tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNights in Midgard Ch. 01

Nights in Midgard Ch. 01


*AUTHORS NOTE: These characters are from a non-erotic novel I am currently working on. The book itself is aimed at young-adults, but I wanted to have a little fun. These two characters, and a few minor details, are the only things that are the same as the book. So if you happen to stumble upon my book later on, the two stories will not fit together.*


Saphorus was sitting on the hill she frequently came to, to get away from her home. She was watching the herd of deer, which came to the field below, each night. She watched the fawns playing with each other, chasing and mock fighting, in the silver moonlight below, wishing she could play along, wishing she wasn't feared by every living thing.

Living off other creatures' blood was no easy thing, she had wished many times she were human. Living off the land, and not having to take a life every time she was hungry. But it was something to be dealt with, not changed. Also, the fact that her parents were killed days after her birth, leaving her with no family, made things even tougher on her. She didn't know the reason for their deaths, and no one back home would tell, or even liked her enough to care.

Her self pity was interrupted when she heard a twig snap behind her in the edge of the forest. Now listening more closely she could hear the panting of a wolf. Saphorus stood and spun to see a huge black wolf standing at the edge of the forest. The wolf took a step forward and she stood her ground.

"Saphorus, it's been too long."

The sound of a human's voice coming from his dark muzzle caused her to jump. The massive wolf paced closer, and she tensed her body, ready to bolt if needed.

Another foreign sound passed through his bright white fangs: he chuckled and asked, "Don't you remember me? I sure remember you, I've been following you since the day you freed me."

Saphorus' mind jumped back to the day when she had been snooping through The Mannor; into wings she was not allowed. When she heard a soft whine coming from behind a door she was never to open. She had gone through anyways, to find a wolf, this wolf, chained to the floor. With bright silver shackles around his feet and a matching muzzle strapped to his face. His ears perked up when he saw her, a more persistent whine escaping him.

Saphorus had wondered why her King would have tied up a wolf, when they themselves were one of the most powerful creatures alive. She had carefully walked toward him, and the wolf had nuzzled against her hand when she held it out. Saphorus took no time to think it over before she had undone his bindings and lead him to the nearest exit from The Mannor.

Now, looking at this monstrous beast in front of her, she wished she'd thought about it a bit more.

"What do you want from me? I released you from your prison, why have you been following me?" Saphorus asked.

"I want to repay you. . .." his voice now holding a growl. He took a side-ways step so she now saw more of him. She drew in a shaky breath as he stepped out of the shadows.

His hard thick cock hung down from his groin, still bobbing up-and-down from the steps he had took. Saphorus now took a step back, it was apparent what his intentions were. The wolf walked closer, the moon now bouncing off his yellow eyes, running his thick tongue across his jowls.

Saphorus couldn't decide if she should run or not. It was obvious this was no ordinary wolf; he was speaking to her after all, and he was at least twice the size of the other wolves in the forest. Would he be as strong as her? As fast?

As if reading her mind he said, "Don't try to run from me. I'll catch you. It will be easiest if you cooperate with me." He was now much closer, she could see his sides panting, and the head of his cock glistening in the moonlight. She took another quick step back, tripped, and landed hard on her ass. The wolf took a bounding leap and pinned her down with his front paws on her shoulders.

She turned her face away from his hot breath, squeezing her eyes shut. "Please, get off me. I don't want to hurt you."

"Hurt me? You couldn't if you wanted!" He laughed.

The wolf's voice suddenly sounded clearer, more enunciated. Saphorus jerked her head around to see a huge man with thick, black hair, straddling her, his now human cock pressed against her belly.

'Oh, god. You're one of them, aren't you?" She asked breathless, terrified.

"No, not one of them, the one. Direct descendant of Fenris himself, pure of blood. As you can see my size has not been compromised by breeding with lesser wolves." He bragged, now on his hands and knees above her.

Saphorus swallowed hard, and quickly drew up her legs, preparing to shove her way out from under him. But before she could make another move his hand was at her throat. He leaned in, breathing hot words across her ear.

"I can crush your throat, sure you'll heal it, but it will hurt like hell. Lay your ass down, and let me enjoy you." The last few words were a growling demand.

She shook her head in spite of his grip on her throat, and her voice came out in a croak, "Please, don't do this! You'll hurt me, you don't have to repay me."

"I'm not repaying you, I'm doing this for me. Ever since you came in that room, since I got the first whiff of your pussy, I've barely been able to contain myself. When you squatted down to undo my muzzle, my snout was inches away from it. I almost came on my belly, that bastard had me locked up for years, do you know how much I want you?"

His breath was now a hurried pant, almost frantic. She could feel a hot, wet spot on her top that was soaked through with his precum. Saphorus looked into his still-yellow eyes, still shaking her head, when the grip on her throat tightened.

"Please don't make me fuck you while you're throat is crushed. I want to hear you moan, but I'll do it either way."

He reached below himself, and ripped off her clothes, shredding them like thin papers. Then he changed his position over her, with his head now over her sex. He rested on his elbows, and lowered himself down, dipping his tongue into her slit.

Saphorus jerked under him when his wide tongue lapped at her thick lips, spreading her and probing her depths. She wiggled loose her arm from between her side and his leg, and raised it above her head. It occurred to her that he just wanted to get off, maybe she could hurry him along, and he wouldn't even have a chance to fuck her.

With that thought, she shoved a slender finger into his asshole and hurriedly started to work that spot of pleasure. Within seconds she felt a drop of cum slip from his cock and plop onto her belly, quickly followed by the high-pitched whine of a puppy, rising from between her legs.

Before she could uncurl her finger again, he had pulled away, spun around, and was wolf again. Her finger wasn't in his ass anymore; instead her wrist was in his mouth. He bit down, hard enough to make her cry out, and when she did he bit harder until she stopped.

He dropped her bloodied wrist, and licked his jowls again.

"You little bitch, trying to finish me off fast, huh? I suppose you didn't know that I have supreme control, if I change my forms back and forth I could probably last all night? Mmm, I'm going to fuck you even harder for that little move."

"N-no I was-j-just playing along, I thought you would take it easy on me if, maybe, I pleasured you too!"

"Liar, I taste it on your words. You don't care at all, you just want to get away." His doggy-lips curled up into a sneer, "Perhaps if I make it worthwhile for you? Would you like it?"

Saphorus was cradling her half-healed hand shaking her head. "No, you don't have to! Please, just take what you want, then leave me alone."

"No, this is what I want now. I want you to enjoy it, I want to feel you cum!" His voice getting deeper and breathy as he went on, backing off her.

He slowly changed back into his human form. Dipping into her once more, this time more slowly, he pulled her thick lips into his mouth and sucked them deeply. He circled her clit slowly, and then started gaining speed.

She continued her protests, begging him to stop, but it only encouraged him. He flicked his tongue over her clit, causing her thighs to jump each time. As he gained speed, her thighs were clenched against his head and something in her belly was getting tight.

"Please, stop!" she begged again. Her mind was racing, telling her it was wrong, but her body was betraying her. She could feel her pussy juices running down her ass crack.

"Stop? Are you sure that's really what you want? I think you're enjoying yourself, am I right?" He asked from between her legs

"No, you're wrong! Please stop, I don't want this, just fuck me and get it over with."

"I don't think you're being honest with yourself, I know you are enjoying this. I can see that for myself, and I think you're getting close. Lay you head back, and let yourself go."

He lowered down again and started back where he had left off. Now he took a thick finger and traced it through her juices, coating it well, and then started rubbing his fingertip against her asshole, pressing in only slightly.

Saphorus jumped at this and tried to sit up, but his growls and the sharp set of teeth precariously near her clit caused her to lower herself back down. When he pushed it into her ass, she found herself moaning with pleasure. She realized he had brought her so close with only her clit, that now that she had something inside her it felt so good! Now feeling greedy, she pushed her ass against his hand, burying his finger in her, and pulling a deep moan from his throat.

He pulled his finger back out and shallowly began to ream her ass, while his face was still buried in her pussy. Soon she was grinding against his face, and her ass was spasming around him.

Her body was begging for its release, a slow tingle eating up her pussy, her belly so tight and hot. Before Saphorus could stop herself, her hands were in his hair, and she was screaming, "Now! Please, make me cum. Oh, it's so good!" On his next outstroke he lined up a finger with her pussy, and plunged it into her cunt as well as up her ass. He continued the rhythm as best he could with her hips bucking wildly. Her breathing suddenly changed, and he felt her pussy and ass start to clench and unclench wildly.

Saphorus could tell it was so close, she felt like she was no longer in control of her body, every muscle was doing on its own. That last flick of his tongue sent her plummeting over the edge. That deep burning in her belly exploded, taking her body by surprise, washing over her. It seemed like it would go on forever, at least as long as he continued. But too soon he stopped, slowly, then rose up onto his knees.

"My turn." He said

He leaned over her, and reached down to his aching cock, guiding it to her sex. Her hot juices felt good on his thick head, he took a moment to enjoy the feeling, but was interrupted by a soft whimper from Saphorus.

"Ngh," He grunted "So now you want it, do you? Oh, trust me, I want it too." He finished with a smile and lined up his cock again. Slowly and steadily, he forced it all the way into her. She was unbelievably wet and slick, but still almost too tight, almost. He didn't move for a second, to let her adjust to his girth. He realized it would be a short fuck, too short. She was too tight, and it had been too long, but he needed to cum and it was going to be a load.

He slowly started to slide back out and they echoed each other's moans. His thrusts started off slow and deliberate, but soon he sped up ramming his thick cock into her again, and again. His fingers digging into the skin at her waist, his balls slapping against her ass.

He could feel her pussy start to flutter around his dick, and he knew he just wouldn't last. Suddenly Saphorus reached down and started rubbing her clit furiously, her eyes flew open and she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper.

"Oh god, you little whore! I'm going to cum in you so hard!" His thrusts became erratic, and when Saphorus screamed, he lost control. His cock exploded into her, blowing hot stream after another in to her cunt, soon his load was oozing out around his cock.

He collapsed onto her sweat soaked body, with his softening cock still in her, panting.

"Mmm, that was so good. Oh, you have such a tight pussy!"

Saphorus squirmed to get out from under him, "Alright, you got what you wanted. Now, will you please just leave me alone?"

He crawled of her, and started turning into a wolf again. He turned and walked away, but then stopped, and his tail began to wag.

"Yes, I will leave you alone now, for tonight." He finished with a deep howl, and disappeared into the woods.

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