tagSci-Fi & FantasyNights Before Christmas

Nights Before Christmas


Well now, you all know the story of how Rudolph the red nosed reindeer helped to save Christmas that one terrible year, but do you know that the story didn't end right there? Of course not! There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes at the North Pole. You only caught a glimpse of the real man behind the mask of Santa. Santa isn't just a hard working old guy. Santa is driven by a passion for his work that puts Olympic athletes to shame. Bill Gates and Microsoft? Hell, Santa created a worldwide operation with only half the costs. Who's the man that really rules the world? Windows 2000? Windows XP? These products may run our PC's, but Santa is responsible for millions of people spending trillions of cash all for just one day! Even big Bill has a list of presents to buy. Santa is the man behind the scenes.

It was a frigid 18th of December, and Santa was in no mood for what he was hearing. The elves had been working hard, but a few labor disputes had finally erupted. The foreman was standing in Santa's private study, his green felt hat twisting in his hands.

"Santa, it's the new elf Shermie..." he had begun. "He's just as bad as his brother. He doesn't want to make toys, and he's slowing down production. With so little time left, I don't have any time for this candy-cane snow!" The Forman was more than a little agitated, so Santa indulged his raving.

"I mean, come on. First his brother wants to be a dentist. Don't get me wrong, it worked out for the best, but what the fudge is wrong with that family?" he huffed.

Santa held up his hand to silence the agitated elf. "Go get Shermie and I'll have a talk with him." he said wearily.

Santa rubbed his tired eyes as the foreman left to fetch Shermie. As usual, he had been burning the midnight oil pretty late, checking and re-checking his flight plans. Mrs. Claus had also kept him busy as usual. The closer it got to Christmas, the hornier she became. He spent as much time working as he did fucking, which left very little time for sleep. Mrs. Claus had only been gone from his study for a few minutes when the foreman had shown up, and Santa could still taste her wetness on his lips. Mrs. Claus was far from how they portrayed her on television. First of all, her hair was long, thick and black. She was far from the plump matronly woman that everyone believed her to be. Hours of aerobics a week kept her fit and sexy, and she never failed to get a rise out of her husband, no matter how tired he was. Santa had to force himself to get back to his work, and stop thinking about how exciting her body was.

"Come in." Santa said, answering a knock on the door. It was the foreman, back with Shermie.

"Hello Santa." Shermie said sheepishly.

Santa gave a quick smile. "Now Shermie, I'm not going to beat around the bush. The foreman has told me that you don't want to make toys. Is that true?"

Shermie shuffled from foot to foot, the little bells on his shoes chiming. "Well Santa, I don't dislike toys...I just rather do something else." Shermie said with his eyes cast down at the floor.

"What do you want to do? We already have your brother as a dentist, we don't need another." Santa asked, feeling bad for the little elf.

"Oh no Santa, I have no interest in teeth." Shermie shook his head.

"Well, what do you want to do?"

Shermies' face grew red, but he balled up his little fists, and finally blurted it out. "I want to be a gynecologist."

Santa was clearly surprised by the request. He didn't really know how to respond to the young elf. Shermie saw his surprise, and took the opportunity to plead his case.

"You see Santa, I could be very helpful. Not only can I help anyone who would need my service, but also I've already learned enough from my books to be help in the adult toys division. With my knowledge, I can help create toys that adults will really like." he said enthusiastically.

Santa nodded his head as the young elf talked. The adult toys division was really lagging behind. He had started the division a few years earlier at the suggestion of Mrs. Claus, but most adults were too embarrassed to ask for what they wanted. If Shermie were correct, then he could help jumpstart the division, it's success would make his wife very happy.

"All right. I think this just might work out. I want you to report Mrs. Claus." Santa told him. "This is a big opportunity Shermie. If you can do what you say, I'll be very grateful."

"Thank You Santa. You won't regret it." Shermie said excitedly.

"I've got to get started. There isn't much time to get things ready for Christmas." Shermie said as he hurried out of Santa's study. He had been working on a design for a new toy, and he was bursting to make it.

Santa said good evening to the foreman, and returned to his charts. He knew that it would be only a few hours to dinner, and he needed to finish his charts before then. Undoubtedly, Mrs. Claus would have plans for him after dinner.

Shermie threw himself into his work like an elf possessed. The sounds of machines and sometimes-bad elf-language could be heard streaming from his lab late into the night. A few of his friends tried to visit, but he turned them politely away at the door. Shermie tore down and revised his toy multiple times always finding features that had looked great on paper, but didn't work in real life. After three long days, he was finally done. Shermie locked the door to his workshop, and went to bed. He needed to rest before he showed the toy to Mrs. Claus.

When Shermie woke up, he was bursting with energy. He bathed and quickly ate supper before going to see Mrs. Claus. She had been briefed by her husband, and was excited to see what the little elf had come up with. She followed him back to his workshop, eager to take a look at the new toy.

"Well, first let me explain what it can do." Shermie told her as the toy lay on the workbench, neatly concealed under a white cloth. "It's designed for both men and women. Both can enjoy it by themselves, or together. Best of all, you can connect two of them together for double the fun." he said smiling.

"This sounds interesting. Let me see it." Mrs. Claus said, sounding like an urgent schoolgirl. Shermie pulled the cloth from over the toy with all the flourish of an artist unveiling his greatest masterpiece. He watched as Mrs. Claus's eyes lit up at the sight of his creation. She moved closer to the bench, and ran her hand over the surface of the toy. It looked like an ordinary, man shaped dildo. The difference was in the feel. It was warm, and it pulsed as she ran her fingers along its length.

"This really is amazing Shermie." Mrs. Claus said, licking her lips.

"Oh it's more than it looks. It's not turned on yet, and you can control it with this." Shermie said, holding up a small remote control. He pushed a button on the control, and the toy came to life. It writhed like a snake on the table while Mrs. Claus watched in delight. A push of another button, and the toy stopped wiggling. Mrs. Claus watched as it stopped, and her eyes grew wide as the tip began to swell. The bulge stopped growing, and began to travel back and forth inside of the toy. "This feature gives all of the sensations of thrusting, without the chance of too much friction." Shermie explained like a scientist.

"Does it do anything else?" Mrs. Claus asked.

"Well, it stores your favorite lube, and can squirt it." Shermie said. He pushed another button, and a pearly spurt of lube shot from the tip.

"Hmm.I like it. I like it a lot, but I see one problem. We still might have some problems marketing it as a mens' toy. Not all guys will go for it." Mrs. Claus pointed out.

"Way ahead of you Mrs. C." Shermie grinned. "Check out the other end.

Mrs. Claus did as suggested, but could only see a very small hole. "Push your finger in." Shermie instructed.

Mrs. Claus did not see how even a finger would fit into the tiny hole, but she pressed her index finger to it anyway. To her surprise, the hole spread easily and her finger sank knuckle deep into the warm, snug depths of the toy. Shermie pushed a button, and the bulge began to move again, stroking her finger firmly but softly.

"The material is very stretchy, and can accommodate quite a large man." Shermie explained when he saw the look of wonder on Mrs. Claus's face. Shermie pushed another button, and she felt the same lubricant spurt inside of the toy, making her finger slippery and increasing the sensations. "This is amazing! Once we send out a few test models, every man and woman on the planet will want one." Mrs. Claus said excitedly.

A smile came across her face that Shermie could not read. "But, in all good conscience, we must test the toy before we began to distribute it. Do we have a test subject?" she asked Shermie.

Shermie had never given testing it on a person a thought. "Well, I uh never thought about that." he said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"It is a must that we test all our new toys to make sure they are safe. Since no one else is here, and I am sort of in charge, I will take the time to test it." Mrs. Claus said, her hand stroking the toy.

"Yes ma'am. I'll leave you to the testing, and will come back..." he began

"No, no. That won't do. I want you to operate the controls, that way we know whether or not it is interesting for a person to control it." Mrs. Claus stopped him.

Mrs. Claus grabbed the edge of the bench and hopped up. She was wearing one of her red skirts with the white fur trim, and she promptly pulled it up to her waist. Shermie watched as she tugged her red panties down, embarrassed at seeing her private parts. Mrs. Claus giggled at his embarrassment. She had screwed many of the elves, and quite enjoyed the enthusiastic way they went about pleasing her.

"Shermie, haven't you ever seen a woman before?" She asked him like coaxing a child.

"Sure, just not...one so big." he said, his face a deep red.

Mrs. Claus laughed. Shermie was accustomed to elf pussy. Now there was nothing wrong with elf pussy, in fact Mrs. Claus enjoyed it quite a bit herself. The pussies of elvin women looked like human women, except smaller. All similarities ended there. Elvin pussy was sweet, and had a taste similar to fresh baked sugar cookies. Elvin pussy was a tasty treat but Mrs. Claus had learned from experience that variety is the spice of life. Just as much as she adored the sweet taste of elvin pussy, an elf loved that of a human woman.

"Come here Shermie, and help me put it in." She told him. Mrs. Claus loved to watch an elf as the first scent of her pussy hit his nose. She loved to watch their pink little tongues lap so furiously at her creamy cunt. To say that Shermie was shy would be an understatement, but he finally crossed the few feet from where he was standing to the edge of the workbench where Mrs. Claus was perched. He sheepishly took hold of the toy, and had aimed it at its target when Mrs. Claus stopped him.

"I need to be a bit wetter down there before you can get it in Shermie." she told him.

"Oh I know, the lube will take care of that." he replied, while about to press the button on the controller that controlled the lubricant.

"Well we know that that part works. I want to find out how it feels under more natural circumstances. A few small licks should get me going." she explained, letting him catch up to her.

"Um...Ok." Shermie stammered.

Shermie had always participated in the elf games, and his interest in the female genitalia had made him knowledgeable, and popular amongst the female elves, but this was new territory. He had studied the human female, but this was his first real encounter. Shermie knew that Mrs. Claus was watching him and it only heightened his nervousness. As he slid his head between her legs, he became acutely aware of the strong scent coming from her pussy. It was much sharper than elf girls and very powerful. Shermie felt his nervousness begin to change into something else. He took a deep breath, and inhaled her smell. The scent alone was powerful, and Shermie felt his green elf-trousers becoming tight.

Shermie moved closer, and began to lightly lick the pussy in front of him. The taste was different. It wasn't sweet as he was used to, but slightly salty. Shermie rolled the taste around in his mouth and decided that he liked it. He knew that Mrs. Claus appreciated his work, as her hips rolled slowly from side to side. Shermie pressed his mouth to her pussy and began to feast. His small little mouth was a perfect fit as he began to lick with gusto.

"Mmm. That's good Shermie. Keep that up." Mrs. Claus encouraged the little elf. His tongue was probing deep, and she could feel it swabbing against the walls of her cunt. Shermie had stopped feeling nervous and was enthusiastically pressing his face to her pussy. Mrs. Claus closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations that were flowing through her. She always said that elves were not only natural born toy makers, but natural born pussy lickers too. Shermie proved to be one the best.

Mrs. Claus felt the tickling feeling as Shermie pushed one of his fingers into her now dripping cunt. The finger was soon followed by another, and then another. After four fingers she felt as if a firm cock was twisting in and out of her, and grunted her approval. She soon felt a thumb, and then it finally happened. Shermie gave a slight push, and thrust his entire hand into her cunt. Now an elves hand is not as large as a human, but was still about the size of a very large cock. Mrs. Claus let out a loud moan as the little elf began to massage the inside of her pussy. His little fingers pressed and probed until they found the right spot, then began to rub in little circles. It was all Mrs. Claus could do to not scream out.

Shermie began to pick up the pace. His mouth circled and sucked at her exposed lips while his hand stay buried inside. Mrs. Claus was beginning to feel a deep pressure building inside like she had never felt before. Shermie could tell from the strong way her pussy grabbed at his arm that she was not far from climaxing. He took it as a cue, and began to lick around her clit. Mrs. Claus almost exploded on the first contact, as Shermie snaked his little wet tongue around her throbbing clit. Her legs seemed to be pumping on their own, as she humped her pussy against Shermies' hand. Shermie knew that she was close, and latched onto her clit tightly. He sucked the bud into his mouth and suckled it hard. Mrs. Claus was almost out of her mind as her cunt began to explode. Shermie began to rub faster and faster, all the while sucking on her throbbing clit.

A low moan filled the room as Mrs. Claus came. Her pussy clamped down on Shermies' hand like a vice, and would not let go. She could hear the loud slurping sounds as her pussy churned cream onto Shermies' arm. Shermie kept going until Mrs. Claus slumped back exhausted, her legs hanging limply off the bench. He pulled his hand free with a squishy sounding 'plop', and stared fascinated as her pussy hung wide open. He could see her bright pink walls, and a think river of pussy cream ooze from the bottom of her slit. Shermie looked at his own hand and all of the sticky goo that coated his wrist. He smelled it first, then began to lick the cream away. This was much different that elvin pussy.

Mrs. Claus laid catching her breath, and watching Shermie. She let him finish his snack before turning herself around on the bench so that she could stretch out over its length.

"That certainly was a good start. Now, why don't you help me test your toy." Mrs. Claus suggested.

Shermie didn't need to be asked twice, and he quickly snatched up the toy. Mrs. Claus was now more than ready as Shermie placed the tip of the toy between her spread pussy lips. Shermie began to push, and watched as the toy was swallowed into the slick canal. Once inside, Shermie took the controller. He pushed a button and watched Mrs. Claus squirm on the table. The toy was set to twist and wiggle, and in her already excited state, Mrs. Claus could feel every move it made.

"Oh that feels wonderful." Mrs. Claus moaned as the toy worked inside of her. Her cream began to ooze from her pussy again, as Mrs. Claus began to pinch her nipples through her blouse. Shermie pushed another button. Mrs. Claus caught her breath as the toy swelled, and the knot began to move up ad down the shaft. She could barely utter a moan as the thick bulge pressed into the walls of her slick pussy, kneading as it traveled the length of her cunt.

"Come up here Shermie, and give me something else to play with." Mrs. Claus said through breaths.

Shermie scrambled around the bench, and climbed onto the bench. Before he was fully up, Mrs. Claus began to undo his pants. She wasted no time in pulling his Elf cock free. She surprised to find that Shermie was no average elf. While he was not as big as her studly husband, he had more than enough packed in his pants to make her happy. Mrs. Claus lapped at the tip of his cock. Elf cum had a sweet taste similar to gingerbread, and Shermie was leaking large drops. Mrs. Claus licked the drops, the slipped the head into her mouth. Shermie shook as she sucked hard, drawing more cum from his cock. Most elvin girls didn't suck, but Mrs. Claus was enjoying it.

Shermie pushed another button on the controller, and the cock resumed its twisting motion, but still kept its stroking action. Mrs. Claus was beside her self with pleasure. She began to suck Shermie in earnest, taking his cock all the way down to his balls. He could barely keep his grip on the controller as the wet vacuum of her mouth surrounded his cock. Mrs. Claus moaned as an orgasm ran through, but kept on suck the little elfs' cock. She kept sucking as the orgasm rolled into another one, and then another. The toy was hitting all the right spots, keeping her at a sexual high. Shermie screwed his eyes shut as his legs began to tremble. Mrs. Claus knew that he was ready to shoot his cum, and eased a little bit off of his cock, but kept sucking and swirling her tongue. She grabbed Shermies' ass and kept him steady, as she tasted the first blast of elf cum. Shermies' little body shook as he came, his cock pumping heavy streams of ginger cum across Mrs. Claus's tongue. She kept sucking and swallowing until his cock stopped spiting, and she had sucked out all he had.

Shermie pushed the off button on the toy, as Mrs. Claus let out a contented sigh. He scrambled around between her legs, and slowly pulled the toy from her still trembling cunt. It slipped out with a rush of creamy liquid that pooled on the bench between her legs. Even satiated, Shermie could not help but give her tired pussy a few last licks. When he was done, her pussy was clean, and his face was sticky with her juices. Mrs. Claus almost laughed, he looked as if someone had dipped him a candy glaze.

"I think we have a winner." Mrs. Claus said. "We just need to try it out on a man."

Shermie didn't know whom she had in mind for the job, but he was exhausted. "Will we test it tomorrow?" he asked. He hoped that she would say yes, he needed some rest. Mrs. Claus grinned at the elf.

"I'll take it with me. I'm sure I can find someone to try it. Tell the foreman to have the usual adult toy elves to report here tomorrow morning. Once I show this to Santa, we are going to need a lot. Began making them in the morning." Mrs. Claus said as she slipped off the bench, and stood on shaky legs. Another splash of cream dripped from her pussy, and she almost asked Shermie to clean it up. Instead, she took her red panties, and using the crotch, wiped up the spill. She handed them to Shermie and took the remote.

"You can keep those as a reward for a job well done." she said. Mrs. Claus headed for the door, but stopped before she left.

"Maybe we can try different colors too. That will make it even more personal." She said to Shermie, and then left the room.

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