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A little past midnight, he fell into a deep sleep. His breath deepened, his muscles loosened. The strain of the day fell from him. He was a tall, pale young man. Hardly over the age of 18, he seemed weak, sickly, his dark eyes and hair, accented his frailty. Sleep should have brought him peace, strength, but sadly it brought him torment. He was hunted in his sleep, by dark unknown forces, forces that had hunted him since reaching his manhood. Every night they stalked him...

It began, as it did every night. Past midnight, as a deep calming sleep came upon him, the shadows crept towards his bed. Strange vines of darkness came and tugged at his sheets and comforter. The young man didn't stir. The shadows came closer, creeping, unseen, up his onto his bed, where they coiled and uncoiled like snakes. Several of them reached down, toward the end of his bed, where his height caused his feet to breach the safety of his blankets. The shadows coiled around his ankles, sending cold shivers up his legs, straight to his heart, but still he did not waken. On either side of him, the shadows slithered into his blankets, and began coiling around his legs, massaging them through the fabric of his sweatpants. At the end of his bed, an almost human figure, showed its head. Pale with death, it made a jerked from the floor, to the bed, soundlessly. In the next instant, it had joined the coils under the blanket, but no bulge in the bedding revealed its presence. The young man moaned in his sleep, slightly. The coils were slowly working their power on him, their cool touch, gave him goosebumbs, sent chills down his spine. They slowly worked the sweatpants down, down, till they were expelled from the bed, into the darkness. The young man lay sleeping, in his shirt and boxers, moaning, unaware of the danger below his navel...

The death creature's touch was cold as ice, as it caressed the young man's semi-hard cock. Scraping its broken nails against the fabric of the boxers. It opened the slit-hole, ever so slightly, and let a silent whistle of winter in. The young man groaned loudly, but did not waken, his cock was hard, despite the cold, and his balls were tight against him. The coils, seeing an opening, entered the boxers, working around the boy's private spots. They crept under the boxes, making them bulge and move. They weaved through his pubic hair, massaged his firm butt, feathered his manhood. Slowly, the young man began to surrender, without even his simple awareness. The creature slipped his boxers to his knees, then lifted the legs towards the boy's shoulders. The coils trapped them there, and began feathering the boy's tiny nipples and firm stomach through his shirt.

The creature itself, bent itself on another task. A young, virginal, rose-bud had shown itself, presented itself. The creature knew its task, and lowered its decayed head. Its broken teeth scraped the boy's sack, the tongue flickered softly under it. The cold caused the sack to completely tighten, so the creature's tongue had no trouble attacking the base of the manhood. It licked softly, then deeply, and followed the crevice to the rose-bud. There it licked, then pushed itself in, just a little. Then licked once more. The young man began arousing at this new feeling, for the creature's tongue became warm, as it began to thrust into the rose-bud. The more pleasure it caused, the more the young man awakened, till at last he opened his eyes.

His arms flew to his comforter, he ripped it off, and caught sight of a decayed body, years old, laying dormant over his groin. His groin, lay hard, atop his the creature's face. The young man immediately knocked the death away from his most sacred body-part. He thrust his manhood back into his boxers, and slipped his sweats back on. He started into the hallway, and broke into a run.

And he kept running. Down the dark, door-filled corridor, he ran into the depth of the shadows, and the coils followed him at a distance. But he did not know, still he did not know his danger.

After an hour of tiresome running, he reached a great room, covered in gray gloom. Around the room, were placed many black doors, leading to greater nightmares. He heard a strange clicking from above, and went to move to a door. But he went to slowly, silky ropes fell on the back of his calves, and anchored them to the floor, bringing him to his knees. The source of the ropes and sounds made itself known.

Unlike the death creature, it did not love slow seduction and unknown ravishment. It let loose more ropes, capturing the young man's arms, binding them upward. He sat upon his knees, arms hailing the creature, tears streaming down his face. From the down the ropes came little spiders, with head like women. But women who knew only hate, their tiny mouths with filled with envenomed spiked teeth, and evil glee in their eyes. They moved with great speed, and nipped into the young man's most sensitive spots. Along the neck, then beneath his shit, along his nipples, and into his navel. The young man struggled to break free, before the spiders reached his manhood, for their poison was that of wanton acts, sexual pleasures. His nipples were flaming hard, his head disillusioned with lust. But he retained enough of who he was, to not want a hard-on, not here, not with the darkness.

But all he succeeded in doing, was tearing the fabric of his sweats by his knees. Allowing the creatures access to his legs. The moved alone his leg hair, sending cold shivers down his spine. Some bit alone the inner thigh, but others crept under the fabric of his boxers. Slowly the moved under, toward their final prey. He screamed himself course, as they nibbled on his cock head, his smooth shaft, and his soft nuts. His erection came instantly, and the spiders left him. Their work was done.

For then came their mistress, a being much like themselves, but far greater and darker. She came slowly into the light, eying her prey. The boy only whimpered as she grinned hungrily at his cock. She plunged, the young man, with all his strength, tried to jump, and succeeded in tearing the fabric of his pants, below the knee. But his jump only brought his groin to an equal level with the fanged maw of the she-spider. In all likeness to a giant spider it was, except with a woman's face, with great and terrible pulps and fangs. Behind the fangs lay rows of glittering teeth, and a long tongue. As she lunged, she sent her pulps and fangs to work, and the tore through the fabrics, ripping them to shreds. The boy screamed in fear his manhood would be ripped apart with his clothes, but the she-spider caught it with her pulps and permitted no harm. She slowly worked it in past her fangs, past the rows of teeth, where the tongue coiled around it. The tongue-coil slowly pulled up and down on the hot shaft, feather soft at the base, and tightly at the tip. In its absence, hundreds of teeth softly scraped the young man's precious tool. As she did this, she wrapped her legs around him, prevented him from withdrawing, saving himself from the sex-trap. But he lost himself, the poison of the spider pulsed through him, he slowly plunged into the maw, only slightly remembering his danger. Unaware of another danger.

He felt a slight tug on his nut sack, but thought little of it. The touch was clawed, and covered in prickly hairs, it felt good against his balls. A great tingling sensation was left after each touch. He moaned, and pushed towards, it. But after each touch, he felt a greater and greater tingling, and weight. The she-spider and one of her legs and had begun cocooning hit nuts to her body. Another leg, with a great barbed claw at the end, was ready at the base, to yank them off right before orgasm. This way the she-spider would get all her wanted man-seed.

Upon seeing this, the young man, began to struggle, and lose erection. The she-spider spat him out, and began to call out for more envenomed spiders. As soon as she released the failing manhood, the young man pulled on his restraints, and kicked the spider away from him. He stood upon wobbly knees, so he put his full weight upon his bonds from the void-roof. They snapped. They she-spider reared and hissed, her little servants began to swarm, but he ran through the closest door, into a dark gloom.

Through the gloom, he realized he was in an open field. Ahead of him lay a tree, but before he can take a better look of his surroundings, he felt the sting of the spider venom again. It still pulsed within him, his erection was re-gaining strength. He needed an outlet. He half-stumbled to the tree, and rested upon it. He could almost feel hands groping him, then he did. Opening his eyes, he saw what appeared to be a man and woman, but they were dark. Dark and mighty, untouchable, beautiful as a rose upon death's door. He needed them. He went for the woman, began groping her, completely forgetting himself. The rags of fabric hanging from his waistband did not prohibit him, nor did the woman, for she was naked. He entered her tight orifice, and began thrusting with his very heart beat. She was tight, and burning hot, and dry like a desert, he felt himself chapping. But he couldn't stop, wouldn't. She smiled her devil's smile, and he sold his soul again, as he always did. The man approached him from behind, and ripped away the back of his briefs, and tore his short open. Completely ruining his clothes. The dark man rubbed strong, rough hands up and down the young man's arched back, and down to his firm ass cheeks. There the hands parted the final barrier to boy's most desired orifice. The young man screamed as a long cock rammed into him, nailing his prostrate head on. He could hardly breathe through the lust, as his kept up his pace, with the other mans. The woman played with his nuts, while the man tweaked his nipples. The young man gave in.

The shadows came, from about the base of the tree, they could sense the young man's climax approaching. They coiled around him, covering every inch of skin, muffling his grunts and groans, and pulled him toward a great opening in the tree. A great void, empowered by sexual impurity, the young man finally climaxed within the woman, and the man filled his bowels. The great void filled with a blinding light, and the boy felt himself fall into it, forever...

Or almost forever... a buzzing noise awake the young man, as he lay on his bedroom floor, blood and cum still oozing from his cock, his clothes torn to shreds, and his body beaten and broken. Every day, every night, sleep eluded him, and the shadows of nightmare came to him. He will never find peace, he died 10 years ago, on his 18th birthday night.

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