I had heard about the club called Nightshade ever since I first started college. It was a well known interracial club. To be more specific, it was a club where white women and black guys went to hook up. There were a few black women who went there as well, but not many. For the most part, they resented the white girls and about once a week there was a cat fight because some girl was grooving with the wrong guy.

I had never dated a black man. I hadn't dated much at all in high school, and since I was only two months into my freshman year I'd only had a couple of dates in college. It wasn't that I didn't have the looks for it. I was reasonably attractive; 5'5" and 115 lbs with long red hair, jade green eyes and 34C breasts. I was shy by nature. I preferred a quiet evening with a good book to wild parties and drinking. Growing up, my parents were very strict. They made sure I always did my homework, studied hard, went to church, and avoided the wrong kind of friends. They would have freaked had I told them my roommate Karen was openly bisexual, was dating a black football player among others, and was one of the biggest sluts on campus.

One night Karen and Jerome, the football player, decided it was time to break me out of my shell. "Come on, Nikki," she said as she took the Fundamentals of Biology book from my hand, closed it and tossed it aside. "We're going to a club and you're coming with us."

I started to protest that I needed to study for a test, but it was a Friday night and the test wasn't until Tuesday. I let them talk me into it because it sounded like fun and I could use some fun. I made it clear I was NOT looking to hook up with anyone. I believed that sex was something that people in a loving, committed relationship shared. Karen assured me that all they were going to do was go dance, and I could dance with Jerome and her.

I really didn't have any club wear and Karen was NOT going to let me go in jeans and a T shirt. She loaned me a pair of black mesh stockings, a short black skirt and very racy black lace tank top. I have to admit. Standing there in front of the full length mirror in 4" heels, I looked pretty good. I couldn't wear a bra with the top, but it fit well. Karen and I had about the same build. Karen was blonde, a couple of inches shorter than I with steel blue eyes and a wild streak a mile long. She looked me over and said, "Nikki, you look good enough to eat."

I blushed. "Thanks, Karen," I said. I knew she meant it. He had let me know several times already that she wanted to give me my first girl on girl experience. I told her it was never going to happen. I was wrong, of course, but that came later.

I had black panties to go with the skirt but she insisted I wear hers. She said they matched the skirt better. Actually, I think they simply matched her plans better.

When we got to the club it was smoky, loud and packed. All three of us were under 21, but so was about half the club. Nobody cared and nobody carded us. The music had a good beat, but I was more of a classic rock girl. I had one drink and spent most of the next hour on the dance floor with Karen and Jerome. A number of guys danced around us, but I wasn't interested. Actually, I was kind of scared. I was totally out of my element. It was an unnerving but strangely erotic feeling.

When the music switched to one of the rare slow songs, I started to go back to my seat to let Karen and Jerome dance. As I started toward the table, someone took my hand and a deep voice asked, "May I have this dance?"

I turned to see who had stopped me. The voice belonged to a man who looked to be about a foot taller than me and who must have weighed at least 280 pounds. He was wearing a pair of jeans, Reebok tennis shoes, a sleeveless T shirt that was too small for his impressively muscled body and a disarming smile. His hair was cropped short, like he may have been in the military. He was probably ten years older than me. I started to refuse just because I always did, but I decided to dance with him anyway.

His name was Lee. He had been in the Army for six years, but he was now a foreman for a local construction company. I never asked him if he was married. It didn't matter. We were just dancing. Lee was an EXCELLENT dancer. He showed me some moves and we actually made a pretty good team. An hour later he was sitting at our table and we were all getting along like old friends. He made me feel good. He didn't use flattery, but he found many things to compliment me about. I was really having a good time.

Karen had to use the bathroom, and of course that meant it was time for me to go as well. When we were in our respective stalls, Karen informed me that she and Jerome were going to make a parking lot run, which meant that they were going to go have sex in the car. I told her to NOT leave me at the club. She assured me that she wouldn't. She was just in the mood and Jerome was "Brick hard." Before we left the bathroom, however, Karen demanded her panties back.

"They're mine, Nikki, and I want them," she said. "Besides. Your skirt covers everything anyway."

I protested of course, but saying no to Karen was not an easy task, especially when she had her mind made up. "Fine," I said as I reached under the skirt and slid them off. "But when you two get done, we're going."

I'm not sure what I was feeling, actually. I should have been mortified but I wasn't, and I wasn't altogether pissed off. The skirt DID cover everything, the club was dark, and I wasn't going to get on stage and impersonate the rockets. Besides, it felt kind of delightfully naughty. She stuffed the panties in her purse, gave me a quick hug and told me to relax and have fun. She'd be back in 10 minutes or so.

We went back to the table and finished our drinks. Then Karen and Jerome headed for the parking lot, and I went back to the dance floor with Lee. It felt strange dancing in the club without panties, but after the first couple of songs I started to enjoy the naughtiness of it. I did NOT let Lee know, of course. I felt comfortable with him. He had a gentle nature that put me at ease, and he was big enough that nobody tried to cut in or mess with us.

About a half hour went by with no sign of Karen or Jerome. Lee and I were on the dance floor in the middle of a slow song when he leaned in and kissed me. There were couples making out all over the dance floor so it wasn't like we were making a scene or anything. I hesitated at first, and then I figured what the hell. I kissed him back and we began to make out too. The whole scene was one big erotic turn on. I was living out most of my taboos. If my father had seen me at that club in the middle of the dance floor making out with an older black man who was probably married, he would have come unglued. However, I was 300 miles from home, I was 19, and I was having fun.

When the dance ended I told him we needed to go find out what was keeping Karen and Jerome. We walked out to the parking lot and looked for Jerome's car, which was not where he had parked it. How could they have just left me there after Karen had promised not to? Lee and I started to walk across the parking lot looking for Jerome's car. Lee reassured me that he would get me home safely. I knew he would so I wasn't scared, just a little pissed off. Well... more than a little.

When we walked past a grey Ford F-250 pickup, Lee turned me so my back was against it, pressed in close to me and kissed me. I slid my arms around him and kissed him back. I felt his hand on my thigh but it quickly slid higher, under my skirt. Before I could stop him, his hand was on my ass. So much for nobody knowing I wasn't wearing panties.

"Very nice," he said with a smile. He pulled his hand back and then slid his hands up under my top to caress my breasts. I normally would have slapped him, but tonight I made no effort to stop him. I looked into his eyes. I had never in my life done a one night stand, but tonight Lee was going to fuck me and I was going to let him. It wasn't love at first sight. It was a simple carnal attraction that overpowered my usual moral clarity. I was so worked up if I had panties they would have been soaked anyway, as Lee found out a moment later when he slid one of his thick fingers into me. There was no saying "No" now.

He opened the door to the truck and I got in. My head was swimming. Was I really going to have sex with a man I barely knew? He walked around to the driver's side and got in, then started the truck. He unfastened his pants and pulled out the longest, thickest dick I had ever seen. It lay there like a sleeping black python as he backed the truck out of the parking place and pulled out onto the street. Then without a word he reached over, put his hand behind my head and pulled me down to his lap.

Without taking time to think about what I was doing I gripped that thick shaft in my hand and put my mouth on his dick. I could taste the saltiness of his sweat and the faint taste of pre-cum. That taste got stronger as I continued to stroke and suck him. I wasn't paying the slightest attention to where we were going. I knew we weren't going to the dorms and I was pretty sure we weren't going to his place.

Lee reached over and pulled my skirt up with his right hand and began to work his finger into my pussy. It felt incredible. I hoped we were in the right hand lane so nobody would see me, but I kept my head down anyway. My jaw began to ache from being stretched over that thick cock. When we slowed down I started to rise up and look where we were at, but Lee put his hand over my head. I could tell we were pulling into some kind of parking lot.

He stopped the truck and put it in park, but left it running for the moment. His dick was throbbing in my mouth and my tongue was coated with pre-cum. I thought about pulling away so he could shoot, but his hand was in my hair again. His fingers lightly curled a handful of my hair and I heard him curse, almost in a whisper. I knew I was about to get a mouthful of cum and there was no place to spit it. I was going to have to swallow it. His body tensed and suddenly he unleashed a torrent of cum in my mouth. I drank it as fast as I could, trying not to think about what I was doing. If I gulped it I wouldn't have to taste it that much.

He must have read my thoughts. After the first couple of spurts he pulled my head up so just the tip was in my mouth. "Hold it in your mouth," he said. "Don't swallow it."

I did just that. I wasn't sure why I was letting him control me, but I was. He pulled me off him and left me with a mouthful of his somewhat acrid tasting cum as he fastened his pants and got out. I looked back over my shoulder and saw that we were at a Motel 6. This wasn't going to end with a blowjob. Lee was going to get his money's worth with me. I dropped my fingers to my clit and began to rub it. That was a bad idea, because when I came about two minutes later I nearly choked on the cum in my mouth.

When he returned he looked at me and said, "Show me." I opened my mouth and showed him his cum. He smiled and said, "Good girl. Don't swallow it yet."

I wasn't a big fan of the taste of cum, but I was getting very well acquainted with it now. Lee drove the truck up in front of the first floor motel room and opened the door for me. He unlocked the motel room door and held it open for me as well. He could be a perfect gentleman, it seemed.

"On your knees, Nikki," he said to me when he had closed and locked the door. I went to my knees and looked up at him. "Lose the top," he commanded. I reached down and pulled it off. Here I was in a motel room with a black guy I had just met, half naked with a mouthful of his cum and all I could think about was feeling that black cock inside me. "Show me," he said. I opened my mouth and again showed him the pool of milky white fluid that filled my mouth. "Okay, now swallow it." I did so, and I licked my lips afterward. To me it still tasted like nasal mucus, but I pretended to enjoy it. He smiled broadly and told me, "Good, Nikki."

He reached for my hand to help me back to my feet. His hands dwarfed mine. They were leathery and bore the calluses of years of hard work. When I stood up he gave me a big hug and kissed me again. Then he reached down to unfasten my skirt. I just put my hands on his shoulders as he unhooked it and let it fall to the floor. I stepped out of my shoes as I stepped back away from it. He was still fully dressed, and I was naked.

I sat on the end of the bed and watched him as he undressed. He took his T shirt off and tossed it into a chair. His upper body was very well muscled with maybe the beginnings of a paunch starting to show, though he was NOT what I would call chubby. He didn't wear underwear. I guess he preferred the commando feel. Seeing that thing in the light of the hotel room was even more daunting than seeing it in his truck, because now it was going to go inside me. I suddenly got very apprehensive. However, I was already naked in a hotel room with him and I had a load of his semen in my belly. Had I said no he could have raped me and no jury would have convicted him. Saying no, however, was not in my plans. I was still so horny I could scream.

Lee pulled the blankets and top sheet off the bed and then lifted me to place me in the middle of it. There would be no covers and the light was staying on. I felt like SUCH a slut. He climbed up onto the bed and slid down between my legs.

I had heard that black guys didn't eat pussy, but I soon found out that was a myth. Lee not only dove into to me, he did so with skill and enthusiasm I had never experienced before. He had me squirming in seconds and cumming in minutes. He pulled me open as much as he could to get his tongue deep inside me. The way he used his tongue on my pussy and used his teeth as he sucked and chewed on my clit was amazing. He brought me to climax and then nibbled on my thighs for a moment to allow my hypersensitivity to wane. Then his oral assault began all over again. I was building on my third climax of the night when he slid his thick index finger into me and began to work it around. As I began to climax he pulled that slickened finger back out and pushed it into my ass. I think they heard my squeals of ecstasy three doors down.

I had cum four times before he finally straddled my shoulders and slapped my face lightly with his dick. I opened my mouth and began to suck him as he pumped back and forth. I'd like to say I deep throated him easily, but that didn't happen. When he tried to push it into my throat I gagged. I never COULD do that. I gave it a valiant effort, but in the end he had to settle for thrusting into my mouth and hand.

After about 15 minutes I could tell he was getting close to cumming. I thought for a moment that he was going to cum in my mouth again, but he stopped and climbed in between my legs. I remember feeling an instant of panic. Lee was huge... but he was also gentle. His strong hands lifted my legs behind the knees and I felt the tip of his dick rubbing against my opening. I felt a steady pressure which increased until my muscles yielded and the tip of his dick entered me. I gasped and gave out a sharp cry that was entirely too loud. At this rate the entire motel was going to know I was being fucked, but at the moment I wasn't concerned with that. There was a tree trunk inside me!

His knees were inside of my thighs, keeping my legs apart as he pushed deeper inside me. I was doing what amounted to a mixture of Lamaze and pornographic yiping. I felt like I was giving birth, only in reverse. Lee was rocking his hips, pushing in, pulling back, pushing in deeper and pulling back. Inch by inch my pussy was being invaded by 11" of thick black cock. I was nearly seeing stars. I came again before he ever got it completely into me.

I must have blacked out for a moment because the next thing I knew Lee was pumping that black python deep into my pussy. I was moaning with each thrust. Frankly, it hurt. It was erotic as hell but it hurt. As time went by it hurt less until eventually my muscles got used to it and then it didn't hurt at all. Lee kept pumping into me and I was really getting into it. I think I came twice more before he rolled me over and put me on top. His dark hands caressed my breasts and stood in stark contrast to my almost milky white skin. I never could tan without burning. My legs were astride him and he slammed into me as I rode him. It felt incredible. I was hooked.

When he came in me it felt like someone splashing my insides with a hose. He held me tightly against him as he unloaded into me. Then he moved my legs inside his and held them tightly together with his legs. We lay there for a few moments, just cuddling and catching our breaths. His dick was still hard inside me. He caressed my back and my ass, and he kissed the base of my neck which gave me goose bumps.

After a short time he sat up on his knees and lifted my hips. He pumped into me for a few moments longer and then he rolled me over without pulling fully out. He still held my hips as I put my knees under me, taking him now doggy style. His hands gripped my hips. I rested my upper body on the bed as he held me securely in his hands and pumped all 11" into me. Considering he had already cum twice, Lee had remarkable staying power. He pumped into me from behind until I had cum twice more. Then he pulled me more or less Indian style. I was sitting in his lap facing him with my legs behind him. It wasn't good for movement, but it suited Lee's purpose which was to cram as much of that dick into me as he could and keep it there as long as possible.

By the time Lee came again, this time in my mouth, my pussy muscles were cramping like mad. I was glad he was through. I lay back on the bed and tried to gather my thoughts. I'd acted like a complete slut tonight. I dressed like a slut, I let a married guy pick me up, I sucked his dick in his truck and then I let him fuck me. And fuck me. And fuck me.

"I need to get back," I said to Lee. "Karen will eventually wonder where I've been.

"Yeah, I gotta go too," he said. I knew he did. Home to his wife. "Wanna grab a quick shower?" he asked.

I needed a shower, so I agreed. He caressed my body and lathered me up, but he didn't get sexual with me. He was the perfect gentleman. He did give me a pat on the ass as I got out of the shower. It stung!

After all we'd done I felt kind of cheap. I had a strange desire to ask him to spank me. I knew he would. Maybe it would have been therapeutic at that time to be punished for my behavior, but I didn't ask. I'd had enough deviance for one night.

When he drove me home, Karen told me that they had simply moved to the very back of the parking lot. She had seen Lee and I at his truck and had watched us taking off. She said she knew I was going down on him before we left the parking lot. I was embarrassed. She wanted to know every last detail. I was reluctant at first but with a little prodding I told her everything. I even told her about feeling the need for punishment afterward. She loved that part best of all. She agreed that I definitely needed to be spanked for my slutty behavior.

It turns out my night was far from over. But that's another story...

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