tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNikki Goes to College Ch. 02

Nikki Goes to College Ch. 02


The next day, I awoke to the sounds of someone screaming, I didn't know what it was at first being disoriented. I looked around the room and quickly began to realize that I was still in Primington Academy. It hadn't been a bad dream. I saw my roommate, Missy, across the room sleeping still. She must have gotten used to the screams because she was still out like a light. I then caught myself, 'she'. It was a boy dressed up like a girl, I was calling him 'she'. What was happening to me? I looked down and noticed that I had been wearing a short pink silk nightie, and a pair of matching panties. The thought of wearing such a thing made me want to kick my own ass. I pulled back the pink comforter and sheets and put my feet on the floor. I noticed that there were a pair of furry pink slippers at the foot of my bed. Obviously, the mistress would scold me if I didn't wear them. As I slipped them on my feet, I heard yet another agonizing scream. I was sure that whatever was going on must have been quite painful. That's when I realized that the door next to mine was the punishment chamber. Someone must have been misbehaving to be in there. I vaguely heard female voices screaming some obscenities followed by another scream.

Shaking it off and enjoying the fact that it wasn't me that was getting punished put me in a rather good mood. I'd play along with this 'Finishing School' business for a while, then find a way out of here. I stood up to walk to the bathroom noticing that my ass was tender. "Amber really did a number on me yesterday!" I thought to myself, as I walked to the restroom. I opened the door to the communal restroom and saw that it was full of steam. I heard girlie voices giggling and talking in the showers. I decided to keep to myself whenever possible and paid them no mind as I walked straight for the toilet. Knowing that Mistress Knight might be watching me through a camera or some other equally sick device, I knowingly sat down to pee. Once I was through, I decided to flush as I didn't think that this was a 'If it's yellow, let it mellow..." sort of place. I walked to the sink and began to wash my hands when another set of hands grabbed my ass from behind. I groaned as my ass was still tender from the previous day's thrashings.

"I'm sorry, baby. I was just wishing you a good morning!" the familiar voice said.

"Good morning to you too, Amber. You really hurt my ass yesterday!" I replied as I turned to meet her... yeah... 'her'

With a giggle, Amber looked into my eyes and moaned, "Tell me that it wasn't wonderful, lover! I could barely sleep last night knowing that you weren't in my arms."

Without thinking or hesitation, I leaned over and kissed her. Her soft lips pushing back into me as our tongues explored each other's mouths. We stayed like that for quite a few seconds, until I realized what I was doing and pulled back, flushed and completely embarrassed due to the giggles that we had heard from across the room. Amber then looked down at what I was wearing and began to grab at the frilly waistband of my panties.

"What are you doing?!" I whispered, shocked at the bold move.

"I want these!" She said with a devilish grin. "I want to smell my lover's scent when she isn't around."

I was floored and a bit turned on. I hadn't thought of myself as a female, although, I did have long blonde hair, I was wearing a pink nightie, and panties, and I got fucked hard by a guy yesterday. I guess this was normal for a female, I was just filling the role. Wasn't I? I looked around the room, and looked at the other 'girls' through the steam. There were all kinds of them in every shape and color. I saw two of the girls in the shower fucking much like I had yesterday, and felt my blood get a little hotter. Then I saw two silhouettes lying on a bench in the sixty-nine position. That got my cock even harder. Then I realized that Amber had my panties around my ankles with my dick in her mouth looking up at me as she sucked.

"I figured that I would milk you right now since you are obviously turned on by what you see in the room. It's ok, I want you to watch them, I just don't want you to forget me." She said with a smile, popping my throbbing cock back into her mouth, and sucking on it slowly. The sensation was incredible. I have had girlfriends in the past that tried to give me a blow job, but they were nothing compared to Amber's gifted mouth. I supposed that it was due to the fact that she knew what she liked, so she did that. I felt her soft hand cup my balls and caress the skin with her fingertips. All at once, she took a deep breath and shoved my cock as far in as it would allow, hitting the back of her throat and making her gag a bit, she would pull me out of her mouth for a second and push it back in again... and again. She continued to do this until her gag reflex had died down, and began deepthroating me with full force. Sucking and bobbing as she tickled my balls. I glanced over at the couple doing the sixty-nine and noticed that they were watching Amber with smiles on their faces, I looked down into Amber's gorgeous blue eyes as she appeared to say, 'come for me baby!', so I did. I grunted and moaned loudly as my eyes rolled back in my head. She continued to suck and swallow all of the juice that I could give her. My knees, now weak began to tremble with delight as she finally pulled me out of her mouth and stood.

"That... *gasp* was... " I began to pant.

"I know, sissy dearest. It was good for me too!" she said as she pulled me in for another kiss. I tasted my own cum and began to find myself craving it.

I felt a little ashamed and dejected at the same time that Amber didn't save me any. "I wonder if next time... um... we might be able to... share."

"Mmm, my baby likes the taste of cum already?" she purred. "Don't worry, sweetie. You'll have as much as you want today. It is Sunday after all."

Briefly remembering that on Sundays we got to go out on the back deck, for sunbathing, sex, and whatever else Mistress had in mind, I smiled and nodded.

"You should get a shower and meet me out there. Oh, and don't forget to wear your necklace that I got you... I'd hate for anyone else to get that ass of yours without my permission." Amber said with a smile. She then turned and headed for the door to get dressed for the day.

My head was swimming, I found that I truly did like what was going on here. maybe I would like it here after all. I had almost forgot why I went in there to begin with, and looked around the room. There were gurls putting on lotion, body spray, make-up, or just showering. I noticed that most of them were really decent looking, some of them even had breasts of their own. I couldn't believe it. they looked so natural and real, that I didn't know whether they were implants or just a really good make-up job. Either way, I could feel my softening dick begin to push against the satiny material of the pink nightie that I was wearing again. I decided that it was time to get this day started. I walked back into the hall and toward my room. I could hear gurls laughing and talking as I passed the doors, I finally reached my door and carefully opened it, not knowing if Missy would still be asleep. As it turned out, she was awake now and was getting her towels, soaps and razor ready for the shower.

"G'morning, sissy dearest." I said, "how did you sleep?"

Missy turned and smiled, "Good morning to you as well! I slept wonderfully, thank you for asking. Hmm, you look as if you are taking to this life quite well considering your standpoint yesterday." she said seeing the bulge in front of my night gown.

"I uh... well... Amber caught up with me in the bathroom... and... uh..." I stammered.

"It's not a crime here to like sex, sweetie." Missy said with a giggle. "I'm just upset that you got taken by her before I had a chance."

"Well... I'm not that experienced in... well... pleasing someone..." I continued, "I have only had sex a couple of times now..."

"I hear that you have a deliciously tight little pussy. Amber was gushing about how much she enjoyed yesterday's encounter. It's ok though, I'm still happy that you are getting comfortable here. Why don't you get your things too so that we can take a shower, you look like you need to get the sex off of you anyway." she said with a giggle.

I went to my closet and grabbed two pink towels, and a bag of toiletries, then followed Missy back to the bathroom to shower. Once we were done, we came back to the room talking about all of the things that she had encountered in her short time here. Then she started pulling out clothes for the day.

"Aren't you going to the back deck to get some sun?" I asked as she pulled up a stocking over her cleanly shaved leg.

"I will this afternoon, there are some things that I wanted to take care of first." she replied with a smile.

"Well, could you help me get ready before you go?" I asked, putting on my best pouty face that I could.

"Aww, of course sweetie!" She said with a smile. "But first, could you help me get dressed?"

I did my best to help her into her green uniform and pull the laces tight in the back. She looked in the mirror at my handy work and decided that I had satisfactorily encapsulated her body into the form changing garments. She then made sure that her hair and make-up was correctly done and pulled on her shoes. They were like the ones that I had except her's were green to match her dress. I helped her clasp the buckles around her stocking covered ankles and then stood back to admire her form.

"There we go! Ok, now you. Let's see how you look in that new bikini that we saw yesterday." she said opening some drawers to my bureau and pulled out a pink string bikini, then a large pink towel and some tanning oil.

As she handed me the bikini, she could see that I was clueless on how to put it on. She smiled as she told me to drop my bath towel that was around my body. As I did, she saw that I still had a semi-hard erection, which she knew was because of her. I didn't care though, I wanted her to see it. She turned me on, and I wasn't trying to hide that fact. She held up the top of the bikini and tied it around my neck, then positioned it to tie it around my back. As she turned me back around I noticed a small look of disagreement in her face... I felt strange with this bra-like garment over my chest, when I clearly had no breasts. She grabbed the bottoms and held the leg holes open for me to step into. As I did, I could see that I was getting hard again. I had never felt this way about boys, nor have I ever wore women's clothing before yesterday, but the feeling was electric, especially when a cute sissy boy is crouched down in front of my naked body. Missy started pulling them up my legs, but was staring at my cock. I wanted her to suck it so bad, but I knew that we couldn't. I didn't want to upset Amber.

"Well now," She started, "You are going to have to try to contain yourself until you are outside. Mistress Knight hates it when we get jizz on these uniforms, it's very unladylike, and I don't have Amber's permission to ravage you... yet." She said with a wink and a smile.

I tucked my cock into the bikini and looked in the mirror. My hair was still a little damp from the shower and had a subtle 'come fuck me' look. I decided that I would have to face the music sooner or later so I might as well head out to the deck. Missy blew me a kiss and wished me luck as she left the room. I wrapped the towel around my waist in hopes of concealing my raging boner and grabbed my new sunglasses and tanning oil.

I walked down the hall to the staircase and noticed that it was like a sissy boy bikini contest in the commons room. There were many colors of swimsuits and many of the gurls were fairly shy about their bodies. Not me though, I sauntered down the stairs as if I were queen sissy. The room fell silent as I felt at least 25 pairs of eyes checking out my toned and soft body. I felt so girlie I think I felt myself shiver as I smiled at the room full of gurls.

"Hello sissies dearest, it's a wonderful day today isn't it?" I said, ensuring that I maintained proper grammar.

"There she is! Oh how positively delightful to see you my dear!" Mistress Knight said from the doorway to the deck.

I smiled and bowed before her, "Good Morning, Mistress Knight! May I say that you look beautiful today?"

She smiled and curtsied in return, a refreshing glow began to show on her face as she looked around the room full of bikini clad gurls. "Girls, it is our day of relaxation, let us not waste such an ample opportunity to welcome our newest sisters." With that, she opened the doors to the deck and everyone shuffled through the door. I hadn't realized how big the deck actually was, it was as long as the entire mansion and about twelve feet wide. There were stairs going down to more tiers of the deck, with hot tubs, tables to eat at, and chairs for suntanning. The yard beyond the deck was impeccably kept, the grass was freshly cut and shrubs were perfectly shaped. Everything was so green that it almost looked artificial.

"Beautiful, isn't it, my dear?" Mistress noticed me admiring the landscape.

"It's breathtaking, Mistress Knight. Do you have the girls keep it up so nicely?" I replied.

"Oh, Heavens, NO!" she said immediately, "Such work is for burly men to take care of. Sometimes I have the girls come and give a show for the men while they cut the grass, although it's hard to keep a straight line when such an act is taking place." She replied with a giggle.

"Mistress... If I may... ask a question." I hesitated.

"What is it dear?" She looked upon me as if I was about to break her heart.

"Well... I noticed as I was taking a shower this morning, that some of the girls have breasts. Are you going to make me get them as well?"

"Of course dear, why would I dream of keeping something that important in a girl's life away from you?"

My fears were coming true. I was being turned into a woman... permanently. The biggest problem was that it didn't bother me as much as I thought it should. So I forced it to bother me.

"What if we don't want to have breasts? What if we didn't want to comply with your demands? It is my body, you shouldn't have any say in whether I have breasts or not." With that, I knew that I had said too much.

I saw the light in her eyes fade away to gray. "You would do well in not tempting me. If I wanted, I could have one hundred men here to run a train on you and there wouldn't be anything that you could do about it. You would beg me to make them stop. If you test my patience again, you might find that pain out for yourself!" She turned after that and walked away.

I didn't know how I should have felt, I didn't know why I was beginning to like being feminine. I wasn't even thinking the way that I had before coming here. I haven't even thought about kicking anyone's ass. What was happening to me?!? All of the thoughts running through my head were making me dizzy, I had to sit down, the emotions were building up inside of me, there was just no stopping it, I began to cry. I sat there quietly sobbing for a few minutes when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I didn't look up, but from the softness of the skin, I could tell it was Amber.

"I don't know what's happening to me. I used to be the king of mean, now if Mistress Knight scolds me, I break down in tears. I don't know why!" I cried, still not looking up at Amber.

"Hon, there's something that you should know." She began as she sat next to me grasping for my hands. "It may not make sense right away, but the sunlight is actually activating a strong hormone in your system. Last night at dinner, when everyone was given wine, you actually got a dose of a strong hormone altering drug. It makes you think, act and feel more feminine. The reason that you are taking so well to this change, is from the hormones. I don't know all of the details of it, but it reacts strongly when you are in the sunlight, your skin absorbs the light and it reacts with the hormone... you know what, that's all you need to know is that no one here will ever try to harm you. It isn't poisonous, it's actually quite good for you... and your developing body."

"What kind of hormone? Is it like estrogen or something?" I asked between sobs.

"Yes. Matter of fact, that's one of the ingredients of the supplement." She responded. "Along with vitamins, minerals, and a testosterone blocker. It's not bad for you, it just puts you in the right mindset for your bodily changes."

"Why do you keep saying that? Is my dick going to shrink or something?!?" I asked, now a little scared of what was going on.

"Well, was your wine light and fruity, or a dark merlot?"

"Dark, and pretty bitter. Is that bad?"

"Nope, you are just getting tits, that's all." She said relieved with a wink and a smile. "You and I are a rare pair. A lot of the other gurls have been getting chemical castrations along with tits. They really are turning into women, you and I will still be able to fuck, suck and be sucked... and hopefully soon, because I don't know how much more I can take of you in that bikini."

I smiled weakly at that statement and looked down at the bulge developing between her legs. "I feel better now. Thank you for comforting me." I said in a crackling voice.

"Come on baby, let's go give them a good show!" She said grabbing my hand and leading me to one of the untaken tanning chairs. "Lay down, and let me put some oil on that skin of yours."

I did as she said and laid the chair flat so that I could lie on my belly. She started at my feet, carefully caressing my legs all the way up, with the cool oil. Slowly she massaged it into my skin, I could smell the baby oil over the fresh cut grass, her hands glided smoothly between my thighs, making sure that she didn't miss a thing, next she started on my back, starting at my shoulders, slowly massaging them and working any kinks out of my neck. She then worked her way down my spine all the way to the top of my bikini bottoms, ensuring to get the sides and tickling me trying to get me to laugh, she succeeded.

"Flip!" She said finally, as I did, I noticed that she had a raging hard-on, I looked up at her face, her hair was blowing slightly in the cool summer breeze, her eyes sparkling as if I was the only one on earth. I smiled as I noticed the attention that we were attracting. Two hot gurls oiling each other up for a suntan. She began putting oil on the front of me now, starting at my shoulders and working downward. When she got to my navel I couldn't help but shudder a bit from the sheer sensual sensation that I was feeling. I felt wanted, more over, I felt wanted by Amber, at this moment, I think I started falling in love with her. She continued to rub more oil down my legs now, first the left, and then the right.

After I thought that she was completed, I closed my eyes and laid completely back. I felt myself completely relax, that was until I noticed that the sun was no longer beating down on my face. I opened my eyes to see what was going on, that's when the monster that had made my ass so tender the day before was staring me in the face.

"Open up baby." She whispered. I smiled and reached out to touch it, she forced my hand back down and shook her head, "Nuh uh, Mouth only."

I started to open my mouth slowly, I had never had a cock in my mouth, now I had the biggest one I had ever seen staring me in the face. I stuck out my tongue and touched the tip of it, licking a single bead of precum off of it, I pulled my tongue back in my mouth and rolled it around my mouth, it truly tasted good. I then leaned over to take it all in. As I did, Amber let out a moan and melted down into my mouth. I explored this new thing in my mouth for a few seconds with my tongue. I could smell her musk on it, she had been anticipating this very moment, I slowly started working my way back and forth letting her cock plunge in and out of my mouth. I grabbed her leg and put it on the other side of me. She was now straddling my face and fucking my mouth with a few inches of her meaty member. I watched her face as I suckled harder or did something different with my tongue, her face was a gorgeous open book, telling me things that she wasn't able to say. I read her as if I were sucking my own dick, I began trying to see how much of it I really could fit into my mouth. I put at least 3 inches, then 4, then she started hitting the back of my throat with 5 inches in. I started to gag a little, but fought through it. Once I decided that I wasn't going to gag anymore, I began to pull her farther in, 6 inches, her short triangle patch of pubes were barely brushing my lips. At 7 inches in, I had to control my breathing in conjunction with her fucking my face, once I started feeling her balls on my chin, I knew that she was deep within my throat and I had swallowed the entire eight and a half inches of her cock. Once she finally had it all in, I could feel her get harder, she must be looking down to see that I had swallowed everything that she was trying to give me, except her balls. I opened my eyes and looked up at her, she had the most beautiful face, almost not believing that I could gobble her cock up that easy. She slowly pulled out so that I could take a breath, and grabbed the back of my head. Slowly, she began to fuck my face again, only this time, she was pushing all of her cock in my throat. The audience had now grown in size to every single person in the confines of Primpington. Some of them were rubbing themselves, some of them were fucking, all while watching me give Amber a blow job. There were a few gurls in the chairs next to us trying desperately to compete with the spectacle that the two of us were putting on. No one had a dick out that could compare to Amber's, it was so large, I was still stunned that I was able to do this. As the time went on, Amber began to pick up the pace, which was so sexy watching her thrust her hips back and forth, her balls slapping me on the chin, her cock now fully fucking my throat. I was in heaven. I wanted to make her cum so badly that I actually moaned. In doing so, Amber felt the vibrations on her dick, she moaned and began to thrust harder, and harder. She was now panting and began to moan loudly, I could feel her dick begin to get more and more engorged in my mouth and throat. I finally began to suck with everything that I had. I created a vacuum around her dick as she exploded in my mouth. The orgasm hit her so hard that she almost lost her balance. She fucked my mouth holding the back of my head as tightly as she possibly could. I wanted to savor every last drop of cum that I could get from her which was nearly impossible due to the amount that she had given me. I greedily swallowed mouthful after mouthful of the sticky juice.

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