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Nightshade Ch. 05


Chapter 4 didn't do so well when I checked before commencing this one. Only 987 views. I was a bit disappointed with that but it there were some people who added it to favourites so I was encouraged enough to bring you the next part of the story. Thank you to the ones that like my stories and really this series is more popular than I probably realize. We continue from where Chapter 4 left off...


The clash of steel on steel rang out as Kolheid's sword met the blade of Virion Wrathsmore. It seemed much louder to Crystal, who had never witnessed a duel of any sort until now. She had to wonder about her safety. Although she was behind a defensive formation of House Nightshade's knights, could they and the other knights present stop Virion if he overpowered Kolheid? Crystal tried to push the thought from her mind. She had to trust in Kolheid. And there was always the chance of Lord Ravenshadow coming...she hoped.

The two commanders seemed evenly matched. Neither could score a strike against the other as every move was parried. Kolheid and Virion seperated, creating some distance between them. Virion circled around Kolheid, looking for an opening. There was none. Naturally, Virion was forced to make an opening. He hit Kolheid with what seemed like a powerful blast of wind. It knocked him down to one knee and Virion charged in. Kolheid swung his sword at the last moment, slashing across the ribs.

Crystal couldn't see the outcome of Kolheid's strike, but a drop of blood next to Virion suggested he was at least partly successful. They engaged again, swinging their swords in another string of parries. Virion managed to kick Kolheid with enough force to stagger him through his armour. Then he brought his sword down hard on Kolheid's shoulder, causing him to drop his weapon. Before he could grab his sword, Virion struck with his own. He hit Kolheid in the side of the head, knocking him down.

He was about to thrust his sword into Kolheid's heart when Kolheid swept Virion's legs out from under him. Both warriors retrieved their swords and stood, ready to face off again. Rain ran down their armour in rivulets as the downpour continued. This time it was Virion who rushed in. Kolheid, however, froze the puddle Virion was standing in, trapping his boots in ice up to the ankles. It wouldn't hold, Crystal thought, but it may have been enough to subdue Virion long enough for him to be detained.

Crystal was wrong, though. Kolheid had just taken Virion's sword when the dark clad enemy of House Nightshade unleashed a blast of ice that froze Kolheid completely. A crack of ice indicated that Virion had freed himself. He grabbed his sword in time to kill the knights who went to attack him. He cut through more of the knights, either killing or wounding them until he reached Crystal. His gaze fell on the black dragon medallion she wore.

"So you are some prized possession of the ruler of House Nightshade," Virion said. His voice was hollow coming from the depths of his helmet. "Killing you may prove to be the opportunity we need to demoralize our enemies and defeat them in one quick attack."

More of the knights came forward, but the sounds of their armour alerted Virion to their actions. He used his magic to turn the rainwater into a heavy mist. Then he dropped down to put a gloved hand on the ground. A wall of ice rose up behind him and Crystal guessed it would take a lot to get through it. Virion regarded her once again and raised his sword, intending to slash down from above. Crystal braced herself for the blow as best as she could.

It never came. She heard the sword as it swept downward and then there was nothing. A sharp crack and the sound of metal hitting the ground caused her to open her eyes. Ravenshadow stood between her and Virion Wrathsmore, who held a broken sword. A single hit from Ravenshadow to the side of Virion's head made him fall to the ground. Ravenshadow turned and held Crystal close to him. She held him back tightly.

"Are you all right?" Ravenshadow asked.

"Yes...now that you're here," Crystal replied. She was surprised to hear that her voice was somewhat shaky.

"I am glad I reached you in time," the demigod said.

"How did you find me?" Crystal asked.

"I sensed a feeling of danger involving you, so I used it to find where you were," Ravenshadow explained.

"Thank you for saving me," Crystal said.

Ravenshadow stepped out of their embrace but kept Crystal close. He dispelled the mist with a slight wave of his hand. The wall of ice was quickly melted through by a small flame. Kolheid was freed from his icy prison in a similar way. He dropped to one knee and bowed when he saw Ravenshadow.

"Forgive me for failing you, my Lord," Kolheid said.

"There is nothing to forgive. You did your best against an opponent who is not above using any means necessary to win," Ravenshadow replied.

"I thank you for your generosity. If I may ask, what is to become of Virion Wrathsmore?"

"House Seridian has violated the Treaty of Skyreach by sending Wrathsmore to weave destruction among us. The Great Houses must meet to discuss this violation, and the appropriate measures will be decided on. I will of course recommend Virion be imprisoned for his actions," Ravenshadow concluded.

"Where shall I bring him in the meantime, my Lord?" Kolheid inquired.

"We will hold him in the Red Tower until the Council of Skyreach can be convened," Ravenshadow decided.

"Yes my Lord."

Under Kolheid's supervision, a group of House Nightshade knights that had not been wounded grabbed the unconscious Virion Wrathsmore and led him away. At Ravenshadow's order, healers were summoned to attend the wounded and proper arrangements were made for the dead. Crystal was thoroughly soaked through at this point, feeling water run down her body underneath her clothes. She tried to fight it off but ended up shivering. Ravenshadow turned to her after his orders were issued.

"My apologies, Crystal. I did not mean to keep you here in such conditions," he said softly.

"It's no problem. I may be really cold and wet but I feel safe here with you," Crystal replied.

"If you are ready, we can return to Nightshade Manor."

"Would I be able to...stay with you when we get back?" Crystal asked.

"I am sure that it is possible indeed. As I suspect that you will want a change of clothes, I shall return you to your room first. Then I will send someone to bring you to my room," the demigod offered.


The purple light of the teleportation spell enveloped Crystal. By now she was almost used to the sensation of appearing somewhere else in the shortest of seconds. She quickly stripped out of her wet clothes and managed to find a towel. Crystal dried off her body and her hair as best as she could. Then she looked for something suitable to wear. Settling on a red silk robe, she slipped it onto her curvy body and tied the sash. She had just finished brushing her hair when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," Crystal said.

An Elf she hadn't seen before stepped in. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, the first Elf Crystal had seen with that colouring, though they all seemed to be fair-haired.

"Hello Miss. I was sent to bring you to Lord Ravenshadow's room."

"Lead the way."

They walked through the manor, making little noise. Elves seemed capable of perfectly silent movement and Crystal had no shoes on to echo through the corridors. While they conversed on the way, Crystal learned that this Elf, named Mina, was one of the youngest ones in the manor. She was only 30, making her the youngest Crystal had met as well. Mina had been in service to House Nightshade since she was 7, as an apprentice maid. She was one of many that would personally attend Lord Ravenshadow.

Ravenshadow's room was far bigger and more elaborate than Crystal's own room. The bed was massive and could easily hold several people. It was a four poster bed with what looked like solid gold posts. The curtains were black silk, which suited him very well, Crystal thought. Gilded bands ran above marble walls. In short the room was an architectural marvel. Mina brought Crystal straight to the bed and told her it was okay to lay down. It was the most comfortable bed Crystal had ever been in.

"Lord Ravenshadow should be here soon," Mina informed you. "You must be cold still," she added thoughtfully.

"I didn't really notice until now but yes, I am," Crystal agreed.

With a smile, Mina pulled the blankets over Crystal and even tucked her in. It was kind of silly but Crystal enjoyed the sudden warmth. She rested her head among the many pillows and watched the door, waiting expectantly. Mina made a cup of tea and handed it to Crystal.

"Half tea, half milk with sugar and honey," she said. "It's how Elves always make our tea."

"Thank you," Crystal said. She sat up to take a sip. It was the best tea she ever had.

After making sure Crystal was totally comfortable, Mina left her alone. Ravenshadow came in not long after and joined Crystal in his bed. She felt a thrill run through her as they shared the same bed. On impulse she snuggled up to him, resting her head on his chest. Ravenshadow put his arms around her and Crystal was even happier. Normally she wasn't the type to do this often. But then normally she didn't have mornings like this one had been.

"This Council thing, what is it?" Crystal asked after awhile.

"The Great Houses are represented in the Council of Skyreach, where the leaders of each House discuss all manner of subjects. This includes the aspects of war and the handling of prisoners should they be from another House," Ravenshadow explained.

"So the House that your enemy belongs to is going to object to his imprisonment?"

"Yes. I have no doubt that Virion Wrathsmore was ordered here officially to wreak what havoc he could. But Seridian will claim great offense and no doubt that the accusations against Virion are false," Ravenshadow replied.

"Is that all he'll do?" Crystal asked.

"Within the Council anyway. Once they have returned to their cities, Seridian and his allies could very well use this as the opportunity they wanted to go to war. They will not do it openly of course. The most likely course is an army from one of those Houses will attack somewhere they are not supposed to and House Nightshade and our friends will have to act."

"You seem to have a really good understanding of how these things work," Crystal observed.

"I have been doing this a long time. Something like this was going to happen eventually. Now that it has I doubt there is any way around it," Ravenshadow said.

"When will it happen?" Crystal inquired.

"Within the next few days. The Council meeting is in two days. After that, it will not be long before the war has begun."

"Then if I'm not going to see you after this, I want to make love to you," Crystal said, determined.

Ravenshadow said nothing but nodded his agreement. Crystal pulled the blankets away and untied her robe, tossing it across the room. She then undressed Ravenshadow, taking a moment to drink in his naked, powerful body. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply. Crystal melted into the kiss and gave it all the passion she could. They kissed repeatedly, each time deeper and more passionate than the last. Afterward Ravenshadow kissed along Crystal's neck. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her.

He kissed his way to her ear, which he licked and nibbled on her earlobe. His warmth breath on her ear sent a shiver through her. Then Ravenshadow kissed back down Crystal's neck. His long tongue began traversing her large breasts, moving slowly. Crystal moaned softly, her eyes still closed. She was sure she was experiencing the best lovemaking she ever had before. How she wished she could bear her love's child. A gasp escaped Crystal's perfect lips as Ravenshadow circled his tongue around her nipple.

When Ravenshadow's lips pulled Crystal's nipple into his mouth, he sucked softly but it felt amazing. It was better than the Elves and even Aurora(but of course she enjoyed them as companions too). Crystal felt like she was going to cum without Ravenshadow ever going to her pussy. He became more insistent and sucked much harder. It sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body and Crystal came harder than she expected. She then looked at Ravenshadow with pure love in her eyes and saw it reflected in his golden eyes too.

Ravenshadow kissed down her stomach then licked up Crystal's cum. She wondered why he did that but figured it must have been normal like it was for humans. His tongue on her pussy was incredible but it didn't stay there. He licked her thigh all over then slowly went down her leg. Taking her leg into his strong hands he lifted it and his tongue travel up and down from her heel to her toes. He licked her toes and sucked on them, which felt more pleasurable than it probably should have. Although Crystal loved foreplay she was getting impatient.

"Please make love to me now," she breathed.

"If that is your wish."

Ravenshadow's cock pushed into Crystal's pussy and she was surprised that it was already hard. 8 inches, about half of his glorious cock, filled her pussy completely. There was room to go forward but any wider and Crystal would not have been able to take his cock. It touched the walls of her pussy just from its size alone. Ravenshadow started thrusting and Crystal let out a long, loud moan. His cock moved back and forth slowly but with a lot of power. Briefly she wondered what it would be like if he used his wings for more momentum.

He held her hips firmly and she reveled in his touch. All she could do though was gasp, moan and breathe. Ravenshadow fucked her well for an unknown amount of time. At Crystal's urging, he pushed his cock in further, reluctant lest he should hurt her. She thought she was accommodating 12 or 13 inches and screamed loudly when Ravenshadow thrusted much harder. It did hurt but it was also the best sex Crystal had ever been given. By her estimate he was thrusting into her womb. It seemed somewhat ridiculous but what else could he be doing?

Ravenshadow thrusted much harder and faster now and the loudest scream Crystal ever did escaped from her lips. It wasn't long until her pussy contracted around his powerful cock and a powerful orgasm ripped through her. Crystal had the impression that all the cum in her body was released just then. It was several minutes before she stopped cumming at any rate. Ravenshadow ejaculated immediately after, a long stream of very hot semen pouring right into Crystal's womb. He pulled out very slowly and then they gave each other an incredibly passionate kiss.

"I love you Ravenshadow!" Crystal gasped.

"I love you as well, Crystal," Ravenshadow replied.


Lord Silversword sighed inwardly only because it was improper to do so outwardly. The Council of Skyreach had just listened to a long oration from Lord Seridian in which he denied any knowledge of Virion Wrathsmore's actions against House Nightshade. He stated that Wrathsmore had been on an official mission but it was nowhere near Glaiserin, the capital of House Nightshade's realm. Everyone present knew he spoke lies and objected to his commander being held temporarily by another House.

Lord Silversword looked human aside from his long silver hair and silver eyes. They were nit even a light grey but pure silver. Beside him sat Lord Ravenshadow of House Nightshade and on Silversword's other side was Miranthus Nacros. Then of course there were their other allies, Bryce Infernon and Lord Frost. The Houses that constituted their enemies sat ath the other side of the room. Since Skyreach was in the realm of House Silversword, Lord Silversword was nominally the leader of the Council. However, Lord Ravenshadow was the most powerful.

"Virion Wrathsmore's imprisonment by House Nightshade is only temporary, as Lord Ravenshadow has already pointed out," Silversword said slowly.

"I ask again: why imprison an innocent man?" Seridian asked.

"We have accounts from several people that place Virion Wrathsmore in Glaiseren and that he killed several of House Nightshade's knights," Infernon pointed out.

"Convoluted accounts from people all in service to House Nightshade. How can we trust them to be impartial? Is there anyone from a third party who can back these claims?" Iridian demanded.

"And would you accept the word of a third party? Were it someone from either of the Houses on this side of the room, you would object the claims as biased just as you do now. If it were someone from your side of the room then no doubt they too would claim wrongful imprisonment," Nacros argued.

"I believe we should return to the matter at hand," Ravenshadow said before anyone else could add more senseless argument. "My recommendation is that Virion Wrathsmore be sentenced to one thousand years in Eiszafen."

It was a veiled way to say life imprisonment. For those gathered in the Council chamber it was a matter of time. Virion Wrathsmore, not being an Immortal, would not last that long. Especially in one of the most dangerous prisons there was for humans and others. Seridian saw right through it, of course.

"This is an outrage!" he shouted. "Conduct yourself in an appropriate manner, Ravenshadow, or you will be removed from this Council!"

"You do not have that authority," Silversword said.

"Do you think his stepping out of line is the only reason for which he should lose his place on the Council? He has taken a human lover! How can this be permitted?!" Seridian ranted.

"There is nothing that prohibts the love between a human and an Immortal," Lord Frost reminded him.

"And what if Ravenshadow chooses to ascend her? We are all well aware that he has seen close to 6,000 years and never once produced an heir. It would be unacceptable for him to lay with a human for this purpose. I put it to the Council that she be executed at once," Seridian concluded.

"Say anything like that again and you will not live long enough to harm her," Ravenshadow warned.

His gold eyes flashed with anger, a very rare sight. So rare that Lord Silversword had never seen it before, and he had known Ravenshadow almost all of his life. He was acutely aware, as no doubt the others were, that suddenly a fierce storm raged outside where it had been sunny only moments ago. Things could not be allowed to escalate further.

"This Council is in recess until its members compose themselves," Silversword declared.

The members of the Council of Skyreach took their individual exits to return to the quarters each inhabited whenever a Council meeting was called. Silversword remained in the Council chamber with Ravenshadow.

"How is it that Seridian knows about Crystal?" Silversword asked gently.

"It never occurred to me before, but perhaps Wrathsmore was permitted to use telepathy to communicate with Seridian during his attack on Glaiserin," Ravenshadow suggested. "Crystal did have the misfortune of finding him."

"Before the duel with Kolheid, yes," Silversword mused.

"Even I had not expected Seridian to be so vulgar in his quest to go to war," Ravenshadow admitted.

"I cannot see any way that war is avoidable at this point."

"Nor I."

The two long time friends sat in silence for as long as could be permitted. The storm outside abated as Ravenshadow's anger diminished greatly. After the Council members returned, Silversword put the matter of Virion Wrathsmore's imprisonment to a vote. Nightshade, Silversword, Nacros, Infernon and Frost all decided in favour of the prison sentence. Naturally Seridian and Iridian were against it. The surprise was that Zaarghast, who had remained silent throughout the proceedings, also supported the prison sentence.

"What possessed you to vote in favour of Virion's imprisonment?!" Seridian demanded after the Council was concluded.

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