tagGroup SexNikki Ch. 02

Nikki Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Long, Hot Summer

[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies, and as such, may not be wholly realistic. With certain historical exceptions, all other locations, events, and characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]


The thermometer read 98 degrees and it wasn't even noon yet. Nikki padded around her apartment, naked, even in the air conditioning.

She glanced at the wall calendar and thought, My God, it's only June 20 and the weatherman says we are in for a great deal more of this heat before the summer ends.

Crossing the kitchen to the fridge, Nikki removed a cold diet Pepsi and took a long pull. Tim was due in just over an hour.

Nikki thought back about her first sex with Tim, her eighteen year old, newly graduated, former English class student. He'd been flirting with her all the last semester and, because of a long sexual dry spell on her part, and for other reasons, Nikki had finally succumbed to the flirting and had invited Tim here to the apartment.

Then, despite all the surface bravado and flirting, Nikki discovered that Tim was actually a shy and fearful sexual virgin. Wow, that first time for him had been an epiphany of sexual awakening to behold.

Well, that had only been two weeks ago and they had fucked almost every day since.

God, I'm really sore and he's got to be too.

The door chimes interrupted her thoughts. Looking through the spy hole, Nikki saw Tim standing at the door.

Shit, shit, he's really early. I wonder why.

Nikki opened the door and Tim came in.

"Wow," was all he could say.

"Like what you see, do you? What brings you nearly an hour early, Tim,"

Eyes nearly bugging out of his head, Tim answered, "I couldn't wait! I just can't keep my hands, or my dick off your pussy. And, uh, I have a question for you."

Tim reached our and groped a boob.

"And what might that be?"

"Aren't you freezing, walking around naked in this air conditioning like that?"

"That's your question?" I asked, incredulously. "And no, for your information, I'm not freezing. I feel quite comfortable, thank you!"

"No, that's not the question I really have for you."

"Then pray, ask the real question," I ordered.

"Well, I don't quite know how to ask this except to just spit it out. Two of the other senior football team members got suspicious of where I have been the last two weeks and followed me.

They put two and two together and figured out you and I are screwing around and they want in on the action. Would you consider accommodating them, er-uh-ah, really all five of the other senior team members?"

"They WHAT?" I asked, a bit loudly. "Now just why do you think I should even consider such a thing?"

Tim hesitated before he went on with, "Uh, well, uh, it seems that they say they will go to the principal and/or the school board with their knowledge if you refuse."

"What the hell, they can't prove a word of it."

"Unfortunately--they can."

"And just how can they do that?"

"It seems, uh-er-uh, well, that James used his considerable photography and electronic skills along with his sophisticated equipment to get pictures of us through your apartment windows from an apartment across the courtyard, an apartment the guys rented specifically for that purpose.

They have also been taking their girlfriends there on occasion for, ah, uh, illicit purposes. In fact, the five guys are over there now and they told me to tell you that you should look out your window."

"Well SHIT!" I exclaimed.

I went to my window, still quite naked, and looked across the courtyard. Sure enough, directly across the courtyard from my windows was a guy standing in an open window next to a tripod mounted camera. The screen was also up, and he was waving at me with one hand.

That damned camera sported one of the longest telephoto lenses that I had ever seen, looking a lot like the long fat cock. When the guy saw I'd spotted him, he dropped both hands and grabbed his crotch.

In the blink of an eye, he dropped his zipper and popped out his cock and wagged it at me. Wow, it was a really nice, fat, long cock at that, at least what I could see from this distance.

I turned back into the room and faced Tim. He had a questioning look on his face, "Well?"

"Tim, there are three reasons why I WILL comply with the request."

Tim's eyes lit up as I continued. "First, I resigned my teaching job last week to accept a very lucrative business position with the large, nationwide insurance company downtown. The school board is no longer involved and I really could deny the team's request for that reason alone."

Tim rapidly blinked his eyes several times.

"But I won't, because second, I don't want a hassle just as I get started on my new job, not that I couldn't weather that ok. But the main reason I accept is, third, since you and I started fucking, I discovered that I just like young stud cock! Cock that is almost always hard on demand and for long periods of time and one that can unload tons of hot cock cream and keep coming back for more, soon and often."

Tim just stared at me for a bit before he admitted, "The rest of the reason I am early is that I want you for myself one more time before the other five horn in on me. I told them, that unless I called them to say you refused, they should wait until the time I was supposed to show up here before they came over."

Ending his little speech, Tim stepped out of his sandals, doffed his shirt and shorts, sans underwear, and stepped into my arms. He grabbed my pussy with one hand and a boob with the other. He certainly had lost his shyness over the last two weeks, at least with me.

Hot balls Tim wasted no further time as he turned me around to bend my belly over the kitchen table and started wiping his cock up and down my gash from behind. Seconds later, Tim rammed that cock into my pussy, balls deep in one swift and hard thrust. Tim rammed away with lightening speed, fucking me harder and harder.

I responded with thrusts of my own, backing into and meeting him, thrust for thrust. Thoughts of the five other young studs, probably watching us right now, fueled my fires of lust as Tim and I fucked ourselves into a fiery explosion of sex juices. I suppose those guys were getting this on film too, and that fueled my lust even more. Tim and I fucked and sucked until the door chimes interrupted us.

Still naked and leaking cum down my thighs, I walked to the door. When I looked out the peephole, I was met by a leering face with a curled hand in front of it, moving in a pantomime of cock stroking. I opened the door and in walked five naked young studs, cocks all standing proud at attention.

"Hi! I'm Jim," said the red facerd first guy in. "What a heavenly body you are, Nikki."

He said my firs name like he just couldn't wait to quit calling me, Ms. Norcross.

"Nobody in the hall, so we thought we would strip down ahead of time and be ready for immediate action."

He tossed his clothing in a pile in a corner of the hall, his lust filled eyes drinking in my naked tits and glistening wet pussy.

Jim is Caucasian as is Bill, the guy who followed him in. Both of those studs had cocks of average size, about six or maybe seven inches long with an adequate girth. Ted, the third stud in, is Asian, Chinese, I think. His cock was pretty small, less than five inches would be my guess and pretty thin as well.

Following Ted, was Sam, a black stud. I don't know if the general stereotype holds true for all Black men, but it sure did in this case. Sam was sporting an unbelievable cock. That fucking man pole must have been a good twelve inches long and more than four inches around! Shit, that one was going to be a challenge and a half!

Last, but by far not the least, was Juan, a Latino with more than adequate equipment. Juan's cock was at least eight inches long and more than three in circumference.

The boys all seemed to follow Jim's blustering lead. I thought the whole naked entrance was all bravado to bolster each other in order to cover their fear and nervousness. None-the-less, I thought this was still going to be a really good fuck fest. Everyone followed Jim's lead again and tossed their clothes onto the pile he had begun.

My thoughts were interrupted by Jim as he said, "Well, why don't I get this par..."

"I think I will take you on one at a time first," I interrupted him, "and then go from there."

I said that as I walked over to Sam and knelt in front of him reaching my hands out to grab hold of his flesh pole. As I slowly stroked his oozing cock, I said, "Starting with you, Sam."

The other studs, along with Tim, gathered round and stood in a circle surrounding Sam and me and watched as I went to work. They were all slowly stroking their own dicks. I don't have the smallest mouth in the world, but neither is it all that large. Getting Sam's uncut cockhead into my mouth took some doing, but I finally managed.

That monster black fuck stick was so hard and yet, at the same time, so soft to touch and lick. I sucked on each of Sam's balls in turn and then licked up the underside of this shaft, balls to oozing helmet tip and then both sides of the shaft.

I got my mouth around it again and took all I could until the helmet head reached the back of my throat. It was too big to go any further. So, sucking hard on what I had, I used one hand to stroke the remainder of the shaft and the other one to fondle his balls.

"Juan, you're next, and you can start right now by workin' on my tits," I said when I came up for air for a moment.

I quickly returned to Sam's black cock and was immediately rewarded with a veritable tanker load of cum. I couldn't begin to contain it all and cum leaked out around that big dick and out the corners of my mouth, drooling down onto my tits and Juan's hands.

Sam stayed hard as I pushed him onto his back right there on the living room floor, just inside the door.

"Down you go, Sam, I want to ride that big fuck stick and grind your black ass into the floor."

I looked straight into Sam's eyes as I straddled him and wiped his cum covered cock in my slit, front to back and back to front, keeping his cock hard while I spread his cum with mine for lubrication.

Centering my opening over the target, I settled down onto that big, black, flesh pole. Moving slowly, not to mention carefully, I slid slowly downward until I'd taken all but the last inch or so.

That was it. I could take no more. That monster was bottomed out in my pussy, snugged hard into my cervix. Since Sam had just cum in my mouth, I got a long cock ride up and down before I felt that pole stiffen and swell even more. It finally pulsed out another load.

This one wasn't as much as the first time, but was still copious enough to fill what space remained in my pussy and leak out around his big dick. Our combined cum dribble down onto the base of his belly. Juan had given up on my tits as my ride on Sam's cock got too wild for Juan to hang on.

I slowly slid up and off that black monster 'til, with a sucking pop, I dropped it out of my pussy. Juan was next and got the same treatment, blow job and then a good cowgirl fuck. Each of the remaining three followed in the same manner. Tim already had his fuck, so I temporarily omitted him from the circle-jerk fuck.

We moved on to multiple penetrations: oral, pussy, and ass, all at the same time. I usually had a cock in each hand as well. I fucked those guys into the ground as first one and then another cried, "Uncle." None of them could get it up anymore, at least not enough to do anybody any good.

Gotcha, boys! Young studs indeed. I guess this "old lady" has a few things left for you youngsters.

After a rest to collect themselves, all six guys, one at a time, quickly showered, dressed, and left. Tim was last. We stood at the door, with me still naked, cum covered, and scenting the air with sex odors.

I said, "Those guys may have pictures of me, but I also have pictures of them."

"WHAT?" gasped Tim.

"You heard me. After your first visit here, I installed several spy cameras for multiple views and all hooked to a VCR as insurance."

"Insurance for what?" asked an incredulous Tim.

"Insurance against what just happened. They can blackmail me, but I can blackmail them too, if need be. It's my protection. You might pass that word along to them. If needed, I can hurt them far more than they can hurt me."

Tim just stood with his mouth agape and stared at me.

"But somehow, I don't think either of us will need to use our insurance policies. You can also tell those studs that I will likely want to see more of them this summer before they trot off to sample all that college pussy in the fall."

The summer slipped quickly by as I entered and enjoyed my new job and my newfound fuck partners. On occasion, I entertained one or another of the "Football Five," as I liked to call them, and I even had one more gang bang bout with them.

But I drifted more and more into an exclusive relationship with Tim. I think my sudden libido change and burst of sexual experimentation had run its course.

One August evening, Tim and I were lying abed in post-coital bliss, just enjoying the fullness of our union. Tim's cock was still embedded deep and hard inside my pussy as we cuddled in a tight embrace.

In the quiet stillness of our afterglow, Time whispered in my ear, "I don't want to go off to the university."

"What?" I exclaimed, so startled that I jerked partially upward towards Tim. He flinched reflexively and hard enough to uncouple from me with a squishy plop and sat up between my legs.

Looking down at me, Tim stuttered, "Uh-er-ah, well, I gu- guess I-uh-or, oh hell, Ni-Nikki, I just don't want to leave you! There, I've said it!" he concluded.

"That's interesting, Tim. I've been entertaining similar thoughts."

"So, where does that leave us?"

"Where indeed!" I answered.

Tim lay back down beside me and we cuddled at length before he had to clean up and leave for work at his summer job. Now I had a dilemma. I loved fucking with Tim, but I did not love him. For another thing, he was a good deal younger than I. And, even if he now knew very well how to use his fuck stick and new found erotic knowledge, he was still an immature teenager.

Another thing, I had found a number of interesting prospects for romance in my new office job, a job that offered total freedom of behavior compared to the code I was supposed to abide by as a teacher. And I had abided by it, too, until Tim. So the question still remained. What was I to do?

The summer zoomed on toward its conclusion with no further mention of Tim's desire to remain with me. The weekend before his scheduled departure for college the following Monday suddenly dawned. I spent the morning cleaning. Tim called at noon after work and I begged off seeing him with a bribe.

"Tim, I can't see you tonight, but how about if you take me to Lizard Beach tomorrow afternoon? Sunday is supposed to be sunny and really warm. I could be ready by 1:30."

"You mean the nude beach?"

"Yes, I've never been to one and I think it could be fun."

"Oh my God," cried Tim, "I don't know if I'm up for that or not. I've never been to one of those places either. It's a really scary thought!"

"Neither've I as I said, but I'd really like to go, Tim."

"Weelll, I don't really know, but OK, I guess."

"Right, see you at 1:30 then."

"Yeah, alright. Goodbye 'til then."

"Goodbye, Tim."

We both hung up the phone. My plan, weak as it seemed to be, was to convince Tim that there were a lot more fish in the sea as he could plainly see about him (on that nude beach) but regardless, our relationship was ended. He had to go on to school, both for his own good and mine.

The ride to Lizard Beach the next afternoon was in complete silence. Tim was preoccupied with his thoughts and/or fears, and I was preoccupied with my own ruminations.

Lizard Beach, although public, lay along a secluded section of lake shore on Iguana Lake and was reached by a public gravel road through a wooded area. Because the beach could be seen from the lake, it drew a constant stream of oglers, voyeurs, and the like to drink in the naked sights. I did not think much about that, but I wondered what Tim's reaction would be.

Tim pulled into the graveled parking area and we got out of the car. An elderly couple walked by on the hiking trail, tits bouncing and cock flopping. Tim's face turned beet red as he quickly averted his eyes.

"Oh come on Tim, they're just enjoying nature, let's get to the beach."


We walked down the sloping path to the beach. I kept getting out ahead of Tim and hollered back at him, "Come on, nobody's going to bite you. Let's go."

"I'm coming, I'm coming. Keep your pants on."

"That's just the point. I want to get out of my pants. Don't you want to?"

"I-uh, I guess so."

"Oh come on, fraidy cat."

We finally made it onto the fairly crowded beach. I guess a lot of others wanted to get in a final fling of summer before the fall term began, old and young alike. I never before saw so many naked bodies in one place. We finally found a spot not too far from the water.

While we were searching, Tim kept his eyes on the ground. I don't know if it was the naked tits and pussies that scared him or the naked cocks. I do know that I sure enjoyed the sights, one and all!

Tim spread the blanket on the warm sand while I stripped. It took only a moment as I wore only tank top and shorts with sandals sans socks as well as underwear.

"Your turn."

"My turn, what?"

"To strip, silly. This is a nude beach and you look out of place in clothes, sorta like an eskimo in the desert."


He just stood there, finally looking around, but dazedly. A damned good looking blonde with a rack and an ass that would turn the head of a eunuch walked by and grinned at Tim. He again turned beet red and quickly looked away.

Awe come on Tim, get with it.

"Didn't like what you just saw, Tim?"

"No. Uh, I mean yes. But now I got a woody and I don't want to take my pants off."

"Your dick will get used to it and soften up. Come on, strip and let me put sun blocker on. I need some too."

Very reluctantly, he began to lose his clothes. First the shirt. Then the shorts. He did have boxers on today and it took him a while longer to finally take them down and off. His cock sprang up stiff and straight, bobbing gently at its release. He wasted no time flopping down on his belly to hide his erection.

I started at his neck and began coating Tim with sun blocker. I worked down his shoulders and arms and then down his back. I got to his ass and gave first one cheek and then the other, a really sensual going over. Slowly. I could hear his suppressed groans. Doing his feet made him groan even more.

What the couple a short way from us was doing was not helping his frame of mind either. They were laying side-by-side, kissing passionately. Although locked at the loins and elsewhere, I don't think they were yet coupled in a fuck. But they might as well have been. Tim's head was turned that way and he was watching.

Finished with his feet, I said, "Turn over buster, time to do the other side."

"Oh shit." was my answer but, after a lengthy pause, Tim did slowly turn over with a resigned sigh.

Jesus, that's the stiffest boner he's ever had.

It stuck straight up, pointing skyward. Once again I started at his neck and worked my way down. At his nipples, I nibbled and bit lightly before applying lotion. They quickly stiffened erect. I got more groans from him too. His cock remained hard as a rock and twitched menacingly.

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