tagInterracial LoveNike a Raven Haired Cajun Beauty Ch. 02

Nike a Raven Haired Cajun Beauty Ch. 02


Nike was all of 5' 3" in shoes and nearly 107-lb when wet. She was a petite raven haired beauty that could pass for an American Indian, a Chinese woman or even a Philippine-American, since all the blood-roots ran in her ancestry. But she was borne and raised in Louisiana, and spoke Creole and French. Her English suffered a heavy Cajun accent barely understandable outside of her small community.

She had gone far away from that small town North-East of New Orleans. Her life took on some major changes after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. All that her family had, was lost.

Fortunately, Nike had a gift- she could play tennis. Tamil Arises saw her play at a shelter and took her under his wing. He personally footed the bill to get her registered in the ATPA and as couch accompanied her to Australia for the woman's tour.

In Australia, at the Gold Coast WTA MONDIAL Australian Woman's Hard-courts, she shocked the tennis world by defeating Kim CLIJSTERS in the first round. She shocked herself by her first interracial encounter. She had always fantasized about sex with Black men, but her have her pussy crammed full of that seed and her ass so soundly pounded, she was in nirvana. She knew her parents would freak if they found out she was having sex outside of the family- much more if they found out she had allowed a Black man to seduce her and then later his two sons had taken her as well, multiple times each. No law had been broken, the boys were over 18 and so was she, but none the less, her parents would have strokes.

Nike was superstitious and believed that only by these random sexual encounters, she was able to secure victory over her seasoned opponents. Tamil Arises had told her: "Whatever you did last night, before the game- do it again, that is what you must do to win." and so she did.

The Gold Coast championship was a Tier 2 tournament, which meant after Kim there were only three more matches. Back in the hotel, Nike readied for the next day. Tamil, who was thrilled by her victory over the Belgian, had gone out for bragging rights with some of his old acquaintances from the tour, and to speak to the press about the "Raven Haired Cajun, Nike" who they referred to mistakenly as "NIKA" due to her own pronunciation.

She called her folks and let them know the good news and then went down to work out in the Hotel Gym. There she saw a large blond fellow running on the tread-mill. She took up a position behind him on the weights and began to pump iron. It didn't take him too long to notice her: "Hey Sheila!" he stepped behind her, "I got you love." he said taking up a position at the head of her table, to spot her.

"Thank you." she exhaled pushing up.

"You have a strange accent Sheila, where you be from love?"

"Louisiana." she said getting up off the bench, "May I help you with?" she gestured to the weights.

"Sorry Sheila, there's no way you can spot me. They'd tear your arms off- watch." he took the bar she had and removed the forty kilos she had then doubled up the two hundreds, making it six hundred kilos. He tightened his hernia belt and then took up the lift position on the bench. Nike's eyes grew wide as he hefted the bulk off the bars and lowered the mass to his chest. His thick arms flexed, his chest expanded and his body arched. He hissed and sent the weights up into the air, pressing them near twenty times before trembling, rested the bar into it's cradle.

She thought he seemed strong before, but now, when he released the hernia belt and she could see his rippled muscles, she knew it. "Like Conan." she said not able to control herself, she ran her hands along his arms. She could not touch the fingers together around his biceps.

"You like it don't you?"

"Your arm is bigger than my body!" she said aghast. "You must be a wild fuck."

"What's that Sheila? Care for a drink?" he took her to the bar and ordered two pints.

"It is beautiful here by the sea." Nike offered in conversation.

"Everything is beautiful, I see." he countered.

Nike took one more sip of her frosty lager, before she gestured her eyes with a sparkle. No interpreter was required, he didn't have to pick through the accent. But taking her hand he led her up to his room.

In the elevator, when the doors closed. She went to him, pressing her little petite frame against his bulk. He cradled her in his mighty arms and pulled her close. They kissed. Lager breath and cigarettes. She hadn't noticed that he smoked, but it was too late to be concerned about that. Her body was trembling. She was consumed with the desire to be ravished. Her tongue pressed up into his mouth, and his into hers, searching and sharing. She grappled her arms around his wide back and massive shoulders, reaching up: "Like hugging a mountain!" she said, breaking from the kiss for a moment.

The man picked Nike up like a shirt and tossed her on to his bed. She double bounced, nearly striking her head on the wall. Giggling with anticipation she scooted off her tight work out shorts and slipped her panties off of one leg. It was all she had time to do before he was on top of her, raising her T-shirt and sucking on her sweaty nipples. Her black hair flung across the pillow as she cooed in his embrace. Her nails dug into his back as she lifted off his shirt. His mouth found her small black mound of hairs and her sweet tasting pussy.

"Oh yes!" she gasped, pushing off the wall, cramming her hot box into his mouth.

He lifted her hips off the bed, eating her like a juicy watermelon, her legs twitching on either side of his head, hanging from his large hands. Pussy juice poured out of her. She pinched her nipples, "Oh fuck yes!" she gasped, her body a quiver.

"You ready to be fucked Sheila?"


"You ready for my love, love?" he gripped her waist with one hand and pinned her down to the bed, pulling off his shorts and underwear with the other. Before she could react, he shoved his manhood up inside her.

Nike gasped, biting her lip, bracing for the pain. None came. She thought that she felt a sensation down there but wasn't sure if he had actually gone inside her or not. It would be embarrassing if he'd missed and perhaps pushed himself between her and the bed or something. She opened her eyes, looking up at him. His face winced, continuing to work his body over her. His muscles flexed, his stomach, ripped like a washboard, pushed against her body and thighs, driving her deep into the bed with every thrust. The mattress squeaked, the springs sprung, and the headboard slapped against the wall. Nike saw his neck veins pulse out from his neck, he put forth that much effort. She wanted to laugh, she really couldn't feel a thing. She wondered if he was in her at all. Is this a joke? she thought.

"Oh baby! Oh Baby! Oh yeah take it baby!" his body slapped against hers.

She arched her back and felt beneath her, nope no dick... "Hmm" she thought.

"Oh fuck sake yes!" he grimaced, grinding his teeth as he pounded into her.

Nike felt around and found his balls. They were slapping against her anus. Above them, and inch or so, worked his small thin penis in and out of her. It was a little bigger than her thumb. "Oh this won't do." she thought, but dared not say a word. "He could tear me limb from limb." she reckoned.

"Do you like it baby?" he grappled her tits and pulled her legs up over his shoulders, "Like the way I fuck you?"

She nodded and took a hold of his sides with her hands. She remembered how the mere contact in certain places would make her brothers cum. That is what she was hoping for now. "Cum inside me." she whispered up to him. "Fill me."

"Oh! Oh! OH! OH! Oh! Oh! Oh! OH! OH! Oh-oh! Oh! Oh! OH! OH! Ah-AH-Ah! Oh! Oh-oh! Oh! Oh! OH! OH! Ah-AH-Ah-yes! Yes! YES!" his body convulsed, locking her limbs with his, mangled together in his lust.

She knew he was coming, only because he told her: "Oh baby I'm coming! Yes! Oh! Ah! Whew!" he rolled on to his side. His dick popping out easily enough.

Nike lay there for a moment, not sure what to do. In good conscience she couldn't tell him it was good. And she never wanted to see him again.

"Did you like the way I fucked you baby?" he asked after a long moment of gathering his breath. "Look, you are covered in sweat, I worked your little body better than any machine could huh?" he ran a hand over her glistening breasts.

"I am covered with your sweat you tiny dick-whack-off!" is what she wanted to say, but: "I'm covered in sweat." is what she said, adding: "You're very good at positions and everything, are you a professional?"

"Ha! Ha!" he flexed for her, laying beside her, "I could be- no doubt, but they couldn't pay me enough." he winked at her: "No babe, that was free."

"About the right price." she thought getting out of bed. She pulled her panties up as she stood. "I'll see you around." The door took too long to close behind her and Nike wasn't sure she was free of the man until the elevator opened and she didn't see him in the lobby. "I need a real dick." she said under her breath. Not bothering to shower, or change, just horny as hell she asked the door man, as best as she could in her broken English, where the nearest bar was.

Nike Found the "Boozer" just up the street and a block off the main road. It was dark inside and appeared empty. "Oh great!" she entered, her eyes adjusted. There was a long bar with stools to the left and two rows of tables and booths to the right. Music played from the back room which was divided by beads, the music sounding live; karaoke? What she had taken for an empty dark bar turned out to only be dark. In fact it was relatively full. There was no seat at the bar but a Black fellow hopped off a stool for her and stood behind her, Immediately claiming her for his own by placing a hand on her shoulder and ordering a drink: "Anything she wants."

"A light ale would be fine." she said and received the frosty Fosters with a nod to the barkeep.

"You never been in here before, my names Roger, and that is my brother Roger and my other brother Roger." the three men grinned at her from the bar, one on the left and one on the left.

"I'll drink to that." she took a dip in the pint.

"Oh what is that French?" asked the Black Aussie behind her.

"No Roger, I am from Louisiana... it's in the Americas."

"Owe, we won't hold that against you."

"I was hoping that you would." she said with coy.

It was only a moment later that she found herself in a dark hallway, which was positioned beyond the beaded doorway but before the Karaoke room. Her tight work out shorts were down to her ankles and she was bent over a box of water bottles. One of the Roger's was pulling her butt cheeks apart and licking her pussy while another Roger swung his wiener out of his britches before her. The poor third Roger kept a lookout in the dark hall. "we'll take turns." promised the other two.

Nike had been more than ready for a good solid fucking and when at last the man behind her took out the head of his dick to rub her pussy with it, if to teas, she lurched back and sucked it into herself. Her warm pussy lips grabbed hold of him and her muscles sunk him deep inside. "Core Blimey! It's as if this Sheila's got a third hand Joey!"

"Mm! Ff!" Nike's mouth was full, crammed full with the other Roger's cock. He slapped it into her while holding the back of her head to him. His long shaft rode the top of her tongue which stuck out at the bottom, protecting the belly of his penis from her teeth, as his balls slapped her chin. Sucking and smacking noises filled the air. His curly black hairs tickled her nose when he drove his cock all the way down her throat. She gripped his Black ass with her tanned, but pale in comparison, hands and pulled her to him, just when he'd started to slack.

"Oh she likes a good fuck!" called out the Roger who was fucking her, doggy style.

"Yeah she's a... a.... Ah Oh Ah!" the Roger who had been face fucking her, gripped her head and forcibly gave three final thrusts. His hot cum surging out of his penis right into her throat.

Nike gulped and swallowed all that she could. Only a little dribbled out when he backed off of her. Free to move, she thrust back and wriggled on the long Black shaft which was impaling her from the back. "That's good, fuck me yes!" she cooed in her thick Cajun-French accent.

Roger could not hold back and with a final thrust he too came. "In or out babe?" he asked quickly.

"Deep inside!" she moaned.

Her words caused him to cum all the more and he gripped her ass, pulling her more on to him and thrusting deeper than he had before just as he exploded, sending his hot, burning seed up inside her. "Oh Yes! Yes! Oh you naughty wench!"

"Mm...mm...mm!" she ran a finger over her crack as he pulled out and brought the taste to her mouth. When the Third Roger came around, without a word she guided him, first to her mouth, to suck him hard and to lubricate him, then she turned around so that she faced the other two Rogers, and steered him into her ass. "Fuck my little white ass!" she cooed.

The other Rogers took interest again and shoved off of each other to have her suck them: "Boys... boys..." she took hold of both of their cocks with her hands, bringing each to her mouth in order: "There is no reason to fight about it."

"Oh you're ass feels so good!" Roger gasped as he drove his long hard cock deep inside her anal cavity, to the base. "You are so beautiful!" he groaned.

The Other Roger's said nothing, only stared down into her large eyes as she sucked each of them off. The one on the right came first. Partly on her tongue then on her nose and in her hand and hair, shoulder and neck. Long hot streams of goo shot out, caking her face.

On cue the other Roger pulled back and masturbated into her face: "Look at me bitch! Look up at me! Oh AH!" his hand smacked up and down his dick as the eye stared at her.

She complied, and kept her eyes open even as his dick fired off like a fire hydrant shoot hot juice on her forehead, nose, over her right eye and her ear and neck. A second long spurt caught her open mouth and splattered happily into her mouth. A third and final torrent surprised her in the right eye and up her nose.

The Roger behind her groaned, grunted and pulled her hair, slamming himself into her ass as far as he could go. Warm-hot spasms filled her inside as he shot off again and again, and again: "Oh you fucking whore yes! You like it! You like my Blackness deep inside you! Ah! Ah! Oh oh!" he let her go when he finished.

Nike was thrilled. Her heart raced. She'd never had a man just cum on her face much less two, and that they were Black men! She felt so dirty, so cheep. She knew it would greatly displeased her father to know his daughter was getting a beat down from three Black cocks! "I want more..." she said wiping some come from her eye, but not removing the loads, instead she enjoyed their cooling warmth upon her face.

"I'm spent!" confessed the Roger who came twice, once in her pussy and once in her face. "I could go again." said the one to his left, who also had cum twice, "But I want that ass this time." he slid by the other Roger who came around to the front, his dick still glistened with his cum from her ass.

"Bring that here." Nike took it in her mouth and cleaned him off. He wasn't dirty from her, and she was thankful that there was nothing gross on him, but she did enjoy that pungent taste of ass. She sucked him until her flavor was off of him, and then he was hard again.

Meanwhile the other Roger, who came in her face had gotten himself semi hard again and was working on getting his thick Black dick into her ass.

Nike relaxed her muscles and sucked him inside with a breathy exhale. The Roger who had just fucked her as, she continued to suck as his friend, or brother fucked her ass.

"You don't need language to show the love." grinned Roger, looking down at her messy face, filled with his cock. "You still are so beautiful." he rested his hands on the back of her head, where it wasn't sticky and thrust his cock deep into her mouth,exploring her throat with his length.

Meanwhile, The Roger behind her's balls slapped against her pussy lips, giving her a great thrill- mixed with the degradation of being cum on, and sucking her own ass sent her into an uncontrollable orgasm. Nike's body twitched and she bucked back on Roger, struggling to not bite off the other Roger's dick. Finally she got it out of her mouth and jerked him off on her face: "Fuck yes! Oh Ah I want to feel you cum all over me!" she cried out.

"Oh Shit!" the Roger behind her grimaced and pulled his dick out of her ass, coming on her cheeks and lower back, stroking himself and gritting his teeth: "Fuck yes! Oh Yes!"

The Bar took notice of their shouting. Up until then the music machine in the other room and bar banter had drowned them out, but her shouting for more cum as Roger came, hot loads on her face, caught the tentative ears of the other patrons.

The three Rogers were finished, but the rest of the bar was more than happy to take their place. From both rooms, men came to the middle and Nike serviced them. Some used condoms but Nike didn't mind, though she like the feel of the cum being shot up inside of her, either pussy or ass, she also enjoyed the extended fuck allowed by the use of condoms. She sucked off two or three men at a go round while another took her from the back. There on the floor of the pub, she sucked and fucked and fucked and sucked until she was incoherent. The men who used condoms, tossed them on her when they finished, by her request. occasionally she would catch them up with her teeth and suck the cum out of them, other times she let them dribble out one her body. After an hour, she was completely nude and covered in slime. Her hair was drenched from semen and sweat, and her belly was full. She had swallowed so much cum, she was sure to be sick the next day. Her arms shook from the rigger of gripping cocks and balancing herself. Her knees would have been raw had she not folded a small rug beneath them for a pad when it started. After three hours she no longer felt the actual fucking but herself came several more times due to the intensity of it all. To be covered in so much cum, to have all of those men's hands on her and to be penetrated by so many different sizes and shapes of all those Black men. In the end, she couldn't understand what they were saying and she was sure they could not understand her but after four hours of strait fucking she had taken each of them two or three and several of them four times. There were thirty men in the bar when the gang bang started, of course they called friends and friends of friends, in the end, some two hundred men had come and gone.

Nike sat at the bar, wrapped in a bathrobe, drenched as from a shower, but slowly the glue like substance dried on her and crusted. Two tall pints sat before her, one half empty the other untouched. Reason made it's slow return.

"You are good for business Nike!" The bartender said as he wiped off a glass.

She understood him, it was the first thing she had actually understood in a while: "Really?" Nike smiled sheepishly, "I never was good for much."

"I can't believe that." He smiled at her, "Certainly you were the most beautiful girl, wherever you come from, were you not?"

Nike Shrugged, "If you think so, why weren't you on the floor with me?"

"How do you know I wasn't?"

"I remember all of their faces." she smiled, "Even the ones behind me... I will dream about them tonight, regale, revelry..."

He laughed. "Your accent is so damn sexy yet you are talking about horrible grotesque acts, yet with your voice and your sweet face I cannot help but be enchanted."

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