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Nikki Goes to College


When I was younger I used to be a complete bully. I used to make fun of the poor people that couldn't afford to buy new clothes every school year. There were also times that I would make fun of girls that didn't want to participate in gym class because they were wearing a dress. I used to agitate so many people that I would get into fights almost daily. One day, I was making fun of a guy for wearing a shirt that I know was a hand-me-down from his sister. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't prissy or anything, I just knew it was his sister's shirt because I used to stare at that shirt, to see her tits. It was a common enough shirt, but it was made out of the thinnest cotton on earth, you could see her nipples through the material. I continued this way all the way through high school and graduation.

That summer, after graduating instead of hanging out with my friends and going swimming everyday, my mother signed me up to go to camp, which was cool with me because I wouldn't have to immediately find a job, also because I loved the outdoors. I should have known that they was something up when we drove for 3 hours (past about 5 or 6 other camps) to drop me off. When I would ask what camp she was taking me to, she would just say something along the lines of a perfect camp for me. I didn't know what to expect, and I didn't think that she would drop me off at a military recruiter, even though I begged her to let me go to one, because they get to play with the cool toys, guns, grenades and even let the kids drive a tank around an obstacle course. That would be a dream for me! Instead, she drove right past the recruiter's office. My heart dropped, I figured that I did something wrong, and she was trying to discipline me for something. I had no idea that she would take it this far though...

After just over 3 hours of driving, we ended up in the northern part of Michigan, out in the woods, at what seemed like a palace. There were no signs of a campfire, nor was there a tire swing into the lake. There was just a huge building that I can only call a mansion. My mother told me to get my bags out and wait by the car for her, as I did, I could see her get greeted by a rather "unwoodsman-looking" woman. She was dressed in a purple button up silk shirt (blouse) and what I later learned was called a "Pencil skirt". Her brunette hair was pulled back into a bun and she had reading glasses on for some strange reason. I thought that my mother had brought me to the wrong place, there was no way that this is a camp. She is just bothering some rich woman who just happens to live out in the woods, and now she's going to want me to put the luggage back in the car, so we can go somewhere else, I know it.

"Nick! Go ahead and put your luggage back in the car!" My mother yelled from the doorstep.

I knew it. She is completely oblivious to what was going on. Once I put everything back in the car and I set my iPod back in the seat, my mother motioned me over, which was good because I needed to use the restroom. She wouldn't pull over for anything in the last 3 hours.

"Nick, I'd like you to meet Mrs. Knight." My mother said to me, in what seemed to be a little too proper of a tone.

"Hello. Can I use your bathroom?" I said to the woman.

"Hmm, I see what you mean, Nancy. That won't be a problem." Mrs. Knight said to my mother, completely ignoring my question.

"What do you say when you ask to use someone else's facilities, mister?" My mother snapped. I knew this tone all too well.

"Please Ma'am, may I used your restroom?" I asked again, with proper respect this time.

"Why certainly! Please remove your shoes while entering, I don't like to get dirt on the carpets. It's the second to last door on the left at the end of the corridor. Also, please do not touch anything that you don't need to, many of my things are quite expensive, and fragile. Off you go my dear!" Mrs. Knight's voice sounding almost as cheery as a Disney princess.

I've made fun of girls that try to talk like that, although I don't think that my mother would appreciate it if I did that to a complete stranger in front of her. As I walked down the 'corridor' to the bathroom, I noticed how perfectly clean everything was. I noticed that there was a maid in a bedroom dusting some pictures on a shelf. The girl couldn't have been older than I was, 18 or 19 at most, and she was pretty cute. As she reached up to the tops of the shelf, I could see the bottoms of her pink satin panties. I found myself staring at her even after she turned around and saw me.

"Oh!" She was visibly startled. "How may I help you, Master?" she asked with a curtsy.

Blushing, I replied "Sorry for scaring you, I was just looking for the bathroom." I could see her face blush and scrunch up when I didn't use proper grammar, but she pointed to the door that Mrs. Knight had told me about. Looking at the door that she pointed to, I said "thanks!" and walked in the bathroom shutting the door behind me. As I looked around, I thought that this might have been the wrong room, as it seemed much too big to be a bathroom. And the fact that there were 4 doors within this room made me think it was a dressing room of sorts. I opened the door again to find Mrs. Knight standing in front of it. I was startled at the sight of her at first.

"Excuse me, Ma'am, but I believe that I have wandered into the wrong room." I said, maintaining my proper grammar with her.

"Nonsense, my dear, please follow me." She replied with a smile as she gracefully floated past me and opened a door to the toilet. "This house has so many people living within it, that I deemed it necessary to make a communal restroom for simple evacuation and expulsion of wastes."

I had never heard anyone say 'expulsion of wastes' before, so I stupidly said back, "You mean shitting and flushing the toilet right?"

I heard a couple of gasps from the hall behind me as this sweet middle-aged woman turned into the Wicked Witch of the West. "Young man, we do not tolerate such language here in Primpington! Now please, if you must use the facilities, do so. I have much more important things to be attending to currently!"

"Aww, I'm sorry for offending you, Ma'am. I was just tryin' ta clarify what you were sayin'" I said, in a half-assed attempt to sound proper again.

"I understand, and accept your apology." She stated as she walked back past me toward the door. "In the future, you will either learn how to speak as a proper person, or you will not be able to speak at all!"

I thought to myself, I had better just go to the bathroom, thank her for the use of her facilities and rejoin my mother at the car. As I finished, I walked to the sink and turned on the water and began to wash my hands. I had the uncanny feeling that I heard a car door shut and drive off. But seeing that my mother's car was the only car in the driveway, it must have been someone else.

I finished and began to walk to the front door, which was now shut. I noticed that my shoes were missing from where I had taken them off. I figured that my mother had picked them up and had them in the car waiting for me. But as I opened the door, my heart sunk again for the second time... my mother was gone.

I began to panic as I looked around outside to see if she had simply moved the car, but she was nowhere to be seen. I walked back through the door and saw Mrs. Knight standing there with her hands clasped in front of her, there was a smile on her face and there was another maid standing next to her. I completely lost track of my manners as I raised my voice and spouted off question after question. Even though it was a different maid, I noticed the look of pain and grimace on her face as I talked. "Where is my mother? Where are my damned shoes? What the hell is this place?..."

When I had completed my rant, Mrs. Knight walked up to me and put a hand under my chin and lifted it to her gaze. "You just don't understand yet do you. For the next semester, you will be staying here, your mother is on her way back home. No you don't need any of your clothes, I will provide them for you. Your nasty, dirty, stinky shoes were incinerated. I do hope that they weren't too expensive for you. I will however replace them for you. Now that that's all out of the way, let's go over some of the ground rules: 1.Welcome to Primpington Academy for wayward boys! I am the headmistress and I am to be referred to as 'Misteress Knight' or just 'Mistress'. 2.Proper grammar, vernacular, and vocabulary will be used at all times. 3.There will be no back talk allowed. 4.If I tell you to do something, you must do it, no questions asked! 5.Inspection will be held at 7 AM, 1 PM, and 9 PM everyday, Monday through Saturday. On Sundays I do not conduct inspections, but everything must be kept neat. 6.We help each other out here, we do not knowledgeably let each other fail at something. So if I find infractions with one person, the rest of your roommates will also be held accountable. 7.Long hair is to be kept pulled back or a very neat style while in uniform. 8.If you do not understand something at least know someone who can assist you. If you have a problem with these rules, you may as well get over it. Because there are plenty of ways of punishment if discipline fails to reach you. Also, we are exactly 50 miles from my closest neighbor. There is nothing keeping you here, but if you choose to leave, you will undoubtedly starve or be killed by a roaming carnivore in the area. You are allowed to go outside, on the back porch only on Sunday's or if I have summoned you there. Before we go any further, do you have any other questions for me?"

I was stunned. I was dropped off at a prison camp, although a bit unorthodox, it was a prison camp nonetheless. My mouth was dry, but I was able to squeak out "Where are all of the boys at?"

With a smile and a flash of a twinkle in her eye, Mistress Knight turned to the maid and said, "Introduce yourself, my dear."

As if rehearsed, the maid curtsied and began to speak, "Hello, my name is Alexis. My male name, which is no longer used, was Alexander. I have been here for 3 years with Mistress Knight, at Primpington Finishing School."

Floored, I took a step back. "Are you out of your mind?!? I'm not wearing a dress!"

"You will wear it, or we will make you wear it, Nicole." Mistress Knight responded with a smile. "Please don't tell me that you are about to break rules number 3 and 4 on your first night. You really wouldn't like what's in store for you if you do. I usually give my girls at least one night before putting them in the punishment chamber."

When Mistress Knight said the words punishment chamber, I could visibly see Alexis' eyes wander over my body and her knees begin to buckle. With that, I reluctantly yet politely asked if there was anything else that I needed to know. With the wave of a hand and a smile, Mistress Knight dismissed me for now. Alexis again curtsied and motioned me to follow. As we walked up the winding staircase, I could see Alexis trying to check me out, which I didn't know how to take. We got off of the stairs on the second floor, even though the staircase continued on up until about the 5th or 6th floors. The hallway was lined with doorways, all with names of 'students' on them. We walked until the hall split off into two different directions. The north hallway was lined with gold trim and windows on the east wall, and more doors on the west side, while the south hallway was lined with doors on both sides. There was a door all the way at the end of the hall that had 'Do Not Enter Unless Told To Do So' written in bold block letters. I asked Alexis what that room was, she told me that it was the punishment chamber. All of the newest students would stay in rooms next to the punishment chamber so that they might be able to learn quickly from others that that were in there, we weren't allowed to see the punishments, but with a room this close, we'd definitely hear the screams.

We stopped at a door with two names on it, Nicole Johnson and Missy DePrekel. "My name is Nick, not Nicole. Why is Mistress Knight trying to turn us into girls?" I asked.

"This is a finishing school for men that were a little... too brash as a child. Only girls know the proper way to behave, boys are too arrogant to understand the finer things in life." Alexis responded. "Please, knock and then enter your new room. Don't worry about the chamber, if you do well, you will be moved out of here and to a much nicer room in no time."

I nodded my head, not even wondering what the punishments could be, yet still trying to figure a way out of this mess. I don't know why, but it seemed like the right thing to do, I reached over and kissed Alexis on the cheek to thank her for her hospitality and guidance so far, to which she deeply blushed and smiled, then she almost lost her balance. After recovering from her moment of lost footing, she then gave a half-assed curtsy and swiftly returned up the hall out of sight. I knocked gently on the door and waited.

It wasn't too long before there was a tall slender maid answering the door. "Hello, roomie!" I said with a half-cocked smile.

The maid grabbed me and pulled me inside the room quickly shutting the door. "You mustn't assume that Mistress cannot hear you. She has listening devices all over the house, so please use proper grammar and respect at all times. Believe me, I learned the hard way." The maid explained. "I'm Missy, I've been here for 3 weeks now, and Mistress will treat you fairly if you respect her rules. First things first though, let me show you your side of the room. There were some boxes and bags that have arrived for you, they are in your closet. Mistress explained to me that you are to take care of that first, as she does not like clutter."

"So, I'm supposed to go by Nicole, dress in girl's clothes and do everything else that Mistress Knight tells me to do? I still fail to see how that is going to do anything except make me even more rebellious." I stated. "If I must be called anything, can it at least be Nikki instead? I really don't enjoy full names, they seem to take up too much time." I began to walk to the closet with my name on it and opened the doors, there were no less than 10 clothing boxes stacked up in there along with about 15 bags. I started to get a little excited to see what I had gotten, but then thought against it because I knew that there would be nothing but girls clothes in these things. I started off with one of the bags. It had different pairs of panties in it. All of the panties were silky smooth, bikini cut, and in all different colors, most of them were either white or pink with some pastel blues and yellows and greens mixed in. The next bag had all of these egg shaped things in there. Missy explained that there were stockings in all of those eggs, but I could leave them in the eggs for now, as they don't take up space and get snagged that way. I put all of the panties and pantyhose in the top drawer of my bureau and picked up the third bag. This bag also had panties inside, but they were different than the first bag. These panties were made of a slippery vinyl or rubber material. I again looked at Missy for the reasoning, and she stated that the PVC panties were for special occasions, such as parties and prom. I felt a little uneasy about the thought of anyone other than Mistress and the 'girls' seeing me dressed up in sissy clothes. I however pressed on in my unpacking. I put those panties with the rest and grabbed the fourth bag, in here were some bras. Missy explained that girls do not show off their... fronts... if they are not asked to do so. Therefore, at all times, we are to wear a bra or bikini top, if we are caught without a bra on under a shirt, it's straight to the punishment chamber. I continued to put my new wardrobe away in its proper place until I reached the boxes. The first box had a shimmering pink satin halter top and matching boy shorts in it. Missy explained that these were to be hung up properly, and showed me how to do so. The next box was quite heavy considering it was only clothes. When I opened the box, Missy gasped and started purring about how pretty it was, I had no idea what I was looking at, but it was a full length heavily boned corset that had lace and floral patterns all over it. She picked it up and held it up to me and almost squealed in delight.

"You will look so sexy in this, gosh, you are getting me a little excited for what comes next!" Missy gushed.

I hung up the corset and grabbed more boxes, the more that I grabbed, the more I realized that most of these boxes were all one more piece to a uniform. Although all of the maids that I've seen so far have been wearing black, blue or in Missy's case, green. I was hoping not to get the color that I most despised... Hot pink... my worst nightmares were again coming true. I would have to wear pink and stand out like a sore thumb as opposed to all of the other 'girls'. The last box contained a pair of pink 4" stiletto heels that were exactly my size. There was a card in the shoebox that stated "Prissy Princess Set". That did it for me, I was in a daze. I couldn't go on anymore. I passed out.

I awoke some time later with Missy looking down at me. "Are you ok, Sweetie?"

"Let me talk to her, Melissa. Please go make sure everything is prepared for dinner." While still groggy, I could still make out Mistress Knight's voice. I then saw the smiling face of a very well kept middle aged woman staring at me. "Is my little Nikki alright?"

"Nikki? You heard our conversation... Mistress?" I asked almost wanting to crawl out of my skin and run for the woods.

"Oh heavens, yes! I listen to all of my new girls when they are making themselves at home. I do hope you like the pink uniform that I have personally picked out for you. Pink is such a feminine color, don't you agree? I usually allow my girls to choose their favorite color, but you my dear, are special. I want to make sure that you enjoy being a girl, and who knows. You may enjoy it so much that you may even want to take a boyfriend!" Mistress replied.

"I'm not gay! I like women!" I said in a low voice.

"That was a contradiction in statements, Sweetheart. If you like girls, then you WOULD be gay. Take a look at your wardrobe. Is it not the sweetest color of pink that you have ever seen? I'm sure that over time, you will grow to enjoy having that material caressing your soft skin. In time, I assume that the pinker, the better for you." She stated with a hungry eyes and a smile.

I knew better than to talk back to her, and I also knew better than to raise my voice. That's all I could do was to bow my head and say "Yes, Mistress."

"Wonderful! Why don't you finish unpacking and have a nice bubble bath. I see that you haven't unpacked all of your bags yet, so let's step it up and get unpacked, quickly, quickly!" Mistress finished and walked out of the room.

Just then, I saw the maid that I had first seen in this house. She walked in and smiled. "May I help you, sissy dearest?"

"My name is Nikki, not sissy, but yes please, I would like some help making heads or tails of this stuff." I replied, now getting up and off of the floor.

"I know what your name is silly!" she said as she tapped my name on the door. "I was simply calling you my sister. We are all sisters here. We call each other sissy dearest. You may want to remember that. I'm Amber!" She continued as she grabbed a few more bags and began to help me put things away where they belonged. "I didn't want to say earlier, but I saw you checking me out. It really turned me on to have such a cute boy looking at me like that."

"I thought you were a real girl at the time, please don't feel offended by it." I said blushing.

"I'm not offended, I saw that you were pitching a tent for us to share." She replied with a smile and letting her eyes wander to my crotch. "Why don't we finish storing your things quickly and go take that bubble bath together? I can shave you the way Mistress likes us to be shaved."

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