tagLoving WivesNikki's Day at the Beach

Nikki's Day at the Beach


My wife Nikki was turned on. There was no doubt about it. As we walked along the beach, I could see that she was looking at all the men in their tight Speedo's and fantasizing about their cocks. Whether it was a fantasy of her sucking them, of those cocks impaling her drenched pussy, or just picturing what they looked like, I couldn't tell. I knew however that it was time once again, for her to fuck a guy other than her adoring husband, until either he or she, couldn't stand up.

My plan was simple really. Being in the military, I knew that a squadron of Air Force men had just flown into the base close by and that as all good service members are, most, if not all of them would be horny as hell. I also knew that there would be a social gathering on the beach we were walking down that afternoon, and that crashing their party wouldn't be a problem for two reasons. I was in the military, and my wife Nikki was wearing a thong bikini.

Nikki is a knock out. At 5-8 with long legs, alabaster skin, Jet black hair, C cup tits and nipples that showed themselves, even when she wasn't turned on, she turned guys' heads where ever she went. Nikki wasn't just sexy. She has a rare sensual quality that a man's radar locks on to when they see her.

I dropped my sunglasses on purpose and let go of her hand and bent to pick them up. As I retrieved them, I looked at my wife's leg and scantily clad pussy. Her legs were slightly parted and her pussy lips looked puffy, which was a clear sign she was in heat. I then noticed that there was a shiny wetness just barely noticeable where her thighs met her Mons. I stood up and smiled at her further noticing the brightness of her brown eyes, and a slight flare of her nose, almost like she was sniffing the air for hard cock. Once again I took her hand in mine and continued walking down the beach.

As we reached the party, Nikki's chest started to push forward, almost like her tits were leading her toward all those hard bodied young studs. One guy saw us approach and stepped out of a group of men, to probably keep us away from the party. I introduced myself as a fellow officer, and then introduced my wife to him. I saw him visibly look Nikki up and down, letting his eyes linger on her tits, and pussy. "My name is Brad, and I am not an officer. In fact none of us are. We are medics, but you and your lovely wife are free to join us if you want."

Nikki smiled, her white teeth slightly parted and the tip of her tongue wedged between them, as she took Brad's hand and said "we'd love to."

Letting go of my hand, Nikki was escorted by the rather proud looking Brad back to the group of twenty or so guys. I noticed Nikki's ass swish a little more than normal as they walked hand in hand toward the Speedo clad men.

Several of the men turned toward Brad and Nikki as they approached, and smiles lit up their faces as their eyes locked on to my nearly naked wife. As soon as she reached them the group parted and appeared to swallow my wife whole. The men formed a circle with Nikki at the center, no longer visible to me. I noticed a group of chairs and sat down, reaching for a beer from an ice chest, as I watched the guys puff out their chests and thrust their Lycra covered cocks toward the center of the circle, which is where I knew Nikki to be.

One of the guys broke out of the groups and made his way over to me. I couldn't help but see that his cock was half hard. He sat down next to me and introduced himself ad Tom. I shook his hand and we started talking about the military with him. I could tell he was trying to distract me, because shortly after he sat down the rest of the guys and my wife headed out into the water. I looked for Nikki as they walked away, and saw her with her arms around two guys. One of them was clearly fondling her tit while the other had a handful of her ass cheek gripped tightly.

Tom asked me about our marriage and Nikki, and I told him that we loved each other very much, and Nikki was allowed to play with other men if she wanted to. Tom was taken aback by my statement for a second, and then said; "then I guess you will enjoy watching her with the guys."

Tom and I turned our chairs to face the water, and to watch my beautiful wife play grab ass, cock, tit, and pussy.

Nikki felt the hand on her ass squeeze her cheek as she tugged Brad closer to her. Mike, on her other side was already hip to hip with her and was rubbing her nipple with his index finger, while squeezing her tit to the point where it was three inches further out than her other tit. Nikki looked down to her left at Brad's hard cock. She could see that he had a thick one. One that would stretch both her mouth and pussy. As she turned to look at Mike's cock, she felt a trickle of pussy juice leak out and wet the soft string that ran between her pussy and ass hole. Looking at Mike's steel hard cock caused her to gasp. The head and two inches of it were sticking out of the top of his tight Speedo. Nikki untangled her arms and ran her hands over both cocks, feeling the heat and hardness through the material. Brad and mike looked at each other and exchanged knowing glances. As they entered the water, Brad swept Nikki up into his arms and wedged his fingers between her legs, first sliding them across her wet pussy lips, then inserting two fingers into her drenched hole. Mike not to be outdone lowered his lips to Nikki's, and while kissing her deeply, caressed her hardened nipple with his fingertips.

The other guys, seeing this interplay, all decided it was take turns feeling up the hottie time. When Mike and brad were deep enough the other guys came at Nikki one or two at a time, grabbing feels of ass, pussy and tits as they swam by. One of the guys, spread Nikki's legs and planted his mouth on her pussy, while another inserted a thick finger into her tight ass. Nikki was in heaven. Copious amount of pussy juice were flowing out of her honey hole, as each guy assailed every erogenous zone she had. Nikki wanted a hard cock in her right now, and as Brad set her on her feet with the water level just below her tits, Nikki pulled down Brad's suit and taking his cock in her hand, bent slightly as she backed up to him and guided his wide cock to the mouth of her pussy. Brad, not one to waste an opportunity shoved it hard into her yielding hole. Nikki groaned, as she felt her pussy lips stretch to their limits.

Mike moved in front of Nikki and pulling down his suit, placed her hand on his nearly ten inch cock. Nikki began to stroke his cock while Mike sucked her tongue into his mouth. Clamping down with her vaginal muscles as she had her first orgasm, Brad felt the vise like grip on his cock causing him to spew his pent up load of cum into her pussy.

The other guys' were gathered in close to watch Nikki getting thoroughly fucked and hoping they would get their turn. As Brad pulled out of Nikki, Mike lifted her legs and inserted his huge cock into her cum filled hole. Nikki braced against the guy behind her. Unknowingly exposing her asshole to Tim.

Tim stood 6 feet four. His thick eight inch cock was perfectly aligned with her tight hole, as Nikki slid back from Mike's body. He pushed the head of his cock firmly into her wedging it in as he moved forward, impaling his cock further into her backdoor. Nikki's eyes bugged out as not one, but two huge cocks sawed in and out of both her holes.

Another orgasm ripped through her body, causing both men to grit their teeth at the pressure her ass and pussy muscles exerted on their cocks. Both men unloaded a dual dose of cum into her as Nikki, flailing in their arms. Came down from her orgasm.

The other guys were like vultures waiting their turn, but Brad, Mike, and Tim decided with a nod to each other, that Nikki belonged to them. Tim took Nikki in his arms, as Mike and Brad flanked Tim and waded to the beach. The Air force medics walked up the beach and telling the other to leave off continued with Nikki in Tim's arms to their hotel room, just a short distance away.

As the three military men carried my wife passed me, she looked in my eyes and smiled. The smile was very familiar to me; it conveyed both lust and happiness. I smiled back at her, knowing that she needed the reassurance of my love before she continued.

Once in the room, four hands pulled the strings that were Nikki's only defense against total nudity. Immediately, all six hands mauled her body. Two on her titties, one on and in her pussy, one in her asshole, and two grasping her ass cheeks so tightly, Nikki knew she would have ten fingerprint bruises tomorrow. The assault was so overwhelming, Nikki came a third time.

Nikki thought it was time for her to get control of the situation once she came down from her orgasm. She instructed her three studs to line up for inspection. All three popped to attention, their hard cocks already at attention. Nikki first knelt in front of Brad. Hooking her thumbs in the sides of his suit she slipped it down to his ankles. Brad's cock, free of its' constraints, pointed at Nikki's slightly parted lips.

Nikki immediately opened her mouth and took the head of Brad's cock inside. His cock had to measure nine inches in circumference. Her tongue swirled the sensitive junction of the cockhead and shaft, terminating at the pearl of pre-cum oozing from his slit. On tasting the salty cum, Nikki lost all ability to reason. She moved her face forward engulfing Brad's entire wide cock, until her distended lips mashed into his pubic bone. After a minute of sucking Brad's cock, Nikki released it and moved on to her next victim.

The removal of Tim's suit was the same, but in so doing, Tim's iron hard cock hit Nikki in the nose, almost hard enough to cause it to bleed. Nikki noticed that Tim's pre-cum was a constant flow , moaning with delight, Nikki repeated the actions she had performed on Brad's cock, but Tim's cock was longer, while being nearly as thick. As she deep throated Tim, he grabbed her head and pulled it hard into his pelvis, causing her to momentarily gag. Again, after a minute, there was an audible pop as Nikki moved on to her third stud.

Learning a lesson from Tim's hard cock, she leaned back as she pulled Mike's suit down, but it was not far enough. Once again as his cock was freed, it slapped her on the cheek, leaving a deposit of pre-cum smeared from her cheekbone to the corner of her mouth. Engulfing the head of Mike's 9 ½ inch cock, Nikki noticed the distinct difference in the flavor of the pre-cum of all three. Deep throating Mike was more difficult than the other two cocks, the incredible length felt like it was in the stomach once her lips were compressed at the base of his shaft. Nikki, once again sucked for only a minute before stopping.

Nikki, with lust in her eyes, told her three lovers that she needed their cocks now. Brad was first to move, lying down on the nearest bed with his cock pointing at the ceiling, he told her to mount up. Nikki climbed on top of Brad, as pussy juice trickled down her thigh in anticipation of the wide cock entering her hot cunt. She lowered herself slowly, enjoying the feeling of her pussy stretched wide. Her fingers found the junction of his shaft and her hole and felt the normally thick lips that were stretched thin. As she leaned forward to deep throat his tongue, Mike moved behind her and eased his monster meat into her asshole. Nikki was moaning into Brad's mouth as both her holes were filled to capacity.

Not to be left out, Tim moved to the head of the bed and grasping Nikki's head, first kissed her deeply, and then guided her mouth onto his angry red cock. Tim reached below her to play with her distended nipples, as Nikki found herself filled like never before, as her fourth orgasm overwhelmed her. Her mouth, pussy and ass were as full as can be. The thin membrane between her asshole and uterus allowed Brad and Mike to feel each other's cocks sliding into each other, as they mercilessly hammered their rods into her abused holes.

Tim was literally fucking her face. With hands on both sides of Nikki's head, he shoved his thick cock in and out of her throat as he neared his release. The feeling of being used by these three men was extremely primal for Nikki and she helped all three of them by slamming her hips up and down onto the hard shafts embedded within her.

Within a few minutes, all four, were at their peaks, the three men yelled as their combined cum boiled out of their weapons into each of Nikki's targeted holes. Nikki, feeling the cum sere her insides, and the three cocks swell inside her as jet after jet of cum filled her to the brim, came for the last time. Nikki came like she never had before. She couldn't scream, because of the cock pumping cum into her throat. But every muscle in her body spasmed as she experienced a vaginal and an anal orgasm. At the peak of the sensory overload Nikki lost all of her grasp on reality. The feeling of a total body orgasm was all consuming.

Shortly after the three cocks deflated, and popped out of her abused holes, Tim and Mike got up and flopping onto the other beds, fell asleep. Brad held Nikki in his arms, kissing her face until her lips found his and they kissed deeply. As Brad fell asleep, Nikki crawled painfully off the bed and found her minuscule bikini. Putting it on, she stumbled out of the room and headed for the beach.

I saw her coming toward me walking like she had been in a bar fight, and several of the guys got up to take their turns with her. Growling out an order to stand down the military men sat back down dejectedly. I rose from the chair and wrapping my arm around her walked her down the beach toward our hotel. Leaning close to my nearly comatose wife, I asked her how she liked her day at the beach. She said nothing until I tucked her into our bed. Then she said the only sentence from her that I would hear for the rest of the day.

"We must do this again sometime."

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Great fucking story. Reminds me of my years swimming. Great sex parties at every swim meet.

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