Nikki and her Brother


I heard music start and waited for my cue. As I waited, I had a quick dirty thought and slipped my panties off so that I too would be devoid of underwear.

I dashed into the room and joined the performance, perfectly in sync with Diane. Ed gasped and sat rock still at first, but as the shock wore off he relaxed and I found his gaze alternating between both myself and Diane, which I found pleasing given that he'd never really watched me before. He was visibly hard and I noticed that his hands kept straying towards his cock. I know he wanted to stroke himself, but of course with Diane and I both in the room he didn't know what he could get away with.

Towards the end of the performance, Diane bent over with her legs straight and put her hands on her knees. I flipped up her skirt to reveal her bare butt and looking directly at my brother, slapped her arse with my hand. I winked as the sound of the slap resounded about the room. Ed swallowed hard and I saw him brush his cock as he sat transfixed. Then it was my turn and I stood facing directly away from Ed before bending over. I looked back around my body and watched as Diane flipped up my skirt. I heard her react in shock when I wore no underwear.

"Of fuck," I heard Ed moan quietly as he took in the sight of his girlfriend slapping his sister's bare bum.

The performance ended with the two of us standing facing each other, hands on each other's hips. Then we leaned forward and shared the lightest of pecks against each other's lips before turning to face Ed.

"Happy birthday Sir," Diane said as she turned to Ed as we broke apart. "Did you like your present?"

Ed stood up from the couch, clearly erect in his pants.

"It was delightful Miss Hayes, however we seem to have a problem still."

"Oh?" Diane asked, not expecting this.

"Yes, you see I can forgive your transgression with the skirt given the ... ah ... athletic performance you planned, but unfortunately, I am left to suspect that you have violated the underwear code as well. Bend over."

Diane turned away from Ed and touched her toes. Ed lifted her skirt up and took his time examining her bare butt and pussy. His hand ran across the smooth skin of her buttocks and his fingers lingered on her wet pussy lips.

"As I suspected," Ed said. "And to top that, it seems to me that you have led young miss Hall here astray as well. And to think that you were such a good student Miss Hall, what am I do to do with you. First I need to do a panty check and see just how far astray you've gone."

Diane was clearly surprised by this turn of events, as was I. I couldn't believe that he was about to check out my pussy in front of Diane. I couldn't believe that he was about to let Diane see that I'd taken off my panties to perform in front of him! I had meant that as a secret between us.

"Now, Miss Hall, or your punishment will be much worse." I bent over and touched my toes.

"Yes, not good at all, I see you have been led far from the proper way Miss Hall," Ed said, looking at my butt and bare pussy. Thankfully he just flipped my skirt down. Though my pussy ached to be touched, I didn't think that here and now would be the right time or place.

"I think a little punishment might set you back to the straight and narrow Miss Hall, we need to administer that before things get out of hand for you. And you Miss Hayes, shall be the one to administer it given that you seem to have been the misguiding force. Get down on your hands and knees Miss Hall."

I did as instructed and then listened as Ed told Diane to lift my skirt and give my butt a good spanking. I was so wet. Diane didn't hold back when she hit me and my bum was soon stinging with the pain of the impact of the palm of her hand against it.

"Very good Miss Hayes," Ed said, his voice husky. He was obviously extremely turned on. "Now, to ensure that Miss Hall understands the full consequences of her actions, I only think that its fair that she understand what happens to those who continue to stray." And with that, Ed told me to sit in a chair and see what sort of further punishment could be dealt upon me.

He sat on a chair opposite me and took Diane across his knee, slapping her butt and even using a ruler to spank her, leaving red lines across her cheeks. Then he told Diane to kneel before him and take out his cock. Diane looked at me, hesitating. Obviously taking out my brother's cock right in front of me was not what she'd been expecting to do.

"Don't look at her Miss Hayes, you girls need to learn that if you play with fire, you'll get burnt. Now take it out and suck it like you should." I watched as Diane freed my brother's cock from his pants and began to suck him. Ed watched me as I watched her. I could see her pussy. There was a sheen of moisture on her lips indicating that she was as excited as I was. I spread my legs so that Ed could see my pussy and started to rub it. He started to say something, but stopped, just watching, Diane's head working up and down his cock as I slipped a finger in and out of my pussy.

"Spank her Miss Hall," he croaked, then repeated it more firmly. "Spank her." I knelt beside Diane and flipped up her skirt. I slapped her arse, hard. Then again and again. Each time she flinched her head moved on my brother's cock and he groaned. I reached beneath her with my other hand and fondled her tit, tightly bound as it was by the small dress.

I was looking Ed right in the eye when he cried out and came, his cock spurting its seed into Diane's mouth. She swallowed it all. As he sat recovering, Diane and I stood up. She looked confused but excited, lust on her lips. I ran upstairs and grabbed my things and Diane went to Ed, "Happy Birthday Eddie," she said.

When I came back down, Di's dress was open and Ed was sucking on her tits. They started when I appeared.

"I'm going to get going, I'll catch you later," I said. Diane pulled her top back together, though without the buttons holding it, her massive cleavage was clearly on display. I licked my lips as I surveyed it.

"Bye Nikki, and um, thanks," she said huskily. I decided for one last surprise and pulled her to me and kissed her, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. I caught her off guard and she froze somewhat but then returned the kiss. I could taste the warm salty aftermath of my brother's cum. It was something that I hadn't really expected, but I didn't have time to think about it then and there.

I drove home horny as fuck, but loving the lasting image of Ed's gaping face as he watched his sister kiss his girlfriend.

"Now we've really mixed things up," I thought to myself as I drove home alone, thinking back on the night's performance.

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by sgtbryan8603/23/18


Fantastic story! Damn, was it HOT!

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by JSipes02/09/18


Ed is now obligated to go home and reward his sister’s performance by squirting a load of his sperm down her throat. She should get to taste it first hand from his cock now that she’s had a secondmore...

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Great Story!

What a great story and you built it up so well! I am looking forward to the next adventure!

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