Niki Gets Naughty


She really became aroused when Jake took one of her big, erect nipples into his mouth and nursed at her bosom. She cradled his head to her, hissing into his ear, "Suck my titty, oh God, suck my big titty."

At one point, she began thrusting her hips, grinding her horny wet pussy back and forth on his prick as his mouth remained latched to her rubbery, eraser like nipple, driving her wild. Her little gold cross bounced from its delicate chain on her jiggling chest, occasionally hitting Jake in the face as she rode him. She grabbed a hold of it with one hand and popped the chain, tossing the necklace onto the floor, another link with Eric broken.

They stayed at it for just under an hour before Jake emptied another load deep within her womb. With the last round of sex finished for the night, Jake rolled over on his back, his chest slick with sweat, and Niki said, "God, you just keep driving me crazy."


The next night, after Eric's call, Niki drove across town to Jake's place. He lived in a chunky redbrick building that had once been a warehouse up on the hill that had recently been renovated into trendy condominiums. It was a huge sprawling place with a balcony that looked out over the city. He had a great view of downtown, the evening lights made a pretty sight, lights like diamonds.

Jake met her at the door, a golf putter in his hand. He leaned down and kissed her as she entered the loft condo.

"The dozen long-stemmed roses you sent me haven't arrive yet," she said.

"I'm sorry, I thought...uh...well, I mean, I thought you were supposed to send them to me." Jake replied.

"God, not only is he good looking but he's a wit," she laughed. "I have to put this stuff away."

Niki went to the kitchen, refrigerating some things she'd brought over. When she came back out into the living room, Jake was putting on an indoor green. "It breaks a couple of inches to the left from this side." He said, looking over a ball at the cup in the center of the green.

"Do tell," she said.

He stood up, hovered over the ball, then looked at Niki. "Are you gonna say something before I putt?"

"No, go ahead."

He moved the putter back an inch, and Niki said, "Watch it." The stroke came through and the ball missed the cup by two inches.

"That's fucking hilarious," He said dryly.

"Are you going to spend all night playing with your putter or do you want to see the surprise I've planned for you? Did I mention it involves lots of sex?"

He smiled and said, "I'd like to see the surprise."

"Okay. I'll be right out." And she picked up a tote bag and headed off to the bathroom.


Niki re-entered the room attired in a tight little, white schoolgirl blouse, unbuttoned and tied below her heavy breasts. She also wore a very short red and black plaid skirt; it barely covered her ass cheeks. She wasn't wearing panties or a bra. Jake could see the outline of her large areolas through the thin material of her top that left her ample breasts mostly bare, coming just short of exposing her nipples.

"Mr. Smith? I have a problem I hope you can help me with," Niki said, acting shy, looking up at him the way a schoolgirl would look at a teacher who she had a crush on.

"And what would that problem be, Niki?" He asked, playing along.

"I'm really wet," she replied innocently while pulling her skirt up around her waist revealing her naked, bald pussy, "and my pussy is very horny."

Jake just smiled while keeping his eyes glued to Niki's clean-shaven vagina.

"Just look at how wet and open my pussy is," she said, spreading her pink lips, completely exposing her drooling fuck hole to his lustful gaze. "My pussy really needs to be fucked bad." She smiled seductively at him, noticing the increasing swell between his legs.

"It doesn't look very wet from here."

"Oh, but your wrong," she said, slouching back onto the couch, spreading her creamy thighs wide, and dipping her slender middle finger into her dripping snatch. "See how easily my finger slid into my hole? Ooooh, it feels so good."

Niki easily slid the digit all the way in, up to the knuckle, deep into her dripping pussy, then out and back in again. She slipped her index finger in beside her middle digit, both fingers working inside her bald slit.

As Jake watched, Niki really began plunging the fingers in and out faster, and faster, fucking her pussy up to meet the thrusting fingers as they surged into her over and over again. Her body thrashed on the couch, her moans becoming louder from the stimulation of her self-pleasure.

Niki was really getting into the fantasy and asked shyly, "Mr. Smith, could you please take out your penis so I can see it? Could you jerk it off for me while I finger my wet pussy? I'd really like to see you stroke it, pretty please?"

He unzipped his jeans, pulled them down, and his thick cock popped into view. Jake began to slowly fist his big cock while the cute little blonde slut wantonly fingered her hot pink clit.

"Oh, Mr. Smith," Niki cooed. "You have such a big one. I'd just love for you to stick your great big cock into my slutty little pussy."

She was so turned on by this fantasy that a huge orgasm was inevitably building, and watching him jerking his big cock was just adding to her excitement. Their hands were moving in a blur over their respective sex organs, her fingers playing over her little clit, and his strong hand, of course, slowly pumping over his thick, long fuck pole.

"Do you like my pussy?" she asked, still slowly stroking her pink slit.

"Yes, it's beautiful." Jake's hand stroked his cock as he eyed her wet womanhood.

"You wanna fuck it, Mr. Smith?" she asked, her voice filled with lust.

"Yeah, I would, but I don't think you're ready yet."

Niki spread her thighs wider, giving him a mouthwatering view of her dripping pussy. She dipped her finger into her swollen, pink hole, darting it in and out salaciously.

"It's all hot and creamy," she panted. "I think I'm more than ready."

He was on his feet, standing before her, his cock poking straight out, aimed at her, the head smeared with a copious amount of pre-cum as he stroked its length.

"You want this, don't you?" he said, going to his knees.

"Yessss!" Niki moaned. "Fuck me with your big cock!"

He slid between Niki's thighs guiding his thick cock to her waiting pussy, placing the engorged head at the drooling opening of her pouting pink slit. He rubbed it up and down the length of her sex, driving her crazy with desire, his prick absolutely throbbing in anticipation.

"How bad do you want it, slut," he asked forcefully, "has your pussy been wet all day?"

She was nearly hyperventilating as she pleaded, "Oh Jake. I've been wet all fucking day thinking about you. Please fuck me, fuck me hard and make me cum on your cock! Fuck me now!"

Looking down at the beautiful, cheating wife, he gazed at the swell of her large, round tits. He continued to tease her, rubbing his cock head up and down her wet outer lips, liberally coating himself with her lubricating, flowing juices, knowing that the teasing would only intensify her orgasm.

Niki grew openly desperate for his cock, needing its fullness inside her yearning cunt. She reached down and tried to grab it, wanting to force her lover's dick into her pussy, but it was hopeless, he kept pulling back so she couldn't get a hold of his elusive shaft, teasing her. Finally, when he knew she couldn't stand it another moment, he pushed his big cock forward and it slid easily into her over-heated, buttery pussy. She let out a loud gasp followed by a scream as she was immediately overcome by an orgasm as he began pounding his thick cock deep into her helpless, horny cunt.

She cocked her long legs up, draping her ankles over his powerful shoulders, completely opening her creamy pussy hole for the skewering shaft. He braced his knees against the couch, looming over Niki, supporting his weight on muscular arms. Rhythmically he fucked her tight, grasping pussy, spearing his big cock in and out of her.

"Fuck me, do me hard, fuck my pussy!" Niki gasped. She humped her little ass to meet his strokes, her enormous tits bouncing and quivering, undulating every time he speared her deep with his thick cock.

"Unh! Oh, God, Jake. Oh fuck. Give me a good fucking. Harder, unh, fuck me harder! Fuck me, ah, till I cum all over your cock!"

"Harder? You want me to fuck you harder, Niki?" He asked as he really began slamming his cock into her tight, wet tunnel. "Do you like the way I fuck your tight, juicy little cunt?"

"Yes! Oh my God, yes!" She squealed and started bucking her hips in a frenzy, eager for a harder, deeper pounding from his big, wonderfully thick cock.

Niki moaned and gasped, fucking her horny pussy onto him. Her hands rose up, squeezing and massaging her large breasts, pinching and rolling her stiff nipples as she rode his stiff pole. This brought Niki to the brink of another orgasm just as Jake started moaning, his cock thrusting into her harder than ever.

"Oh Jake, you're gonna make me cum! Cum with me Jake! Cum in my pussy!"

He grunted and slammed all the way down into her with his long cock, sending her over the edge. Suddenly she arched her back, grinding her pussy onto his cock as his balls tightened and the head of his prick burst, spurting shot after shot of cum deep into Niki's buttery cunt just as Niki's own orgasm clutched at her, wave after wave riding over her.

Jake seemingly shot a gallon of cum into her pussy, anointing her womb, flooding it with his seed. Once their joint orgasm was spent, she felt him lean back on his heals, his cock softening slightly, slipping out of her swollen pussy with an audible plop, their juices running from her, dripping onto the hardwood floor in a pool.

"Oh my fucking God," Jake panted. "Woman, that was incredible."

Niki lay slouched on the couch, panting, her legs spread, pussy open to him. She looked at Jake lovingly, "I want more. Fuck me some more, baby."


Jake and Niki continued their affair for another three weeks before she finally decided that she needed to make a break from Eric. She just had to be with Jake, she wanted to give herself to him, completely.

She waited for a day when Eric was out of town on business and began packing all of her belongings. Jake and a couple of their friends helped her move her stuff out of the house and into Jake's condo.

Niki left Eric a note on the kitchen breakfast bar, leaving her wedding/engagement set on top of it.


Eric returned home from his business trip later in the day than he'd expected. It was one of those evenings, a long, beautiful summer twilight, a few bright stars poking through the darkening pink sky, the moon coming up to the east, lopsided and almost full.

Eric walked into the house from the garage. "Niki? I'm home!" Something just wasn't right; the house seemed empty, felt empty.

"Hello? Niki? Are you home? Niki?"

The house answered with the silence of emptiness. He walked around a little bit, his footsteps echoing. He dropped his bags near the kitchen counter, saw the note and ring, a tear rolling down his cheek, picked it up and read:

Dearest Eric,

It is with profound sorrow that I write this letter to inform you that our marriage is over. Please understand that there is nothing you have done wrong or anything you could have done differently - indeed, you have always treated me with nothing but the utmost loyalty and respect... which makes this even harder.

There's no easy way to say this so I'll just come right out with it; for the past month I've been having an affair with Jake. It's not something I planned or even wanted to happen, but fate has thrown me - body and soul - into the arms of another man. Maybe my heart was stolen, or maybe I gave it away willingly, but either way, it doesn't belong inside our marriage any longer. I have fallen in love with Jake and I want to be with him.

I don't tell you this to hurt you (I am crying as I write these words) but we were always honest with each other and I think you deserve to know the truth. Please do not try to change my mind - it is already made up. I know there is nothing I can say to mend my betrayal, so all I will ask is that you remember and cherish the years we spent together. I know that I will.

Your unfaithful wife,


He dropped the note, letting it fall to the floor, and just sat and stared at nothing in particular, not focusing, just zoning.

Fuck this.

He grabbed his cell phone, dialed Niki's number, trembling, crying.

When she answered he blubbered, "What the fuck is this? Why?"

When the phone call was over, Niki decided that it wasn't as bad as she had thought it would be, as long as you didn't mind listening to a grown man cry.


Later that night Jake woke in the dark, listened, and finally identified the sound that had woken him. He reached across the bed and touched her.


"I can't help it," she squeaked.

"Feeling guilty?"

She choked, unable to answer for a moment. Then came a muffled, "Maybe."

He groped around for a moment, found the switch on the bedside lamp and turned it on. She was facing him, tears in her eyes.

"The thing is, I knew I was going to be unfaithful the moment I met you. I knew I was going to sleep with you. The more time I spent with you the more...hungry I got."

"Look, I've been through this before. The hunger's like a drug. You crave it, can hardly resist it," he explained.

"Exactly," she said. "I could feel my self-control fading, the appetite taking over. The hunger, the sex with you, it just feels so good. Being with you is so wonderful. And it's not just the sex, it's you."

"Once the hunger gets you, you have to have it, you always find yourself wanting more," he said.

"I think that part of the reason I feel so guilty is that I don't feel worse. I really liked it. I haven't had sex that great since...I don't know. Ever, I think. It was like a blackout. With Eric it was always, soft and gentle, under control, never driven though."

Niki said that she'd always believed that love was something real and tangible, something you simply acquired. She thought that if you looked for love long enough, if you kept the idea in your heart, if you had faith, you would surely find it. And she had found it, she thought, in the most unlikely person, in Eric.

Her high school sweetheart had hurt her bad. He'd used her and cheated on her and she'd promised herself that she was going to find a man to marry who would treat her right. She'd met Eric in college and though he wasn't the best looking physical specimen, he was loyal to her and loving and lavished her. She was the princess in his world, his movie star.

Niki seemed lost in thought, then said, "Maybe I should go talk to Eric, explain things to him, there are things I should tell him."

"Bad idea," Jake said.

She was intrigued, "Why's it a bad idea?"

"What are you going to explain? He knows what happened. What are you going to tell him? That it didn't feel good? You didn't enjoy it?"

A small smile, "No, but..."

Jake interrupted. "That you really loved him, but your marriage was troubled and you were lonely? That would make the affair his fault. That it wasn't really serious? That would devalue the marriage if you could sleep with somebody so casually."

"Maybe I could just tell him I'm sorry."

"That might make you feel better, but he won't give a flying fuck and he'll feel that you're patronizing him which will piss him off. Nothing you can say would do any good. Unless you plan to go back to him, the best thing you can do is to give him some distance. He'll be okay, when the shock wears off."

Niki sighed, yawned and stretched, "Maybe you're right."

"Of course I am. Best thing for you to do is to get away from the situation," he said.

She snuggled up to him, resting her head on his chest. "Do you think that the guilt will go away?"

"I'm pretty sure of it," he said.

"That's what I think too."


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What a Cunt!

But then you had to make Eric a pathetic loser to justify the Cunts backstabbing. The only good part or more like wisdom from someone who has obviously been there. Jack told her to give Eric room and notmore...

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