tagInterracial LoveNikki, Queen of Spades Ch. 01

Nikki, Queen of Spades Ch. 01


A clear blue sky stretched to the horizons, wispy clouds added a splash of color, and a light, cool breeze played with her hair. Spring had arrived, and the Mountain Laurel trees, always beautiful, hung a few inches lower, courtesy of the large purple flowers hanging from their branches. The combination of dark green, light purple, and speckles of white, revealed a beauty that only existed a few weeks each year. The normal humidity hadn't arrived yet, and winter had released its tenuous hold. In short, the weather was perfect.

Her life however...wasn't.

A tissue, wet with tears, dabbed at the corners of her eyes. She slipped the dark glasses onto her face, as she stepped into the sunlight. The cold, sterile courthouse lay behind her, and so did the corpse of her marriage. It had lasted longer than most, her marriage, but the sound of the judge's gavel had pronounced the time of death with absolute finality. The legal process of divorce was easy, and it stood in stark contrast to the emotional hell of arriving at this moment.

"It's for the best." A low, smooth baritone voice washed over her, and an arm slid over her shoulders. "You can move on. We can move on. Together."

She loved that voice, felt grateful for its presence, but she also hated it.

Hated that he was right.

Hated to hear the truth.

Hated, most of all, that her marriage had to end in order for her to be happy. For Nick, her now ex-husband, to also be happy.

It's hard to admit defeat, she thought bitterly.


Nicole nodded, leaned into David's body, and despite her shitty situation, she felt the familiar stirrings of lust in her body. She couldn't help it. David had that effect on her. It wasn't that he was impossibly gorgeous, he wasn't. It wasn't that he had a model-perfect body, he didn't. No, David had captured her using the largest sexual organ on the human body.

Her brain.

A successful attorney, they'd met through a mutual friend, Collin. It was a long story, and one she didn't want to think about now, but a nostalgic smile tugged her lips. Collin had been her first boyfriend, while she'd been married to her husband, Nick.

The husband she'd just divorced.

"Life has been so complicated, honey," she murmured. "I'm looking forward to simple."

"Soon," he replied. "We'll find a place in Maryland, and once I'm confirmed by the Senate, our lives will be nothing but simple."


He kissed her softly. "I promise."

"Take me home," she implored. "I need you."

"Let's go."

The security personnel stood nearby, their eyes fixed everywhere but on them. The driver opened the door for her, and she slid into the limousine. The privacy window was up, effectively shutting them off from the driver. David spoke to the driver in a low voice for a few minutes, before he entered and sat next to her. Brand new, and top of the line, she barely felt the luxury vehicle pull away from the curb. She glanced out the darkly tinted window and caught a brief glance of Nick and their daughters exiting the courthouse.

"Something to drink?"

David's voice pulled her back into the limo, and she nodded jerkily at him.

"Not champagne," she snapped. He paused, glanced back and raised an eyebrow. "Vodka, please."

"Yes, ma'am" Ice clinked into a glass, and he poured a generous serving of the clear liquid. "Here you are. I'm surprised you're not drinking whiskey."

"Thank you." She took a sip, and then met his eyes. "I'll never drink whiskey again in my life. Ever."

"Honey," he said patiently. "Let it go. Your marriage produced two beautiful daughters-."

"Who hate me-"

"Who are hurt right now but love you dearly. They'll come around, and you know Nick won't allow them to hate you."

Another sip, no gulp, of vodka burned its way down her throat.

"The bitch will," she hissed.

"No," he stressed. "She won't. Now stop. Divorce isn't easy, but yours was necessary and uncontested. Don't be sad or bitter because your marriage ended, honey."

"Oh? How should I feel."

"Happy it happened," he said simply. "If you'll let go of your temper, you'll see you and Nick are still friends. Your daughters don't hate you, and you have someone who loves your dearly."

She narrowed her eyes and stared at him for several seconds, before she gave up. "Fine." A deep breath helped settle her nerves, and a final gulp of vodka relaxed her muscles. "You're right. I'll give it a few days, and then reach out to Jasmine and April."

"That's my girl."

"You love me?"

"With all my heart." His hands settled over her, and he slid closer. "Once we're in Maryland, and the hearings are over, I want you to think about our future...together."

"And the organization?"

"It won't be an issue," he said, and shook his head. "If you're married, you don't have to be active. It's our choice."

"If I'm married," she drew her words out.

"Yes," he replied and held her eyes. "I want you in my life, permanently, but I also want to ask you the right way. A queen deserves no less."

"Queen." She winked at him. "I like that title."

"It does suit you."

She slid off her seat and placed her empty glass on the bar. When she turned back, she slid over on her knees, and pushed his legs apart. "Lean back."

"Yes, my queen."

The low tenor of his bass voice caused her body to tremble, and goose bumps to break out over her skin. Then she felt it. The sense of her higher mind shutting down, and letting her primal mind assert itself. It felt great, like slipping into a warm puddle of lust, and her hands worked on his slacks until his cock sprang free. The masculine scent of cock, soap, and precum filled her nose, and she felt herself grow moist. A wave of lust caused her eyelids to lower until they were barely open, but her eyes had locked onto the thick, black member filling both of her hands.

"So good," she whispered. "Such a nice cock."

"Enough talking, Nicole."

The words were soft but underlying them was the steel she loved so much. A gentle order. One she would happy follow. A wave of submissiveness washed over her, and combined with the lust already filling her body, Nicole surrendered to her base desires.

The head was the best, and her tongue circled it several times. Precum coated her tongue and lips, and a low moan emanated from the man who now controlled her. The man she'd happily surrendered to and would soon marry. She slipped the head of his cock inside her mouth, coating it with saliva, before she pulled her head back. Again, she popped the head inside her mouth, and again, she pulled it out.

Teasing him now. He liked it, but only in small amounts.

"Get to work, Nikki. Don't make me say it again."

"Yes, sir," she purred.

The head slipped past her lips, and she let it slide over her tongue, and down her throat. David groaned, and his hand cupped the back of her head. She pulled back a bit, leaving his cock mostly in her mouth, took a deep breath, and slid his cock down her throat until his pubic hair ticked her nose. His hand clamped the back of her head, and he held her down. She'd expected his reaction, and she shifted slightly, so his cock rested more easily in her throat. Fortunately, she could hold her breath for a while, and she loved she sensation of his pulsing cock filling her throat. She hummed slightly, and her lover groaned again.

"Fuck yeah!" He removed his hand from her head, and she pulled back. "Such a good cock-sucker."

A smile split her lips, but she didn't respond. She was too far gone. Lust and submissiveness now controlled her, and she loved this sensation. She'd transformed from a grieving, recent divorcee...into a sexual animal, and only satisfying her man would transform her back.

Nicole dropped lower and ran her tongue over David's balls. A slow, gentle pressure, she felt his cock flex in response. One hand continued to stroke his shaft, and the other cupped his scrotum, while her tongue bathed it in saliva. David's breath caught for a brief second, before he left out a long sigh. She sucked his scrotum lightly, careful not to squeeze or bite his balls, and apply just enough pressure to create the pleasurable sensation she knew he loved. The scent of wet flesh filled her nose. The heady scent of messy sex, and it drew her deeper into her primal mind. Her hands found his thighs, and she raised her head back to his cock.

Their eyes met, and the slow, heated smile that spread over her lips caused an electric shock to travel down her spine. She loved this man. She needed to please him, to make him happy, and follow his direction. Her eyes returned to the granite, black shaft in her hands, and she slipped into her mouth. David was big. Even for black men, David was big...and thick, and it was his thickness that drove her wild. It had taken her some time to get comfortable with his size, but now that she had, she loved servicing his cock. It slipped down her throat again, and this time, she established a slow, sensual rhythm that slowly grew faster.

David shifted again, his breathing grew louder, and his cock flexed in her mouth. David had amazing stamina, but she sensed his control slipping. A surge of pride spiked inside her. He wasn't kidding when he said she was a good cocksucker. If anything, she was a great cocksucker, and David's impending orgasm was a testament to her skill. She continued her assault on his cock, slurping loudly, and concentrating on a steady rhythm. She wasn't sure how much time passed, but suddenly David's hand gripped her hair, and he held her in place. She took a quick breath, and his cock exploded inside her mouth.

Salty, thick cum exploded down her throat, and she swallowed reflexively. Each spurt caused a mini-orgasm in her body, and she ached for the real thing. David held her in place until he'd finished, and then released her. She sat back, wiped her lips, and smiled at her dominant.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you, too."

"Come here." He motioned her closer, and she climbed into his lap. "You're amazing, Nicole."

"Thank you, baby."

"And you're mine."

"Yes," she breathed. "All yours."

Nikki peered into the wine closet and tried to pick a bottle of over-priced, but unbelievably tasty, crushed and fermented grape juice. Nick had been a whiskey guy, but David wasn't, and he preferred either beer or wine. No surprise, he had a large wine closet, and a separate section holding a wide variety of the hoppy substance.


A zinfandel called out to her, and she pulled the least expensive bottle from the rack. She'd just opened the bottle, when her phone rang. "Hey, Cyn."

"You doin' okay?"

"Ugh! Yes. No. Maybe so." She sipped her wine. "Divorce sucks."

"I know, girlfriend. Believe me, I know."

"It was the right decision, but..."

"Still sucks, right?"

"Big time."

"Y'know what helps?"


"Answer your door and find out!"


She hurried to the door, peered through the peephole, and giggled. She pulled the door open. "You bitch."

"Yeah, yeah," Cynthia said and flashed her perfect smile at her. "Let me in, otherwise your neighbors will get a shock?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Cynthia's expression turned smoldering, a look she knew well, and a smile pulled her lips apart. Her best friend, and sometime lover, pulled her trench coat apart.


Louboutin heels were the only thing she wore...aside from a smile, of course.

"I thought you could use some company," Cynthia said with an impish smile.

"Fuck the neighbors." Her voice was husky with lust.

She stepped into the hallway, and into a passionate kiss. Their tongues writhed together, and Nicole molded her body against her lovers. Cynthia had never felt better. Their bodies moved together, and a low moan from her girlfriend vibrated in her mouth. She caressed a breast, lightly pinching her nipple, before her hand descended and she slipped a finger into her moist pussy.

Cynthia broke their kiss and gasped. "Bitch. Take me inside, or fuck me here, but don't tease me."

Nicole grabbed her coat and pulled her inside the condominium. Cynthia kicked the door closed, and her trench dropped to the floor, and by silent, mutual consent, they nearly sprinted to the couch. Nicole pushed her girlfriend onto the couch, and Cynthia flopped down, her legs spreading almost of their own volition. A low growl slid past her lips, and Nicole dived between Cynthia's legs. Her tongue slid over her labia slowly, until it reached her clit, where it circled it with the slow precision only a former lover could display. Cynthia moaned loudly, obviously not caring if someone heard her or not. The former cheerleader's body writhed on the couch, and her hands pulled Nikki's face into her pussy.

"Missed you," Cynthia gasped.

"Shut up."

Nikki slipped a finger inside Cynthia's pussy, searching for the perfect spot she knew would drive her ex-girlfriend wild. Her tongue resumed its caress of her clit, and between her finger and tongue, Cynthia cried out. Her body shuddered. The orgasm wracking her body was intense, and Cynthia grimaced, and stopped breathing as the jagged orgasm spread through her muscles. Abruptly, Cynthia's back arched, and a second later she flopped back to the couch, like a fish out of water.

"Damn." Her chest heaved with exertion. "That was good."

Nicole sat up. "That was quick. Was someone horny?

"Shut up." Cynthia glared at her. "And yes, I was horny."

"C'mon." Nicole grabbed her hand and pulled her upright. "Bedroom. More room."

Cynthia pinched her ass and followed her into the master bedroom. They climbed between the sheets, and Cynthia moved on top of her. They kissed, soft at first, but passion quickly grew between them. Cynthia's hands caressed her breasts, and she moaned lightly. Cynthia loved her breasts, and when her girlfriends tongue circled her nipple, Nicole moaned louder and shuddered almost violently.

"Like that?"

"You know I do, bitch."

"You have amazing tits, honey." Cynthia moved to the other nipple, licked it slowly, and smiled at her. "I love them."

Cynthia's ministrations caused her eyes to close, and her back to arch. "Fuck. That feels good."

Nicole gasped, and sensed Cynthia moved down her body. A light, warm sensation slid from her breasts, past her stomach, to the tip of her pubic mound, and she didn't need to look to know it was Cynthia's tongue. A second later, that amazing tongue flicked across her clit, and she gasped as the electric shock of pleasure zipped through her body. Cynthia's fingers slid along her labia, and her tongue made another appearance, and slowly lid along her sensitive clit. Her legs spread wider, her hands gripped the comforter, and she writhed under her ex-girlfriend's expert touch.

Cynthia played her body like a Stradivarius violin, and orgasm after orgasm exploded inside her. When she couldn't take another one, she pushed Cynthia away, and recovered by giving the blond, former cheerleader her own orgasm cascade. Their bodies intertwined in the large king bed, and they licked, kissed, and caressed themselves until Cynthia finally pushed her away.

"Damn!" Cynthia gasped. "You can fuck, woman."

A light sheen of sweat coated both women's bodies, and the sound of their breathing filled the room. The afterglow of great sex, tired muscles she knew would be sore for a while, and tender intimacy filled her body. Sex with her girlfriend had been just what the doctor ordered.

She giggled and slapped her hip lightly. "Likewise."

"Get me glass of wine."

"Hmmm, so dominant," she purred. "You know how that affects me."

"Blisters." Cynthia glared at her. "I'm going to have blisters on my pussy, if you go down on me again."

"Wine then?"

"Yes, please."

She slipped on a robe, winked at her girlfriend, and then walked into the kitchen. A quick glance out the window showed a beautiful view of the Austin skyline. After they agreed to divorce, she'd moved in with David. He'd owned a home in San Antonio, but as her marriage disintegrated, and his future turned towards politics, he sold his home, and bought a large, beautiful condo in Austin. David's politics were solidly democratic, and Austin was a much better fit over the more conservative San Antonio. Cynthia had moved back to Austin after her company had been sold, so she had a friend in a new city.

We needed a fresh start anyway.

As the capital city of Texas, the organization also had significantly more resources in Austin, and she'd been able to complete her initiation requirements easily. The induction ceremony had been beautiful...and eventful. A naughty, wicked smile played at her lips.

Fun night!

Since David served as her owner, and he'd hinted at marriage, her responsibilities had been minimal. Aside from a few parties and events, she found herself with more time on her hands than she imagined. It wasn't like that for every queen, David told her. Unattached queens, or those without owners, had a fairly active schedule. Mostly, they attended social events, and parties, but they also made themselves available for more 'intimate' social occasions. Initially, she'd thought Queens were glorified prostitutes, but as David explained further, she realized it was just the opposite.

No queen was ordered to do anything. Ever.

Activities were encouraged, but optional.

Queen of Spades could indulge at their own discretion, and discretion was always guaranteed.

And indulge they did.

Often. And with enthusiasm.

A flash of jealousy rushed through her, but she pushed it down. David promised to let her indulge herself too, but under his guidance, subject to his rules. As her owner, and dominant, he took his responsibilities seriously, and that's ultimately what led to her divorce. Marriage, and even cuckold husbands, didn't mix well with a dominant like David. Despite having several orgasms with a gorgeous woman in the last hour, her body fairly sung with excitement at the thought of being with David.

Under his control. Following his instructions.

Her heart started racing, and her breathing grew heavy.

"Hey." Cynthia's voice sliced into her brain, cleaving her lusty thoughts. "Where's my wine?"

"Sorry," she said, and felt her cheeks get hot. She let her hair fall over her face, hiding her embarrassment. "Here it is."

Fingers, with French-manicured nails, pulled her hair back, and Cynthia kissed her cheek. "It's okay, Nikki. I'm here for you."

A shaky smile pulled at her lips. "Thanks. I need a friend."

"Beautiful night," she observed. "Let's have our wine on the patio. Sex and wine, perfect therapy to get past a divorce."

Cynthia turned towards the patio, when she blurted. "I love you." She took a breath. "I love you, Cyn."

"I love you, Nikki." Her lover turned back. "And if you weren't bi-sexual, I'd steal you from David."

She couldn't stop the laugh that forced itself past her lips. "I'm a work in progress."

"Aren't we all, honey."

Wine and Sex. They weren't a cure for getting past a divorce, but they were close. Nikki joined her lover on the patio, and they sat in silence for several minutes. The patio was cooler than she expected, and she pulled her robe closer around her body. Cynthia noticed, rolled her eyes, and stepped inside. She returned with a blanket and draped it over her shoulders.

"Wanna talk?"

She shrugged. "What's to talk about? Divorce is final. David just left for Washington, D.C. He's meeting with lawyers for the president. The hearings are supposed to be a formality, but they still want to prepare him. Soon, we'll be living in Maryland." She sighed. "Close to the water, apparently. He wants to get a boat."

"Sounds nice."

"I'm leaving everything I've ever known."

"Doesn't have to be a bad thing," she replied. "If you stayed here, memories of your life with Nick would hit you in the face every day."

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