tagErotic HorrorNightmares Become Reality Ch. 05

Nightmares Become Reality Ch. 05


Steffi was confused and scared. She knew that she couldn't go to the hospital because they would insist on involving the police, but she didn't have the courage to look either.

"Hank, I don't know what to do. I don't know how to handle this. I am not going to move, this is my dream house and I have put way too much time and effort into this place to give it to some maniac."

"I am not sure how you feel about this, seeing as how we have only known each other for a few days, but I could examine you if you like."

Steffi's eyebrows lifted real high and her mouth hung open.

"Examine me? What like a doctor? You're nuts! What are you anyways?"

"A doctor."

"Oh, yeah right! How convenient for you." Hank chuckled as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his state board medical license and photo ID to the hospital.

"I work at the hospital, I am a plastic surgeon. I specialize in reconstructive surgery, mainly for car accident victims. Here, this should put your mind at ease." He handed her the cards and she studied them intently. After of few moments of looking at them she smiled and snickered as she handed them back to him. "What are you laughing at?"

"I am just in shock. I am being raped in my sleep by a ghost, I can't tell anyone about it, and my neighbor is a doctor who is willing to look at what I cannot. This all just seems surreal and a little unbelievable."

"Look Steffi, I am not going to pressure you into anything you don't want to do. If you are that worried about your physical health and want this kept off the records I can look for you. You can call the hospital and verify who I am, ask if a Hank Winters works there. If you want me to just listen I will, or, we can go back to drinking coffee and eating really good bread and forget all about this. You can deal with it in your own way. I am just trying to help you here."

"No, I know you are trying to help, I am just nervous."

"I understand that, the choice is yours."

Steffi just stared at him blankly, Hank stood up and pushed his chair in, and when he turned around to leave Steffi reached out and grabbed his arm.

"Wait!" She looked up at him with tear-filled eyes. "Okay."

"Okay what?"

"Okay, you can take a look. This hurts and I want to make sure there is no damage."

"I can do that, where do you want to go to have me look?"

"Um, the bedroom is fine I guess. Follow me."

Steffi stood up and took his hand. She led him up the stairs to her room. He saw the bed off to the left and took notice of the sheets. They were disheveled and he noticed the rather large outline of what he could only assume was her cum. He thought it resembled sweat stains on a hat, just on a larger scale, and of sheets of course. Whatever was happening to her, her body was at the very least responding to it in a manner in which it liked, regardless of how it left her feeling when she woke up.

She stood in the middle of the room, staring at it as if she were in a daze. She looked at the bed and made a face that could only be described as confusion and pain. She peered into the bathroom and made the very same face and then turned her attention to Hank.

"So, where should I lie down for you to look?"

"Um, how about the chase lounge in the corner."

Steffi walked over and laid down. She didn't need to take any clothes off, just undo her robe.

"Let me go wash my hands before I take a look. Is it okay if I use your bathroom?"

"Sure." Steffi laid their waiting for him to return. When he did she gazed up at him with a terrified look on her face. "Please be gentle if you touch me."

"Of course I will. Is there any other place I need to look other than your vagina?"

"Um, my bum hurts a little."

"Okay, there is no need to undo your robe, just hike it up a little and spread your legs for me."

Steffi did as she was asked and stared out the window while Hank looked at her. She couldn't believe what she was getting herself in to. She thought about where she would go if she had to leave the house and find a new home to live in. She hated the idea of living in the city, but hated the idea of living with her parents in the city even more.

"Do you see anything Doc?" She giggled. He didn't know she was a doctor, of a different kind of course, and she had always wanted to use that line.

"So your clit is swollen and looks a little raw, and your ass has a little tearing around the edges, more like dry cracks. Some cream ought to make the both of them feel better. Your vagina is bleeding a little, are you on your period or supposed to start?"


"Then I would imagine that there is some trauma to the inside, but I cannot see anything with this light."

"There is a small flash light in the drawer over there..." Steffi pointed to a small hutch with a couple drawers and unpacked boxes around it. "It's in the first drawer on the right." Hank walked over to the hutch and pulled a small pink flash light out.

"This one?"


"I am going to have to touch you to see into you?"

"Yes. There is a pussy spreader in the bottom drawer as well as a labia spreader, it might be helpful in looking inside." Hank shot her a look of bewilderment. "Don't ask, and don't look at me like that. I have a bit of an odd side." He rummaged around in the drawer and found what she was talking about.

"The pussy spreader will actually work just fine. Depending on the trauma it might be uncomfortable though."

"Yep, just do it before I change my mind."

"Okay, here we go."

Hank had her scoot to the edge of the chair and hold the back of her knees. She took a deep breath as she felt his hands touch her, and then an even deeper breath as she felt the cold metal slip inside her. He spread her open gradually, he didn't want to cause any further damage, especially not really knowing the full extent of the damage to begin with.

"What do you see?"

"It doesn't look to terribly bad. There are some minor cuts and swelling, there is however a rather deep cut right on the outside, and it goes up inside a bit, which is where you are bleeding from. It really should have some stitches put in. I can run home and get my bag and put them in if you like. I have numbing spray so you won't feel much at all. It's up to you."

"Ah sure. I guess take this out and I will go shower while you are grabbing the stuff. I am sure I won't want to shower tonight after this."

"Right, not until at least tomorrow night. I'll be back. Can I let myself in?"

"Yeah, come on up."


Hank left the room and Steffi got up to take a shower, she was feeling a little better knowing that the damage done was not too intense and would heal fine. She was a little nervous about getting stitches in her pussy, especially when she wasn't at an office, but she figured it was better than getting them done at the hospital and having to come up with an explanation. She turned on the water and sat on the bench just outside the shower to wait for it to warm up, fidgeting with her robe tie nervously.

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