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Nikki and Ana Ivanovic


I was very excited to be coming home as it had been some time. But finally the new year of tennis had come and that meant a return to the Australian Open. Ever since Wimbledon, I'd been traveling around the world with the WTA as part of Daniela Hantuchova's entourage. It had been an amazing period of time. I got to see the best tennis venues in the world and mix with some of the biggest names in the sport. Occasionally mixing had even meant things much more exciting than just getting to chat or socialize with the players.

Some of those adventures have been documented elsewhere.

"I want you to be one of the ball girls again," Daniela said to me as we landed in Sydney for the Sydney International. It was the tournament that she had elected to play in the warm up to the event in Melbourne.

"Why? Then I won't get to see you as much, I'll be all over the place, on outside courts, doing men's matches, all sorts of things."

"Because it would be special for me, it's the Australian Open and that's where we met, when you were a dirty little ball girl perving on Anna and I in the shower. It would be fun for me to run into you periodically, maybe at a game, maybe when I'm watching someone else play. I'd probably even come and just watch you run around in the cute little uniform, waiting for you to finish up so I could take you home and wash the sweat from your body."

"You really want me to?" I asked, "It means that much to you?"

"Yes, it does," she said, smiling and squeezing my hands in hers.

"Ok, I'll see what I can do then. You know that they have trials and stuff though, they've probably filled all the spots by now.

"Well we'll also have to see if I can have any influence, I'm not a complete nobody," Daniela said to me. I laughed and told her that I'd make a few calls to people that I knew and find out what was happening.


We landed in Melbourne ready for the tournament and sure enough, the first day that we went to the Rod Laver Arena I found out that someone had called in, they'd sprained an ankle and wouldn't be able to work. Given that I had worked there before they took me on. I just knew that Daniela had pulled some strings. I know how tough it is to get a gig as a ball girl and even if someone had sprained their ankle, there was always a reserve list to go by. Oh well, I'm happy to go along with what Daniela wants. She rewards me well enough.


I twirled for Daniela in my ball girl uniform, showing off my tight body for her. One thing about traveling with her was that it provided me with plenty of opportunity to keep fit. It was fun to work out with her in the gym or run with her and sometimes she even hit the ball with me. Of course I was nowhere even close to being a practice partner, but it was still fun.

The best bit was always the shower afterward though. We always showered together, rinsing off the sweat and rubbing soap all over each other's bodies. I knew her so intimately now that all had had to do was close my eyes and I could map her entire naked body in my mind. Just thinking about it gives me tingles right where I enjoy them most.

"You look so cute!" She squealed, advancing on me and starting to run her hands over my body. "I love the look of that blue on you, but it's a pity they gave you such long shorts, they should have put you in a nice short skirt!"

"Yeah right and then all those nice tennis boys wouldn't be able to concentrate on their tennis and the tv cameramen would keep trying to get shots of my butt as I ran across the court," I replied, laughing.

"And you know how much I'd like getting to see you run around the court. I'd probably even pay one of those nice photographers to get some snaps of your cute little panty clad butt too," She teased me, her hands now running down over my chest, playing at my now erect nipples.

"Hmm, maybe I should pay them myself," I teased, reaching a hand out to run to my fingers down her cheek and neck, feeling the softness of it.

"Ha, you don't have to pay them, they're always taking photos of my butt as it is."

"I know, its great," I laughed. "And it's such a cute butt to photograph, too," I said, running my hands around behind her and squeezing the cheeks that were the current topic of discussion. Daniela stepped in closer to me and kissed me hard, her tongue darting between my lips and into my mouth. I returned the kiss with all the passion that I could muster and then suddenly Daniela was tugging at my clothes, pulling the blue long-sleeved ball-girl short up and over my head. I reached out and did the same to her and in not time at all we found ourselves sprawled naked together on the carpet of the hotel room floor. Daniela moved so that she had me trapped beneath her, sitting astride my waist, her butt sitting back down on my bald mound. I looked up along her long lithe form, delighting in the state of arousal that showed in the hardness of her nipples.

I wanted to reach up and stroked my hands over them, but she had my own hands pinned above my head.

"I can't touch you," I complained.

"That's the whole idea," she laughed, lowering her head to kiss me.

"Yes, but you can't touch me either," I laughed as she pulled her head back away from me, my lips and teeth attempting to cling to her tongue.

"True, but at least I can still get your nipples with my teeth she said, lowering her head to my breast and sucking my nipple hard into her mouth before lashing it with her tongue and grazing on it with her teeth. I moaned as she moved her head to do the same to my other nipple. I desperately wanted to caress her small breasts and pinch her nipples in response to what she was doing to me, but from past experience knew that there was little that I could do to break her hold on me. All the training that she did for her tennis kept her strong despite her slight frame.

I waited, biding my time, moaning and writhing with the pleasure, but knowing that she would become a little lapse in her hold. And when it came, I quickly rolled sideways, tipping her from me. She squealed as she tumbled to the side but I only managed to get onto my stomach before she was back on me, this time, sitting astride the back of my thighs, her hands on my shoulders. I laughed and attempted to kneel up, but she slapped my butt hard with the palm of her hand.

"Ow!" I said, feeling the stinging slap on my bare cheek.

"Well that's what happens to naughty girls, they get spanked," she laughed, slapping my other cheek for good measure.

"I sure hope you're going to kiss that better," I said to her.

"Oh I think that you know that I will, she said. She leaned down against me and I felt her breasts crushed against my back. She slid down my body, planting kisses down my bare back, When she reached the small of my back she placed light, gentle kisses there and I sighed at the pleasure. By this time in our relationship, Daniela knew all the keys to unravel me. Then I felt her lips upon my butt cheek as she placed kisses on the soft skin that she'd punished so recently. I felt her tongue and her teeth as well and I spread my legs so that she was between them. Her finger ran up my now wet slit, sliding ever so slightly between my pussy lips. She kept going until she reached my anus, where she teased me, wiggling her fingertip against it and circling it around my little puckered entrance.

I giggled at the somewhat ticklish, yet entirely pleasurable sensation and then felt her two hands, one on each cheek spreading me wide.

Daniela's tongue followed the path that her finger had taken and I willed myself apart for her. Her tongue danced between my legs, running up and down my slit, circling my anus and generally pleasing me in all the ways that I enjoyed. Then her hands were rolling me over and I lay upon my back, spreading my legs for my lover so that she might truly feast upon my pussy.

Daniela didn't hold back and soon she was sucking and biting and licking at my pussy, extenuating my lips and attacking my clit. I clawed my hands through her beautiful long hair, pulling her into me, encouraging her to devour me. When I came, I did so with a scream, pleasure bursting through me. I pulled her up my body, kissing her, tasting the sweet flavour of my own pleasure on her face. I sucked and lapped at it hungrily, my hands roaming roughly over her body.

I pulled at her clothes, but she backed away, "Sorry sweetie," she said in her gorgeous accent, "But I have to get ready for a function. Help me dress?"

I groaned. I so wanted to bring her the pleasure that she'd just brought me, but I knew that once she'd made up her mind, there would be no swaying her. It was the same focus that helped her to be so successful as a tennis player.

I followed her into the hotel bathroom and whilst she stripped off her clothes, I started the water running for her. She smiled at me, thanking me as she stepped under the cascade of water. I picked up the soap and stepped into the shower with her and then washed her down in a ritual that we enjoyed together regularly, me playing the maid, washing my lover as she simply enjoyed my touch.

I washed and conditioned her hair and then climbed out and wrapped myself in a towel before Daniela joined me, stepping into the embrace of the towel that I held for her.

Daniela sat in her towel before the mirror in the main room of the hotel and I worked through her hair with a brush and blow-drier, enjoying just being with her. Then, as she put on her make up, I went through her underwear. I always chose the underwear that she wore out. It was another little thing that we enjoyed together. Tonight I selected a simple black satin thong and matching bra, which she donned upon return from putting on her make up.

I loved watching her move. She was tall and thin and with all the right muscles toned beautifully from the hours and hours of tennis. I especially liked the tan lines that her tennis left her with. I only wished she played in panties and a bra so that they were a little briefer!

Daniela slipped into a gold shimmering dress and I sighed at her beauty. We embraced at the door and she went off to her function. It was rare that I got to attend things with her. We avoided drawing attention to our relationship and though many girls on the tour suspected that I was more than an assistant, only a rare few knew for sure. It was something that I was willing to live with in order to be with such a beautiful woman.


"So tell me, who did you get to work with today?" Daniela said to me as we met up between matches. It hadn't been easy for us to find places to do this as the tennis players had their own area away from the media and the fans and us workers had yet another area so that we didn't impose upon the players either.

"Oooh, I got Caroline Wozniacki from Denmark," I said, grinning, "She's rather cute you know.

"And also very firmly straight," Daniela said, laughing.

"Oh well, doesn't stop me enjoying looking up her skirt," I teased. "It's just a shame that you girls don't just wear panties under your tennis skirts anymore."

"Huh, maybe for you, but I still end up with my bum all over the internet from perverts taking photos every time my skirt bounces up."

"Yeah," and I thank them for it every time that I go on line," I said, laughing as Daniela poked her tongue out at me.

"Well I don't mind you looking, as long as you come back home and take your horniness out on me," Daniela said. She leaned forward briefly before stopping and I knew that she had wanted to kiss me. I smiled in return, wishing that we could indeed lock our tongues together in public and show the world how much we cared for each other.

"Well I promise that if any of these cute tennis girls decides I'm worthy of their attention that I'll be sure to let you join in."

"I should think so. It's been a while since we seduced someone, maybe we should do it again," Daniela mused.

"Well if the opportunity presents itself, I'm in," I grinned. Then we had to separate and go our different ways.


I knelt over Daniela's naked body, rubbing oil into her back, my nipples tight as ever as my hands glided and kneaded their way over her bare back. I could feel her taut butt beneath my arse and I really just wanted to slide my hand down between her legs and fondle her sex, but I knew that there was time for that later.

"You played great today from what everyone is telling me," I said to her as I worked her left shoulder.

"Mmm, nice of you to say so," she replied, "I was happy with how it went."

"I hope you have some energy left though," I teased.

"Oh I think I have just enough for a set with you," Daniela said, moving to roll over beneath me. I allowed her to move and she was then laying on her back with her small breasts exposed to me and her bald mound trapped beneath my bottom. I leaned over and kissed her, pressing my lips against hers and sliding my tongue between them. She returned the kiss gladly and I flattened my own body out, laying along hers, our naked forms melding together.

For a while we lay there like that, just kissing until I needed more and rolled to one side so that I could use my hand to caress her bald mound and then slide down to gently fondle her naked lips. Daniela's legs parted to allow me access and soon I had two fingers thrusting into her welcoming pussy as she moaned into my mouth.

I picked up the oil that I had been rubbing into her back and drizzled it up her body, over her stomach, up over her breasts and then back down towards her pussy. I knelt alongside of her and ran my fingers through the oil and over her body, slipping and sliding them across her breasts, flicking at her nipples, teasing, trapping them between my finger and thumb, pulling them so that they elongated and then slid back through my grasp.

I rubbed the oil into her mound, applying pressure and feeling her thrusting herself back against my hand. My fingers traipsed over her lips and I again thrust my fingers within the slick warm folds of her pussy. I hooked my fingers up and rubbed them along the front wall of her vagina until she flinched with the movement that told me that I had found the precise little spot that I was looking for.

She whimpered and I pulled on her nipple at the same time that I continued to rub at her. Daniela humped against my fingers and unrelentingly I continued to work her over until she cried out and came, her body twitching, her muscles tensing and releasing. I stroked my fingers over her gently as she enjoyed the aftermath of her orgasm. She grinned at me and then pushed me back down onto my back, commenting that it was lucking that I had managed to get any of the oil on my pussy or she wouldn't be able to eat it like she was about to.

I grinned as Daniela moved her long lithe form between my legs and without preamble, lowered her face to my pussy. I felt the electric touch of her tongue as it ran down the left side of my pussy and back up the right. It twirled around and around without finding that magical place between my lips where the juices of my anticipation were already seeping forth to lubricate the way/

I gasped when her tongue finally ran in between my lips as Daniela thrust it inside me. I thrust my pussy at her, delighting in the penetration. Then she began to assault my clit with a familiarity that meant that I was spared no mercy as she expertly built my pleasure to the ultimate pinnacle before I cried out, just as she had when my orgasm crashed through my system.


The following day I returned to the tennis centre and again worked the courts, dashing all over them, collecting the little yellow balls that the darling stars of the women's tennis circuit smashed all over the court. My last game of the day though was a true delight. For a while now as I'd toured around with Daniela, Ana Ivanovic had been catching my eye. She was tall, well proportioned, tanned and quite frankly, stunning. And the skirt of the latest outfit that she'd been wearing was delightful as well. It bobbed up frequently to reveal the pale blue sports pants that she wore and I can tell you that after working the court for an entire match, I felt like I knew every stitch and seam of those pants. Not perhaps as intimately as I would have liked, but better than I would have expected.

That night, after dining with Daniela and getting through her other commitments, we snuggled into bed together.

"Tell me Dani, have you heard any whispers about Ana Ivanovic's sexual preferences and which way she might swing?" My fingers were teasing at the panties that she was wearing, caressing her lips as I questioned her.

"No, I can't say that I have, has she caught your eye?" Daniela's legs parted and gave me even better access than I'd already been enjoying and she turned towards me slightly. I knew that it turned her on to think of the two of us seducing some young tennis player and the more famous they were, the better.

She has, because other than the fact that she's playing good tennis, she's gorgeous and I spent all day today looking at her underwear."

"Oh really? You know that you can always spend some time looking at my underwear," Daniela teased me.

"Like now?" I asked, throwing back the covers and rolling on top of her, sliding down her body, my tongue and lips kissing and teasing as I traversed her wonderfully athletic form. Once I was between her legs, I teased her with my fingers. Probing, stroking, pinching and caressing her through the fabric of her panties, feeling her crotch get wetter and wetter with each passing moment. Dani moaned for me, wanting more. I moved again until I had my legs scissored through her own. I too was wearing panties, a pair of simple yellow cotton ones, a contrast to the hot pink satin pair that Daniela was Wearing. I moved my crotch against hers, rubbing and thrusting, reaching out with my hand for hers and then using it to pull her against me even harder.

"Take them off," Daniela insisted after a few more moments and we broke apart long enough to scramble out of the separating fabrics before resuming, our now sopping bald pussies rubbing directly against each other, mashed and slithering back and forth. It took a little while, but it wasn't too long before it simply wasn't enough for us. We separated again, laying alongside one another as we kissed and caressed. Daniela's need was almost palpable by this time, but she took control, using her fingers to explore inside me. I felt more fingers follow the initial sole intruder and it became readily apparent that she wasn't' about to stop until her whole fist was inside me. It was a regular pastime and fascination for her and I lay back and enjoyed her well practiced motions as she stretched my pussy wider and wider until she was indeed fisting me.

With her fist inside me, the fingers of her other hand attacked my clit, ensuring that within moments I was cumming, bucking and writhing on the end of her fist which she withdrew from inside me, only to lick and suck at the remains of my pleasure that coated her skin.

It was my turn now and I knew that with her in this mood, nothing short of my own fist inside her would be enough. I rolled her onto her stomach and slipped my hand between her legs, enjoying playing inside her with just a couple of fingers initially, continuing to tease her. As I slid a third finger into her pussy, Daniela pushed herself back and drew her knees under her so that her pussy was raised off the bed. She stretched her long arms out in front, her chest against the bed. I worked my fourth finger inside her and then slipped my thumb into the curled space within their shelter and I could fee her pussy resisting the final intrusion. I worked back and forth a little, feeling Daniela push back against me, willing me to thrust my fist inside. I felt my hand slide that little bit further and then it slipped completely within her pussy. I lowered my tongue down as I held my fist inside her and licked at her anus before using my free hand to start teasing at her clit as well.

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