, I mean this week?'

Josie snuggled closer, reaching down to grip Ross' knee. 'Not purposely Ross, no.' she said affectionately, then adding in a much lighter tone of voice. 'I mean when a girl's got a guy with a cock like yours, why on earth would I!'

'Keep remembering that, just keep remembering it!'

'Oh I will, you can be sure I will.' she softly replied - restoring the image she'd earlier brought to mind.

But once again her enjoyment of it was all too soon interrupted by Ross' voice. 'But while we're on that subject - I mean the squad, and especially this week's team.' he explained. 'For instance, what's John's background? From what I've seen of him he certainly seems to pack of lot of muscle under his shirt.'

'He sure does, he's probably the fittest and strongest member of the squad. And as to his background, he's a Kiwi, part Maori.'

'Kiwi' and 'Maori' weren't words that Ross was familiar with, so he said. 'Kiwi, Maori, what's that?'

'He's from New Zealand, apparently Maoris were the indigenous people there, you know before the white's moved in.'

'Oh yes, I remember now, I have heard the word before. I remember seeing the New Zealanders playing some sort of football - rugby I think they called it. That team was largely blacks, I mean Maoris - they were really tough guys. They play that game just as hard as we do Gridiron, but without wearing any body armour! Tough buggers they were! So John would be a good man to have on our side in a scrap!' he added more seriously.

'He certainly is.'

'And you said he's fit - is that speaking from personal experience?'

'Yes, he certainly wore me out! But we only got it on together just the one time - he prefers brunettes, the darker the better I think - that's probably why he and Kelly have hooked-up. I must have just caught him on a week-end when he was looking for something different.' Josie replied a little reflectively.

'Well he certainly couldn't have found anyone further from brunette that you are. I mean you're such a pale, milky blonde that if you were any blonder you'd be an albino.'

'Is that a complaint?'

'God no! Quite the opposite - I love the way you look. I've always preferred blondes, and especially natural blondes - and from where I've been, and what I've seen I can certainly attest that you're one of those.' he added grinning sideways at her.

'Yeah I've never really gone for that totally shaved look - maybe the teen-age girls can get away with it but I think it starts to look a bit silly on the more mature woman.'

'But you shave below, I mean around your pussy.'

'Oh that's just being considerate.' Josie replied with a smile. 'After all if a girl expects a guy to go down there sometimes the least thing she can do is to keep it free of bothersome irritants.'

'Yeah, picking hair out of my teeth has never been my favourite occupation. But now, what about the others? You've said Kelly is bi-sexual, where's she from and what's her specialty at work?'

'She originally came from your area, somewhere around LA I think. As to work, well she's a whiz with the technical stuff, leaves me for dead when it comes to tweaking extra fine performances out of the gear we use. Brad's like that too, but he's local - actually went to same school I did, though two or three years behind me.'

'And you've sampled him too?'

Yes I did - well to be fair, we sampled each other - just for a month or so. He's a very serious guy, you know, thinks deeply about things - all sorts of things. He was just a bit too, well, 'intellectual' is not exactly the right word - but it'll give you the idea.'

'And Susie's a bit of a blank page - sexually. So where does she fit in the team, I mean skills-wise?'

'Apart from anything else, she's an organisational genius. If you want someone to arrange something - whether it's a celebration party, or the most complex of jobs, Susie's your girl. That's the main reason why the boss made her our team-leader for this job.'

'And she's very attractive too - that combination of tanned-looking skin, green eyes and dark auburn hair gives her an almost 'film-star' look.'

'Yes, she is a very pretty girl.' Josie replied somewhat offhandedly.

* * * * *

The team spent the first hour or two getting all their basic requirements completed; unpacking their personal stuff, exploring the rough lay-out of the house and setting-up the electronic gear that they hoped would confirm whether or not they received an actual visitation.

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