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Nightshade Ch. 04


This series isn't my most popular in terms of views but it does well in votes and comments. It seems these stories have a fairly loyal following, so here's the next part. If you're reading this series for the first time, I highly recommend reading the first 3 chapters beforehand so it will make sense to you. We pick off right where we ended last time...

Not far from the fountain were several buildings. Crystal picked a random direction and started walking. Since this was her first time in Glaiserin, the young woman wasn't looking for anything in particular. Rather, she was just looking. The floating city was still a thing of wonder to her. Buildings of Gothic architecture rose all around. There was just no way of telling which were houses and which were shops or something else. Unless you lived here.

Armoured beings walked the streets, armed with what would be archaic weapons back in the world below. Here, however, armour, spears, swords and the like were still in use. Crystal guessed that they were Kolheid's men, patrolling the streets as guards to maintain order. A glance at the crest on their chest plates confirmed her guess: these men were loyal to Lord Ravenshadow and House Nightshade.

From what she had heard so far, Crystal didn't think the guards were necessary. The people here did not seem to resort to crime or other actions that would require order to be restored. However, she also recalled that House Nightshade had enemies out there somewhere. So more likely than not, the guards were present to prevent any outside interference, invasion, whatever. Crystal still didn't know everything about life here and she would need to.

A library. If she could find one, then she could read up on the floating cities and learn what she needed to know. Crystal didn't exactly want to spend such a nice day indoors reading but there wasn't exactly much of a choice. Lord Ravenshadow would be too busy, as would Kolheid. Aurora might be able to help, but Crystal had no clue where to find her. After asking a guard, Crystal found her way to a library. It was a large building, with spires that reached toward the sky.

Inside the library, Crystal had to pause by the entrance so her eyes could adjust. When she could see clearly, she was overwhelmed by the amount of shelves. They were everywhere, lined with books with many different colours used for their bindings. The shelves towered to the ceiling. Suddenly, this wasn't looking like such a good idea. As the blonde woman hesitantly stepped forward, she saw an Elf approach.

His hair was silver and fell past his shoulders. He wore a dark blue robe with writing on it she couldn't recognize. At least she thought it was some form of writing. He was the first Elf she had seen that actually looked old, although it was not reflected overly much in his face. He inclined his head in respect and spoke.

"I am Calenhad, chief knowledge keeper of House Nightshade. Is there any way I can be of assistance?"

"Hi. My name is Crystal. I don't suppose you could help me find some books about the history of this world?"

"I can show you, yes. Or, if you prefer, I am capable of answering any questions you may have," the Elf offered.

"That would be great!" Crystal exclaimed.

"Of course. As you know, we are in the city of Glaiserin, ruled by Lord Ravenshadow of House Nightshade. The allies of House Nightshade include House Silversword, House Infernon, House Nacros and House Frost," Calenhad said.

"What about enemies of Lord Ravenshadow?" Crystal asked.

"They are comprised of House Seridian and its allies: House Zaarghast, House Iridian and others."

"And they all exist in the skies above Earth?"

"No. Some exist in what is essentially another world. I am sure you are aware of faeries, demons and other creatures that humans consider mythical?" Calenhad asked.


"They in fact reside in a place much like Earth, separate yet connected. Of the human races, the Celtics were close to understanding the relationship between humans and other beings. The stories of Tír na Nòg, for example, were accounts of a real place, inhabited by Elves and faeries. The Druids obtained much knowledge from them," the Elf explained.

"Okay. What about the history between House Nightshade and its enemies?" Crystal inquired. She was trying to stay focused.

"Millenia ago, Seridian, the founder of that House, began a war to control both worlds.

They were opposed by House Nightshade. Both gathered allies and the battles were fought. In the end, House Nightshade had secured victory. Their enemies conceded defeat and the guardianship of both worlds to them.

"However, things such as that are not forgotten easily. The Houses that lost that great war still contest for the right to be in and control both worlds. There has been no great conflict since, but perhaps in time things will change," Calenhad concluded.

"Wow! I have more questions; there's so much that I need to understand. But, I don't think I can take it all in at once," Crystal said.

"That is perfectly all right. I did not gain all my knowledge in a short span of time, nor do I expect it to be the case for anyone else. You may come to me at any time should you seek more answers. I am here always," Calenhad replied.

Crystal thanked the Elf and left. After some wandering around, she was on the way back to Nightshade Manor. She guessed that most of the morning was gone and was considering plans for the rest of the day. The sound of wings approaching made her pause and a tingle of excitement ran through her. Whether it was Ravenshadow or Aurora didn't matter.

"Hey!" a sweet, melodic voice called.

Crystal turned to see Aurora and felt another wave of excitement. The light goddess was wearing a short white dress that showed her breasts and legs off wonderfully. She was barefoot but Crystal got the sense Aurora didn't like clothes much anyway.

"Hi Lady Aurora," Crystal greeted.

"Just call me Aurora, please. I'm going to see the Elves. Do you want to come?" Aurora asked.

"Sure!" Crystal exclaimed.

Aurora landed and walked over to Crystal, holding her close. Very close. In seconds they were in a forest, where naked Elf girls walked about. Aurora let go and giggled. She removed her dress and handed it to a waiting Elf, who folded it carefully and brought it inside. The goddess then turned to Crystal, who took the hint and started undressing. Her shoes, socks, panties, sweater and top were off quickly. Another Elf came and Crystal handed her clothes to the girl.

There was the sound of a waterfall nearby. Crystal looked in the direction she thought it was coming from. Aurora just nodded and walked in that direction, Crystal following. The soft grass felt really nice on her feet and she could understand why Elves were always naked. There were no men around, which suited Crystal fine as she would only serve the sexual needs of Lord Ravenshadow now. With the exception of some Elves here and there and possibly Aurora.

In a clearing was indeed a waterfall. It flowed into a large pool. Aurora stepped into the water and sat down, laying back to relax. Again Crystal followed her lead, settling down in the opposite side of the pool. A soft gasp escaped her lips from the contact with cold water and her nipples went hard immediately. She caught Aurora staring and noticed that the goddess' nipples were also hard.

They were joined by several Elves who appeared in the clearing with them. Two sat on either side of Aurora and began sucking on her nipples. A third lowered herself to sit in Aurora's lap and slowly started grinding her pussy against the goddess'. Just as she was feeling left out, Crystal noticed someone familiar.

"Kayleigh!" she called.

The redheaded Elf turned and a smile crossed her lips when she recognized Crystal. Kayleigh looked over to Aurora, who nodded. The Elf joined the pool on Crystal's side. The two others with her looked to be related to her. One looked younger than Kayleigh(who looked 18 but was several hundred years old) and the other was older, but only looked to be 30.

"My sister Vasilia and my mother, Tara," Kayleigh explained.

"And Vasilia is...?" Crystal asked.

"I am 100 years old," Vasilia replied.

"Good because you look like you're 15 and that would have been bad," Crystal commented.

"I am 800 years old in case you wanted to know," Tara added.

"Wow! You look incredibly hot!" Crystal couldn't help but look over to Aurora being pleasured.

She felt lips on hers and kissed back without thinking. When she turned her attention to her newest lover she saw that it was Tara. Elf MILF. Not bad, Crystal thought. Soon she and Tara were grinding their pussies together. A moan escaped Crystal's lips and she felt her nipples being sucked by Kayleigh and Vasilia. She kissed Tara deeply, moaning into her mouth. The kiss became hotter and more passionate with each passing second.

Eventually Tara and Crystal stopped making out to focus more on sex. That didn't stop Crystal from responding once Vasilia started kissing her though. Kayleigh devoted herself to working on both nipples, taking time to lick Crystal's wet breasts as well. She grabbed Tara's hips and held on tightly, grinding hard. Tara matched Crystal easily and it wasn't long until it started to hurt slightly. Crystal never minded pain, though.

Crystal finally reached her orgasm and screamed. Apparently Aurora had reached her climax as well and they were screaming in pleasure at the same time. Startled birds flew away in droves. Once done, Crystal kissed Tara, Vasilia and Kayleigh in turn.


The next morning, Crystal woke up to find herself shaking. She felt cold despite the warmth in her room and shivered. After she discovered she had no appetite either, she realized what was happening: withdrawal from not having cigarettes in several days. She crawled out of bed and eventually made it out the door, where she collapsed in the corridor.

Ravenshadow saw her fall and was at her side instantly. He picked Crystal up effortlessly and ran through the halls, his strong arms keeping her safe.

"Doctor!" Ravenshadow shouted from down the hall. In seconds he was in the infirmary.

Ravenshadow gently placed Crystal in a bed and stood back to let the doctor work. The doctor, a blond male Elf, felt her throat and checked her breathing.

"Shallow breathes," he reported. "I don't think her breathing is entirely healthy to begin with."

"Not a disease," Ravenshadow assessed. Though not a doctor himself, he did possess medical knowledge.

"I agree. Something that has affected her longs and added fatigue and a low body temperature."

"Perhaps the high altitude? Humans do not usually breathe unassisted at higher altitudes," Ravenshadow suggested.

"It wouldn't contribute the other symptoms on its own, aside from the fatigue," the doctor said.

"I remember in her room, there was a box of some sort. It had a warning about affects on lungs and breathing. I regret that I did not notice anything further, however."

"Whatever was inside may have had adverse effects," the doctor surmised.

"Magic may work to cure her. However, I would not know the spell. I will summon my sister," Ravenshadow declared.

A few minutes later, Aurora entered the room. She looked at her brother and then the doctor.

"You didn't say what you want me to do. My mind just got a strong sense of urgency and where to find you," the goddess said.

Ravenshadow explained what had happened, as well as the theory reached by the doctor and himself. Aurora stood beside the bed, placing her hands on Crystal's chest. A soft green light came from her hands. Aurora stepped away once she was done.

"The damage to her lungs is gone completely now. She'll have to sleep for a few hours, I think, but she'll be totally healthy when she wakes up."

Ravenshadow lifted Crystal once more. Thanking the doctor, he left to carry her back to her room. Aurora followed her brother and watched as he placed Crystal back in her bed. He pulled the blankets over her and bent down to kiss her softly on the lips. Aurora touched his arm softly.

"I'll stay with her," she said.

"I should be the one to stay," Ravenshadow replied.

"You can't. You have to continue your duties. Many people depend on you, my brother. Crystal and I do too. I'll send word to you once she wakes up," Aurora promised.

"Very well. Please wait outside. I would like a moment alone with her since I am unable to have more for the time being."

Aurora nodded and slipped into the hallway, closing the door behind her. Ravenshadow stroked Crystal's blonde hair tenderly, caressing her face as well. He bent down to kiss her again.

"I love you," he whispered.

When Ravenshadow stepped out into the hall, Aurora could see the worry in her brother's eyes. It was an unusual display for him, even if he looked as composed as ever. He must really care for her, Aurora thought. She greeted her brother with a soft smile.

"It'll be okay," she whispered softly.

The lord of Nightshade Manor nodded once and walked away without hesitation. As much as he may have wanted otherwise, he knew that he must resume his duties. Besides, the distraction would keep his mind occupied on where it was supposed to be. His heart was free to be elsewhere during that time.

Returning to the throne room, Ravenshadow found Kolheid waiting for him. The demigod lowered himself into his throne and gestured for his commander to speak.

"The guards stationed at the entrance to the city were found dead. Sword wounds. We cannot determine yet who was responsible," Kolheid reported.

"Double the guard and add new patrols but do it quietly. We cannot allow our people to panic," Ravenshadow ordered.

"Yes my lord. I will carry it out at once and hunt down the murderer personally," the commander replied.

Ravenshadow inclined his head, and Kolheid turned to leave. This was a serious problem, the demigod mused silently. It could only be the work of one of House Nightshade's enemies. The fact that the injuries were inflicted by a sword was small encouragement. It at least meant that the one responsible was not a demon. And since his last encounter suggested that someone was magically enhancing demons' power, it would have been a greater cause for concern.

Of course Ravenshadow fully intended to stop whoever was responsible for the deaths of his men, even if he had to do it himself. Kolheid was a powerful warrior and the demigod had complete faith in him. However, the other Houses all had powerful warriors at the head of their armies as well. If he had to intervene then he would not hesitate to do so. In the meantime he summoned a messenger.

"My lord?" the messenger inquired once he arrived.

"Have someone standing by to deliver a message to Skyreach. There is a possibility that the treaty has been violated and appropriate measures must be taken. Once we know more then the messenger on standby will be sent to House Silversword as swiftly as possible."

"It will be done, my lord."


Later that evening, Crystal woke up. She waited a few minutes to become fully awake. Once she was, the young woman noticed Aurora sitting in a chair beside the bed, her wings tucked behind her. The goddess was smiling.

"What?" Crystal asked.

"You're awake, that's what. We were all worried, especially my brother and I," Aurora answered.

"Oh. I'm sorry to have worried everyone. But I feel much better now. Like, even better than yesterday and the days before."

"That's good. I had to heal you. Your lungs were damaged and you were found unconscious outside your room," the goddess explained.

"Um, thank you," Crystal said.

"You're welcome," Aurora replied cheerfully. "So, now that you're all better...." There was a mischievous twinkle in her eyes that Crystal recognized very well.

Without a word, Crystal removed her night dress as Aurora similarly undressed. The light goddess joined her in bed and they kissed deeply. As they kissed, Aurora wrapped her arms around Crystal. Crystal wrapped hers around Aurora, just below her white wings. They continued making out passionately. Aurora's tongue slipped inside Crystal's mouth. Their tongues danced together before Aurora pinned Crystal's tongue down.

Crystal surrendered willingly to Aurora, whose tongue dominated her own several times before she intertwined them. They held their kiss for a long time before breaking contact. Crystal gasped for breath, staring at Aurora's naked body. They shared a lot of similar features except for Aurora's lighter hair and skin. And the wings of course. Not able to contain herself any longer, Crystal turned Aurora over. The goddess spread her wings out so she wouldn't be laying on them.

Crystal licked all over Aurora's large breasts, quickly getting them all wet. Then she sucked hard on Aurora's nipple, causing her to moan happily. The sexually charged human kept sucking harder and harder which resulted in more and more moans. When she finally let go the nipple was wet and swollen. Crystal then lowered herself onto Aurora's thigh and began humping it. The goddess gasped in surprise and voiced her approval.

Though Crystal had been with many girls, most weren't as curvy as her or as filled out. And the last few had all been Elves. Terrific lovers to be sure but sometimes a girl wants some more variety. Especially when she was as much of a nymph as Crystal was. Then a thought occurred to her, right there as she was rapidly humping Aurora's thigh. If Elves, demons and immortals were all real, what about actual nymphs?

For now she pushed the thought to the back of her mind. She was slipping and had to grab Aurora's thigh. Crystal started to moan as well as her clit and pussy continued to caress the soft skin of her newest lover. She came all over Aurora's thigh and immediately slipped off and licked it all up. There was no way she was done yet, however. Crawling in between the goddess' thighs, the horny human plunged her tongue fully into Aurora's pussy.

It was tighter than she had expected but not as tight as Kayleigh's and Saraya's had been. Did the Elves usually just grind their pussies with Aurora? Another thought was that since Aurora was a goddess, maybe only a very few privileged Elves were allowed to taste her pussy. Speaking of tasting, this was the best pussy Crystal had ever eaten in her life. She couldn't explain why but she wanted it even more.

Her tongue danced up and down the inside of Aurora's pussy rapidly, tasting as much of it as possible. Aurora let out a long moan and started breathing heavily. When Crystal's tongue switched to licking left and right as hard as possible, the goddess began thrashing on the bed. Crystal held her lover's legs tightly to keep her steady. Aurora lost it when Crystal began licking in tight little circles and came hard, flooding Crystal's mouth with cum. The horny blonde swallowed it all instantly.

They switched positions and Aurora began assaulting Crystal's clit with her tongue. The young human screamed in surprise and began panting heavily. Aurora's tongue moved her lover's clit up and down and then sent it spinning in small circles. Crystal let out several small screams as her clit received way more stimulation than ever before. Just as she was calming down Aurora started sucking on her clit instead, which set the young woman off all over again.

It wasn't long before Crystal's body was wracked by several small orgasms. When they had ended she focused on catching her breath.

"That was amazing!" Crystal gasped once she had mostly caught her breath.

"You're incredible too. I never thought sex with a human would be so wonderful! You're like a nymph," Aurora said encouragingly.

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