Nikki's Night


Nikki's Night Part 1

I quickly rushed into the front door of my apartment building. I was so nearly out of breath; I'd just jogged through town. Yet even though I sort of wanted to slow down and take a break, part of me didn't allow it. I was far too excited for what I had planned!

I guess I was also trying to fight back any chance I had to hesitate. Doing what I was about to do was pretty nuts.

My name is Nichole, but most people call me Nikki. A few months ago I moved out to an apartment on my own. Since then, I've been getting bolder and bolder with some of the crazy games I play.

For awhile now, at least most of my teenage and adult life, I've been hooked on a bit of a kink. It's hard to explain, but I guess it's sort of like streaking. I'll get naked and explore public places. Yet I'm not like an exhibitionist, I just sort of sneak around.

It started pretty small, but it's like I always try to push myself to do something crazier each time. The adrenaline rush is pretty addictive, although at times you sort of pay for it too. It's pretty embarrassing when someone sees you running completely naked down the street!

Yet what I was doing tonight wasn't exactly new, but it was more intense.

Earlier, I'd taken a key down into town. It was quite a distance too, past areas I've only ever dreamed about being naked at. I had a piece of string with me, and I tied a key to the base a street lamp. That key is a copy of my apartment key.

Now I'm using my usual key to get back into my apartment. I'm breathing so hard now, I'd just run up 3 flights of stairs after all. It's not a huge building though, so I'm actually on the top floor.

I'd be lying if I didn't admit to having been naked in the halls, basement, and around the apartment already a bunch of times. I think I wasn't settled in for more than a week until I was dumb enough to try it. I'd gotten lucky and wasn't caught. Well, lucky 'that' time.

So I'm finally inside, and I drop my key on a table. All my lights and appliances are off. I sort of made sure my place was all set up, since I figured I wouldn't be back for awhile.

I knew how this was going to work sort of, I'd done similar before. So as I usually do, I started to take off my clothes.

I'd dressed pretty simple for my short walk. I started to peel my tank top up and off of my body. Once it was off, I straightened my shoulder length blonde locks. I didn't plan on being seen, but I didn't want to look a mess if I did!

I was tempted to just take off my bra right away, but I like to follow a bit of a pattern. It's no fun to be naked on the upper half of the body and nothing off on the lower half, at least in my opinion.

So next up, I grabbed the waistband of my sweatpants and pushed them to the floor. I stumbled a bit as I tried to get them over my shoes.

So I was already standing in just my bra and panties. It isn't rare to be undressed in my apartment. I suppose normally people might even do it at times, but considering what I was about to do, it still kept my blood rushing.

My hands were shaky as I began to undo my bra. Surprises me how these stunts still make me so nervous, but maybe that is why I love them. Finally I undid the latch and I eased the bra off my arms. I was now standing in just my little panties.

I tossed my bra over to the pile on the floor with my other clothes. I cupped my breasts with my hands, fingers easily able to reach over my small mounds. I sometimes wish they were a bit bigger, but I'll admit I thought they suited me. I'm fairly short, so I guess having huge swaying breasts wouldn't be the best. Yet still can't help but blush when people see them and size them up!

Size aside though, I love the little darlings, and oh boy do they love my fingers! Well in some cases they also love tongues and mouths, but I sadly can't always get them those! Yet right now they didn't care. My nipples were already standing out, and trust me, my apartment was plenty warm. Just thinking about what I was going to do had me aroused.

My fingers brushed against the sides of the nipples. I fought back the urge to tease them more, as I knew I could end up on my couch any second and forget my original goal. I hated how easily aroused I got during these games, but I also couldn't complain either, it did feel pretty good.

I took a moment to breathe, and then I grabbed hold of my panties. I wasted little time until I had them sliding down my legs.

When I got the bit of cotton to my ankles, I hopped around a bit as I tried to get them over my shoes. I never seem to think that taking the shoes off and putting them back on could be faster, yet I always end up struggling at this point! I can have a bit of a one track mind.

Yet I was finally able to toss my panties to the side. I was now finally naked! As per my usual naked ritual, I took my hands and ran them from my shoulders, to my ribs, to my stomach, to my hips, to my thighs, and down to my knees. Not a single fiber of cloth hid my body.

I looked down, and was happy to see nothing but bare skin. Even the area between my legs was bare. I looked over my shoulder, happy to see that my back and bottom were equally exposed.

I then stepped towards my door. I opened it, and looked out in the hall. A few months ago I'd have hidden my body and only stick my head out, but tonight I wasn't afraid to lean at least half my body out, bare breasts in view to anyone who could be out there. It was late at night though, most people asleep.

I was right of course, no one was around. So I stepped out, and I was standing naked in the hallway. I could look into my apartment and see my bits of clothing on the floor. I wouldn't have access to those for awhile now.

Without a single item in my possession besides the shoes and socks on my feet, I took the door knob, and pulled it towards me. The door shut and I was locked out!

The door made a nice loud click. There was plenty of resistance having to close it with the lock readied. I still gave the knob an attempted twist to try and open it. Yet just as planned, it didn't.

I was now locked out naked. I didn't have a key to get back inside. I knew for some people this would be a nightmare. Having to find help from a neighbor and possibly having to call the apartment owner to help you back inside. It would be an embarrassing ordeal for sure.

Yet I had planned this, and if I was careful and lucky, I'd be able to get back inside without any problem. I could use the key that I had hidden in town.

I know it sounds insane. Purposely forcing yourself to sneak through town sounded like something only a fool would do. I'd probably agree, but you have to realize how I was feeling.

I could actually feel my body tingle as I just stood there in the hallway. I felt so naked and vulnerable, and my face was even a little red already while thinking how things could go wrong. I would even say I might have a few regrets having done what I just did.

Yet at the same time there is more to it. You feel so alive. You feel like you're really doing something crazy, and that makes your adrenaline rush. Here you are, in this situation most people wouldn't even be able to dream of. Yet you're living it, and it's all so real but unbelievable at the same time!

My nipples still ached; I touched them, and I gasped. I was turned on, and it was so easy to tell. I am embarrassed by it, it's not easy to admit, but after a few years you start to accept it. At least I felt at the time I was still at least a little in control.

I let my hands stay at my sides as I turned and walked towards the stairs. Like I said, I've done this before. I would do this back in my home town, and I'd done smaller variations here in the apartment. I've never hidden the key quite this far though. Farthest I did it was a block before, and that one had me shaking the whole way!

I made it to the stairwell. I no longer could see my door, and yet I knew there was little point without my key. You sort of have to remind yourself though that you can't go back anymore, you can only go forward. Without that motivation, I don't think I'd be able to halfway through town.

Even if you don't have access to your clothes, you still feel more naked the more distance you put between yourself and them. As I walked down the stairs, it was like I was losing more clothing, even though I didn't really have any to lose.

You feel your breasts bounce more, and butt jiggle a little, and you can feel your thighs rub against each other. You know you're naked, but when you're farther from those clothes, you feel it more. I'd say that's just me, but I've read about other girls who are the same, or so I like to believe.

After a few flights of steps, I was at the bottom of the building. Everything was so quiet there, that I was hardly even considering the fact that a dozen other people lived in that building, and that they could step outside and catch me! Yet my key was down town, and that's where my focus was on, not on people behind closed doors.

Ahead of me I could see the door to the street. The apartment building was on the edge of downtown. A few small businesses and other apartments surrounded the building. Past there a number of other businesses and things, depending what route I take. Just outside the doors I'd have to find a parked car to hide near. There wouldn't be much cover in general, so I'd have to time myself well a lot of the time tonight.

Knowing what was ahead of me, I walked down to the front door. I looked out the window to make sure no one was walking along the street just outside the door. The coast looked clear, and I opened the door wide and scurried out!

In an instant I could tell I was naked outside. Although it wasn't cold, the air still had a way to make you shiver at first. The breeze blowing across your body was definitely different than the stilled air inside the apartment building.

I took a few steps forward until I could see down the street in both directions. Other than street lights, it was dark. None of the stores and restaurants were open. No cars were driving along. Not a soul in sight, which was good considering I was standing naked there!

I looked down at my body. I loved following the bare skin down my body. In the dark I could still easily make out my pale skin, the way it was shaped and colored. My pink nipples were standing out both color-wise and physically, the two pink buds happy to be outside. Then if I looked just right I could see the start of my smooth lips, and with my legs just a little open I could see the pavement below me.

I didn't even think as I placed both hands on my thighs. I rubbed them, almost as if I was warming them up. A few of my fingers moved up, touching my lips. Honestly, I was just naturally verifying my exposure.

They were more than naked though. They were wet! I couldn't believe it, it seemed like I'd only started a few seconds ago, but I guess fantasizing about this plan all day had worked me up a lot. Really, arousal is where at least 50% of my courage comes from.

So now that I was officially outside, in public, without any clothing that provided decency, I had to get going. The longer I was out there, the more chances I'd be seen! I must remind you, I loved the risk, but I didn't want to be seen.

I dashed forward towards a parked car. I was out of view of the road once I crouched down near it. I could see down the sidewalk, and saw that every now and again there were plenty of parked cars, so at least the start of my adventure would be simple.

It was now that I realized my hand were still between my legs. I was nearly ready to start moaning. My body really didn't want for me to get my key and back inside to my bed. I moved my hands to my knees, trying to catch my breath. I had forgotten how fast I ran home, and I hadn't taken a break once!

So far so good, so I took off. For a few brief seconds, I was jogging naked along the side walk, completely exposed and naked! It wasn't even that dark thanks to nearby street lights; I'd be real easy to spot!

Yet it was all over in a flash, and I was ducked down besides another car. As much as I was still exposed to anyone on the sidewalk, I still felt safer there. I was breathing heavily, and I was acting as if I'd just run a mile, even if it was only 20 feet at most.

Yet I felt so naked. I was completely without clothes. More and more the idea that I had multiple blocks to go still was sinking in. I was trapped naked, and had little I could do about it.

Yet thinking like that didn't stop my resolve. I still had to head forward, naked or not. I didn't have options, and that idea only made my body tingle more.

After dashing between cars, I realized an issue ahead. On the block ahead, the road got narrower, and cars were not allowed to park on the streets there. It was also all businesses, and with no one around, there'd probably not have been any cars anyways. I looked around, and saw things were still clear. A couple of feet ahead of me was an intersection, and I'd have to cross over to the narrow street.

I readied myself best I could. I eyed everything up. I saw that there was a bit of an alcove in one of the store fronts for their door, I could maybe take a break there I thought. I'd never traveled naked farther than this point, so I was pretty worried now. New unexplored territory, even if you look at it while clothed you can never predict what it'll be like once you're naked there.

Gathering my courage, I ran forward. I ran as fast as I could, wanting to get to my next bit of cover. I was naked and running down the street in town, and I had no way to hide myself now!


Nikki's Night Part 2

As I ran forward, I fully noticed the fact I was also running towards a street light. It got brighter and brighter around me, like I was running into a spot light!

That's when I made the mistake of looking down. It's like I was walking along a rickety bridge. You're fine until you look down. Yet in that moment I was able to see my body illuminated in the artificial light shining down from above. I was able to see how I didn't have a scrap of material hiding anything!

I moaned in frustration. I couldn't believe I was so dumb. One of my arms wrapped around my breasts, and my other hand wedged itself between my legs. I felt like I had to hide my body! I couldn't just leave it expose like that in public! Modesty and embarrassment flooded in for a few moments. I knew then that I was indeed pushing many boundaries with how far I hid my key. Like I said, you can never tell what it'll be like until you're actually naked!

So I made it to the other side and onto the sidewalk. I ran past the corner of the first building. Along my one side I could see my reflection in the windows, a young woman running naked along the sidewalk trying in vain or hide her nudity with her arms.

On my other side I could see the road. It was barren of any cars to hide behind or anything. Behind me and in front of me I could see the road stretch far. Although no cars were driving along it at that time, I knew they could be. Many cars drive down this road every day, and if they were there now they'd all see me running naked in public!

I quickly stepped up onto the few steps that led to my goal. It was a small indent in the building. Now to my immediate sides I was covered. I could still easily be seen from the road in front of me, but I was at least hidden from half a block away from me in both directions, and that was safer than being under the street light!

I rested against one of the walls, my bare butt pressed to the rough brick. I felt so drained, and I wasn't even half way there yet.

The feeling of brick against my bare back and butt was very jarring too. There are so many things to feel when naked that mean so much more. It was no longer cool night air; it was also brick wall, which I assume not everyone has felt on naked skin. Sure you've probably touched a brick though, but ever to something sensitive like a bare bottom?

Then as I breathed, my elbow bumped the door to my side, made mostly of smooth glass. I couldn't see well into the darkened building, and saw more of my own reflection on it. I could see me hardly able to stand fully, a naked profile of my body, my hands gripping naughty locations and keeping them from sight.

Speaking of grip, oh my god! I didn't think I'd be, but I was very turned on! I didn't mean to when I covered up, but I was actually doing more than conserving modesty now. I don't know when it started, but I had moved my arm over my chest so a hand could caress my left breast. I even moaned a little, the touch feeling great.

Realizing this, the hand between my legs wiggled a little. I was still wet, possibly even about ready to start dripping by this point. The little bit of wiggling felt good, and I did it some more.

I was outside naked, but I was so turned on. Now if someone saw, they'd see me more than sneaking around naked in public. I was actually pleasuring myself. I knew it was risky, but for awhile I couldn't stop myself. More and more I did it, and more and more it felt good.

I was able to remind myself that I wasn't even half done yet. If I stopped and masturbated now, it'd be bad. My arousal was helping me brave this adventure. I've been overcome by arousal before, and it always results in panic afterwards.

I managed to look around the corner of the alcove, and looked down the street. It would be over half a block until I'd be at the end of this block. Then I planned to take a right and take a slight detour. Heading down a street like this didn't seem wise. If I took a turn there though, I'd pass by the library, a few residential houses, and I could turn towards the part of town where my key was. It beat having to streak without cover towards what would be Main Street.

Having my plan set, I'd run down the street, cross the street, take a right, cross the street, and keep going till I'd have cover.

I purposefully gave each of my breasts a bit of a rub. Beyond the great feeling it gave, I hoped it would psyche me up. My plan would leave me exposed for quite some time, if a car started to drive my way, I'd have nowhere to hide possibly. I'd be seen naked.

Coast was clear, no signs of anyone. The town was still quiet. So I ran, I ran from the alcove and down the street.

My emotions can be such a roller coaster during these adventures. You have your first big scare a lot of times. Then after it has passed, the adrenaline, arousal, and the feeling that you're invisible settles in. You then start to take some stupid risks.

Running down along the side of the street was already pretty crazy. Yet there were no cars yet, so I thought it would be safe enough if I started to step to my side, and onto the street itself! I kept doing this till I was in the center. I told myself it was just to cross, a little challenge to myself. Yet I didn't leave right away. I stayed in the middle until I made it to the intersection!

My feet kept carrying me fast, but I wasn't really even trying to stay hidden now. It was like I had to just expose myself even more.

I began to slow down. I was under a light again, as I started to turn. I wasn't exactly in the middle of the intersection, but I could see down each street. This town really seems to just turn dead at night. Maybe if there were more parties and activities, I wouldn't be so compelled to play these crazy games with myself.

I had stopped moving for a few second. I was too absorbed in the idea that I was naked in such a normally busy spot. Even did a slow spin on the spot, exposing myself in each direction. My heart hadn't slowed down a single moment the whole time I'd been outside.

I then 'walked' to my right, down my designated path. I approached the sidewalk, and nonchalantly took a few steps. I was feeling pretty confident, so of course the world picked that time to have the sounds of car echo through my ears!

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