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Nighttime Visitor


Receiving instructions to give you my address and hide a key for you, I slip a key under my welcome mat, responding back when completed. It is gone the next day. Anxiously I wait for you to show up night after night, but you never arrive. When asked about it, you tell me to be patient.

After a week and a half, I quite expecting you and just live my life day to day as normal. I shower and go to bed, falling asleep imagining you.

You have been patient, teasing me and yourself by delaying, but you want your visit to be a surprise; to catch me unaware. As the day progresses, you play with the key to my home, plotting and planning what you will do; imagining what you will find when you arrive. When deciding to visit, you wait until after midnight, quietly unlocking the door and slipping inside without making any noise. Quickly locking the door behind you, you make your way into the front room. There is a faint light coming from the hallway.

Striping quickly, you lay everything neatly on the couch, then turn and walk down the hall, peeking into rooms as you go. In your hand there is a package, part of your plan, and part of the surprise. As you walk down the hallway you find the room with the light and discover it to be a laundry room but it provides the light you need to maneuver safely and soundlessly. You find the thermostat and adjust the temperature in my home to increase the warmth in order to avoid a chill as you bare my body.

Finally discovering my bedroom, you find me lying mostly on my side, with my back to the door and a leg tucked out of the blankets. Opening your package, you lay its contents out on the floor, 6 pieces; 5 ready to use but the last, a remote control, you place on the nightstand. Gingerly walking over to me and leaning down to kiss my toes, your touch is feather-light so I don't react. You move your mouth up my foot and leg, pausing to kiss my behind my knee. Although your touch is still light, I move slightly, stretching out the exposed leg and rolling to my back.

Stilling instantly, you pause, but I sleep on. Smiling to yourself, you note that I have moved into a position that will help enable your surprise. Reaching down and finding one of the restraints in your surprise kit, you slowly attach it around my exposed right ankle. Moving back to kiss up my leg, you drag your lips along my thigh softly to see if you can keep me asleep but elicit another response. Shifting towards my head, you lean down to blow gently at my neck and ear. My right hand automatically reaches to rub the ticklish air current then drops right where you want it to. You pick up another restraint and attach it to my right wrist.

Cautiously, you slowly lift the covers, moving them off my body so as not to wake me. I continue to sleep, unaware of your attention which pleases you as it allows you to watch me at your leisure. Your eyes drift over my body, plotting your next move. Since I have rolled to my back you take the opportunity to move to my left foot and carefully place the third restraint. Only a single restraint remains then you will be ready to wake me. Warily moving around the bed and reaching over the blankets you find my left wrist and affix the final restraint. Meticulously sliding the ends of both restraints on the left side under the edge of the mattress, you progress around the bed doing the same with the restraints on the right side of the mattress, pausing to pick up the final piece of your surprise as well as the remote from the nightstand before advancing to the end of the bed. Attaching the ends of each restraint to the contraption, you step back while pushing a button on the remote. Gradually the restraints stretch out my body, spreading my legs open to bare my pussy to your sight.

Stopping before I am fully stretched out, you move to my head. Leaning over and kissing me gently, you rub your lips over mine trying to wake me. I make a noise and move a little, but am still asleep so you kiss your way to my ear and neck. As you kiss my neck, you begin to bite softly, nibbling your way down my neck and across my shoulder. Moaning, I begin to move, stretching my limbs. Seizing the opportunity to stretch me out more, you press the remote to tighten the restraints as you drag your teeth and lips back up my neck to my face.

Focusing on my eyes as they flutter open, you smile and kiss me again while pressing the remote another time. A soft noise comes from me as my limbs are pulled snuggly into a spread eagle position. Biting my lip softly and sucking it into your mouth, you smile wickedly before you pull away. Opening my mouth, I try to speak but you place a finger across my lips and whisper into my ear "No words Baby, just feel".

Walking to the end of the bed you slide your hands up my legs, testing the stretch to make sure I am comfortable but firmly restrained. You look over my body, savoring all the bare skin available for your touch like a starving man overlooking a buffet table. Beginning at my feet you kiss and nuzzle; nibble and lick; tasting me as you slowly progress up my body.

I am moaning and squirming as much as the restraints allow, but you don't rush. Eventually you have progressed up my legs to my groin. Laying your head on my thigh, staring between my legs, you see the wetness dripping out and you inhale deeply, smelling my arousal. Unable to resist you reach out to touch my pussy lips with your finger. They are so wet, my lips part almost before you touch them, showing you my drenched inner labia. Lifting your head to catch my eyes, you lower your mouth to me and run your tongue from the bottom of my pussy to my clitoris.

Loud moans escape my mouth as you lean in to feast on the honey dripping from me, more coming down with every flick of your tongue or suction of your mouth. You stiffen your tongue and slide it into my pussy and hear me scream softly as my hips lift slightly to meet your mouth. As I relax you move to my clit, sucking it into your mouth, holding it gently with your teeth and lashing it with your tongue. More moans and noises coming from me drift to your ears as you feel my hips lifting again. You release my clit only to lick it more firmly, circling your tongue around it then sucking it back into your mouth. As you do, I stiffen and swear then a flood of fluid fills your mouth, drenching your face as I shake and cum, squirting from your attentions.

Not yet satisfied, you continue sucking and licking my clit as orgasm after orgasm overtakes me; until I am shaking and my breathing is heavy. Placing a final kiss on my clit, you move to kiss my hips and belly while you move yourself further up my body until your head is level with my breasts. Moving one hand to caress the far breast you begin sucking the closer nipple into your mouth. Squeezing and pinching at the breast in hand while plumping the other to suck in more. You nibble at my nipple, slowly biting harder until you hear me hiss. Kissing that nipple, you move to the other, leaving a hand to play with the breast you just abandoned.

After what feels like hours, you move your body up to so you can kiss my lips. I taste myself on your tongue and moan. Kneeling, you place your stiff cock between my breasts which are still being held in your hands. You slide your cock back and forth between my breasts, touching the head of your cock to my lips. Feeling wetness, my tongue flicks out to lick my lips, tasting you there. As I feel you slide forward again, I keep my mouth open and you reward me by continuing the slide into my mouth. I close my lips around you and suck, coaxing more pre-cum and growl from you. Keeping your rhythm, you slide back, pulling yourself from my mouth and I whimper, but you quickly move forward again to fill my mouth. Knowing you will retreat again, I suck greedily before you do.

Your taste is addicting and I want more. I try to beg but you again place a finger on my lips. Moving your body off mine, you change position to place yourself further down the bed. I whimper sadly thinking you are leaving when you move instead between my legs. Kneeling there, stroking your cock for me, and watching my eyes follow your hand. Leaning forward, putting one hand near my head, you lean in to kiss me, then pull back and stare intently at my eyes. You place your cock head at the entrance of my pussy, watching me closely then suddenly thrust deep inside me with one long move.

Loud moans echo through the room at the full feeling of having your cock in me. Your groin pushes against my sensitive clit causing my hips to jolt. Continuing at a steady pace, you slide deep every time, surprising me as you had gone so slowly since I woke. My hips lift as much as possible to meet your thrusts as I moan. Hands clenching trying to touch you, but I can't. You watch me closely, feeling my pussy throb and spasm around your hard cock as you thrust powerfully into me. Feeling my pussy starting to tighten more, you lean down and passionately kiss me, sliding your tongue along mine as you increase your speed, timing your orgasm to mine. As I scream into your mouth, my pussy clenches hard on your cock as you erupt into me, growling as you fill my pussy with your cum.

You kiss me continually as our orgasms throb with each other, finally tapering off and allowing us to relax. Moving off me and you quickly release all the restraints before lying down next to me and pulling me onto your chest. Once I am in your arms, you reach over to pull the blankets over us and hold me as I crash from the pleasure you pulled from my body. You allow yourself to relax and drift off with me safe in your arms.

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by Anonymous

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by MikeOrMikey01/04/18


You take my breath away!

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by Anonymous12/12/17

Is it hot in here?

Any woman that can think and write like that would be my perfect mate!

Please please please more stories..........

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by Anonymous12/08/17


My specialty, bondage........ this is, luscious
Keep them coming love......👄

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by tw6312/06/17


Loved it. I wish I could do this to a willing partner.

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