tagSci-Fi & FantasyNikki's Ass

Nikki's Ass


Foxxxy. Pink cursive text across the butt of the brown cloth pants. The red-head turned the pants over in her hands, admiring their shape. Although not as gifted in the breast department as most of her friends, being a small C, her ass was her "asset", and she liked to show it off.

A perfectly heart-shaped bottom would fill out these pants perfectly, the fit tight, but sexy; just what she needed to get cocks stirring and people fucking. As a self-proclaimed slut, Nikki took pride in the number of guys, both young and old, who've greased their cock on some orifice of her body. Their age did not matter. Whether they were 18, or 47, she'd fuck 'em; even if they didn't have a cock, she'd munch right down on their fuzzy little slits.

Bringing the pants up to the register, the store-owner took the pants in his hands and began to ring them up. Nikki took the time to glance up and down his body, trying to decipher what size he was packing.

The store-owner smiled to himself.... Another one.

"Excuse me for a moment, these are our display pants, let me get you a pair from the back..." The man said softly, hypnotically. Nikki only nodded, captivated by his voice. If she had to guess, she'd say he was maybe 43 years old. Biting her lower lip as he walked away, she waited, captivated, for him to return... her panties began to dampen.

"Ah... here we go!" The man said, returning from the backroom. "Pardon me if this comes across as either rude or prude, but you, little lady, have yourself a beautiful ass." Shocked, Nikki blushed, letting out a faint smile as her panties soaked themselves more.

"Th-thank you." She said, adding a coy little smile to the mix.

"Now, I don't want you to feel obligated or anything... but I may have something you are looking for. Would you like to see?"

"Yes!" Nikki said, a little too quickly, thoughts of sex floating through her mind.

"Great! Follow me." The man said, leading her to a room labeled STAFF. Nikki obeyed, and soon found herself in an office room. The man was rummaging through a shelf sitting in the far corner.

"Aha!" The man said, coming back with a box. "Now... I can see you admire your, uh, asset, so I took the liberty of finding something you may like a lot more." Nikki frowned at first, any inkling of sex floating away with the air-conditioning. However, when she came upon what was in the box, excitement flooded back through her. There was an identical pair of pants, brown with pink cursive text, accompanied by something else. The pink and brown thong sat cutely atop the pants, the same cursive text across the crotch. She looked up, eyes wide with fascination. She was completely hypnotized.

"Well... What do you think?"

"I love them..."

"Good, very good. You'll find that these pants are very, very tight, but the ass stretches to accommodate all sizes, and generally "improves" the look." Nikki only nodded, dumbfounded. "I think you'll enjoy wearing these." The man said, and as Nikki nodded, her vision went black.

*** Waking up in her room, Nikki shook her head, trying to remember what happened. "OK... So I went into the store, found the cute pants, bought them and left... Then I came home." She muttered to herself, the whole ordeal a daze.

Shrugging, she got up, absent-mindedly scratching herself through the brown and pink thong. She walked her way over to the bag she had acquired from the story, and pulled the pants out. Sliding each leg in and pulling it up around her ass, the pants grew tight as soon as they were in place, showing the world a deep camel toe, and just how deep the thong was in her ass cheeks.

"Maybe Joey's home..." Nikki murmured, bending over to pick up her purse. During this process, her thong slid up her back even higher, outlining her pussy lips even more. Walking downstairs and hopping into her car, Nikki drove to Joey's, an insatiable lust for sex imminent.

Knocking on the door, she was greeted by Joey, who she immediately jumped on. Carrying Nikki upstairs, Joey made their way to his bedroom, locking the door behind him.

"Hey babe, what's got you so hot?" Joey asked, lying on his bed next to Nikki. He teased her nipples lightly, knowing exactly how this day was going to end.

"I need to be fucked, in the worst kind of way!" Nikki cried, desperately trying to unbutton Joey's pants. Joey helped her with the button and zipper, and soon stood naked before her. His eyes could help but stare at the soaked crotch of her pants, and her perfect ass.

Peeling her shirt off, Nikki stood topless before Joey. They stared at each other for an all of 5 seconds, until Nikki began to cry. Joey ran over.

"Nikki, what's wrong?" He asked, holding her tightly. Maybe he was wrong about tonight, his cock losing some of it's "oomf".

"I-I... I forgot to take birth control... We can't fuck." Joey almost laughed when he heard this, his cock regaining composure. Grabbing the waistband of her pants, he slowly pulled them down, soon her panties followed suit.

"Don't worry... Nikki, this isn't like you, you completely forgot something."


"I'll pull out in time... and besides, you know how anal feels."

Nikki almost exploded. She jumped on top of Joey, fumbling his cock around in her hands, working it in frenzy. Getting on her hands and knees, she positioned herself, lovable ass towards Joey's throbbing cock.

With out effort, Joey slid his cock into Nikki, feeling her cuntal muscles contract around his dick. He thrust his way in and out, ravaging her pussy for at least 5 minutes, his large balls slapping against her clitoris. After Nikki had cum multiple times, Joey felt his time nearing. He quickly pulled out, and placed the engorged head of his penis against Nikki's asshole, sliding his lubed cock in.

As her inner muscles clamped around his cock, he felt himself let go, spraying his load deep into her cavernous ass. It felt wonderful, amazing, one of his best orgasms.

Except it didn't stop. Eyes closed, it still felt like he was cumming, a sensation deep inside feeling like an orgasm as well. Opening his eyes, he looked down, Nikki collapsed on the floor, drooling and breathing heavily, her large ass fused with his cock and thighs.

"Wha the fu-ahhhhh!" He cried, lost in another wave of orgasm. All cohesive thought left his body and he was numb... His body eventually fully fusing with Nikki's, forming a NEW Nikki.

She got up, stretched her back a bit, and looked at her new body. Her ass was just as big as before, but her breasts had grown at least 3 cup sizes. She was two people in the same body, and although this new Nikki didn't try it, she guessed she could change any bit between the two.

Shaking her head, she got dressed, the brown pants conforming to her ass, enlarging it.

"I must see Master now..." she proclaimed, leaving the bedroom and walking out the door. She arrived at the store a little bit later, ready for her new Master's next assignment.

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