tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNikki Needs This Job!

Nikki Needs This Job!


"Great! What now?" thought Nikki. Her boss Doris had told her that she needed to stay after work tonight. Nikki had been staying late a lot over the last two weeks to finish a project and needed a break. Her husband was going to be away this weekend on a business trip, and her mom was watching her two kids. As much as she loved her family, she was really looking forward to having some time alone. Relax, read a few books, a nice leisurely bath and well, also some time to play with her toys without the possibility of someone walking in. Her and her husband's sex life had become pretty routine over the past few years, and less frequent too. Now it looked like her Friday night bath was going to have to wait.

Nikki sat in her boss Doris' office. She had been working for Doris for about 5 years. Doris was about 8 years older than Nikki. They got along well, but you wouldn't exactly call them friends. Doris worked her employees hard, but was also fair and rewarded them when deserved. This job had been a godsend for Nikki's family. The extra money she brought in really allowed them some breathing room financially. Although they weren't on easy street, before taking this job, she wasn't sure they'd be able to keep their house.

"Nikki," Doris said as she walked into her office, "I've got good news and bad news. Good work on the Johnson project by the way"

Nikki started to worry – bad news?

"I talked with corporate today. They are restructuring our office. We won't be doing as much of the customer service work – they're farming it out. So, I won't need two administrative assistants anymore."

Now Nikki really started to panic – she was one of the administrative assistants. The other was Jenni. Jenni had only been with the company for a year, but she was young, pretty and very aggressive.

"The good news is, that the one I keep will basically double her salary and get profit sharing. The other won't be fired, but if they want to stay with the company, they'll have to accept a transfer to California."

The excitement of hearing about twice the salary subsided as soon as Nikki heard about the transfer to California. She wouldn't be able to take it – her family was here, her husband's job was here. If she didn't have this job, she didn't know she would do – they were comfortable now, but only because of her salary combined with her husband's. And even though things were good now, she wasn't sure how her marriage would stand up to financial stress. "God I need this job!" she thought.

"Well, Doris, I hope you'll consider me. I've been with the company five years, and I think I've done a good job."

"You have done a good job Nikki. And even though we have haven't been very close, we have a good working relationship. BUT, Jennie has been out-performing you for the last six months. Her stats are better than yours."

"I know Doris, but I had that Kelghorne account and that really screwed me up. Even you said that it wasn't may fault."

"True, true, Nikki" Doris said as she got up and walked behind Nikki's chair and placed her hands on her shoulders. "You're so tense, Nikki. Relax." Doris started rubbing Nikki's shoulders. Nikki took a deep breath as Doris continued. "Jenni also has no family so she won't be tied down if we have to travel. We'll probably have to travel 4 or 5 weekends a year after the restructuring"

"I can travel, Doris. My husband or my Mom can watch the kids, it's not a problem at all" Nikki pleaded, "I really need this job Doris!"

Doris chuckled. "Well, you do have your strong points too, Nikki. You're very bright, and outgoing. Right now I'm leaning toward you, but I haven't made my final decision yet. Corporate really like's Jenni's stats. I'll see if I can put in a good word for you."

Nikki jumped out of the chair and hugged Doris. "Thank you, Doris. Please give me a chance"

Doris hugged Nikki back, and after a few seconds, Nikki started to wonder what was going on. Doris never seemed to be the hugging type before. After a few seconds, Nikki started to feel a little awkward and cleared her throat. Doris didn't seem to notice. Doris's hands slowly slid down Nikki's back and started caressing her buttocks.

"What the hell?" Nikki thought as she jumped "Is my female boss putting the make on me? Maybe I should just ignore it. Maybe I'm over-reacting." Then she felt Doris' lips on her neck.

Doris began nibbling on Nikki's neck and continued squeezing her employee's ass. Then she began nibbling on her earlobe, and when she started to tongue Nikki's ear, Nikki began to freak out and tried to pull back. "Doris! What are you doing?"

Doris smiled at Nikki, held her tighter to keep Nikki from pulling away, and said "I want to see how well we'll get along if we continue to work together." Then Doris leaned forward and kissed Nikki on the lips. Nikki started to squirm and tried to pull away, but Doris was holding her too tightly. With Doris' lips smashed against hers, Nikki's mind was spinning! She kept trying to resist Doris, especially when Doris tried to slip her tongue into Nikki's mouth. When Nikki tried to pull he head back, Doris released one of Nikki's ass cheeks, put it behind her head and held it to hers.

After a few moments, Nikki opened her mouth slightly to try to get a breath. Doris took advantage of this and forced her tongue into Nikki's mouth and started twirling it around the younger woman's tongue. Nikki's head was still spinning. Doris took her other hand and cupped it to Nikki's breast. She noticed that Nikki's nipple was hard and getting harder with each caress.

"Oh my God!" Nikki thought "What the hell is happening to me?" She had never cheated on her husband, even though their sex life had dwindled to practically nothing. She had never wanted to have sex with a woman either. But no one had kissed her with such passion in years. And her husband hadn't even looked at her boobs lately, much less caressed them so sexily.

Doris continued to kiss her employee and after awhile it seemed like the woman was starting to kiss back – a little. Nikki started to move her tongue slightly in response to Doris'. When a small moan sipped for Nikki's throat, so small that she didn't even notice it, Doris knew she had her where she wanted her. She stopped caressing Nikki's breast and started to open the woman's blouse. She reached her hand in and unsnapped the front clasp bra. Nikki's 38D breasts sprang free. Doris grabbed Nikki by the hair on the back of her head and pulled it back. Doris ran he tongue down Nikki's throat, down her chest and latched onto her right nipple and began to suck. Nikki began to breathe harder. She twirled Nikki's nipple with her tongue as she sucked. When she bit down on the hard pink bud, Nikki gasped.

"Aahh" a high pitched gasp escaped her lips.

Doris released the nipple, put her hands on Nikki's shoulders, and kissed her. Nikki couldn't fight it anymore and kissed back. Doris broke the kiss, looked Nikki in the eyes and said "Now, let's see how much you really want this job" and began to push her down to her knees.

Nikki didn't know what was happening until she was half way to her knees. When she realized what was happening, she tried to stand up, but Doris just pushed harder and she landed on her knees.

The older woman pulled her sopping panties down to her knees, lifted her skirt to her waist and tucked it into her waistband. She put her hands behind the shocked Nikki's head and pulled the woman's head to her hairy bush. Nikki started to resist again but it was no use. She found her face pushed against her boss' crotch, nose tickled by the woman's soft brown pubic hair. She clamped her mouth shut, once again determined to regain some composure and control. She couldn't put her mouth to another woman's vagina! Women shouldn't do that to each other, the minister just mentioned it in church just last weekend. She didn't want to do it. Did she?

Nikki was confused. Psychologically she didn't want to go down on her boss. But her nipples were hard as pebbles and throbbing. Her pussy was pulsating and she was wetter between her legs than she had been in years, whether she was with her husband or playing with her vibrator. She was breathing hard and it wasn't because her face was pushed into another woman's crotch. She was more turned on than she had been in years. She was so confused, she started to sob.

"There, there, baby. It's okay," cooed Doris. "It's going to feel soo good. I know you can do it." She gently stroked Nikki's short auburn hair with one hand as the other held the kneeling woman's mouth to her. Then she started slowly rocking her hips, softly grinding her pussy against her unwilling employee's face.

"Mmm, Nikki, you're so sweet" Doris whispered as she began to hump Nikki's face a little harder.

The younger woman was frozen. She didn't know what to do. She wanted to break free and run, but she was also more turned on than she had been in years. Her boss was holding her tight, humping her face and moaning. When she heard Doris moan "C'mon baby, earn your job", she sobbed one more time and stuck her tongue out. She was shocked when her tongue touched the other woman's clit. She felt a thrill when the other woman jump, gasp and then sigh. Oh my God! She was pleasing another woman! Her husband wouldn't let her please him lately. She knew he still loved her, she still loved him, but at most he used her as a tool to get himself off as quick as possible.

As Doris continued to moan and squirm, Nikki felt her esteem and pride begin to swell. She was making someone else come! Someone lusted after her sexually! The more she experienced this feeling, the more she licked and sucked her boss' pussy. She began to nibble the older woman's clit, rolling it in her tongue. She was surprised that she wasn't disgusted by the taste. As a matter of fact it was rather pleasant.

Doris was getting close. Nikki was now licking and sucking and nibbling her clit. She was getting into it. The thought that she was face fucking her goody-goody, innocent looking soccer-mom assistant with her pussy and clit was thrilling. She was getting close. She humped harder and faster until....

"AAAAHHHHH! Yes, yes, yes" she screamed as she came. She hadn't been this wet in years either, and she came all over Nikki's face.

As she caught her breath and calmed down, she let go of Nikki's head, reached down and pulled up her panties and adjusted her skirt. She looked down and an embarrassed Nikki looked up at her. Doris smiled and Nikki looked away.

"Be at my house at noon tomorrow if you want to continue talking about your job."

Doris turned and left the room, asking the still kneeling Nikki to lock up after herself.

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