tagInterracial LoveNights in Bhutan

Nights in Bhutan


Vanessa was standing outside of the makeshift classroom smoking one of the foul local cigarettes. She knew she shouldn't but she needed the fix. The thin mountain air made life as a smoker even harder. She ran her hand through her short nappy hair and along the shaved sides of her head. She took a hard drag on the cigarette and looked back at the school and her former boyfriend.

She met Charlie at Peace Corps training. They were both going to Bhutan to teach math, science and English. She had a flair for languages and picked up Dzhonkha easily. Charlie needed help and they grew close during their after hour study sessions. Now she was pissed at him. One of the girls asked about what it took to please a husband and he said, "being a good cook". Fuck him "good cook", what about being mature, responsible and independent! What about being intelligent and strong! Fuck cooking.

She strode back into the classroom and flicked the cigarette at his head and started shouting at him hoping the kids wouldn't pick up all the English. "You cocksucking motherfucking bastard. I am not your cook, your slave, your whore and never will be. I came here to teach these poor disadvantaged girls, to give them a leg up in this heartless world and you just want to perpetuate the patriarchy! I did not come all the way from North fucking Chicago so you could lay down your white man's burden on the motherfucking wogs."

She then realized the audience, turned the classroom and held her stomach and said in better Dzhonkha than most of the class spoke, "Excuse me. I am not feeling well today. Charlie will give you your lessons. I need to see my grandmother far away." She bowed her head and walked out of the classroom, scowling at Charlie and flipping him the bird as she walked out.

She went and took the bike that she and Charlie shared for errands and headed north out of the village. They were already in the remote northern stretches of Bhutan and there was nothing between them and China but a few mountains.

She biked hard for 5 minutes then slower to catch her breath and eventually settled at a slow even pace. She didn't turn to look back until she knew she was out of site of the school and the village. She didn't stop until it was starting to get dark. She knew darkness came early in the mountains and the nights were cold even though it was August. She saw a small farm house ahead and rode up to the door. She lay the bike down and knocked.

Hospitality was ingrained in the Bhutanese people and she hoped she could at least get a hot meal and a spot on the flood next to the fire. The man who opened the door looked to be about 50. He was short by American standards and heavy set. He had gray curly hair and a scraggly beard. She looked more closely at him and realized the weight mostly seemed to be in a pot belly.

She bowed her head and asked, "I am a traveller far from home and would like to need a place to stay the night."

He grunted and opened the door fully and moved away from it. The hovel smelled. It smelled like cabbage, goats, shit and she wasn't sure what else. A cold breeze from behind convinced her that out and the open was not a place to spend the night.

"It is not much." The man said and handed her a small bowl of watery cabbage soup with bits of stringy meat floating in it. She took a couple of bites of cabbage and one of the meat, then drank heavily of the broth.

"You are too generous. It is more than I can possible eat." She said handing back the bowl, hoping that her stomach wouldn't growl giving away her lie.

Night fell and the cooking fire died down. The man went to the corner of the house and fell asleep under a pile of furs. She lay down next to the fire on an incredibly soft goat pelt and slept heavily.

She woke up the next morning with several more furs over top of her and the old man tending the fire.

"Please let me help." She said and started to tend the fire as he poured water into a battered metal kettle. Once the kettle was on the fire he set out one cup and put a pinch of some sort of herb into it. He then dug around the refuse and found a smaller cracked cup. He wiped it out with his coarse woolen tunic, spat in it then wiped it some more. Another pinch of the herb went into the mug.

He poured hot water into both cups and handed her the larger, uncracked one. She sipped the strange brew and felt an sensation of exhilaration. Her heart sped up and her skin flushed. She wondered just why type of tea this was and if it was legal in the US. Starbucks had nothing on it.

Charlie would be worried about her, but he can wait she though. "Do you mind if I stay here a few days? I can do work."

The man grunted at her. "Yes. I go to tend the goats, you gather food." he said tossing a small basket at her. She had little idea of what might or might not be edible, but she was willing to give it a try. She hoped the little old man wouldn't let her poison them.

Vanessa walked out of the house and looked around at the scenery for the first time. She was high in the mountains, an alpine meadow. The scenery was gorgeous. High on the hill was the ruins of a dzong, the fortress monasteries which dotted the country. This was high up and far away from the capital had fallen into disrepair. The old man waddled over to a pen which held several shaggy goats and guided them out with a staff.

Vanessa headed toward the dzong, wondering what she would find there in a building that had to be 400 years old and unused for at least a century. She slowly climbed the hill her breasts heaving. She was already getting hot even though there was still frost in the shadows. She reached down and examined the plants. There were a that she recognized as edible and place them into the basket. She gathered a few mushrooms that she was uncertain about and a few more that she seemed to remember were a local cash crop.

She wandered into the dzong and was astonished by it's construction. It had heavy rock walls that could stop any attack. Inside there appeared to be a spring fed pool with what she knew was cattails. Assuming the Hunger Games hadn't lied to her, she and her host were going to eat well tonight.

She looked again at the pool and thought that it had been a while since she had a proper bath. She quickly stripped off her blouse and bra. Her almost black nipples hardened on her soft chocolate breasts. She pinched and twirled the nipples feeling a sensation in her pussy. She hefted her left breast up, a modest C cup and rubbed under it where the bra had been chafing her. She then rubbed under the other one and sighed contentedly. The bright mountain sun felt wonderful on her dark skin. She quickly undid her jeans and lowered them and her red thong panties to the ground.

She ran her fingers down through her bush and then around her swollen clit. She rubbed it lightly delighting in the pleasures she hadn't know for too long. Charlie was an okay lover but he was selfish and uninventive. He would just slam his huge cock into her until he came then rolled over and slept. Sometimes she would get off, sometimes not, but he never went down on her and never touched her clit. He said it was like a tiny penis and he felt gay even being near it. She knew from Brown that her clitoris was not oversized.

She reveled as the sun warmed her skin and slowly walked to the pool. The water was ice cold but felt so refreshing on her skin. The pool got no more than waist deep, and when she was in the middle she dunked her entire body. Goosebumps immediately covered her body and her already erect nipples contracted so much they hurt. She shivered and ran out of the pool and over to a large rock out cropping and laid down.

As she lay in the warm sun she thought of weekends on the shore of Lake Michigan, sunning and screwing, or perhaps out with her friends and their boats water skiing. The happy summer memories reminded her of the sex she had had. Her hand went lazily down to her pussy. She spread her lips and traced a finger around her wet pink hole. It came out soaked in slick clear juice. She then started to slowly rub her clit in slow clockwise circles.

She heard a gasp behind her and saw the old man hiding in a doorway. His pants were down and he was furiously pounding his shriveled cock. "Come here. It's alright." She called. The man walked over cautiously, his coarse pants down around his ankles.

Vanessa reached out and took a hold of the man's penis and started to stroke it lovingly. "How long has it been for you?"

"Thirty years?" He shrugged. "My wife died young."

"That's too bad." She said taking his cock into her mouth. It was by far the dirtiest cock she had ever tasted. It tasted like urine and cheese and old sweat, but it was the least she could do for him. She cupped his sack and started to gently rub his balls. She could feel his cock start to tighten up and he came in her mouth. She smiled and showed it to him and then swallowed.

He backed off quickly pulled up his pants and ran away. Vanessa didn't know what to do. She didn't want to leave her clothes and food she had spent all morning gathering so she got dressed as quickly as she could and set off back to the hut.

She walked in on the man building a fire.

"Are you okay?" she asked him.

"I've never... Never seen anyone do that."

"Did it disgust you?"

"No. I just didn't know what to do."

She walked put the basket down on the floor and stood behind him. Between her genetics and his malnutrition, she was a few inches taller. She bent down and kissed him full on the lips, her tongue driving into his sour mouth. She took his hand and led him to his pile of bedding and lifted her top and bra. The moment he saw her bare breasts he dove in and started to lick and suck on them. She grabbed his head and pulled it hard. She moaned with pleasure and started to lower her pants.

"Should I kiss you like you kissed me?"

"If you want." She said and laid down with her legs spread in invitation. He quickly dove in and started to lick her pussy. He didn't have much skill, but what he lacked in skill he made up for in enthusiasm. She moaned loudly as he kissed her clit. She smiled as he stuck a finger into her pussy.

"You can fuck me if you want." He needed no further invitation and he quickly lowered his pants and slid his aching cock into her.

"Very nice." She said and rubbed her clit as he was thrusting into her. His pot belly rested on her stomach and the smell of his body grew more intense as he started to sweat. "This is what I need", she thought. "Something real and intimate, no cell phones or promises to call." She felt a wave of pleasure roll over her and she wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him in tighter. A stronger wave of pleasure hit her and she dug her fingernails into his back. He started to pound her harder and her orgasms became overwhelming.

Vanessa woke up with the old man still on top of her. She gently rolled him off and felt her pussy. He must have fucked her several times in her sleep. She looked down at his deflated penis hiding in a bush of grey pubes. She lightly kissed the end of it and then lightly wrapped her thong around it.

She knew it was time for to head home. She thought about writing a note, but she didn't see any paper and figured that even if he knew how to read and write, he hadn't done it in years.

She quickly dressed and coasted the bike back to the school, her cum filled pussy staining the crotch of her jeans as they rubbed against the bike seat. She knew she wasn't going to see the old man again, and while she would see Charlie, she was done with him.

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