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Nikki, Niki & Nicky


Author's note: This is my 25th submission to Literotica.com. Special thanks to my fans who have written in to comment on my stories, especially those who are on my newsletter mailing list. You give me the drive and the inspiration to write about sex and I appreciate your support.

EroticaSeanStyle, the God of Erotic Writing

They were eating each other’s pussies, letting their tongues drag along the silky smooth folds of the person in front of them. The three women were in a daisy chain on the king size bed, their giggles and moans echoing throughout the bedroom. Legs cocked at various angles, the women enjoyed the twisted forms they had gotten themselves into, laying on their right sides forming a triangle. They used longer strokes as they swiped their tongues across the pussy in their face.

The women in question were the best of friends. There was Nikki, a blonde haired beauty whose greatest attributes were hanging off of her chest; her 38c’s were the envy of women throughout the greater metropolitan area; Niki, a southern belle whose eyes captured you at first sight; and Nicky, the raven-haired, ruby-lipped goddess who thought her ass was her number one feature. While the ladies all loved the taste of the other’s pussies, they craved having a hard cock every now and again.

With Nikki eating Nicky and Nicky dragging her tongue in and out of Niki’s pussy and Niki stuffing her fingers in Nikki while licking her clit, the girls had no chance of stopping anytime soon. Each was tasting the edible nectar of the other, not wanting the tasty fluid to escape their lips. Niki then started nibbling on Nikki’s inner pelvis, making the blonde girl squirm. Nicky was wiggling her tongue deep inside Niki, making her moan loud into Nikki. Nikki then started sucking on Nicky’s clit, making her whimper as her mouth clamped down on the tasty bud.

One by one the girls climaxed. For Nikki it took a lot longer for her to cum, as her sex drive was higher than the other two: no man nor woman could outlast her when it came to stamina. Nicky came several times with the blonde’s face between her thighs, even taking her mouth off Niki’s pussy to announce to the bedroom that she was going through another lengthy orgasm, complete with moans and screams. Niki always gushed when she orgasmed, and Nicky received a very large taste when Niki’s cum reached her lips.

The girls were spent beyond spent; their bodies were sweaty from exerting great amounts of energy, their breathing and heart rates coming back to a suitable level.

Niki got off the bed first, walking toward Nikki’s secret drawer. She pulled out an 8-inch strap on dildo and immediately slid it around her waist. The fake cock shot out from just under her belly, its balls hanging near her pussy. Nicky thought she looked extremely sexy with the fake dick.

She walked back to the bed and climbed back onto it, getting on her knees in front of Nicky. Nikki crawled over and joined her on her elbows, looking up at Niki and the strap on.

Rising up slowly, Nicky began to lap at her friend’s dick, curling her tongue around the head of the dildo. While she was doing that, Nikki reached and felt the balls, hanging loosely from Niki’s groin. They felt almost lifelike as she jiggled them. She even swung them back toward Niki’s pussy. They rebounded, the backside of the balls slick with Niki’s cum.

Nicky was kissing the head of the dildo while Nikki was playing with Niki’s balls. She started to jack off the dildo, sliding the head between her lips as she began to suck on it. She could take a cock down her throat, one thing she was extremely proud of. Her ex-boyfriend complimented her many times at her head-giving prowess, especially when she took several cocks at once. Soon she was sucking more and more into her mouth and jacking less and less.

Niki was cheering her friend on, telling her to get more and more of the fake cock into her mouth. Nikki was next to her, looking on in amazement. She started rubbing Nicky’s back, sliding her fingers along her spine. Nicky shivered as Nikki’s fingers tickled her.

As Nicky was bobbing her head up and down on the dildo, Nikki rolled off the bed and went over to her secret drawer. From it she pulled yet another strap on dildo and a vibrator. She didn’t put the strap on around her body just yet, instead planning to probe Nicky’s pussy with the long, silver cylinder. She slid it into her mouth to wet it, letting the shaft run over her tongue to her tonsils. She also was a girl who loved to give head and got a cold shiver when she had something long and hard in her mouth.

She returned to the bed, setting the strap on aside and settling behind Nicky’s ass. She patted it gently and Nicky responded to her touch, wiggling her bum and raising it slightly, giving Nikki easier access to her pussy. Nikki stretched out on the bed, letting her head rest near Nicky’s feet. She took her time sliding the vibrator along her friend’s pussy lips, letting her own saliva mingle with Nicky’s natural lubrication. She was teasing the lips and the folds opened, allowing Nikki to slip the toy into her pussy.

Nicky groaned around the dildo, which was still firmly lodged in her mouth. She continued to bob her head on Niki’s fake dick, even as Nikki’s toy was intruding into her pussy. She relaxed her lower body as the toy entered her, although she started to rotate her hips slowly as the vibrator inched into her pussy. Nikki put an end to that, slapping her ass before telling her to stop moving.

Nicky was taking two toys in two holes and all three were doing some portion of the work. Nikki was playing with Nicky’s pussy and Nicky was sucking on the dildo. On occasion, Niki would grab the sides of Nicky’s head and fuck her face. The fake balls would slap on Nicky’s chin, increasing her arousal. That, combined with Nikki’s vibe in her pussy, was getting the ball rolling on a new orgasm.

Nikki increased the rhythm of her fucking, seeing Nicky’s body respond to the penetrating toy. Then she turned it on to its lowest setting and she could feel the vibrations in her hand.

Nicky could also feel the buzzing feeling deep in her vaginal muscles. The vibrations were making her moan, and once she took the dildo out of her mouth to scream Nikki’s name.

“Oh Nikki, make me cum, fuck me baby, oh yes, yes, yes. OH GOD FUCK ME!” she screamed as Nikki picked the tempo up, making a fist around the toy and jamming it into her.

Soon Nicky was upright, practically sitting on Nikki’s face as the vibrator slithered in and out of her silky crevice. Niki’s strap on was abandoned, but not for long. She had the other two girls move down toward the foot of the bed, allowing her to set up between Nikki’s legs. The dildo was already lubed up from Nicky’s saliva, and from what she saw, Nikki’s pussy wouldn’t need any lubing either: it was slick with her precum.

She rubbed the head of the dildo along her blonde-haired friend’s lips, just like Nikki did to Nicky’s pussy with the vibrator. It opened and Niki pushed the thick dildo into her friend. Nikki groaned deep, as if the dildo was pummeling her. Niki separated Nikki’s legs a little farther, giving her a little more access. She then swung her legs onto her shoulders, her hands grasping a firm hold on Nikki’s thighs. She started to move her hips back and forth, making the dildo inch farther into her pussy before it was quickly withdrawn. Nikki’s pussy felt wide open as the dildo left her, but the void was quickly refilled as the dildo made another trip to her cervix.

Soon, two girls were moaning as toys were entering their pussies. Nikki and Nicky were beside themselves in bliss. Nicky, however, was very close to orgasm, as she had been a pleasurable victim to Nikki’s vibrator for the past ten minutes. The vaginal walls had been closing around the vibrator, making it difficult for Nikki to fuck her with it. She had other things to worry about, with Niki’s strap on prodding and probing her pussy. She intensified the vibrations, putting the toy at its highest setting. It stayed lodged in Nicky’s pussy as it buzzed and hummed, and Nikki took her hand off it. Nicky collapsed to her right side, her hands groping for the dildo so she could finally control the fucking she was receiving. She slid the dildo in and out of her, her hips bucking up and down. Beads of sweat dotted her brow and her eyes were closed as she muttered to herself, cheering herself on to an orgasm.

“Mmmm yeah, fuck yourself Nicky, make yourself cum. Oh yeah, feels so good, that vibe deep in your little pussy, feels so good in your tight little cunt, yeah, oh yeah, oh oh OH! OH! GOD! FUCK YEAH! FUCK! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING ALL OVER IT! Yeah baby, I’m cumming,” Nicky said, screaming out her orgasm before coming back down to Earth. She closed her eyes, taking in deep breaths, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

Meanwhile, Niki was torturing Nikki’s pussy with the strap on dildo. She was tearing into her, making Nikki shake uncontrollably. Nikki grabbed her tits, pulling on the hard nipples as Niki continued to fuck her.

Niki was slapping the side of Nikki’s ass as the dildo rocked her, its balls thumping off the blonde’s sexy ass. Soon Nikki was cumming all over the toy, spilling out of her pussy and onto the bed sheets.

That left Niki to cum from a toy. Nikki wasn’t out of it, so she unstrapped the toy from Niki’s waist. Nicky was just coming to as Nikki was screaming from her orgasm and she put on the other dildo around her waist, albeit a little slower. With the two girls each wearing a dildo, Niki knew what was about to happen.

She had had anal sex before. She was no stranger to getting her ass fucked hard by a thick cock. She loved getting reamed and had told her two friends to fuck her ass every day. Much to her delight, they obliged. Niki laid down on her left side and cocked her right leg up to give the girl in front better access to her clean shaven pussy. She was glad to see Nikki in front of her. The two girls kissed as Nikki rubbed the dildo along her pussy.

Nicky positioned herself behind Niki. She ran a finger up and down the crack of Niki’s ass, feeling her wiggle around as she grazed her asshole. She eased her finger into her anal cavity to loosen her up and the ass accepted her finger without question. She started moving the finger in and out of Niki’s ass, and the girl was mewing and whining. Her ass and pussy were receiving double stimulation and she couldn’t take the sensations anymore.

“FUCK ME! BOTH OF YOU, FUCK MY ASS AND MY PUSSY!” Niki exclaimed through clenched teeth.

The two girls looked at each other and winked. It was time to fuck their friend. Nicky pressed the dildo against her loosened asshole and it slid right in. Without waiting for Niki to get used to the anal trespasser, Nicky began to fuck her. And Niki was wailing as her friend slid the dildo in and out of her ass.

Nikki, on the other hand, shoved the dildo in and immediately began to fuck Niki’s tight pussy. The two girls gained a steady rhythm and soon, the girls were entering and exiting their respective holes at the same time.

Niki was going through sensory overload. Her pussy and ass were being fucked good and hard, just the way she liked it. The dildo in her pussy was rubbing against her clit and pounding against her cervix, while the dildo in her ass was drilling its way into her stomach. It was too much for her to handle, and her orgasm overtook her.

After it subsided, the two girls pulled the toys out of Niki’s worn out body and took them off. The girl in the middle was shivering with sweat, and the two girls wrapped their arms around her to keep her warm before the trio decided they would go another round, fucking the hell out of each other.

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