tagSci-Fi & FantasyNightmare to Fantasy

Nightmare to Fantasy


As the sun came up over the dark horizon, shedding light on the new day, Rachel Howards breathed deep, hoping with the new day would bring a new life. She was 18 years old but felt trapped by her parents into staying with them while her father fought his battle with lung cancer. Rachel knew she had to leave, to have her own life.

There was a gentle tap on her bedroom door. "Come in." She said hardly any louder than a whisper. Betsy, her maid came into her spacious bedroom and began making up the four-poster bed.

"Your Mother's in quite the mood today, Miss. I'd tread carefully around her." Betsy informed her as she fluffed the pillows.

"Thank you Betsy. I might take Sundance out today. It looks like it's going to be gorgeous." Sundance was a prize winning, pure bred, solid black Arabian. Rachel had gotten him for her 16 birthday from her Pawpaw just before he passed away. Sundance had quickly become her favorite horse in her family's collection of thirty different breeds.

"Very well, Miss. Shall I call down to Rupert and have him ready the saddle? The new trainer starts today, he should be here any moment. From what I hear your mother has already got it in her head to sink her claws into this new man before he can even meet all the horses." Betsy had always been the busy bee; 'accidentally' overhearing private conversations her mother would have on the phone.

Rachel just leaned on her balcony, staring out over the fields, wanting to run free like the horses. The warm, summer, Montana breeze blew through her long golden hair. She closed her eyes and relished in the idea of just being free, when she heard someone pull up the driveway. She turned, went through her bedroom to the other set of French doors leading to the balcony overlooking the front of the house. An old, dusty pick up truck was pulling up the drive, stopping just before the dirt road the led to the stables.

Well, this must be the man Mother is wanting as her new toy. Rachel's mother was never the settling down type, she always had a new boy toy drooling after her. Perhaps her mother would meet a man she could fall in love with and move off to some exotic place so she and her father could remain in peace.

Then she remembered; Daniel was coming for a dinner party this evening. "Fuck." She thought. Daniel was her mother's best friend's son. Rachel had been pretty much promised to him when she was thirteen. He was twenty and a severe asshole. He was a smug, classless boor of a man. They had tried dating when she was fifteen. At first it wasn't bad, after all... there weren't many boys her age out here in the Badlands, then after about a month all he did was try to grab her crotch. She tried to tell her mother but all her mom would say is "Florence's boy would never do that."

"Oh screw it." She thought. "Maybe at the party she would just steal a few drinks and hit the bed early."

Rachel sat on her bed and began to pull on some riding pants. She felt something odd on the back of her right thigh. She grabbed a hand mirror and tried to see. It looked like a couple of small holes. "What the hell bit me..." she thought. She pulled on an old t-shirt and walked back out on the balcony. Her mother was still torturing her new toy. Her mother... was a good looking lady. Rachel often wondered how she wound up a blonde. Her mom had deep, almost magenta red hair. She had turbulent green eyes. A small woman Rachel often described as a chameleon. She was about five feet, three inches tall. Put her in inch high heels and her legs went on for six feet. Her smile could light up a room, even if she was slicing someone with a razor blade... which between that and the legs being displayed in tight denim shorts was about to happen to stable boy number 420.

Rachel headed out the front door and began walking towards where her mother and the new hand were standing. She walked around the corner just in time to see her mother slap a tall, devilishly good looking man across the cheek. It made Rachel stop in her tracks and she stood, gaped mouth and staring until her mother ran off into the house, apparently in tears.

"What'd you do to her?" Rachel demanded when her mother was no longer present.

"I didn't do a thing and I think that's what bothered her. Is she always so straight forward?" He lifted one large, tanned hand to his face where he'd been slapped, rubbing it lightly as if it actually hurt him.

"Only when it comes to sex and men. My mother is a whore and I'm not sticking up for her. She may try to get you fired but my father will only like you more for not giving in." Rachel couldn't take her eyes off of his. They seemed to pull her into his soul, drown her in an endless sea of tranquil blue, unlike any color she'd ever seen before. Behind those gorgeous eyes there was an abundance of knowledge. She wondered how a man like he had come to be a ranch hand in the middle of nowhere.

"I'm Jett, by the way. You must be Rachel. Your father told me some about you. He never said how beautiful you were though." He stuck out his hand, expecting her to shake it as if he hadn't said anything to surprise her.

"Thank you, Jett. If you want, I'll show you to the stables and introduce you to Rupert. He's a shithead sometimes but mostly he's okay. Just don't piss him off." With that, Rachel started walking away without ever shaking his hand, thinking she may not want to stop once she starts touching him.

Jett started after her and opened the passenger side door of his truck. She climbed in and he gently closed the door. As he walked around to the driver side he wondered what she would look like naked. Quickly disposing of that thought, he climbed in and headed down the dirt road to the stables.

He parked the truck where Rachel had told him to and they both got out. She walked ahead of him towards the stables. He couldn't help but notice the sexy sway of her hips and the tight fit of her riding pants. He also couldn't help but notice he didn't see any panty lines and wondered if she were wearing any at all. As he stared at her perfectly round, firm ass, he had to ball his hands into fists just so he wouldn't try touching her. He had never thought about anyone like that before and wondered why she had such an effect on him.

Rachel swung her head around and saw that he was staring at her ass. She stopped and he looked up into her chocolate brown eyes. Her heart skipped a beat when, again, she felt lost to his eyes. An image of the two of them naked in the hayloft flashed through her mind. She blinked and the image was gone. She saw red wash over his face and thought maybe he saw the same image as she had but knew it was impossible.

"Rupert isn't here yet, he should be along shortly though. Follow me and I'll let you meet Sundance." She smiled to herself as she turned away from him and started walking, making sure to swing her hips just right. God help her, she was flirting with this stranger and couldn't stop herself from doing so.

Jett noticed immediately the change in her stride. He felt the beginning of an erection and had to close his eyes and picture his Grandmother in order for it to go away. He chastised himself for letting her see his thoughts, for they were highly inappropriate. He knew she had seen them when she quickly averted her eyes away from him. He ran a hand through his short cropped black hair in frustration. He wasn't going to be able to survive his time here without having her. He came to that conclusion when she refused to shake his hand. He followed her down the row of horses, like a hungry little puppy following a bit of food.

The bites on the back of her thigh seemed to burn the closer Jett got to her. She absent mindedly rubbed the two little spots on her leg and waited for him to catch up with her. "Do you know anything about spiders, Jett?" She wanted to make sure it wasn't a deadly spider bite since she was starting to feeling a bit nauseous and weak. Perhaps she was coming down with the flu, but at such an odd time of year.

"I know a little but not as much as I know about horses. Why?" A sweat broke out on his brow and his heart raced. He couldn't understand why she was asking him about bites.

"I think a spider bit me in my sleep last night. I'm starting to feel a bit sick. Would you mind looking at the bite for me?" What on earth was she doing? Her mind was yelling at her to stop this nonsense but her mouth just kept going.

"Sure, where is it?" Jett decided he'd say it's just a spider bite, not harmful in any way. She shouldn't know just yet what it really was.

"Let's go up in the hayloft, that way if Rupert should show up we wont have to explain too much to him." That brief image popped into her head again and she felt the blush rise on her cheeks. Lord she wanted this man more than anything right now.

Jett didn't say a word, just followed her up a ladder to the large hayloft. Without saying a word, he watched as she removed her jacket and began taking off her pants. "Now I know why you wanted to come up here. Aren't you afraid I'll take advantage of you?" His eyes sparkled mischiviously.

"No. Oddly I feel safe with you. Maybe we met in another life. Now take a look on the back of my thigh. Do you see it? It burns like crazy." She turned her back to him, allowing him a much better view of her ass. He got down on his knees behind her so he could look closely.

"That explains it." He smiled up at her, not yet touching her, afraid of what he might do.

"Explains what?" She noticed his smirk and couldn't help but smile back at him.

"A thong. I wasn't sure you were wearing any underwear at all." He rocked back on his heels to avoid her smacking him.

"Jett! I'm asking you politely to look at a bite, not comment on my choice of under garment." She turned away from him again. "Did you really think I was going commando?" She couldn't help but find the humor in him. He was too gorgeous to get mad at.

"Yeah well I'm just a man, I couldn't help myself. Now hold still while I take a closer look." Jett leaned in toward her and noticed she was looking away from him. He took that chance to graze the length of her long, tanned legs with his eyes, wanted she bad to lick her all over.

Rachel could feel the burn of not only the bites but also his gaze following the length of her legs. It brought goose bumps to her entire body. He nipples pressed painfully against her bra, wanting to find warmth and comfort in his mouth. She could feel his breath against her thigh, making her most private area moist. Then his hands were on her legs. At first it was shocking, like being electrocuted. As he moved his hands down to her calfs, her whole body began to tremble.

"Are you okay?" Jett asked her after he heard her try to stifle a moan. His erection was rock hard and eagerly waiting to seek shelter in her body. He moved his hands up and down the length of her right leg, savoring her creamy skin. His face was so close to her, he could smell her. She wanted him badly. Almost as badly as he wanted her.

"Jett..." Her voice seemed to quiver and get lost in another moan. "Maybe we shouldn't do this." Her head tipped back and she fought back the urge to scream and he planted one soft kiss on her thigh where the bites were.

"We're done...for now. Nothing harmful, just a spider. I think you'll live." With that he removed his hands and stood as she turned to face him. "Do you have anywhere else you want me to inspect?" His devilish grin was enough to make her melt. He hoped like hell she'd ask him to inspect her entire body. She leaned back against a wooden support, still in only her thong and t-shirt. Jett moved in closer, inhaling her sweet scent. He could eat her alive, literally. Thinking back to the previous night, he remembered the soft moans she let out during his "visit". Not that she would know about it...not yet anyhow.

"Why do I feel this way? My body is wanting to do things my mind knows isn't appropriate." Her hands wandered over her body, caressing her stomach, then her breasts. Her nipples were highly visible against the thin material. She then reached out tentatively with one hand and softly caressed Jett's stomach. He tensed and sucked in a breath, surprised by the contact.

"What kinds of things is your body wanting?" A loaded question if there ever was one. Keeping his hands on the post above her head, he closed the distance between them, but not quite all the way. His lips but a hairbreadth away from hers, he whispered, "I know no one's around right now. Rupert's in town and you know how far away that is. Your Mommy is probably still sulking and will no doubt not want anything to do with me right now. So it's up to you what you want from me. I'm at your beck and call at this moment and this moment only. After, I fully plan on making you my slave." Though he was certain she took that as him having a big ego, he was dead serious. She was to be his, forever.

"I want this..." She barely finished the statement before she connected her mouth with his, Tongues danced greedily and teeth nipped hungrily. It wasn't long before they tugged at his clothes and she stepped back to peel off the t-shirt and bra. He stopped her before she rolled down her thong. "What? Why'd you stop?" He could feel her apprehension, perhaps believing there might be a flaw to mark her perfect body that he found distasteful. That, however, was not near the truth at all as to the why behind his momentary break.

"I just want to admire you for a moment. You're body is the most gorgeous I've seen ever. And trust me that's a great compliment for I've seen a lot of naked bodies." His hands reached out to carefully admire her breast, cupping first one then the other, treating them as if they were treasured artifacts rather than just breasts. He bent forward and took a stiff nipple into his mouth. "Ohh...Jett. Oh my God." The sensations running through her body was terrifying. She wanted him to stop but yet never stop.

Deciding her next move, Rachel grabbed him by his hair and forced his mouth back up to hers. She had never been a dominant figure yet the idea of dominating this man had her doing things she'd never would've done before. She gently nudged him until he backed away from her, then she motioned for him to lie down in the hay. He quietly acquiesced, first creating a makeshift blanket out of there clothing. A smile lurked on his lips as she straddled him on the floor. She began kissing his neck, licking the vein that runs along the side. Jett grabbed her hips and shuddered at the pleasure. He turned his head to the side to give her better access. Rachel got the hint and gave the vein another long lick. She could feel his erection twitch and his hips move instinctively towards hers. "Not too much longer, love. Then I'll give you everything." Rachel's voice was somehow different, huskier, sexier. She wasn't sure where the words had come from, but she knew deep down she meant them.

Jett broke away and looked into her dark eyes, seeing the hunger lying within those chocolate depths. Had she just said she'd give him everything? He wasn't sure if he heard correctly but the way she was licking her lips told him he had. Using his quick reflexes he rolled her over so she lie beneath him. He pinned her hands on the floor on either side of her head. "You're mine, Rachel. Always and only mine. Do you want that?" He needed to hear her say yes, he knew if he took her she'd forever be bound to him if not physically then in the heart. He'd never be able to love another for as long as he lived. But he need her answer before marking her as his. Once he bit her there was no turning back.

Her eyes clouded over with desire and emotions unbeknownst to her before. She smiled up at Jett. "Yes. I want to be yours and only yours. Jett, make me yours forever." Again the words seemed to be pulled from her without thought but they felt so right after being said she had no notions of taking them back.

Blue eyes darkening he greedily claimed her mouth then slid down to her breasts. Paying homage to first one then the other he continued his journey south until he met with the blue thong. Using his teeth, careful not to tear the delicate fabric with his now protruding fangs, he pulled them down then off her body. He licked, nipped and kissed his way up her legs to the beautiful, smooth mound between her thighs. Breathing deep her took in her musky sweetness, committing it to memory. Experimentally he slowly rolled his tongue along her weeping slit.

Her breath shot at with a hiss between clenched teeth. The tightening in the pit of her stomach had already begun and knew her orgasm wasn't far away. His tongue flicked lightly at her engorged clit, making her jump at the jolt of pleasure. "Suck it, Jett. Please, suck my clit. I need to come now, Jett." She begged and panted as the assault on her clitoris continued. When the began squirming and sweating, thinking she'd surely die before long, he sharply sucked her clit into his mouth, sending her over the edge into the dark abyss. "Oh Jett! Oh yes! Keep going, keep sucking that clit! Yessss!" The orgasm never seemed to want to end, waves of bliss rolled through her body over and over. When finally he body stopped bucking and Jett had returned to the makeshift blanket beside her, she reopened her eyes.

The goofy grin on Rachel's face was all it took to make Jett feel like the luckiest man alive. Hers was the sweetest pussy he'd ever tasted and already craved more of her. But he knew he couldn't have her in the way he wanted, yet. She needed to know and time to adjust first. Rubbing his hand down her arm, he placed a gentle kiss on her swollen lips. "We'll continue this later, Baby." He got up and began putting on his clothes.

"What? But why? We have plenty of time and....I want more." She blushed deeply at the admission and Jett felt even more like an ass for not noticing her innocence before. She grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head, carelessly tugging it down to cover her nudity. Tears stung her eyes but she desperately fought them back, not wanting this obviously very experienced man to see her cry.

"Rachel there's stuff you need to know about me and I don't know how you'll react. I don't want to go any farther until you take the time and think about things." He helped her up off the floor and picked up his shirt, which she had been sitting on. He waited until he looked mostly presentable before heading towards the ladder. "Those bites on your thigh aren't spider bites." The confused look on her gorgeous face made him pause. "They're mine. I bit you last night. I'm a vampire, Rachel." Confusion morphed into shock and she fell to her knees in the hay. The last thing he saw before descending the ladder was a single teardrop sliding down her pale face. He'd make her understand. Surely she'd come around and soften to the idea. Someday. For now, though, Jett planned on seducing her properly as any young man would. 'Starting tomorrow.' He thought as he reached down to adjust the painfully uncomfortable erection in his jeans. He'd have to take care of the later. Right now there was a job to be done and dome horses to tend.

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